The Horrible Truth About Gambling Addiction... 

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Twitch streamer PieFace talks openly about his gambling addiction, which started at school and saw him lose thousands of pounds, including £3,000 after coming out of the Big Brother house.
GAMSTOP - www.gamstop.co.uk
GAMCARE - www.gamcare.org.uk
National Gambling Helpline - 0808 8020 133
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2. april. 2021





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Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
Huge thank you to PieFace for talking so openly about his struggles with a gambling addiction. We hope that this video may help anyone that may also be struggling. Please check out the video description for links to websites that provide help for gambling addiction.
LewiiiG1 4 dager siden
Where is the full video for this one???
Valentin Arjun
Valentin Arjun 15 dager siden
@Anson Douglas whoa! It took roughly 10 mins but it actually worked!
Anson Douglas
Anson Douglas 15 dager siden
Not sure if anyone cares but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Find it on google enjoy!
Nick Brown
Nick Brown 29 dager siden
just what i needed right now as i stare into the abyss because of my gambling addiction , after years off somehow survive my addiction and getteing thru the homless years then the caravan years , finaly have my own flat , but done it again , blown the rent money , not eaten for 6 days , run out of ideas ,run out off time . at least hearing this makes me realise im not the only one whos sufferd this horrble life .
Pro Vortex
Pro Vortex Måned siden
Happy hour? Nah that kids had a few happy meals
Crab Kebab
Crab Kebab Dag siden
Won 5000 last week lost it all in an hour
Bullettooth 3 dager siden
I can resonate with this I've not only done this but I get paid really well and have my own business but it just means the bets get bigger and you lose alot more alot quicker it depresses the fuck out of you glad he's sorted himself out cause its hard to overcome
Yama Alemi
Yama Alemi 3 dager siden
he moves his head sooo much!!!! my head is hurting
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 4 dager siden
This is not gambling money it’s losing it ,
Tom Lee
Tom Lee 4 dager siden
Keep going fella the hard days are behind you facing up and talking about it is the hardest thing....
jay _BUDDY__
jay _BUDDY__ 6 dager siden
But he still palys poker ??? Surely that cabt be good
Greg Quinn
Greg Quinn 7 dager siden
Jack's an amazing person, a role model to thousands who watch his stream every day. Keep up the hard work and great content Jacko, Much love :))
Adam Pragliola
Adam Pragliola 7 dager siden
Well I remember this one time at Bandcamp....
J Attitude
J Attitude 7 dager siden
It's messed up that the government somehow justifies allowing gambling companies
Alfredo Aguanta
Alfredo Aguanta 7 dager siden
Looking to quit myself, am sick of this shit..... keeping positive, thanks mate
Graham Anderson
Graham Anderson 8 dager siden
Q: How do you become a millionaire by gambling? A: start off a billionaire
Beardless Odin
Beardless Odin 10 dager siden
The UK seems to be the only place (to my knowledge) where children are actually allowed to gamble on slot machines/fruit machines/pokies as long as the jackpot is no larger than £5. That fact floored me when I first heard it. Same with kids drinking shandy at age 10 and being allowed to get proper drunk at 16. In some EU countries it's 14. What's the drinking age in the U.K. now? 18? That's crazy to me. I wasn't responsible enough to drink at 19, Canada's drinking age. I'm 35 now and still not responsible enough so the US's 21 year old drinking age wouldn't have helped me, Got myself addicted to Opioids at age 16. Now I'm on Methadone and I gamble.
matt noah
matt noah 11 dager siden
don't gamble lads, especially when you are this bad at it.
Isleofskye 11 dager siden
It's a horrible, terrible , sickening, soul-destroying illness....:( I would like to say more but I need to rush to do Placepot on The Folkestone Races this afternoon....
Bradley Mills
Bradley Mills 12 dager siden
Fair play to u mate
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 13 dager siden
gambling addicts are just weak. I was manager of a William Hill for years and I could tell you some stories that would make a lot of addicts either shit their pants and give up or realise they are not even close to being a true addict that they carry on and become another one of my stories, I saw it all, made me leave and get another career in the end as it got to me too much.
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 13 dager siden
does he compensate for his gambling addiction with pies now? and how did he get so fucking enormous at such a young age if he blew his money as soon as he got it? he needs to proritise things, he needs to stop eating otherwise his life will be very short, once he does that he could tackle his gambling. the man is very foolish, and clinically obese.
Efren Bata
Efren Bata 13 dager siden
I've lost 15 grand since the bookies have been open since last Monday pmsl
David Hughes
David Hughes 14 dager siden
Been there got the tshirt aswell had to hit rock bottom before I stopped gambling And for me it's to risk for the win and knowing ur better than said bookies for footy bets and everything else
Ry Too Snappy
Ry Too Snappy 15 dager siden
How old is this guy
MARTINJW25 15 dager siden
I was a heavy gambler also, My highest high was winning 3.3k from 50 on France in 2018 to spend my paycheque the minute I got it. 1 year clean and couldn't be happier. Avoid gambling
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 16 dager siden
What did MacDonalds pay him in ! Cheese burgers 😂😂😂
Phil 17 dager siden
What a nice kid, hope you’re sorted now mate.
Jake Smith
Jake Smith 17 dager siden
StrangeBG 17 dager siden
Food and Gambling addiction
pete gonad
pete gonad 18 dager siden
I had to exclude myself from online betting. When I’m physically handing cash over for a horse race or whatever, I can control that and walk away from it. Online, however, it’s a totally different story. I was betting on fuckin Chinese football that kicked off at 1am so I had a result to wake up to, mental.
hh 18 dager siden
Everyone needs to stop these crypto streamers and this affiliate stuff needs stopping if your going to gamble gamble with your cash balance like the old days the bonuses they getting is basically monopoly money
everton thebest
everton thebest 18 dager siden
Im the best gambler on these comments fact !
Not Funny
Not Funny 18 dager siden
Shaun Lunn
Shaun Lunn 19 dager siden
M8 it’s a joke how the bookies are aloud to let people do it I’ve done this and more and completely understand everything ur saying the bookmakers/ casinos are the biggest legal criminals on the streets they all need closing 4 next generation sake , they will never do this as it funds 30% of government taxes CUNTS
Shaun Lunn
Shaun Lunn 5 dager siden
@M Ti definitely as i said bookmarkers i did also mean the online ones ie ladbrokes etc the only way u will ever win is don’t ever start to gamble
Macca91 20 dager siden
I resonate so strongly with this I started at 17 playing roulette on FOBT, I’m now 29 haven’t gambled on anything for 15 months, I’ve lost so much during my gambling days. Be it taking loans to gamble, borrowing to gamble etc.. gambling addiction is a terrible addiction and the government need to do more to slow this massively increasing addiction. Now people know about my gambling they always say what was the end goal. What did you want to win. It’s never really about the winning, I’ve won thousands at points and eventually it all goes back to the bookmaker. My thing I always say to people is a gambler is never happy until he’s lost everything as that’s the only time you can stop gambling.
Avatar Jillian Dawes
Avatar Jillian Dawes 20 dager siden
This is powerful.
TheDannyCPFC 20 dager siden
there is no words for how much I relate to pie here. and many others probably.
Rhys Chick
Rhys Chick 20 dager siden
I’m stuck in this position rn. :/
Jbarlow98 Jbarlow98
Jbarlow98 Jbarlow98 21 dag siden
Relatable, can’t put a bet on that has less than £1000 return because anything less doesn’t seem like the returns worth it, low stakes but high risk bets. Accumulated everyday really hits you hard when you look back at the end of the month. There’s sites out their that ban you from 99% of betting sites & establishments. I’d recommend it. Gamstop!!!!
Josh Foulkes
Josh Foulkes 21 dag siden
Can't be healthy playing Ultimate team? It's gambling of sorts isn't it? Very addictive for some people. Good luck to the fella.
DANKY 2K 18 dager siden
exactly what I thought, he knows he will always be addicted to gambling so he plays fut....
Josh Foulkes
Josh Foulkes 21 dag siden
Can't be healthy playing Ultimate team? It's gambling of sorts isn't it? Very addictive for some people. Good luck to the fella.
Gary Pearson
Gary Pearson 21 dag siden
Massive Respect to Jack aka Pieface...alot of what he talked about I've been through myself so I can completely agree with him on everything he said about gambling...its Real Talk. Gamestop is brilliant and works well for me...like him I'm also on a 5years online gambling bar to stop me from gambling online. Cheers Pie Face.. Top Man.
We are the Bakers
We are the Bakers 21 dag siden
*well done for speaking out. True what he says, its not the amount of cash but the value of that cash to you.*
Tommy preston
Tommy preston 21 dag siden
I don’t like losing. So I don’t bet. It always makes me watch the football for the bet not the football. Gambling companies need to do more.
2017 ean
2017 ean 21 dag siden
What a story 🤣
Adam 1982
Adam 1982 22 dager siden
My addiction started with the 2p machines on holiday, where you put 2p in and try and knock off the other 2p's. Then I progressed to the machines with £5 jackpot, then horses, then football, then I was waking up in the night and betting on table tennis lol, I once put £250 wages into a machine that had a £15 jackpot. I did a £700 spin on roulette and lost 3grand in a few minutes. I was kind of lost without the gutting feeling, cause i was always in the worried feeling.
Ally Walka
Ally Walka 22 dager siden
This guy explains the mental illness of gambling so so so well. Evil evil evil game.
TOM G 22 dager siden
Can relate to every single thing he said, horses was my thing, right a very long story , but all I can say is talk to game care, I now out all my energy into my work an my health, not had a single bet since 15th of October 2020 , everything is so much clearer nowadays fingers crossed it continues.
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling 22 dager siden
I can relate oh so very much, I have been walking back from work after a payday contemplating suicide due to losing my wages and not having enough to pay rent or anything and every morning walking to work there was a bookies along the way and in every morning betting away my money for dinners. I did this in silence and then went through denial when family starting to click on but then opened up.still not entirely over it but family are helping me combat it
dangriffiths90 22 dager siden
Pieface comes across as a really genuine guy. I can relate to all of this and have now been just over 2 years "clean" - it's a horrible addiction but there is a way out if you want out of it. Keep up the good work your podcasts/videos are great 👍
Davie G
Davie G 22 dager siden
Well turn for turning the corner. Took me well over ten years to stop but it’s the best thing I did quitting that shit. 👊🏼
SHRIMP CARNAGE 22 dager siden
Well done guys, thanks for this
Tony McMahon
Tony McMahon 22 dager siden
Thanks PieFace, Dare I say I've met many people who are similar with Forex and Stocks and Shares chasing the get rich easy dream and getting high or low like drugs.
Tony R
Tony R 23 dager siden
I can't tell you the amount of times I've put 30 quid on played online slots raked up to sometimes 900 quid then lost it and chased to go eventually be £200 down, all from think ahh ill just put 30 quid on.
MaddoxGaming 23 dager siden
The truth is if you can't afford to lose that money your betting then don't even consider doing it.
J P 23 dager siden
Working 7days a week and sleeping 3-4 hours...that's what worries me just as much
Daddy Horne
Daddy Horne 23 dager siden
Well done Jack for turning things around for the better. God Bless You and Your Family Amen xxxxxxx
Auto Absolute
Auto Absolute 24 dager siden
Good honest convo. I don't get any joy from gambling even if I win a reasonable amount. Seemed when I was a broke student it was far more appealing, since earning a larger income over the years I just don't see the point.
PokerAce 67
PokerAce 67 24 dager siden
I liked this a lot I’m having a bad bad run this year
terrilea 24 dager siden
I didn’t even know who pie face was, but I really enjoyed this podcast, it was funny and really interesting.
L S 24 dager siden
I have a friend who spends huge amounts on scratch cards & fruit machines. He is endlessly chasing his losses. There is simply no reasoning with him. It is so depressing.
N Clunk
N Clunk 24 dager siden
Looks like he's in year 9 tbh
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 25 dager siden
I can’t lie, I am surprised at how intelligent and well spoken Jack is.
Selajonstu 25 dager siden
So good that he’s just allowed to talk and they let him 👍
The Gaming Archives
The Gaming Archives 25 dager siden
video: a man talking about his struggles with gambling intro happy upbeat music but seriously i hope your doing ok man
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 25 dager siden
if not worse. Fair play to ya jack and gamble free life ahead
John Robertson
John Robertson 25 dager siden
You’re top man pie face and so honest
John Robertson
John Robertson 25 dager siden
That’s right I went to GameStop sorted my online situation I got ripped of by bet 365 so that’s how I stopped it
John Robertson
John Robertson 25 dager siden
I won £21000 from Friday till Monday plus I had £4000 in my pockets lost I went shopping spent a lot on clothes so I lost £3000 on the Monday and stopped punting big but still won £20000 but screwed my nut put in wife’s bank so no chance of getting it back to gamble
john smith
john smith 25 dager siden
"it doesn't matter what you win, its going to be your next stake"
Hayden Harris
Hayden Harris 25 dager siden
People are addicted to not accepting loss. I worked in the casino industry for 20 years and have seen it all.
Terry Jackson
Terry Jackson 26 dager siden
Jesus Christ this guy is exhausting to listen to. Very entertaing and great stories though. Interviewers dream.
Grant Beale
Grant Beale 26 dager siden
Been looking for ages for something to stop me , I've asked the banks I've got different cards , I have put time outs on betting sites. But I'll just end up opening another account so watching this and if this gamstop works then this video should help a hell of lot of people.. fair play
TheRocknRollZebra 26 dager siden
That's why gambling is forbidden in my religion
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 26 dager siden
This is so accurate to me. Fair play to him
Callum Niall
Callum Niall 26 dager siden
gambling addiction is such a silent struggle, it can go unnoticed until it’s too late. i’ve also been there and recently found out about gamstop and it’s the best decision i’ve ever made. the bookies always win in the long run, £25,000 lost for me over the last few years, they’re thankfully not getting anymore money. recommend gamstop for anyone struggling
Callum Niall
Callum Niall 25 dager siden
@vbddfy euuyt not really funny tbh. grow up
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 26 dager siden
Looks like he's got an addiction to cake as well.
ALI G 26 dager siden
Pieface actually a legend💪🏽
CAM BONE 26 dager siden
Ultimately... he’s addicted to spending money hahah!! I mean of course he wants to make money but he’s addicted to spending. He wants to double his money. You gotta have a small brain to be like this
CAM BONE 26 dager siden
Lmao bruh gambling has to be the dumbest thrill. I’d feel gross making 50k on a bet, cus how do people lose it all and not wanna kill yourself. You know how much people slave to make a weak 20k and not even have it to show for the work they put in? Everyone basically so how tf can you burn it... I don’t get it
TSB 26 dager siden
‘The Horrible Truth about Gambling Addiction’....what as opposed to the sunny happy side of it???
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 27 dager siden
if not worse. Fair play to ya jack and gamble free life ahead
Andrew JG
Andrew JG 27 dager siden
Never gamble kid. It’s so wrong.
Kratzenbourg 27 dager siden
Gambling is not an addiction. It's an obsession.
Kratzenbourg 26 dager siden
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 27 dager siden
18 eating the Mcdonald store.....
djdanny28 27 dager siden
I love that you actually let your guests speak! Great podcast!
Peter Golding
Peter Golding 27 dager siden
Only ever saw short clips of this guy and thought he was a massive tool. After listening to the pod he is actually a top fella
Darren daltry
Darren daltry 27 dager siden
This guy now spends money gambling on Fifa opening packs so how is that different? Apart from the fact he gets paid to do it.
NoUgHtToSixtYs MuSic channel
I thought he had an addiction to pies not gambling
NoUgHtToSixtYs MuSic channel
I contacted GamStop and got a banning order too easy to lose money online ... Get help if you have s problem before it gets outta hand ✋
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards 27 dager siden
As a casino employee, gambling addiction is very real and very damaging to people’s lives. When the fun stops, STOP ♥️
Rock girl
Rock girl 28 dager siden
Gambling addiction is not from winning its the adrenaline rush from losing that holds you.
Jay 28 dager siden
Scrolled down a million videos to try and find this full podcast, no luck 😂
Dan Kerr
Dan Kerr 28 dager siden
Looks like he's got an addiction to cake as well.
Marry Reddd
Marry Reddd 28 dager siden
I I'm so overwhelmed that this paid me I neve believed it not until my first withdrawal with AUSTIN. I invested 6Eth and got 9Eth. .
Marry Reddd
Marry Reddd 28 dager siden
-+/1/5/3/0/4/2/8/5/8/70/W/h/a/t/s/A/p/p/< With> / A/U/s/t/In/. . .
Samuel Dunne
Samuel Dunne 28 dager siden
Pitbull coin fellas!!!
JJBGaming 28 dager siden
love Pie ! as someone who bets frequently, I can understand how easy it is to get addicted , huge respect for talking about it !
Barney Sizer
Barney Sizer 28 dager siden
Guys idk if anyone will see this, I am really addicted to fifa points and I have ended up spending 900 pounds of my parents money and idk what to do. I know if sounds stupid but can anyone give any advice
Janet 28 dager siden
Working 4 till 12 to feed a gambling addiction had fun btw you sad fat child
Janet 28 dager siden
18 eating the Mcdonald store.....
Janet 28 dager siden
Fat looser roobet all the way
MERSEYBEAT2603 28 dager siden
With the serious nature of the condition they are talking about i dont think * Happy Hour * was a wise move :-(
J P 28 dager siden
I can't work out if that's a bird or bloke 🤷‍♂️
Badrobot 28 dager siden
Maybe the salad dodger could explain why after blowing his wages and the Wonga loan he didn't then sell his pc for for more gambling cash? if addiction was the reason he was gambling, why did this strange and all powerful force called addiction that took over his free will and body suddenly stop after the wonga loan? What a strange thing 'addiction' seems to be, if an alien landed and observed it the creature would probably describe it as people doing things that they really like doing.
Luke Briggs
Luke Briggs 28 dager siden
I got an addiction I need the help to
James West
James West 28 dager siden
The question is here, WTF was he doing in a pub 'proper young' in the first place? Given a fiver for drinks in the social club? How many drinks can you get for a fiver? Even soft drinks. You are telling me it took him 15 mins to lose FIVE QUID? Id call that value for money, that's entertainment value. Whats that, two euro millions tickets? What a joke