INSANE SPEED * The Quickest PWC/Jet Ski you can buy * SEA-DOO RXT-X 300 Review * 0-60 MPH, 1/4 Mile 

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I recently traded in my GTX Limited 260is for a brand new Sea-Doo RXT-X 300 personal water craft from Mountain Motorsports. With 300 HP on tap from is Supercharged 1.6L 3 Cylinder engine along with Launch Control, this Sea-Doo is an absolute monster on the water. In this video I take the RXTX300 out for some performance testing, including 0-60 MPH, 1/8 mile and 1/4 Mile and race my dad in his 318cc Edgewater Center Console.
Gear we use: goo.gl/4AczKS
Colossus by Wydron soundcloud.com/wydron




16. mai. 2020





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Fire Storm
Fire Storm 14 timer siden
must be nice to be rich....
Adam Dyce
Adam Dyce 11 dager siden
2021 rxpx fastest ski Ever !!!!!!!!
Ron Miche
Ron Miche 14 dager siden
17:39 a piece broke off your drydock
Aarron Woods
Aarron Woods 16 dager siden
Send it to JP racing in Florida
Zxfu. 19 dager siden
Ur supposed to do kmh
Damien Lee
Damien Lee 19 dager siden
Really nice to have these things
machinis 22 dager siden
I enjoyed the Sea-Doo review, but a daily driven Dodge Demon? MAD respect for the owner.
Travis Lesperance
Travis Lesperance 24 dager siden
Did noone notice the rool of paper towel unwind an fly away off the boat 🤣 right befor he stops on the second run at 13:55
Subaru Time
Subaru Time 25 dager siden
Here i am all sad cant get spark out out my 400 junker lol
Bruno Souza
Bruno Souza 26 dager siden
What vest do you have? I have the exact same ski as you, but I can't find a vest that matches the color on the ski so can you pls send me the model of the vest?
Eddie Cook
Eddie Cook Måned siden
I enjoyed the documentary. Thanks! Just curious of what city on the ocean is this. I just picked up a 2021 VX cruiser yesterday. Going out on Lake Lanier for the break phase today.
ram bo
ram bo Måned siden
Maybe someone at sea doo should explain to you proper break-in procedure for an engine... just sayin.
Coal Blest
Coal Blest Måned siden
Definitely not the quickest on the market...just sayin buddy
AJ Gonzalez
AJ Gonzalez Måned siden
The fact you are racing with your dad is pretty damn cool...
BCA2 Måned siden
Wtf do you do for a living with 2 Ford GT’s, a Lamborghini, a Mclaren , and this brand new jet ski?
Robert Carlson
Robert Carlson Måned siden
Somebody with to much Money
John Mark Smith
John Mark Smith 2 måneder siden
Call it what you like, I don’t care if you call it Big Bird, when they buy one they can call it whatever the hell they want.
mohamed aleem
mohamed aleem 2 måneder siden
Nice gt
grindryte 2 måneder siden
This is like a Neat Dad version of cribs. He's living the dream and even his old man is a rev head.
David Ross miller
David Ross miller 2 måneder siden
Kawasaki makes JET SKI!!! BRP "Bombarder. Is Sea Doo Yamaha Wave runner.
John Eddy
John Eddy 2 måneder siden
Rotax has REALLY set a new high performance standard in powering personal watercraft.
E G 2 måneder siden
I thought I would hate this guy, after watching he's a pretty cool dude, think we would have plenty to talk about.
Adventureguy 2 måneder siden
dos the jetski have cruis controle
LEGITX Bacon 2 måneder siden
Kawasaki faster🤦‍♂️
René A.
René A. 2 måneder siden
One of the coolest, most kick ass reviews I've seen... OMG, you woke my inner "Peter Pan"...
Jeff B
Jeff B 2 måneder siden
Cool. My wife just bought one to keep up with me. I have a few mods on my machine.😏
RIFF RACING TEAM 3 2 måneder siden
The Kawasaki 310r is quicker actually
Isaiah 3 måneder siden
Those cars are ridiculous! lucky man.
YalikemyTigerBeat 3 måneder siden
Cries about $400.
SDR_AUTO Channel
SDR_AUTO Channel 3 måneder siden
What brand car lifts you got ?
State Of Emergency
State Of Emergency 3 måneder siden
Are you close to the Holland park?
Shabdika Wellappili
Shabdika Wellappili 3 måneder siden
oh so you rich rich
Guenther Michaels
Guenther Michaels 4 måneder siden
I hope you bought BRP stock .."DOOO" YOU WOULD HAVE TRIPLED YOUR MONEY SINCE April.4. $14.05 Dec 18. $ 68.28 300 shares cost $ 4205. Or $1400 on margin.. Bang..you now have $20,000 to buy this toy ..brand new.. Buy what you Love & USE..
michał t
michał t 4 måneder siden
udało się mi zejść 14.11 sek 1/4 mili a do 100km/h 4.60sek ale przy zerowej fali
Trevor Moore
Trevor Moore 4 måneder siden
Wow..someone has some coin
Snow Forrest
Snow Forrest 4 måneder siden
Ale masz auta🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍.7
Andrew Hoag
Andrew Hoag 4 måneder siden
Really hate that over used buzz words “first responders”. It’s the only responders plus last responders!!! But fast jet ski!
Dorian Wilson
Dorian Wilson 5 måneder siden
Not gonna lie that stance he got into before launching took me by surprise 😂
jim m
jim m 5 måneder siden
Thought about getting the See doo-doo, then remembered that the Yamaha won't fuck up in no time at all. My personal experience is that Bombardier goes wrong pronto. Buying a top of the class Yamaha, within 2 weeks. Problem free for a few years I'm sure.
Brian Blash
Brian Blash 5 måneder siden
Dad needs to trim up! He should be getting a solid 57mph out of that rig! Cool video!
Mariam al-malki
Mariam al-malki 5 måneder siden
GUITARMAN 864 5 måneder siden
Something flew out of your dads boat.. litter bugs! 🤦‍♂️😂
SwiiX 5 måneder siden
texasboy143 5 måneder siden
remind me of a jr. Jay Leno! bragging about all his shit
What Comes Around™
What Comes Around™ 5 måneder siden
What's the brand of jet skies tailor made for blind people? See Don't
Friskito gaming
Friskito gaming 6 måneder siden
John Church
John Church 6 måneder siden
Who says 'money can't buy happiness'. You have a great life !
Rich Smith
Rich Smith 6 måneder siden
Way too much talk. Not enough demonstration.
Greg Simcock
Greg Simcock 6 måneder siden
I designed the original jet ski. When I was 17 I bought a 7-foot craft that had a small air-cooled motor off of a lawnmower mounted between my knees. Steering was out of a spitfire plane. Propulsion was by a small brass propeller from a small outboard motor. It was mounted central to a ring of brass-plate. Its top speed was well under the no-wake speed. To me, I thought it too slow and could be better built, using a Hamilton jet to power it. While designing a garden weeding tool that had hull-shaped blades the idea of a fast jet-powered ski boat came to mind but not a full-sized boat. I also designed a trike I named the Can-Am Spyder. That is why the two vehicles appear similarly formed. Drawing my initials stylized was used to get the basic upper shape and both vehicles got made and marketed as I had designed and named them. I am not known for any of my technical designs of things I conceived but I have enjoyed seeing my work in many forms, including the jet-ski, being enjoyed by people. I would, however, have preferred to have been given the recognition and rewards for my inventions, including the stories I created using my design drawings to form the stories row. Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone is my primary story. That too was stolen from my home, along with many other stories and inventions I am not known for. My work has long been gone but the many products that have stemmed from my design drawings have been developed to the stage that they are finely made and tuned machines that need only a rider. You may freely use the name Jet-Ski and refer to my claim if you are ever told otherwise because I am the original designer of it and the name of the craft. I am also the designer of the Sea-Doo as well. It was simply a larger version of the Jet-Ski. In case anyone wonders why I have not made the theft of my inventions and stories more widely known over the years since the theft of my artwork and written material on their construction and use it is because there was no way to recover from the loss of my entire privately created work of hundreds of designs of things. If you enjoyed the Harry Potter stories you may be interested in reading how they were developed. Read it at HTTP://www.jkrawling.tumblr.com - The Liar Bird (poem) will reveal what was not made public by the promoters of my wizard story about an orphan boy. Greg Simcock, Author J. K. Rawling
J squad’s adventures
J squad’s adventures 6 måneder siden
you can flash a gp1800 and blow that thing out the water lol
David Morgan
David Morgan 6 måneder siden
Your cars are more interesting.
r2dxhate 6 måneder siden
This guy is clearly neglecting his family, or business.
Jason G
Jason G 6 måneder siden
Cocaine buys nice things 🤑
Jonathan Fernandez
Jonathan Fernandez 6 måneder siden
Yamaha GP1800r is a lot quicker and faster than the sea doo 300........ Sea doo rxp or rxt 300 is NOT the fastest or quickest jet ski you can buy. ******
pygmy steaks
pygmy steaks 6 måneder siden
no ones talking about the paper towel flying off 😂 13:56
pygmy steaks
pygmy steaks 6 måneder siden
sweet video
Kevin Alvarado
Kevin Alvarado 6 måneder siden
Can you tell me more about that phone mount? Does it extend longer? And do you trust it going super fast?
VanniGio VanniGio
VanniGio VanniGio 7 måneder siden
Cool vid man. Nothing like hanging with pops and staying young at heart.
-Tee- -Bee-
-Tee- -Bee- 7 måneder siden
I don’t think the “break-in” period suggested quarter mile time logs.......
Jordan Stine
Jordan Stine 7 måneder siden
You have too much money
Jacob Borstad
Jacob Borstad 7 måneder siden
Ur out of gas
YCHtT 7 måneder siden
Something different than everyday car videos. I liked it.
Carlos Gomez
Carlos Gomez 7 måneder siden
Nice area is this Florida .. I live in Hollywood looks like around my home by margarita ville
Rick Riccardi
Rick Riccardi 7 måneder siden
Ummm,a little wired with him??
Cj Anderson
Cj Anderson 7 måneder siden
Am I the only one who said F the JET SKI, and all attention went to the cars?
Frank Austin
Frank Austin 7 måneder siden
In 1995 my Yamaha 1100 went 71 so it's hard to believe they only go 70 but it is what it is
Luke 7 måneder siden
i have a 2014 RXPX 260 and that thing is already to fast😂 i can’t imagine 40 more horsepower i’d probably lose it😂
nikapol25 7 måneder siden
That guy has like over half a million in supercars on those racks, must be nice to have toys like those.
titus overholt 1
titus overholt 1 7 måneder siden
coincident the cars in the background? i think not
Richard Herrera
Richard Herrera 7 måneder siden
Sea-doos are great submarines👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 race Yamaha FTW
Jamie magdeleyns
Jamie magdeleyns Måned siden
quattrors5 7 måneder siden
That C8 got backhanded 👋🏻
Herakles 7 måneder siden
140k for a dodge .. why
Spencer Guile
Spencer Guile 7 måneder siden
People who own any jet ski that is not a Seadoo are stupid
9gagerofl 7 måneder siden
Felt like this vid was less about the ski and more of a flex on us poor folk haha
Mike Heller
Mike Heller 7 måneder siden
Why the RXT instead of the RXP?
Andrew Murray
Andrew Murray 7 måneder siden
"not worth the $400".. Look at your garage.. AND YOU SAID YOURSELF YOU LIKE THE FEATURE AND MISS IT? sorry caps, too lazy to redo that.
РЕМСЕРВІС УКР 7 måneder siden
Возможно будет кому полезным. Занимаемся лазерной резкой. Наглядное видео процесса. nosections.info/green/l2aDboWHi6qm3L4/video.html
Eric N
Eric N 7 måneder siden
Cool dad, cool son. Both very successful.
madison jones
madison jones 7 måneder siden
These things are sick im thinking about getting the rxp-x but they don't come with an audio system so ill probably go with the rxt-x like yours!
James Hite
James Hite 7 måneder siden
10:09 You’re welcome.
Aaron P
Aaron P 7 måneder siden
Still have my RXP260 X with Riva stage 2 and love it. Hit ls 75-77mph GPS. Have a 2002 XP 951cc with full Factory Twin PIPE exhaust, flame arrestors, carbon reeds, R&D head and intake manifold with R&D intake grate, playe and prop. Was 130hp stock but now it should be about 170-175, a 45ish hp increase. Did 62mph stock now its about 70-71. Keeps up with my RXP260 X stage 2 actually.
427SuperSnake1 7 måneder siden
Only a dumb ass would pay that for a Demon. They aren’t worth shit once you drive them off the lot.
Lennox 8 måneder siden
Dude, he got a McLaren, a Lamborghini, a königgsegg and a Ford gt
Speed Racer
Speed Racer 8 måneder siden
Idle speed no wake.
Bob Dinkle
Bob Dinkle 8 måneder siden
Thank god for wealthy parents!!!
Chance Osburn
Chance Osburn 8 måneder siden
Thats a pretty badass jetski but i was doing 65 on lake mead with my little cousin on it and its just a few years older than yours
Peter Robbins
Peter Robbins 8 måneder siden
What do you do for a living? Man I gotta do something with NOsections and instagram if that's how you made it... You have a million dollars worth of cars in your garage...
MSTR T 8 måneder siden
Imagine if he talked about something without telling us what it cost.
Mack redwolf
Mack redwolf 6 måneder siden
People like him always have to gloat lol..
Jorge Moreno
Jorge Moreno 8 måneder siden
Now I don’t know if I want this or a can-am maverick x3 as my first expensive toy
otkup vozila
otkup vozila 8 måneder siden
Nice life... what you do for a living exept videos?
Duccasi 8 måneder siden
I always thought it was a "Powered" Water craft, not a "Personal..
Josue Ruiz
Josue Ruiz 8 måneder siden
to bad im not rich
Josue Ruiz
Josue Ruiz 8 måneder siden
@Bob Dinkle what an idiot thing to say considering you don't know me or anything about me but ok
Bob Dinkle
Bob Dinkle 8 måneder siden
You mean too bad your parents aren’t rich!
walter escobar
walter escobar 8 måneder siden
Dude u got some bad ass cars
Shamus Burns
Shamus Burns 8 måneder siden
Awful review, why did it take 20 mins to tell us the top speed and acceleration? Waste of time
Tyler2 8 måneder siden
This man has all those cars but doesn’t know if it’s worth adding a 400$ option
YalikemyTigerBeat 8 måneder siden
Insane garage!!!!! Look me up
willzkillz 8 måneder siden
It look like my 230
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper 8 måneder siden
So how was that all said and done
Rose Hirshorn
Rose Hirshorn 8 måneder siden
“Gotta be really careful here on the water” *proceeds to race his dads boat*
Isaiah 3 måneder siden
What’s your point? i mean sure he raced his dads boat but he did it safely, he knows his dad is experienced so he has nothing to really worry about. The point of buying a race ski like this is to actually go out and have fun on the water! “FUN” that includes racing around responsibly making use of the thousands of dollars spent. Sea-doo put the most powerful engine in this beast for a reason Rose “Karen” Hirshorn
TheAlbanianDude 8 måneder siden
You came for 10:02
Xxlegit DashxX
Xxlegit DashxX 8 måneder siden
Imagine not having a “jet ski”. This message was brought to you by the kawasaki gang #310r
Daddy likes to go fast!
Buying more cheap Waverunners
Daddy likes to go fast!