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Three first half goals from the Irons saw them take all three points at the Molineux Stadium on Monday.

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7. april. 2021





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Paul H
Paul H 22 dager siden
That Lingard goal has to be a contender for goal of the season.
Paperone Big Musso
Paperone Big Musso Måned siden
Antonio is such a great player, too bad nobody gives him credit
Festival of Football
Lets go and get that top four lads
jacshaari selamat
jacshaari selamat Måned siden
WHTV ? New TV station? Never heard before. Jessy LingardTV
Footbal Vision
Footbal Vision Måned siden
James Mulvenna
James Mulvenna Måned siden
West ham are on fire.
Cahyo Laksono
Cahyo Laksono Måned siden
Afande Undercover
Afande Undercover Måned siden
Imagine having Adama Troare and Antonio on the same frontline
Scotty Pippin
Scotty Pippin 2 måneder siden
Idk.. but I think something might be wrong with Jessie. He's playing as if he's possessed. Mans a beast.
Isaac Ben
Isaac Ben 2 måneder siden
Frankly, Saeed Bin Rahma is wasting his time with a coach like West Ham's. He has to change the atmosphere. When he was at Brentford he was flying around the pitch and now Moise wants to make him a defender. Bin Rahma is a striker of how this trainer can bring a square idea into a circular mind. It is hatred itself.
NTD Berich
NTD Berich 2 måneder siden
yok bisa yok, 4 besar, botak langsung gw.............
NTD Berich
NTD Berich Måned siden
@Semangat Futnaes yoii bang
Semangat Futnaes
Semangat Futnaes Måned siden
Hah ??? Org indo
flagsandwich 2 måneder siden
Antonio Sasso Garcia Filho
Good morning everyone! I am a Brazilian gentleman and fan of Westham United! It must be recognised that the team is playing very good football! A “first line” football, as we say here in Brazil! E flush friends, specially WHU supporters, please accept my best regards from Brazil and good luck in the fight against Covid!!!
Footy Trolls
Footy Trolls 2 måneder siden
Damn thats wholesome
B-CUBER 2 måneder siden
United Fan here, i am so happy to see jesse playing well for you guys ❤️
Tiech Rue
Tiech Rue 2 måneder siden
Westham must just sign lingard
Zaidan Anam
Zaidan Anam 2 måneder siden
Linggard the best
Gringo 2 måneder siden
I'm actually delighted for The Hammers, as two of our former people Moyes and Lingard, are doing a job there. As much as we'd need a player on his form, I think it's better for Jesse's career to move to London and be the Main Man for Moyes - he combines well with Antonio and he's back in the England squad again as a result of current form. If he returns to Manchester - he could stagnate again, as I think he tries too hard for us, and is playing with no fear and no pressure. I knew Jesse could play this well, but he no longer can do it for us. Sad to see him go, but good for him. And no - most of us don't "hate" David Moyes. We wanted him to be a success and especially as Sir Alex picked him as a successor - it just didn't work out. A change of scenery can do wonders, and he's got West Ham in a Champions League place - fantastic!
balakrishnA vangavallu
balakrishnA vangavallu 2 måneder siden
The Jesse lingard we have seen long back is now back at his own level the way he is taking out defenders on dribbles is phenomenal to watch
Em E.
Em E. 2 måneder siden
Lindgard conoce efecto Delia
Tarik Vehab
Tarik Vehab 2 måneder siden
lingard almost pulled off a berba spin at 6:24
Don 2 måneder siden
England Messi!!!
Dominic Cadman-Gotch
Dominic Cadman-Gotch 2 måneder siden
OMG this match almost gave me a heart attack, the whole of the second half I was literally screaming at the TV saying "DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN, DO NOT LET IT BE DEJA VU PLEASE JUST HOLD ON!!!!" and luckily we did hold on because if Wolves had of equalised idk what I'd have done with myself I think I have gone into hibernation 😂😂 But yeah in the end, a good win and a sensational first half performance (again) now let's hope for the same Vs Leicester on Sunday #COYI ⚒️⚒️⚒️
John Terry
John Terry 2 måneder siden
One season wonder. Even West Ham fans can admit they’ll go no where with GSB at the helm
Alim Maredia
Alim Maredia 2 måneder siden
The game ends at 11:17 :)
tedson kabiru
tedson kabiru 2 måneder siden
Lingard am jealous from a Man united fan😂😂😂😂
Ngọc Khánh
Ngọc Khánh 2 måneder siden
Love Lingards I am from Vietnam
Ray Stroud
Ray Stroud 2 måneder siden
Great to see King Arthur back. Oggy next :-)
Acid Joke
Acid Joke 2 måneder siden
I know everyone is quite rightly raving about JL, but don't overlook Antonio's running off the ball, Bowen's fantastic finish, Arthur's fantastic return, Pablo's excellent finish and most important: Noble's masterclass in how not to notice Dec wasn't there. What a team! COYI!
Alan Ng
Alan Ng 2 måneder siden
What a Man-U Goal!!!
Greendofield 2 måneder siden
United might be willing to swap deal with Rice.
Jye Jeakings
Jye Jeakings 2 måneder siden
That first goal is so well done bravo bravo COYI
Dhofir.id 2 måneder siden
King arthur is back
DUASATU 2 måneder siden
Jesse 🤜🤛 Antonio
Atas Bawah
Atas Bawah 2 måneder siden
JJomoo _
JJomoo _ 2 måneder siden
Jesse Lingard? More like Messi Lingard
Martin D'84
Martin D'84 2 måneder siden
Check em out,Jesse Berbatov
Emmanuel Jacob
Emmanuel Jacob 2 måneder siden
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Bradley Abrey
Bradley Abrey 2 måneder siden
Love it and also can anyone send me a link to what this song is called at full time it's look like a banging tune please if not then I will try to find it and also COYI all the way
Maija Munkki
Maija Munkki 2 måneder siden
6:24 damn that skill by lingard
Zach Souani
Zach Souani 2 måneder siden
Still buzzing. Same again this Sunday COYI ⚒
Aztec Blanchard
Aztec Blanchard 2 måneder siden
Lingard isn’t the best or amazing, he’s an average player who can’t make it at top teams. Delusional idiots everywhere
Marcus Lee
Marcus Lee 2 måneder siden
Jesse is good, but we can't ignore the work Antonio put in.
spring not
spring not 2 måneder siden
Lingard is the best of the rest and this team around him is also the best 🤞🏿⚒❤️
Steve theWeave
Steve theWeave 2 måneder siden
Three well scored goals from the Hammers but really impressed with the technique Fornals showed to get his one.
KaiFe4RR 2 måneder siden
If you feeling sad,just watch jesse lingard score goal
Monty Wyatt
Monty Wyatt 2 måneder siden
west ham for champions league boys coyi
Sterling memes
Sterling memes 2 måneder siden
I think moyes should try to come up with good aproach especially second half
Peter Jones
Peter Jones 2 måneder siden
Manda Grub
Manda Grub 2 måneder siden
Was Soucek's goal definitely a handball???
MyShowbizName 2 måneder siden
18 minutes of highlights. Now you're talking!
Ysuku Bin150
Ysuku Bin150 2 måneder siden
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flagsandwich 2 måneder siden
Wha da fluk!?
Rapids Goat
Rapids Goat 2 måneder siden
bro y here put it on the hub
Winston Romeo
Winston Romeo 2 måneder siden
Francis Njai
Francis Njai 2 måneder siden
Jesse Lingard is just fantastic
Punchdrunklovesick Singalong
Lingard and antonio is so amazing... perfect pair 👍
Antonio David
Antonio David 2 måneder siden
My question to coach David Moyes, why do you want to destroy Saeed bin Rahma, although he is the best in the West Ham squad. Yesterday, all English clubs want to sign him, and now he is a reserve at West Ham club. Why do you want to destroy this skilled player? You are an unjust and failed coach. 100% supportive of the national team Majid from Constantine, Algeria..
Richard Brayshaw
Richard Brayshaw 2 måneder siden
Failed coach...🤣
Manda Grub
Manda Grub 2 måneder siden
You are not alone. It is so frustrating! Perhaps Moyes has been keeping Benrahma fit so his fresh skills can help finish the season on a high. Antonio looks tired. Let's hope we see Said a lot more now 🙏🙂
Dead 2 me
Dead 2 me 2 måneder siden
Man said 18 mins of highlights
Vedant Gholap
Vedant Gholap 2 måneder siden
Lingard = Messi + Cristiano
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 2 måneder siden
If antonio stayed on we would’ve won about 4 or 5
T 36
T 36 2 måneder siden
1st half: Joking about throwing away a 3 goal lead. 2nd half: It becomes real the flashbacks 😳
Jordan Dayer
Jordan Dayer 2 måneder siden
Draw against arsenal is amazing! And to beat wolves is phenomenal
T 36
T 36 2 måneder siden
@Jørgenseen Ā 😅😅
Jørgenseen Ā
Jørgenseen Ā 2 måneder siden
Arsenal: remember me?
Jika 2 måneder siden
Lingardinho brought me here
Michael L
Michael L 2 måneder siden
flagsandwich 2 måneder siden
@Manda Grub best do far! And challenging. Hmmm.. I've got to 🤔 think
Manda Grub
Manda Grub 2 måneder siden
LinGuardian of the galaxy! 😃
flagsandwich 2 måneder siden
Manda Grub
Manda Grub 2 måneder siden
flagsandwich 2 måneder siden
Ninja Op
Ninja Op 2 måneder siden
Lingard is doing great in Westham
Media Belajar Kita
Media Belajar Kita 2 måneder siden
Lingard was the missing piece of this team.. Super hammer
Raphaël Blancpain
Raphaël Blancpain 2 måneder siden
how was neves not sent off he stamped on miccy's thigh so many times
YNWAFan MrKS 2 måneder siden
Congratz West Ham on this win. Moyes is a genius. I hope to see this West Ham team play in Europe soon.
Paul Furey
Paul Furey 2 måneder siden
Antonio made the space for Lingards goal by pulling the defender with him. Then it was Lingard v 5 but gets the ball away to Bowen for the third. Incredible from Lingard!
Mah Tsew
Mah Tsew 2 måneder siden
That was too close to another bottlejob
David lr bawlte
David lr bawlte 2 måneder siden
ᴡᴏᴡᴡᴡᴡᴡ ɪ ᴀᴍ 7 ᴛʜ👏👏👏😆😆🤝🤝🤝🤝..ᴄᴏɴɢʀᴜᴛᴀʟᴛᴜɪᴏɴ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ
Daniella Stuart
Daniella Stuart 2 måneder siden
@Paul Furey it Easter mate
flagsandwich 2 måneder siden
Do the lottery. You're on a roll!
findlay smith
findlay smith 2 måneder siden
Not 4th now?
David lr bawlte
David lr bawlte 2 måneder siden
@Paul Furey 👁️👄👁️
Paul Furey
Paul Furey 2 måneder siden
Should you not be in school?
hammer 2 måneder siden
Chisom 2 måneder siden
the footycast
the footycast 2 måneder siden
MATT Oo 2 måneder siden
Ben Ashley
Ben Ashley 2 måneder siden
YT.Riley 2 måneder siden
we are massive
YT.Riley 2 måneder siden
@Tory Kidos lingard joined when we was 4th and we are now 4th
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 2 måneder siden
@Tory Kidos not even yes he’s made us much better but before he came we were doing amazing aswell
Tory Kidos
Tory Kidos 2 måneder siden
Because of lingard
John Hall
John Hall 2 måneder siden