Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE! 

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These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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3. mai. 2021





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Paul Blaney
Paul Blaney 19 minutter siden
These videos are getting weirder and weirder
Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith 21 minutt siden
So Team Rwby have two wins and one loss
Eli Vargas
Eli Vargas 27 minutter siden
Jax (Mortal Kombat) vs Power Man (Marvel) Hawkman (DC) vs Goliath (Gargoyles) Cloud (Final Fantasy) vs Guts (Beserk) All Might (My Hero Academia) vs Captain Falcon (Smash Bros) Luffy (One Piece) vs Reed Richards (Marvel) Silver Samurai (Marvel) vs Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) Shao Kahn (Mortal Kombat) vs Kratos (God of War) Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat) vs Ryu (Street Fighter)
Steven Lopez
Steven Lopez 41 minutt siden
Ok so the biggest question i got, based on physics, would freezing Mikasa's leg really make her spin out of control the way it did?
Trevis Lee
Trevis Lee 44 minutter siden
So the joke is every Ruby member is going to win a death battle but weiss all right.
ELECTRIC Time siden
John wick vs Jason Bourne vs James Bond
Felipe Valentin Contreras Pacab
I honestly saw this matchup way tol obvious on who was going to win, What a wasted potential
Kriimsan God
Kriimsan God Time siden
If this wasn’t the most predictable death battle, y’all literally pinned a super powered demihuman against a normal human being and expected a good fight
WilYo Time siden
Just here to laugh at all the salty AOT fans that can't accept that Blake legit wins this fight. And I'm saying this as someone whose favourite piece of fiction of all time is Attack on Titan.
Paul Neil Maaghop
Here's a cool battle to do next The Seven (The Boys) vs The Guardians of the Globe (Invincible) (To make things a bit fair we can exclude Homelander and The Immortal)
Raha Dian
Raha Dian Time siden
Dream came true, finally a kung fu panda character in death battle🤩
Cameron Horan
Cameron Horan 2 timer siden
They put a human against a non human person
Kawaii Izzy
Kawaii Izzy 2 timer siden
I see everyone in the comments talking about that this wasn’t a fair fight...y’all just pressed your pick didn’t win go cry somewhere else LMFAO
5:53 me: hahaha ha you hear that? LaSt ReMnAnT oF hUmAnItY
Khalil's Art
Khalil's Art 2 timer siden
This is literally a one sided match lmao
The Captain
The Captain 2 timer siden
Mikasa shouldn't even be able to touch Blake, but if she cut offs Blake arm that should of ended the fight no way would Blake be able to think calmly with the pain of a missing arm. I do agree Blake beats Mikasa, but I dislike how this fight went like it would of made more sense to show Blake outspeeding Mikasa and killing her in one blow without any damage taken.
CHAJITAE 2 timer siden
13:29 Sub Zero: I see you've copied my style...
TheGlitchInTheMatrix 2 timer siden
This battle wasn't fair in the least bit. It's like putting Tarzan against Spiderman.
Skorm 2 timer siden
*Sees Blake's Background* Hang on. *Scratches out Yang in 'likes'* Fixed it.
CrimsonGogeta Time siden
*adds Sun* Here we go.
Kris Sandoval
Kris Sandoval 2 timer siden
I'm confused here, if Blake can tank 4 to 5 tons of tnt before shields go down, she got hit with 2 missiles with 18 tons each, shouldn't she have died on 2nd missile?
Batknight 201
Batknight 201 2 timer siden
I'm just here for the sore losers who will cry "BIAS!" despite one character literally being on 3 levels higher than the other. That and the people who're gonna complain about Blake's "Likes" section saying Yang. Surprisingly lacking tho, thank god
Laura Fey
Laura Fey 2 timer siden
Akerman or not....y’all really put a human with nothing going for her except training for lumbering slow monsters with very little intelligence and a limited supply of fuel and bladesup against Blake and expected a fair fight, interesting is all I have to say...
Nijin 2 timer siden
Battle starts at 12:27
Josef andrews
Josef andrews 2 timer siden
Misaka is one of the worst characters in all of anime. Don’t @ me
THE_RickyReiter 2 timer siden
so if the Ackerman have kinda super human strength and natural combat skill and killing abilities, than how did her parents get killed? 1. those were not Mikasa's actual parents or 2. the people that killed her parents actually possessed Ackerman blood themselves
Jiado 2 timer siden
14:20 Wait, so Mikasa can do a boomerang blade attack?
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips 2 timer siden
This one was about as one sided as i thought it would be, but so does the next one?
Nengah Kean
Nengah Kean 2 timer siden
The AOT fans are angry i can hear it.. Oh wait i'm deaf nvm
Jacob Fox
Jacob Fox 2 timer siden
Saitama vs Goku ozymandias vs Batman
THE_RickyReiter 2 timer siden
I've never seen RWBY but I knew Mikasa was fucked before Mikasa part was up. sooooooooo Mikasa can go 2 times the sound while Blake can go 70 times the speed of sound... also at 9:00 they said rock but as it turns out the wall is made of titan soooo... its probably stronger than that. it should not have been that close
JoeRose8 2 timer siden
There is a lot wrong with this episode
Pierre Custodio
Pierre Custodio 2 timer siden
That was fun but if this fight isn't the representation of favoritism then I don't know what it is. Mikasa is the least anime of both characters (yes, it's weird). And she faces off against the superpowered ninja cat girl from the channel's official anime. So...Was this even fair? This is why Ereh wanna destroy everything.
taylor fulwiler
taylor fulwiler 2 timer siden
Yall gonna act like it would take a fight, when you scale yang above tifa....
THE_RickyReiter 3 timer siden
whats the point of a sheath if its a sword as well lmao
Kyrhee Reid
Kyrhee Reid 3 timer siden
i havent guess whos gonna win correctly since shadow the hedgehog
Saint Dane
Saint Dane 3 timer siden
Are we ignoring the fact that Adam managed to shatter Blake’s weapon? The weapons are both breakable, it then again it was a lot of force, maybe more than the thunder spears could dish out. But that’s not accounting for the fact that Blake literally had a force field and super powers while Mikasa could just fight really good. So yea, good outcome.
MrLarxene 3 timer siden
Lol bs you want to know why Blake won against mikasa? Money and paid advertisement... 🤣 . Mikasa wipes Blake easily , Blake is super useless and always ends up losing battles.
WilYo Time siden
Stay mad
dingus Time siden
@MrLarxene but she legitimately wins tho xd
MrLarxene 2 timer siden
@dingus they are getting paid to run an advertisement, also to keep them in business with them is a nice gesture to let the character of the company that is paying you wins the battle.
dingus 2 timer siden
Saint Dane
Saint Dane 3 timer siden
3:57 is that an Invincible Mauler Twins reference?? >_>
midoriya uzumaki
midoriya uzumaki 3 timer siden
I'm a simple man I see mikasa I click
foureyedewok 3 timer siden
Typical rooster teeth. It can never let ita properties lose...
dingus 2 timer siden
Andrei Campo
Andrei Campo 3 timer siden
YEAH, never doubted for aa second, how could mikasa's heritage power beat blake's semblance?
Tommy Tokes
Tommy Tokes 3 timer siden
Nice fight blake was faster than her but hey if they didn't have that speed on there she would've died
Nickoli Wilmot
Nickoli Wilmot 3 timer siden
Do escanor vs all night please
Nickoli Wilmot
Nickoli Wilmot 3 timer siden
All *might😅
shawn ennels
shawn ennels 3 timer siden
Was this even fair??
phthisis 3 timer siden
Calculations seemed really off, and of course, really, REALLY stupid match-up, but good job with the animation as usual. This is, after all, entertainment, and I was entertained.
Wreniel Barron
Wreniel Barron 4 timer siden
Pattern? Wiz must be talking about bertholdt and reiner from that top 10 anime (& animal) betrayal video. I still think meowth could have made the top 10.
Edrian Arcangel Correo
Did anyone suggest ruby(rwby) vs maka albarn(souleater)?
mattwo7 4 timer siden
6:42 I always thought it was called "Three-Dimensional Maneuver Gear" or 3DMG for short. The one piece of modern fiction I know of to use "dimension" correctly... And it's the _Japanese_ version that has this name (立体機動装置 Rittai kidō sōchi, I just checked)...
Tesuu Arisato
Tesuu Arisato 4 timer siden
Literally won because their ip lol
tubefan10 4 timer siden
Cool character pairing and GREAT battle, but lets be real.....from the beginning it was clear it wasn't a fair/equal/balanced one lol.
mattwo7 4 timer siden
3:51 Wiz just turned into diet Shoto Todoroki 4:01 NVM he's diet Twice...
The_Grey_phoenix 4 timer siden
Po vs iron fist sounds interesting, something ive always wanted in death battle is oogway vs yoda
Johan 4 timer siden
We need Accelerator In death Battle His Abilities are Broken Why Do You make Mikasa Look Dirty in
Its_just_Devon 4 timer siden
They need to do Omni-man vs someone... maybe super man but idk I feel like super man would be too powerful
Scott Logan
Scott Logan 4 timer siden
I'm not sure why these two were pitted against each other.... This wasn't even close.
noxus158 4 timer siden
Unsubscribed to death battle 8 years ago because of it's lame take on characters fighting each other. Came back after so long for entertainment and not shocked to their horrible scaling. Rooster teeth must have paid them off hard to keep their dead show intact 🤣🤣
Chris Weldon
Chris Weldon 4 timer siden
Nora valkyrie vs Harley Quinn rwby vs dc
gilberto urias
gilberto urias 5 timer siden
You should do gojo vs kakashi
Chris Weldon
Chris Weldon 5 timer siden
Pyrrha nikos vs undyne
Chris Weldon
Chris Weldon 5 timer siden
Rwby vs undertale
Ashutosh Mohanty
Ashutosh Mohanty 5 timer siden
TRASH BATTLE : Blake isn't even comparable to the warrior that is Mikasa. Blake sucks!!
ugh Gowon’s scalp and crunchy voice
who here expected Mikasa to win just because all of Blake’s fight since V3 were underwhelming, with or without Yang by her side
Brian Pablo
Brian Pablo 5 timer siden
Good, I hate attack on titan I’m glad she lost 🤣😂
CR0608 [GD]
CR0608 [GD] 5 timer siden
RWBY Fans and AOT Fans Are Fkin Fighting
Nickolas Lewis
Nickolas Lewis 5 timer siden
Can we all acknowledge that they had her use the old odm gear
Sol Badguy
Sol Badguy 5 timer siden
Sesshomaru Vs Virgil
ZToo Wavy
ZToo Wavy 5 timer siden
it’s Mee-Kuh-sa not Me-ka-ssa
Eric Kosick
Eric Kosick 5 timer siden
I feel like someone made this dope animation for them and they used it to fill in a death battle slot. This was too one sided. Although Po vs Iron fist thats some classic death battle type shenanigans I wanna see!
ORP PRO 5 timer siden
10 years and your voice is still stupid
Danston Murphy
Danston Murphy 5 timer siden
how about how about some hanna barbera characters? how about Birdman vs. Space Ghost?
Danston Murphy
Danston Murphy 5 timer siden
dude, that was a terrible match-up. It wasn't even fair, cat girl person had super strength and a gun, what do you expect.
MegaFan 5 timer siden
She handled losing an arm better than I thought
Abul Fida Ismail
Abul Fida Ismail 5 timer siden
Takiya genji vs Sano manjirou
OmegaX 5 timer siden
Po Vs Iron Fist is a Death Battle I suggested long ago (like, 3 years ago) and I'm surprised they're actually doing it for the next Death Battle. And I love it.
one above all
one above all 5 timer siden
oh no incoming angry AOT weebs
Andrew W.C.
Andrew W.C. 5 timer siden
Can we get a death battle where non-anime experts could maybe actually know the combatants?
White Rabbit
White Rabbit 5 timer siden
Please make po win😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
goku black
goku black 5 timer siden
Day 3 of asking for generator rex vs max steel
N0 Dash 1
N0 Dash 1 6 timer siden
Holy crap! I thought this episode was gonna get crucified considering who won. This is actually less severe than I thought it would be.
The military
The military 6 timer siden
Wait when did Blake fight Emerald mercury and also. And if she is lighting speed, and at 5:17. Didn't she get captured twice in that same fight and even lost to that acid spitting grim.
Wìnd 6 timer siden
Rick n Morty Vs Doctor Strange when?
lemon furt
lemon furt 6 timer siden
can you try anos voldigoad and goku i just wanna see what happens
TheAwsomeman64 6 timer siden
If ur still taking request or recommendations I would to input Agent 47 vs John wick
V2Blast 3 timer siden
The DB suggestion form is linked in the video description :)
Jeanluc Ocasio
Jeanluc Ocasio 6 timer siden
This honestly feels like Tracer vs Scout. Like one is an incredibly strong, but normal human (Mikasa/Scout) while the other is essentially a superhuman with an actual super power (Blake/Tracer). Like Tifa lost to Yang, and I would wager Tifa would thrash Mikasa. Like the setting are waaay different here.
el Guero
el Guero 6 timer siden
You should do John wick vs the punisher
Damien Poole
Damien Poole 6 timer siden
That was too easy for Blake
Benjamin Decimo
Benjamin Decimo 6 timer siden
Without even watching I bet RWBY wins.
Jose De Jesus Espinoza Gonzalez
and spider man?
gato23 6 timer siden
the only times RWBY characters can win a fight.
gato23 6 timer siden
@Jonathan Juarez I mean in the context of RWBY characters don't win in their own show.
Jonathan Juarez
Jonathan Juarez 6 timer siden
Pretty sure Jaune wins against Sokka and cinder wins against Azula though.
King George V - Azur Lane
Dammit I don’t want Po to die man.
Ron Williams
Ron Williams 7 timer siden
go back to 16 bit, this was horrible
Sawl Aura
Sawl Aura 7 timer siden
I would say the encounter was way to forced into a fight and felt very odd, awkward and uncomfortable.
blek 7 timer siden
TheCreepypro 7 timer siden
not surprised with the outcome if you have half a brain you could tell easily who would win I'm just glad we got a sweet 3d fight out of it
Wet Desert
Wet Desert 7 timer siden
Ruby is the only Rwby member to not appear on Death Battle now.
Just Another Isekai Protagonist
RBN 7 timer siden
Standard OP anime character beats up on double orphaned semi-normal anime character.
Kuro Kun
Kuro Kun 7 timer siden
Gohan vs Invincible
Scott Braun
Scott Braun 7 timer siden
Absolutely AWESOME-!! Another reason to lick -I mean. .like catgirls. Especially battle babes. A thrillride straight from the start.
Fox Shock
Fox Shock 7 timer siden
Me: Blake, you only have one arm! What can you do with one arm!? Blake: You know what? You're right. What can I do with only one arm? Me: Thank you, Blake! I will not let you dow-- Blake: **quickly cut down Titan** Me: O.O Blake: That. I can do that with one arm.
cindy hindriks
cindy hindriks 7 timer siden
What wrong with the reception?
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