Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021 

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Simon Cowell gives Nightbirde the Golden Buzzer after her beautiful performance of "It's Okay." Nightbirde chases her dreams and proves that she is so much more than her cancer!
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Golden Buzzer: Nightbirde's Original Song Makes Simon Cowell Emotional - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent



8. juni. 2021





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Kemesha Anderson
Kemesha Anderson 4 timer siden
Wow. So powerful. What a lovely voice. Great song. I loved it. You really 'can't wait until life isn't hard anymore to be happy'.
SEBASTIAN 4 timer siden
*"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decided to be happy."* 👨: So you're not okay? *"Well, not in every way though"* *"It's important that everyone knows that I'm so much more than just the bad things that happened to me"*
ronit kumar
ronit kumar 4 timer siden
She has cancer in her liver....its very less chance of her survival...😶
MsShellybell12 4 timer siden
Goosebumps this was very warming inside 🌷🌷🕊🕊🕊
Shone Gernale
Shone Gernale 4 timer siden
HALSEY VIBE!!! Daaaamn Girl!!! Keep on fighting! 👌🏻🔥
jelless 4 timer siden
What losers in life would give thumbs down?
Karla Schroeder
Karla Schroeder 4 timer siden
You know...I wasn't even really watching AGT ...I was messing around on my phone and I heard Jane telling the judges her story. And I stopped and watched and listen. This girl is the bravest strongest most inspiring girl I have seen in a long time. She is so beautiful inside it radiates off of her. I hope and pray she is truly happy every day of her life, no matter how long that is. She is a very special person and I would love to know her be her friend. Sincerely and not creepy at all. I live what she said about how you can wait until life isn't hard anymore to decide to be happy. And I get it. I'm going to tell everyone about this very special person after I'm done bawling.
Athena Sakamaki
Athena Sakamaki 4 timer siden
Its so hard to find someone so sincerely inspirational today because all those "influencers" coming up setting fake stones for everyone. I love her song, her voice her story her life.
Jelfred Malda
Jelfred Malda 4 timer siden
Can this song be uploaded in spotify or any recording stations for it's really amazing and I just want to keep it or listen to it as of her memories...
Joan Chittenden
Joan Chittenden 4 timer siden
Wow 😮
Maricela Rivera
Maricela Rivera 4 timer siden
How comes that some people didn’t like this? She has a perfect voice. Unique, she’s absolutely authentic. Praying for a miracle. 2% is what the doctors say. I pray for a 98 % more! Blessings to This amazing woman ♥️🙏🤍
Alejandra Farah Mansilla Deij
Alguien podrá traducirlo
Betty De Jesus
Betty De Jesus 4 timer siden
God Bless you love 😘😘
Betty De Jesus
Betty De Jesus 4 timer siden
That was way more than okay ❤️❤️❤️❤️
carly t
carly t 4 timer siden
She’s gorgeous
Anuchida Kongsai
Anuchida Kongsai 4 timer siden
May all miracle happen to her, be with her and supoort her to live long life!
Vila AT
Vila AT 4 timer siden
It's ok God is with you
jen fisol
jen fisol 4 timer siden
Ojala salga una vacuna contra el cáncer 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Vila AT
Vila AT 4 timer siden
It's ok God is with you
Jiemark Bayon.on
Jiemark Bayon.on 4 timer siden
Halsey plzz sing this song and make her dream real...🙏🙏🙏
ABUZz Vlogs
ABUZz Vlogs 4 timer siden
It's okay
REYES, DION A. 4 timer siden
the video and the comments is so so emotional💖
Wan Zainiyah
Wan Zainiyah 4 timer siden
She and simon wearing black and white🥰🥰🥰🥰....love her...
abdel alayyan
abdel alayyan 4 timer siden
God damn cancer is hitting all good people ☹☹
Xtianna Banana
Xtianna Banana 4 timer siden
Sending hugs and prayers. 🤍🤍🤍
saga lugano
saga lugano 4 timer siden
Whooaaa.. . Amazing voice and....
Sandra Yang
Sandra Yang 4 timer siden
Crying 😭
VicSpot TV
VicSpot TV 4 timer siden
i just love watching this video! ❤️ full of inspiration and dedication❤️ hope you'll feel better soon Jane. 🙏 Praying for your 102% recovery from cancer.
Lie Kian Bie Bie
Lie Kian Bie Bie 4 timer siden
Let's say Grace 💙.. Let's Heaven nature sing, sing a song with an Angel 💙 sing.. Respect always 💝
Barbara Hollands
Barbara Hollands 4 timer siden
What a beautiful smile.
Learnlearn Learnlearn
Learnlearn Learnlearn 4 timer siden
Simon and bird are same dress👍❤️
song hehehe
song hehehe 4 timer siden
I'd love to listen this song in joox
TR Rehab
TR Rehab 4 timer siden
This is a hit! She is a hit! Watched this performance at least 20 times!
Asia Lyones
Asia Lyones 4 timer siden
Do anyone know her name
Denniszen 4 timer siden
Jane Marczewski . Also the name of her old YT channel where she has a couple of songs.
Samira Kedemma
Samira Kedemma 4 timer siden
Ayyy lmaooo
Ayyy lmaooo 4 timer siden
I'm gonna be honest and say this isn't golden buzzer worthy. Yeah, she's a fantastic singer, but her voice isn't anything crazy special. Songwriting is definitely amazing, though.
Maria Vivekaviarti
Maria Vivekaviarti 4 timer siden
I really want to have this song on spotify on repeat. Beautiful song, beautiful voice, beautiful soul ❤
Ludmila 4 timer siden
"You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy" damn
Diana malik
Diana malik 4 timer siden
Wow....I mean Woooow
Alberto De la Fuente
Alberto De la Fuente 4 timer siden
Its okay if this video gets me emotional, I know Its ok
Julie C
Julie C 4 timer siden
Life is fragile life is precious…let’s be happy and stay happy till end of world💕
The Artist
The Artist 4 timer siden
Amen So powerful
Amy Jo
Amy Jo 4 timer siden
Nightbirde is living her life her way. Her voice and words were soul touching. Life came out of her voice and grabbed our hearts. You are so so Gifted and I am thankful I heard your inspirational voice. You blessed us all beyond words. What a moment in time
Josie Blanco
Josie Blanco 4 timer siden
Every one is happy but sad falling tear drop
連在城 4 timer siden
可笑的NOsections只剩line me這種垃圾詐騙廣告可以播了嗎 跟中共一個鳥樣
Brenda 4 timer siden
Everyone should read her breathtaking story of : "God Is On The Bathroom Floor" How she found herself so sick and hopeless and feeling God's presence while she'd be lying on the bathroom from all her sickness and pain. It's unbelievably breathtaking.
Tico Saraiva
Tico Saraiva 4 timer siden
She deserves more than a golden buzzer,she deserves to live,sing,smile and share with everyone her happiness and amazing voice. What a brilliant voice. I hope you´re ok and everything will be ok soon. Send a lot of strenght from Portugal
Holly LEE
Holly LEE 4 timer siden
I don't know why people are say RIP Jane and so sad that she died. She is very much alive. She just did a concert this evening in my hometown.
Teri Johns
Teri Johns 4 timer siden
A simply beautiful and angelic spirit🙏
Venkat Kamath
Venkat Kamath 4 timer siden
Nooooo not 2%! Please no!!
Marcha Peck
Marcha Peck 4 timer siden
Am literally crying because it's so touching I pray the good lord will give you another chance darling
Arianne Peter
Arianne Peter 4 timer siden
Hats off girl. You deserve prayers and live long. Your voice is amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this song of yours need contract and produce millions of copies. God be with you.
rhey 4 timer siden
Ok and Wow are only the word that highlighted the most in in the interview and her performance...wow but indeed it is more than okay!
Emily Thigpen
Emily Thigpen 4 timer siden
I just watched this and it made me cry
Окей иц окей
David Thirkill
David Thirkill 4 timer siden
Oh my.what a beautiful voice
Jay-ar Chua
Jay-ar Chua 4 timer siden
She dont deserve to be a winner or a golden buzzer.. She deserves an album to be release as soon as possible🥰🥰
paul layman
paul layman 4 timer siden
What a beautiful gorgeous voice...luv voices that is unique..what a grt attitude...even 2% to live is better then 0 %.. If only everyone has that attitude.....Bravo...I hope she win it all...so deserving
PJ Pastrana Official
PJ Pastrana Official 4 timer siden
She has that Halsey vibes. So refreshing ♥️♥️♥️
Alkisyah 93
Alkisyah 93 4 timer siden
Sandra Stout
Sandra Stout 4 timer siden
That complete silence between the end of a song and the audience clapping doesn't happen very often. That's when you know the performance was absolutely mind blowing
Marshmello 4 timer siden
everytime i see the golden buzzer title, i know someone's got cancer or something else
Ryan raves
Ryan raves 4 timer siden
dang!man her voice ❤️
Cross Usoi Tripura
Cross Usoi Tripura 4 timer siden
I don't know any words that how to express to you. You are an incredible inspiration, God bless you
fatameh sarreshtedary
fatameh sarreshtedary 4 timer siden
She is beautiful 😍 ❤
Jay-ar Chua
Jay-ar Chua 4 timer siden
When I watched this, I am still thankful about my life despite of my problems
Jaster Alcaraz
Jaster Alcaraz 4 timer siden
so amazing.. we are speechless.. God bless you!
santri lawas
santri lawas 4 timer siden
Jah Florendo
Jah Florendo 4 timer siden
I’m experiencing anxiety, stress and problems, I’m questioning my worth and very worried for my family specially my parents. I saw, I listen NIGHTBIRDE and I realized my problem is just a peace of cake compared to her. Thank you for inspiration Lady NIGHTBIRDE. MAY GOD BLESS US!
Nick Teeter
Nick Teeter 4 timer siden
Definitely not live.
おもち 4 timer siden
please stay strong Jane! you are OK!! she gives me some power.
warnadi warnadi
warnadi warnadi 4 timer siden
I can feel it... One of the best
Teddy Nan
Teddy Nan 4 timer siden
Those thumbs down 👎 are heartless people
Natalie F
Natalie F 4 timer siden
Hi guysss, I just posted my own cover of heartbreak anniversary, could someone pls check it out or tell me how to improve? Sorry for the annoying promo, didn’t mean to annoy but I’m having great difficulty getting any exposure and idk what else to do🥺❤️ thank you 4 ur time
Emily E. Bean
Emily E. Bean 4 timer siden
Prayers to her!! Wow!! Amazing and so relatable
Martus Benzt
Martus Benzt 4 timer siden
Su voz es dulce y suave. Dios quiera que se recupere bien¡ ❤⚘🇦🇷
James Greene
James Greene 4 timer siden
Stunning, absolutely stunning. I can say, without a doubt that I could never be as strong as she is. To see the pain, physically, and mentally that she is going through every minute of her day and to stay so positive and so happy makes her the strongest person I know. Thank you for bringing us all back down to earth young lady, I for one am so grateful for you doing it.
Quick Trigger Outdoors
Ah it was ok ok ok ok. May God bless and send her a healing miracle. Her courage and strength is inspiring. May she be a light shining bright during someone else's darkness.
tikigoddess23 4 timer siden
Music MiMi
Music MiMi 4 timer siden
How extraordinary she is…as a singer…and even more as a person! Her beauty and strength are phenomenal! “You can’t wait until life is not hard to be happy.” How fabulous!!
latiefa hall
latiefa hall 4 timer siden
She’s beautiful in every way God is in control
Johnson Maddaxe
Johnson Maddaxe 4 timer siden
Godbless you young lady..getwellsoon❤
Jemaima Mendoza
Jemaima Mendoza 4 timer siden
Wow.. It's so heartfelt😇 God bless you!
Amrik Dua
Amrik Dua 4 timer siden
So nice....such a positive song....
M J 4 timer siden
I hope she will find a way to natural cure pathways
YT Prem
YT Prem 4 timer siden
she is very beautiful and inspiring, hope she can survive from the cancer and continues to be happy and inspiring
Mayang Mitalia
Mayang Mitalia 4 timer siden
❤️your stronger woman i ever seen..
Mrs R USA 4 timer siden
Wow she’s very strong I would be crying just to start 😭😭
I'm No One
I'm No One 4 timer siden
Omg she's so strong, beautiful and talented ❤❤
wake up wake up
wake up wake up 4 timer siden
I love you night birde 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 you already win for me
Stacy Thomas
Stacy Thomas 4 timer siden
You gotta love Simon's speechless look lol.
Mohd azlan
Mohd azlan 4 timer siden
Turki Ahmad
Turki Ahmad 4 timer siden
why cant people have a normal life anymore lol , Why everyone on these shows got cancer, or dying, or lost someone lol , they dont have anymore normal ppl auditioning anymore ?
Vanessa Cabuong
Vanessa Cabuong 4 timer siden
I'd like to see a Movie About her LIFE.. ❤️❤️😭😭and struggles
Manang viday
Manang viday 4 timer siden
She deserved the golden buzzer. Get well soon you look stunning while singing.
The Moment
The Moment 4 timer siden
And she wished people knew 2% is something! and it is amazing!
Mersi Herco
Mersi Herco 4 timer siden
Honestlyyyy I pray that God will give you more years to live so i can listen to your songs 😍 2% is not 0%! I believe in that ❤️ such a beautiful voice and very strong and pretty faceee 😍
Renaly Bustillo
Renaly Bustillo 4 timer siden
This melts ma heart so bad
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