The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open ft. Beck (Official Music Video) 

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The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open feat. Beck

Director: Dom & Nic www.domandnic.com
Producer: John Madsen
Choreographer: Wayne McGregor
Dancer: Sonoya Mizuno

Taken from the new album ‘Born In The Echoes’ out now. Get it on iTunes po.st/BITEdlx | Official Store po.st/ChemsStore | Google Playpo.st/BITEdlxGP | Share/stream on Spotify po.st/BITEsp
Wide Open Remixes - Spotify: po.st/WideOpenRemixesSp | iTunes: po.st/WideOpenRemixesiT | Apple Music: po.st/WideOpenRemixesAm

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25. jan.. 2016





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Юрий Басалаев
FeiyOO 2 dager siden
wow, props to this.. first time watching it, props to to vfx guys, and ouch to the compers !!
hw O
hw O 3 dager siden
when i saw this video i was addicted by dancing and lyric. now i feel something like first love.
Wess Buursen
Wess Buursen 4 dager siden
Not me seeing this 5 years ago for the first time and now finding it again
Alternative Reality
Alternative Reality 5 dager siden
Pretty sure 40 million of the views on this video are me.
Mister Zed
Mister Zed 6 dager siden
This is EVERYTHINGI love about Team Humanity!
Mohamad Abergui
Mohamad Abergui 8 dager siden
رابحا عنيها كانو كبار او كوحل مرات السيموحمد تخطبنا نفس العام
Dimitar Stoychev
Dimitar Stoychev 9 dager siden
grande cancion ls mejor de ellos
Omàr Hoxton
Omàr Hoxton 10 dager siden
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the Best Electronic song.
Alan Chuang
Alan Chuang 11 dager siden
Dance as if no one is watching. I can hear a conversation between her body and soul, and I can't stop watching Sonoya Mizuno dancing in this video again and again.
Tom Nathan
Tom Nathan 11 dager siden
DiRT 4 anyone?
Hh Rr
Hh Rr 11 dager siden
apuesto a que no se habían puesto a ver sus pies, jeje no lavaron el piso del set! XD
Lester Faulkner
Lester Faulkner 11 dager siden
Some of the best special effects I've seen since Massive Attack's Teardrop video Especially the mirror shot (Donovan)... also the choreography to coincide with the effects...TOP
Freedom92FM 12 dager siden
a lot of pain in her eyes
Ojo De gato
Ojo De gato 12 dager siden
Nunca había visto completo el video, mi piel se pone pelos de punta con la tripofobia, pero valió la pena. Me encanta.
JeffN TN
JeffN TN 16 dager siden
Beautiful matrix technology. Well done!
Андрей Блейз
Заебись. Браво.
Gonçalves Gonçalves
Gonçalves Gonçalves 17 dager siden
Listen to the music, all the time!!
Ryszard Bargiel
Ryszard Bargiel 17 dager siden
I don't understand why there are so many dislikes for this video.
davidkzoo 19 dager siden
I've watched this video probably 400 times. No need to comment, just thought I should for lurking for so long... Peace and love to anyone who reads this.
Sebas Thian Lara
Sebas Thian Lara 19 dager siden
Anano Nuska
Anano Nuska 19 dager siden
Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ❤
AB Sumab
AB Sumab 19 dager siden
Is it me or is it my edibles? She looks like those individual styrofoam net/packing for pears in asian grocery stores.
jamesblunt006 19 dager siden
watch this on a trip. it gets trippy
Lorenzo Lelli
Lorenzo Lelli 19 dager siden
Chimica brother un pezzo che fa viaggiare in tempi di pandemia...fatemi viaggiare con il vostro sound
David Whittaker
David Whittaker 19 dager siden
At 1:28... being able to see the texture underneath her shorts... great artistry and technology. And in, what, 2016 or so? The technology was just beginning to become photo-realistic. Great direction, choreography and cinematography. A perfect example of less-is-more. Totally sublime.
Alberto Aviles
Alberto Aviles 20 dager siden
Mi tripofobia al 1000
Ben Fung
Ben Fung 20 dager siden
either I want to see her strip when even her head becomes non-human, or probably just leave the rest to imagination
Derian Jardhel
Derian Jardhel 21 dag siden
Gracias Dirt 4 (:
Esdeath Vergil
Esdeath Vergil 21 dag siden
The music: amazing!!! The music video: Ah yes trypophobia has entered the chat
Dub Obregon
Dub Obregon 23 dager siden
Lo mejor!!! ❤
James Wolf
James Wolf 23 dager siden
Loved it, and yet my trypophobia is being constantly triggered.
DAVID MATTHEWS 10 dager siden
Isn't there a hole-istic cure for that ?
Esdeath Vergil
Esdeath Vergil 21 dag siden
same, i cant actually watch the video had to look down on my keybored hahah or read something
Taylor08956 24 dager siden
I feel like the relationship took so much out of her that in the end she had to check and see if she even had a pulse anymore.
Primitive In The Extreme
Total Masterpiece
Jordan K.
Jordan K. 25 dager siden
When you see this for the first time in 2021 then realize video uploaded since 2016! :0
Nadia Levy
Nadia Levy 25 dager siden
Ridiculously incredible
Marilyn Lockheed
Marilyn Lockheed 25 dager siden
2016 was 5yrs ago😩😅
Gerardo Bosques
Gerardo Bosques 26 dager siden
菅原透 27 dager siden
Marek Parajka
Marek Parajka 27 dager siden
Sonoya Mizuno is one great artist! When I first saw the episode of DEVS I was like, hang on a sec, that's the girl from CH.B. music video (y)
Jamie Peay
Jamie Peay 29 dager siden
Beck is in a league of his own these days... I knew it was him as soon as I heard the chorus, without seeing the credits. He really has matured into a master of his craft.
JC Dronography
JC Dronography 29 dager siden
Just discovered this, love it!
Draco Volantus
Draco Volantus 29 dager siden
I didn't notice until now Beck is singing this
Not Jason
Not Jason Måned siden
Dirt 4
Maite Chirlaque
Maite Chirlaque Måned siden
M encanta la coreografía!! De lo mejor
Chris Nevins
Chris Nevins Måned siden
I take this music video to imply the cycle of psychic death and rebirth. This person was painted into a corner, maybe due to a rejecting or traumatic experience with an ex-lover, and only over time can she rediscover her inherent self-worth and value, physical and otherwise. Through the breathtaking choreography, she is literally coming to grips with her own body and identity.
KM Kenngott
KM Kenngott Måned siden
This dancer is absolutely mesmerizing. Her every expression synchronizes with and potentiates the emotional impacts of the music and lyrics! And she's so very fluid with every movement and facial expression in this choreography!!! Difficult to imagine anyone surpassing her ability to pull this off - like anyone other than Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. She was a perfect fit for this music and concept...exceptionally well done!
BAM XIONG Måned siden
kagflip Måned siden
Always making me tear up, then, and now.
Raido Kilg
Raido Kilg Måned siden
Who is this girl?
Diego Berea
Diego Berea Måned siden
This song is some way reminds me who I am, if I made mistakes it is fine and keep walking on that empty street with headphones
Judy T
Judy T Måned siden
Mike Capinpuyan
Mike Capinpuyan Måned siden
Five years later, still on my top 25 most listened songs list
SadStilinski Måned siden
Trypophobia 👀
misamisa12311 Måned siden
I'm not gay... I don't think but omg she's beautiful.
Pratik C Ramteke
Pratik C Ramteke Måned siden
My favourite part is when she reveals her heart @1:30 , with that little broken instrument playing in the background. My heart cries everytime I see that, sooo beautiful.
Pavlovi Dank Meme-ovi
Left 5, don't cut.
Mariusz Szczesny
Mariusz Szczesny Måned siden
this music it s my life
Luciana Martínez
Luciana Martínez Måned siden
I'm realizing just now she's the girl from Devs
Angels2apples Måned siden
Lowkey hoping she would break out into the Ex-Machina dance.
Eric Whitcomb
Eric Whitcomb Måned siden
Still can't believe she threw the gun away. To dare to have a Will.
Minton Barry
Minton Barry Måned siden
Jack Edwards
Jack Edwards Måned siden
I myself likes the mirror shot but then again the detail like the dirt on her feet also match.
Projekt SENO
Projekt SENO Måned siden
Jerry Saia
Jerry Saia Måned siden
Masterful graphic art - a classic. The mirror shot is impossible! A synchronous symphony.
Dan Danu
Dan Danu Måned siden
Amazing art...
SVYK. Måned siden
bro this made me emotional 😭
Daryl Hunt
Daryl Hunt Måned siden
That intro before she shows her heart! So fluid!! I know nothing about dancing but for some reason, it puts me in a trance!! Good job to everyone envolved!
I Provide Lyrics
I Provide Lyrics Måned siden
[Verse 1] I'm wide open But don't I please you anymore? You're slipping away from me You're drifting away from me I'm wide open But don't I please you anymore? You're slipping away from me You're slipping away from me [Chorus] Slow me down It's getting away from me It's getting away from me It's getting away from me Slow me down It's getting away from me It's getting away from me It's getting away from me [Verse 2] I'm wide open But I couldn't see it anymore You're drifting away from me You're slipping away from me I'm wide open I'm wide open I'm wide open [Bridge] One day just gonna see me Look back and forth from the ceiling (I'm wide open) Some day love's gonna hurt me Turn back and soon I'll believe it [Chorus] Slow me down It's getting away from me It's getting away from me It's getting away from me Slow me down It's getting away from me It's getting away from me It's getting away from me [Outro] I'm wide open I'm wide open Slow me down It's getting away from me It's getting away from me It's getting away from me
Franko simpy
Franko simpy Måned siden
just amazing
Excellent video. Thanks The Chemical Brothers. Greetings from Peru.!! Regards to Sonoya Mizuno.!!
gumelar gunawan
gumelar gunawan Måned siden
thanks dirt 4...
TigerIronClock Måned siden
The most incredible visuals. I found this as disturbing, as creative. True art.
Jim Alden
Jim Alden 10 dager siden
That's too bad
Tudor Casian
Tudor Casian Måned siden
Can you do a remaster video for stat guitar please
misha raz
misha raz Måned siden
грязные пятки значит дешевый клип,а трек зачет
jason harmon
jason harmon Måned siden
The pricey newsprint collaterally puncture because oxygen superficially fool unlike a devilish bike. squealing, evanescent plane
czarnyjerem 2 måneder siden
Zajebiste !!!
Shaun Billy Boss
Shaun Billy Boss 2 måneder siden
Mesmerising.,,,I love it
samoez samoez
samoez samoez 2 måneder siden
Nostalgia!!! Love this song 😌💙 Greetings from Chile 🇨🇱
sharon collins-lewis
sharon collins-lewis 2 måneder siden
Wow, this illusion is mind-blowing, I love it.
SangTengkorak ??
SangTengkorak ?? 2 måneder siden
All the internet cringes, sum up in one video..
Rodrigo Azevedo
Rodrigo Azevedo 2 måneder siden
Algum brasileiro ouvindo essa obra de arte???
Jorge Luiz Vilas Boas Teixeira
Eu, desde 2019
jason harmon
jason harmon 2 måneder siden
The whole harbor dolly prefer because motorboat accordantly question a a eager minute. pleasant, earthy bronze
K Crowe
K Crowe 2 måneder siden
Then the boss walks out of his office----Alright, alright! Breaks over!
Yassiel Monroe
Yassiel Monroe 2 måneder siden
Estoy indefenso (wide open: expuesto, al descubierto) pero ya no sé cómo complacerte. Te me estás escapando (slip away), te estás alejando de mí (drift away). Estoy indefenso, pero ya no sé cómo complacerte. Te me estás escapando, te me estás escapando. Me hace ir más despacio, se está alejando de mí (get away), se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí. Me hace ir más despacio, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí. Estoy indefenso, pero ya no podía verlo. Te me estás escapando, te estás alejando de mí. Estoy abierto de par en par. Estoy abierto de par en par. Estoy abierto de par en par. Un día, me verás mirando de arriba a abajo desde el techo (back and forth), Estoy indefenso Algún día, el amor me va a hacer daño. Date la vuelta (regresa) y pronto me lo creeré. Me hace ir más despacio, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí. Me hace ir más despacio, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí. Estoy indefenso, estoy indefenso. Me hace ir más despacio, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí, se está alejando de mí.
Ευγενία 2 måneder siden
shes in ex machina
Angry People
Angry People 2 måneder siden
Cloud9Photography 2 måneder siden
why cant i find the instrumental for this anywhere???? sooo annoying. i dont wanna have to rip the vocal off the track thats so much work. grrrr
Klemheist 2 måneder siden
I think the videographer has been taking too many chemicals from the brothers
misamisa12311 2 måneder siden
My God she's beautiful.
Sara Elizabeth Gerrie
Sara Elizabeth Gerrie 2 måneder siden
This reminds me of The National
Ian Copestake
Ian Copestake 2 måneder siden
They make a woman disappear. Not cool.
Greg Holecek
Greg Holecek 2 måneder siden
It would have been fascinating if the Sonoya in the mirror following the dancer had been human except for the head as a white shell, as if the two characters were trading places. Still such an awesome work of art! Hypnotic music and choreography, so perfectly danced and expressed in one take by Sonoya and so perfectly captured by the videographer. Flawless effects by The Mill, including little things like putting the shell texture under the underwear and layers of shadow on the inside of her shirt. I need more videos like this. :-)
Александр Савельев
От нее глаз невозможно оторвать... Браво!
SUNSPOT EVERSONG 2 måneder siden
(The Chemical Brothers) Annihilation - Wide Open -----> nosections.info/green/2aZ0n6R-iZivtdw/video.html&ab_channel=SUNSPOTEVERSONG
Sara Elizabeth Gerrie
Sara Elizabeth Gerrie 2 måneder siden
Is she checking her pulse at the end?
drago jovanovic
drago jovanovic 2 måneder siden
who want to know - how is this spot made,just find it right here.......
KING X 2 måneder siden
NOsections is probably the closest thing to a time machine.
KING X 2 måneder siden
bubbalover71 2 måneder siden
I wish more people treated videos as an extension of the art rather than shameless self promotion.
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