Jackass Forever | Official Trailer (2021 Movie) 

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Forever young and still funny in the head. Check out the NEW trailer for and see our big dumb movie in theaters everywhere October 22, 2021.

Celebrating the joy of being back together with your best friends and a perfectly executed shot to the dingdong, the original jackass crew return for another round of hilarious, wildly absurd, and often dangerous displays of comedy with a little help from some exciting new cast. Johnny and the team push the envelope even further on October 22 in jackass forever.


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20. juli. 2021





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Kommentarer 6 780   
TheOverlordi 11 minutter siden
Waited so long to see them again!
Möebius 2k
Möebius 2k 25 minutter siden
Preston is my hero.
Wrenchcool 43 minutter siden
insofar, corona playin not jackass with us again, and theater are closed
Freenure 48 minutter siden
Now if only Bam Margera could have stayed sober, he'd still be around the good ol' crew
Rômulo Péricles Furtado
No magera... Luv it
Gregg Abrahamson
Gregg Abrahamson Time siden
Have they gone to a golf course, aimed directly at people and held up a sign that reads "FORE!!" instead of yelling? If not, they definitely should
Jan Sturm
Jan Sturm Time siden
Gee I fckn wonder why they didnt mention Maguera even once
Bobo Smash
Bobo Smash Time siden
Thank you 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Włodek 1410
Włodek 1410 2 timer siden
0:39 hahaha
Włodek 1410
Włodek 1410 2 timer siden
1:16 hahahaa
Philippe van Heek
Philippe van Heek 2 timer siden
aren´t they to old for this shit ? =)
Not On My Watch
Not On My Watch 2 timer siden
And that’s how Ehren died, kids….
Евгений Марковин
2,1к newfugs ))
Tom Endert
Tom Endert 3 timer siden
I really miss Ryan Dunn
Art Will
Art Will 3 timer siden
MännekenPiss47 3 timer siden
Missing BAM 💥. Without him it will be never be the same
Tyler Goodwin
Tyler Goodwin 4 timer siden
Modern day 3 stooges
Nicolai 5 timer siden
Im so exited
Yiding Liu
Yiding Liu 5 timer siden
In the memory of Ryan Dunn and Zachary Hartwell
KM TeeV 5 timer siden
OMG the guy riding bike in to the fake picture,lmao
Canon Kingsley
Canon Kingsley 5 timer siden
Too bad Bam ain't here.
FSim4ever 5 timer siden
Awesome :O
Egal Eagl
Egal Eagl 6 timer siden
Bam Margera😑😒
Erik Iourner
Erik Iourner 6 timer siden
Oooooh, memories!! Happy to see my brain didn't evolve as I'm still laughing stupid at them
Kurushi 6 timer siden
No one asked for this.
chandrakanth neeluru
chandrakanth neeluru 6 timer siden
Everyone troubling from powers
RaZoR WrAiTh
RaZoR WrAiTh 6 timer siden
RaZoR WrAiTh
RaZoR WrAiTh 6 timer siden
Google razorwraith 🌋🤘🌐🗺️
Poppa Piff
Poppa Piff 6 timer siden
Sad they couldn't come to terms with Bam, him and Jeff had major beef as of late burned some bridges and just needs help. bless you bro but this is just not the same.. Yet I will cherish every second of the new film.
Nanowatt 7 timer siden
I will be the first in line when this hits the theaters, hell yeah
Aimee Threadwell
Aimee Threadwell 7 timer siden
Why do that to a fat ripper
Aimee Threadwell
Aimee Threadwell 7 timer siden
Neal Teitelbaum
Neal Teitelbaum 7 timer siden
So glad Bam is not in this one.
FLOPPI 7 timer siden
Where is bam?
1985Nokturn 7 timer siden
Yes…. But why. You guys grow old. Steve was heavy drug addict etc… I think you could do something better than ruin yourselves.
Гуглеслав Ютубов
Human beings in the 21st century: MORONS.
bsmb091011 B
bsmb091011 B 7 timer siden
Finally a movie i will actually go to the theater for 🤘🏽😎
ape slayer
ape slayer 8 timer siden
zielskotorowe 8 timer siden
The legend is back
FiveNoNo 9 timer siden
peter ambrose
peter ambrose 9 timer siden
It's not Jackass without Bam!!
Augustin Fabre
Augustin Fabre 9 timer siden
Johnny knoxville is 49???? I always though they were my age, I’m 41 right now
HUJAMBO Korodani
HUJAMBO Korodani 9 timer siden
Cross Bandit
Cross Bandit 9 timer siden
Yes yes yes yes 😬
Gabriel Paillé
Gabriel Paillé 10 timer siden
Where is Bam? :(
Stacey Doobrolves
Stacey Doobrolves 10 timer siden
Please don’t tell me that was machine gun Kelly? If it is I’m refusing to watch.
Marcoswar 10 timer siden
DEZO SPACE 10 timer siden
да ладно...
Robert Caldwell
Robert Caldwell 10 timer siden
OMG my childhood!!!
Alexandros Papadopoulos
Omg i love these guys from my youth, respect
Alpha Bet
Alpha Bet 11 timer siden
Now no need stick plastic balls 4 pranks
justfunk88 11 timer siden
Best movie for decades.
Martin Poole
Martin Poole 11 timer siden
Older but no wiser.
Drone Photo/Video
Drone Photo/Video 12 timer siden
О да!!!!! Олды на месте! Ждём.
Doc Merci
Doc Merci 12 timer siden
Crrrrraaaaazy !
flibble89 13 timer siden
Looks good, hope Eric Andre isn’t in it much.
Deh Man
Deh Man 13 timer siden
Can't wait to download this from thepiratebay
1Lifeonearth 14 timer siden
i will definitely pay to see this
Jaganath 14 timer siden
Joe Schmidt
Joe Schmidt 15 timer siden
Only jackass shit I liked was that bad grandpa shit. This shit is stupid as fuck none of this is funny.
Brian Jensen
Brian Jensen 16 timer siden
i think johnny should just stick to Bad Grandpa. he's great at it and doesn't destroy his body as much
Jesse Ormond
Jesse Ormond 16 timer siden
No Bam, No Go
Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis 16 timer siden
Oh no... 😂😂😂
Frost Murray
Frost Murray 16 timer siden
Jackass: We're not Dunn yet!
Mathias Sørensen
Mathias Sørensen 16 timer siden
Reyn 17 timer siden
Ric Bradley
Ric Bradley 17 timer siden
Oliver Brooker
Oliver Brooker 17 timer siden
One-Eyed Man
One-Eyed Man 18 timer siden
RIP Ryan Dunn
Héctor BB
Héctor BB 19 timer siden
I never expected Jackass to go woke, to be honest.
Datu Sumakwel
Datu Sumakwel 19 timer siden
I was like 5 yrs old when I first saw Jackass, now 24 yrs old
C W 21 time siden
No Bam or Dunn is just weird.
JustMe 21 time siden
Where is Bam
Jonathan Miritz
Jonathan Miritz 21 time siden
Why Bam wasn't there?
Oh dear
Oh dear 14 timer siden
Too fat and drugged these days. Uninsurable.
patjcoan 21 time siden
First movie to get excited about since pandemic
Christopher Herman
Christopher Herman 21 time siden
Where is BAM!?
zeul px
zeul px 21 time siden
malvoish 22 timer siden
Biggest waste of time on tv
Jordan McLaughlin
Jordan McLaughlin 22 timer siden
No Bam, no watch. Sorry Cocksville
Kid Chalo
Kid Chalo 22 timer siden
Kelly & Tyler in the movie???
XUKXENGLISHLAD 22 timer siden
They must be running low on money.
down side123
down side123 22 timer siden
It actually feels kind of sad that they're as old as they are STILL doing this.
Maria Brotherton
Maria Brotherton 23 timer siden
Free bam !!!! Can't have jackass without bam margera!!..
Ducksoup67 Dag siden
No Bam, no Jackass. He literally created the show with Camp Kill Yourself. And sorry - I don't buy the "Bam is a drunk so we can't have him on the set B.S." We all know the real reason.
Kenny Foster
Kenny Foster Dag siden
Weres bam?
By lol
By lol Dag siden
Brosef42 Dag siden
I'm getting tired of these live action remakes.
Don Wood
Don Wood Dag siden
can't wait!
YuGii YouKnowMe
YuGii YouKnowMe Dag siden
I fckn love u guys!❤️☠️
Franck White
Franck White Dag siden
Prenons le temps d'apprécier à quel ces débiles sont devenus populaire ! IDIOCRATRIE n'est pas un film juste une petite anticipation . Pendant ce temps certains sur notre terre continue de mourir de faim de soif ou du froid pfff on s'en fou l'important c'est de rigoler ! ou d'aller sur mars , ah c'est pas con ça ! les Jackass sur Mars enlève le haut ! Allez tous vous faires vacciner
stupid universe 731C
1:52 did anyone notice the blood on Johnny's head and face?
Max Burner
Max Burner Dag siden
where's BAM???
Patrick Radcliffe
As much as I love these guys I worry for their sanity, and their financial status that they are doing it again.
toma Dag siden
j'ai hâte de voir ce nouveau chef d'oeuvre.
fooglez Dag siden
Finally, a reason to go to the movies.
Chad N
Chad N Dag siden
No Bam and no Dunn. No thank you.
NO Bam eh?!?! What a fucking kick to the nuts to fans and Bam. Fuck you Tremaine!!
Realrealone Realrealone
Hope the movie is better than the trailer
Tropic Thunder - Les Grossman
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