Dua Lipa - Love Again (Official Music Video) 

Dua Lipa
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The official music video for Dua Lipa - Love Again

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Ali Reza
Ali Reza 52 minutter siden
she looks way better with black hair than blonde.
francisco quintao
francisco quintao 54 minutter siden
Dua Lipa is so pretty😍
Rounes Guatemala
Rounes Guatemala 56 minutter siden
AN IDEA FROM Thirty Seconds To Mars - Up In The Air AND Karol G, Anuel AA, J. Balvin - Location ?
Kaylee Cheladyn
Kaylee Cheladyn 57 minutter siden
what happend to the egg?
Matthew McRee
Matthew McRee 59 minutter siden
Dua Lipa is the Kylie Minogue of the 2020s, and I live for it! That girl has talent, beauty, and she knows what her (gay) fans want - including me! If her next album is even half as good as Future Nostalgia is/was, she's gonna be a mega-star for the next decade or two!
Sâñdèépâ Wijêšiñğhê
Dua lipa ❤
Gopniko slavistanus
Repent therefore of this your wickedness, and pray God if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. Act 8:22
Raicy Ceprine
Raicy Ceprine Time siden
The bass feels ❤️
Mohamed Apdi
Mohamed Apdi Time siden
Not easy to be gorgeous and have sweet voice at same time.
karri prasad
karri prasad Time siden
❤️ always dua lipa
Sheraz Sultan
Sheraz Sultan Time siden
I watch this atleast Once a day
Dániel Pércsi
Dániel Pércsi Time siden
TikTok trends?🤩
Nahida Suleiman
Nahida Suleiman Time siden
She never disappoints 💖
Jeana Aran
Jeana Aran Time siden
Indeed she is a superb performer love her voice, she can certainly sing any genre 👌👍👏❤️
Lokuracrema 2021
Lokuracrema 2021 Time siden
Jorge Lomeli
Jorge Lomeli Time siden
Lokuracrema 2021
Lokuracrema 2021 Time siden
Le rika estas dua lipa
Andi Kurniawan
Andi Kurniawan Time siden
Halsey video vibe...
Eleni Mara
Eleni Mara Time siden
Me while listening to this song for first time: Begging: umm okaay she has better songgggs Middle: okay its better noww i kinda like it Ending: OKAYYY I LOVE ITTTTT💗
Harry Jaiswall
Harry Jaiswall Time siden
I love this move... Genius❤️❤️
Talles ツ
Talles ツ 2 timer siden
Mulherrr pq tu num fez ainda clipe de pretty pleasee
Rickho Beng
Rickho Beng 2 timer siden
Dua Lipa😘hi im from indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Damiano Balui
Damiano Balui 2 timer siden
Karan Kumar
Karan Kumar 2 timer siden
Bgm white town your women
Rj p
Rj p 2 timer siden
lady gaga?
Natalie Lawrence
Natalie Lawrence 2 timer siden
The mature sailor pertinently kiss because zipper analogously fill during a thoughtless albatross. dear, elite magician
Santiago Fernández
Santiago Fernández 2 timer siden
Suena como Lew Stone & The Monseigneur Band ft. Al Bowlly - My Woman
Estefanía Coto
Estefanía Coto 2 timer siden
she's so insanely pretty!
Baguettes X
Baguettes X 2 timer siden
Jonathan Giraud
Jonathan Giraud 2 timer siden
Faut que tu arrête, à chaque fois je tombe amoureux. pfff
Vakesline Oxford
Vakesline Oxford 2 timer siden
Star Wars😹
Moff Gideon
Moff Gideon 3 timer siden
She is beatiful
Vivian Wang
Vivian Wang 3 timer siden
Julián Romero
Julián Romero 3 timer siden
The song: 11/10 The video: 07/10
Разговоры Ледибага
Damiano Balui
Damiano Balui 3 timer siden
Разговоры Ледибага
Love you Dua
STM x i m p a
STM x i m p a 3 timer siden
every song of dua lipa's an masterpiece. She never fail
Разговоры Ледибага
I'm Jisoo I'm Ok
I'm Jisoo I'm Ok 3 timer siden
She knows how to serve a good era
Разговоры Ледибага
I love you Duaaa!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
angie fuentes
angie fuentes 3 timer siden
Es que.. TE AMOOOO!!
Разговоры Ледибага
Разговоры Ледибага
STORM 3 timer siden
The video gives me vibes of Halsey's song "You should be sad".
Jane Mariano
Jane Mariano 3 timer siden
You got me in lllllllllove again
dòng sông êmđềm
dòng sông êmđềm 3 timer siden
jennifer half
jennifer half 3 timer siden
Obviously gorgeous and love the songs but gosh darn I hate that she has the whole botox and fillers and probably plastic surgery look. WHY?!?! She didn't need it....what is with LA and the fake look?? Can't we go back to the early 2000's where natural was a thing?? You are ruining your true beauty and turning into a robot with all these procedures. I'm not trying to come at her but it just makes me really sad that she even thought she needed all that....
dòng sông êmđềm
dòng sông êmđềm 3 timer siden
dòng sông êmđềm
dòng sông êmđềm 3 timer siden
Ngô Thị Bích Ngọc
Let' s get 1M likes
Eric 3 timer siden
Cesar Loma
Cesar Loma 3 timer siden
This song reminds me of “hung me” by Madonna
Hemaraju Donka
Hemaraju Donka 4 timer siden
I'm Indian
jksenpai 4 timer siden
who waiting for this?
Jaime Macias
Jaime Macias 4 timer siden
This video is too hot 🔥🔥🔥
Drunk Candice
Drunk Candice 4 timer siden
You can also sing MJ's Billie Jean to this beat coz both are similar af. 😂😂🎤
White Town Your woman !!!!!!!
manne lokesh
manne lokesh 4 timer siden
💜💜💜💜💜💜😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘morning mood on song pa🌞
monster sicol
monster sicol 4 timer siden
Lorentz Roteer
Lorentz Roteer 4 timer siden
Ruben Perez
Ruben Perez 4 timer siden
she's serving looks, she's serving dancing and a concept. That's enough for me. Love you Dua!
Natalí 4 timer siden
johnnygamer23 4 timer siden
I'm not a fan of clowns coz I don't take them seriously. But damn Dua Lipa as a clown now she has my serious attention!
Trienssa Fritz
Trienssa Fritz 4 timer siden
Blas Ayesa
Blas Ayesa 4 timer siden
I still don't get the egg part
Adhi Pradana
Adhi Pradana 4 timer siden
I think this is a love song but the MV doesnt tell it, just sexicism that I can relate to, I mean she is an incredible musician performer, so she can serve better to tell a story and meaning of this song. Correct me if Im wrong, no offense sorry just tell my opinion
Shashwat Singh
Shashwat Singh 4 timer siden
This music has been running in my mind all week, wtf did you do to me.
Noel Barangan
Noel Barangan 4 timer siden
I never got bored just by listening to dua lipa's song. I repeat the songs every time I wanted to listen to a song which mostly songs of dua lipa. ❤️💋😍😘🤩🤩🤩😎
Ghostface 4 timer siden
Tan wooi leong
Tan wooi leong 4 timer siden
God damn, didn't know this song got me levitating!
Zachary Charlier
Zachary Charlier 4 timer siden
i love this song, but i need an explanation for the MV.
Jc Howard
Jc Howard 5 timer siden
Her dancing with all the other cow girls reminds me so much of Madonna... Dua Lipa is the new icon!
I Boop Your Nose
I Boop Your Nose 5 timer siden
Really love this video and the song!! I'm just one of "those people" who can't say God's name in vain. Love Dua Lipa!
val leyva
val leyva 5 timer siden
Patetic, the same and the sane and the same..no brain ..only repeat like a parrot
Asan Swer
Asan Swer 5 timer siden
Wow..feeling FEVER COOL listening to this song. BE THE ONE making us LAVITATING and fall in LOVE AGAIN.the electrify Dualipa!
Peace Queen 🧝🏼‍♀️👑
This is so amazing!! ❤️❤️
Brandon Legacy
Brandon Legacy 5 timer siden
Me seeing dua lipa in this video : God Damn.
Pranay Dahake
Pranay Dahake 5 timer siden
Always ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Steelz MB
Steelz MB 5 timer siden
Be More..my dear
Steelz MB
Steelz MB 5 timer siden
Heard the original song...why? Shitty ass talent these days...Who are you Katey Perry !
Gary Goh
Gary Goh 5 timer siden
Trending ball room dancing
Team Latinos
Team Latinos 5 timer siden
Parece Ana bárbara 🙀🙀
Joshua Pingley
Joshua Pingley 5 timer siden
And the award for most consistent pop star goes to…
Pedro M.
Pedro M. 5 timer siden
Bella dua
Jorge Bortoli
Jorge Bortoli 5 timer siden
Hermosa mujer, que artista..amo Dua Lipa..
B3st Zock3r
B3st Zock3r 5 timer siden
If you are wondering what other song you are thinking about after hearing this... it is "Fight Back with Love Tonight -Kush Kush" (or "White Town - Your Woman")
nina 5 timer siden
I love her
Diversion con Ámbar
Diversion con Ámbar 5 timer siden
Cuando vi la miniatura, pense que era de pasion de gavilanes.
Alvaro Jair Acosta Risco
Macarena Pino Vega
Macarena Pino Vega 5 timer siden
your woman de white town ??? :O o yo nomas lo escucho?
Victor Magalhães
Victor Magalhães 5 timer siden
Her band is really good and I think it would be better with a louder bass
Roberto Augusto Gómez Loenzo
Ya no me voy a sorprender cuando hagan el remix con Banda MS.
Demo Gog
Demo Gog 6 timer siden
Nice White Town sample.
Edgar Saenz
Edgar Saenz 6 timer siden
She takes the Beat from the song your woman By White town and makes it sound better
alonso nanjari
alonso nanjari 6 timer siden
Meimei Kurosaki
Meimei Kurosaki 6 timer siden
I love how it sounds like " your woman from white Town , Dua lipa never disappoints me. ☺🤍🖤👌
narwhals wood
narwhals wood 6 timer siden
Is that Star Wars music in the background?
Fabricio Yesan Delgado
Porque me recuerda a Halsey? ... Ah you should be sad.
Ganger 1,7 mill
Ganger 1,7 mill