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Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer (ft. 2WEI) 

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Battlefield 5 dager siden
Game details, reactions, trailer breakdowns and more: nosections.info/first/PLLpjKzWIuEfmclIuGkkeHjJ0I5mq2zOUG.html
eltonz 12 timer siden
the beggining of the video describes battlefield, dozens of spawn kills lol
Fnan Zeme
Fnan Zeme 13 timer siden
@bthnozcn q
Tiche Minois
Tiche Minois 13 timer siden
@Yao Jin Teh 1df
Emily Brown
Emily Brown 13 timer siden
guys !Who else is trying to grow their YT channel . Let’s help one another. Much Love
Pupkin 14 timer siden
@Glicks Prod. if you don't like battlefield then don't go to reveal trailer to call bf a "dead game", when it's not and even games like bf 4 have solid online.
JOHANNEX Time siden
Где русские комментарии? А так ждём выхода, пока выглядит классно
Augustas Petronis
Hasitha Jagoda
Hasitha Jagoda Time siden
Just Cause 4
sleepy Time siden
my pants are soaked after this trailer
FMR Time siden
The King is back
ArmyLewis 2009
ArmyLewis 2009 Time siden
So excited for buzzsaw tank!
CowboyJohn Time siden
Looks recycled and boring shoulda did 2142 mechs woulda been awesome
Rafael Gonzalez
Rafael Gonzalez Time siden
Please help me, i can't stop watching it over and over...
PEPPERBOX83 Time siden
the best trailer I have ever seen
왜 한국에서 한국군인도 아닌놈들이 싸우고 지랄인겨....
John Towle
John Towle Time siden
I might buy this game after all. Was on the fence after BFV with all it's controversy and faults.. Just needs a good AC that works....
Uniii Time siden
What about cheat protection? BF5 is currently unplayable every round, at least 1 cheater or rapid fire macro shots M1 with 1200 rpm. Where is the cheat protection?
StarKillR02 Time siden
Joshua Singh Moirangthem
i wish there will be a campaign mode
Mod real graphic
Mod real graphic Time siden
We Hope to sée gameplay and Photoreal graphic,i am a fan of Battlefield
PietsPen Time siden
If there are specialist classes, im not going to buy that game
mi shiji
mi shiji Time siden
tom33430 Time siden
It's a fast and furious trailer? Not battlefield?
Svertushki vshi
Svertushki vshi Time siden
Comedy war
Imagine that Sweetwater from BAD COMPANY jumping out of the jet in a twist plot, this is a trailer for BAD COMPANY .. just a pipe dream just saying
Danieal De cobray
Not playin a game made by EA
Maciej Zych
Maciej Zych Time siden
chujnia, to juz bylo
Isahea Todd
Isahea Todd Time siden
I like how they got "Kickstart my heart" as the song
caleb PYE
caleb PYE Time siden
2024 but the 4wheelers are kickstart
Daddy Spardan
Daddy Spardan 2 timer siden
Everyone is running away from the storm Guy in the squirrel suit "I'M THE STORM"
Booker 2 timer siden
I scanned a QR code in battlefield 4 and it directed me to this video
Nicholas Paul Gustaf
Nicholas Paul Gustaf 2 timer siden
Arjiexxc 2 timer siden
Man, just make a movie PLEASE!
Satan 2 timer siden
Mötley Crüe - Kickstart My Heart
The Art
The Art 2 timer siden
It'll take a lot for me to get a PS5 and draw mw back into Battlefield..but I'll keep watching and listening
Orhun Bayramoğlu
Orhun Bayramoğlu 2 timer siden
the person suggested adding the jet scene should get a promotion.
Mana Pua
Mana Pua 2 timer siden
Battlefield 2042 set to take place in the future Battlefield 2142 : am I a joke to you
Spectre 2 timer siden
What the dog doin?
Oscar Anime Visual
Oscar Anime Visual 2 timer siden
Rendezook 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
billy 2 timer siden
3:16 melhor cena de todos os trailers de jogos de tiro da história da humanidade.
Cam Dynasty
Cam Dynasty 2 timer siden
Feel that adrenaline
Joshua Singh Moirangthem
i hope i can see all of these inside gameplay. The ultimate action all in one game. Best trailer ever!!!!!!
Pirate Whale
Pirate Whale 2 timer siden
No one wants specialists
Gud Evening   (Bruh)
Gud Evening (Bruh) 2 timer siden
Still waiting for Sphagetti tho
min 2 timer siden
Я так долго ждал выхода батлы в сеттинге четверки.Браво!
Hokage Hitsugaya
Hokage Hitsugaya 2 timer siden
I’m in the comments to look for all the BF5 slander lol
Siapa_namanya _dimana_rumahnya
I hope this is not happen in real life
william nilsson
william nilsson 2 timer siden
The "only in battlefield" classic, jump out of a plane and RPGing another plane and then return to the plane. Made me giggle like a kid
Scar1et 2 timer siden
Scudz 11
Scudz 11 2 timer siden
Berish Haobamz
Berish Haobamz 2 timer siden
Let's go bois 1M likes!
mister fox
mister fox 2 timer siden
pls gameplay
Saimo 2 timer siden
Derti MoFO
Derti MoFO 2 timer siden
more EA garbage.
Trustworthy 2 timer siden
Roelf Joubert
Roelf Joubert 2 timer siden
I couldn't watch this video without using the lord's name in vain. It looks over the top in all the good ways.
ORLANDO949 2 timer siden
mas de lo mismo, no le veo nada impresionante.
Isaac Jorgensen
Isaac Jorgensen 2 timer siden
Bf4esque. Throwbacks to desert combat gameplay. They give the fans what they want in this one.
Cepi Prananda
Cepi Prananda 2 timer siden
Zeus join the battle.
gi ga
gi ga 2 timer siden
MOD XCVIII 2 timer siden
someone help!!!! i cant stop watching this.
Bruno Miguel
Bruno Miguel 2 timer siden
jedzox360 2 timer siden
I hope that they add the bipod knife
Harit FB
Harit FB 2 timer siden
When will you solve the chinese cheater problem in BFV
Mr bee
Mr bee 2 timer siden
I pre ordered this game can't wait for beta!!!!!!!
Khiro YT
Khiro YT 2 timer siden
this trailer feels like its gonna happen in the future or smthng i feel like we all gonna go to war
Lexsis_PR 2 timer siden
Boys , let’s gets this trailer to 1M likes it deserves everything
Tuanod 2 timer siden
Ну, это пиздец, товарищи 😆
Ну допустим
Ну допустим 2 timer siden
Выглядит как то, шо будет у меня лагать
Hush3d Hustla
Hush3d Hustla 2 timer siden
been waiting a long time for a trailer near as good as battlefield 1
miaow 2 timer siden
This trailer gives me chills because it's awesome and also chills because finding a good gpu is impossible without breaking a bank.
Redéco 2 timer siden
This game is a f*cking different breed
EU sou
EU sou 2 timer siden
Hola amigo
Puncakenyx 2 timer siden
after almost a decade finally, it’s time boys.
wagglyscorpion 0000
wagglyscorpion 0000 2 timer siden
Looks Incredible. Still not pre-ordering anymore.
Cages Clash
Cages Clash 2 timer siden
Litteraly got goosebumps watching it!! The best was the rendezook scene
Moon Light
Moon Light 2 timer siden
Raztix AH-6 LittleBird tho ;o;
Mohamad Dirany
Mohamad Dirany 2 timer siden
Am i the only one who cant get enough of this trailer and comes back to get hyped more?
달려있는하니 2 timer siden
Songdo , Korea..
metallic reff
metallic reff 2 timer siden
It looks sick but im concerned about the "specialists"
BotsBoy 408
BotsBoy 408 3 timer siden
The most unreal part about this whole trailer is that there's still icebergs in 2042
Victor Silva
Victor Silva Time siden
@JamesTheGamer93 Battlefield 2142
FightingFalcon Time siden
@JamesTheGamer93 makes perfect sense
JamesTheGamer93 2 timer siden
Lol. Jokes aside in the battlefield lore (I can’t believe that’s a thing) the planet goes into a 2nd ice age and Africa (lmfao) becomes the last above freezing habitable zone for humanity.
Mauricio Campetella
Mauricio Campetella 3 timer siden
3:10 is that ZOOKAMAN's grandson?
Mr. Caplin.
Mr. Caplin. 3 timer siden
3:14 Ньютон бьётся в конвульсиях.
Cultured Individual
Cultured Individual 3 timer siden
Missiles was invented in early 20th century Soldiers before 20th century: 3:16
Garry_day 3 timer siden
Что за бред? Я когда в детстве в солдатики играл, у меня примерно такиеже сюжеты были
vali grad
vali grad 3 timer siden
exaggerations, just cause 3 is more of a combat sim than this :))))
codygpx14 3 timer siden
now thats how its done. way better then the last 2
Benjamin S.
Benjamin S. 3 timer siden
Let's play this gamers!
valenta exa
valenta exa 3 timer siden
I bet the guy who first did the rendezook be feeling like a legend now
محمد فارس
محمد فارس 3 timer siden
Paulo Alexandre
Paulo Alexandre 3 timer siden
Someone please do a Tenet version of this trailer
Sports Master
Sports Master 3 timer siden
Thank God we're done with that with the first and second world war themes this is really a breath of fresh air finally this looks like a proper battlefield.
Thomas Scudder
Thomas Scudder 3 timer siden
there are still glaciers in 2042? Unrealistic future
pilot_ rey_santos
pilot_ rey_santos 3 timer siden
This is a life changer of many gamers.
Jeffrey Hargrove
Jeffrey Hargrove 3 timer siden
BFV was the only battlefield game I didn't play. -- Thank you for bringing me back. This is the way.
Saimo 2 timer siden
It’s a good game now
jukenox 3 timer siden
Everyone talking about the Rendezook Me: *ROBODOG*
keyO Hmm
keyO Hmm 3 timer siden
А как же злые русские?
Gabriel Mejia-Lara
Gabriel Mejia-Lara 3 timer siden
Sold! Cant wait!
Norman Hoani
Norman Hoani 3 timer siden
Love how that guy ejected from plane shot enemy with rocket launcher and made it back on his plane... awesome footage.
AGTGRagheed 3 timer siden
Arkane Stuff
Arkane Stuff 3 timer siden
Battlefield in 1915: Woman with robotic arm Battlefield in 2042: Men with regular weapons *?????????*
Bognot, Karl Christian R.
0:28 When your friend said he will carry you in game
SadButRad 3 timer siden
Battlefield Bollywood edition
Marcus Hards
Marcus Hards 3 timer siden
Hope they put more effort into realism and destruction rather than gimmicks that belong in a movie
chandan rathore
chandan rathore 3 timer siden
Today is the gameplay reveal
MidszAlexxsito13 3 timer siden
Ok but like why the tornado though