A day Inside the Life of a Submarine 

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Welcome to Fluctus for a documentary about the life inside a US Submarine.



27. feb.. 2021





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Patrice Dhanis
Patrice Dhanis 2 dager siden
It's not sub-marine-ers but sub-Mariners.
李杨 16 dager siden
Gurpreet Singh Bala
Gurpreet Singh Bala 19 dager siden
God bless all
Mathew Kargarzadeh
Mathew Kargarzadeh 19 dager siden
It is so touching to see these dedicated young men giving so much of themselves. I am so grateful to every one of them you are all always in my thoughts and prayer for these difficult daily tasks you all put in. Thank you again. I kiss and hug every single one of you for protecting our country !!!
sabre1100 11 dager siden
So true, we don't give these guys and gals enough love and appreciate for what they do to
Кикимор Болотный
For a moment I noticed on board an icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker, very revered in Russia. It's nice. This means that we are not enemies in everything.
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
No, every submariner has the respect for all other submariners no matter the country. I was very sadden when my fellow submariners from Russia lost their lives aboard the Kursk submarine and the pain it caused their families. God rest their souls and bless their families.
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 26 dager siden
Most of the interior shots are the large ballistic missile subs, not the small Virginia Class subs. They didn't talk to any of the women on these things either - huge red flag in my opinion 👩‍🔧🇺🇲🇷🇺
Dawn Evans
Dawn Evans 27 dager siden
My grandfather was a lt commander of a few of these nuclear subs in the 60s and 70s. I miss him so much.
sabre1100 11 dager siden
One brave man and thank God we have men like him to protect us....
Mathew Kargarzadeh
Mathew Kargarzadeh 19 dager siden
May God Bless him !!!. his service and love for his country is always admired. my gratitude and appreciation to him and his crew for their courage and sacrifice that is always enamored !!!
fidelssn689 28 dager siden
If it ain't Fast Attack it is a submersible Hotel!
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
Sorry pal, we all served on submarines no matter the type. I served half my time on fast boats and the other half on a Ohio class sub and they are all the same when it comes to being a submariner.
Jim Cameron
Jim Cameron 29 dager siden
4:01 that shows a patient and doctor does not look like the inside a submarine, but I am certainly willing to be corrected by those who know.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
@Craft Paint On the SSN-637's the Doc shared the space that was the Library and included the Coke Machine on some. Right behind the Movie Screen in the Crew's Mess.
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 26 dager siden
On a 688 Class medical is a curtained place with a dual tube signal launch station on the port side. Ballistic Missile subs have an actual medical space 12 feet long and six feet wide located in the missile compartment 👩‍🔧🧰🇺🇲🇷🇺
Funkmunkle 29 dager siden
It wasn’t. Haha.
Ard878 III
Ard878 III 29 dager siden
What is meant by FLUCTUS ???? 🤔🤔
Daniel Lakhani
Daniel Lakhani Måned siden
J J Måned siden
The Navy couldn't afford to put me on one of those. They'll have to pay me a pretty penny to be on one of those. Their work schedule is 14-16 hours long. No thanks.
sabre1100 11 dager siden
12 hours on and 12 hours off shifts
J J Måned siden
if I can do it again, it be EOD.
hide on land luo
hide on land luo Måned siden
maybe more than that, if they go on war>
Ernie Irwin
Ernie Irwin Måned siden
These guys are there because they want to be there and think it's a lot more comfortable and safer than some poor grunt curled up in a muddy fox hole eating c rations with bullets flying over his head those guys had it rough and everyone on board knew it
Freethinking Влади́мир
Low information video wasting your time with obvious statements. Look for something substantial elsewhere.
Addyy Brown
Addyy Brown 2 måneder siden
This is not life👎
Hal Jack
Hal Jack 2 måneder siden
F35 is 100 million dollars. Nuclear submarine is 20 million dollars. I was surprised to see a nuclear submarine is cheaper than F35.
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
The cost of a Virginia class submarine is $3.4 billion dollars, yes that is billions with a B. Now you were saying?
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 26 dager siden
Nothing costs 1.3 trillion, the R and D budget for that jet went to some BS for sure 👩‍🔧🇺🇲🇷🇺
Love & True
Love & True Måned siden
Thanks for information. I like Submarine.
John Yarbrough
John Yarbrough 2 måneder siden
8:45 looks like a RN Commander but why the Russian icon?
trick132 2 måneder siden
Pretty gay
sabre1100 11 dager siden
Only a gay that hasn't come out would bring that up....you my friend are gay as hell and don't want to admit it ... nobody else thought nothing about gays except you lmao
Kevin Xu
Kevin Xu 2 måneder siden
The likeable pantyhose concretely strap because periodical consequently stay above a bewildered lyric. brash, rampant surgeon
Hoàng Phạm Viết
Hoàng Phạm Viết 2 måneder siden
Love from VietNam...
BMW320 2 måneder siden
How do they smoke?
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez 3 dager siden
@Steve S it was around 2010 that it went away.
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
Back in the 60's and through till about the mid 80's smoking aboard subs was gradually phased out. You can no longer smoke on a submarines.
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez 15 dager siden
Most of us us some form of chewing tobacco
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez 15 dager siden
We don't
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
@Craft Paint Back in the days mostly we all smoked. Now, no one smokes. No Captain Discretion!
IntubateU 2 måneder siden
For a video about US submariners, many of the boats this video is showing aren't even US. But it is interesting that nearly every bit of this video footage can be seen in several other submarine videos on NOsections, just with different narration. And the narration of this one is among the worst yet. Beyond that though, five patrols on an SSBN and I never once shared a rack.
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
There a lot better videos about submarines on NOsections and you're correct this one had a lot of misinformation and wasn't well done.
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
@Salti Dawg does it submerge? Then it's a submarine.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
You don't really believe that an SSBN counts as a Submarine, I hope!
Capt Larry Kaminski
Capt Larry Kaminski 2 måneder siden
God Bless our submariners with safety .
Jeremy Day
Jeremy Day Måned siden
We breathe water so we'll be ok 🤙
Daniel Lakhani
Daniel Lakhani Måned siden
Romeo Whiskey
Romeo Whiskey 2 måneder siden
Let's try SUB-MARINERS...NOT submariners.
W. E. B.
W. E. B. Måned siden
Those who serve on submarines have ben called submariners form day one.
Dario Evangelista
Dario Evangelista 2 måneder siden
Sub life empathy.
Scott Boyer
Scott Boyer 2 måneder siden
They operate the most deadly machines ever devised by man. Some of these subs can destroy entire continents. Serious business.
Don Grainer
Don Grainer 2 måneder siden
Thanks to all the submariners. It is indeed a difficult job. May they always get the respect, support and thanks they deserve for their duty.
Daniel Lakhani
Daniel Lakhani Måned siden
Yes yes thank
Onion Head
Onion Head 2 måneder siden
At least they have the best meals in the military.
python 2 måneder siden
잠수함 한번 대박 크네
skip davis
skip davis 2 måneder siden
nice voiceover! when i hear one of those robot voiceovers, i leave immediately. this is tough duty, for sure. was aboard the alaska a long time ago (20+ years ago), and it's like you see here. i was 7 years usaf, and we had it a lot easier. we all admire the squids, because of that. they go for months not knowing about family issues for example, which you pointed out. it's been said they have the best food in the military, and i sure hope so: they deserve it.
Paul Schofield
Paul Schofield 2 måneder siden
Why wear a hat on a submarine when there is no sun in you eyes????????
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
@Salti Dawg BS, it all dependent on the individual. I wore a hat or watch cap standing ERLL watch when on patrol in the north pacific with injection temps at 27 degrees. Also the CO allowed us to bring sweat shirts or sweaters to wear due to the cold. Some guys just wore hats because it was their thing to do.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
@Craft Paint Nonsense. Never saw a hat worn below decks while underway! On the Bridge and topside when coming and going!
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 26 dager siden
Nuclear submarines are kinda cold inside, depends on where in the world it is, you'll need long underwear up in Northern waters.
Armando S.
Armando S. 2 måneder siden
Yea, who ever wrote this up needs to do a little more homework. First of all its Submariner not Sub-mariner, second they don't maintain quietness so they don't wake up sleeping sailors....they don't make noise because that could get them counter detected and kind of defeats the purpose of being stealthy. This write up was weak but nice camera work.
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
@Salti Dawg really, not once on four different subs did anyone care if someone was sleeping if a job needed to be done. #1 reason is always stealth whether it's fast attack or FBM.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
Actually BOTH reasons apply!
John Hoffman
John Hoffman 2 måneder siden
Good meals are served every 6 hours to accommodate a watch section change (although midrats name is apropos). It's easy to get fat.
Dj Phantom
Dj Phantom 2 måneder siden
The submariners of any navy are the bravest of the brave, or craziest of the craziest, depending on your point of view, whichever is true it is amazing how they get so many volunteers. Hats of to them and their families, the crew have a hard stressful job and the same can be said for the family left at home. I salute them all, especially the Royal Navy. 😀👍🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Primevals33 2 måneder siden
Better them then me....Got out of the service and now own a multi million dollar business. Could not stand taking orders from those less qualified than myself.
joe vazquez
joe vazquez 16 dager siden
What does your company do ?
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 26 dager siden
One of our officers left to work for Space X. As for guys that I worked with, I hope they're all dead from liver failure and went down crying with regret.
Adirondack Homestead
Adirondack Homestead 2 måneder siden
I was a US submariner and most of the time we're sleeping because there isn't anything else to do. You sleep so much you get tired of sleeping. The only times we weren't in the rack was during drills, getting quals done, catching a smoke (which they can't do anymore), and field days.
Adirondack Homestead
Adirondack Homestead 26 dager siden
@Salti Dawg TRE was always a few days of no sleep and constant watchstanding but that was only once a year. In port is when we got slammed with PMs, maintenance, weapons loads, etc. I'm just glad I wasn't a nuke, those guys never got time off.
Adirondack Homestead
Adirondack Homestead 26 dager siden
@Salti Dawg True, I forgot to mention watch standing, but I figured that was a given. I was an FT, not many PMs underway. Movies in Crew's Mess only on Saturday nights after chow, unless we were watching one in our rack. Training was one day a week for weapons dept. and that was also on the same day we did drills. I did a lot reading but that's only because I got tired of sleeping. We did play a lot of poker though. once I got all of my quals done it was pretty easy sailing after that. I was working on my COW quals but being only a Second Class they'd never let me sit the watch anyway, and with no intentions of re-enlisting I never finished it.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
@Chris Bastemeyer They do now.
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
BS Training, PMs, Maintenance and Repairs, watching a flick, reading, etc, etc. Oh, you forgot to mention Watch Standing!
Craft Paint
Craft Paint 26 dager siden
How do those chicks live without cellphone service?
Eduard Reis
Eduard Reis 2 måneder siden
8:46 is it from catolic church?
Hapa Designs
Hapa Designs 2 måneder siden
I believe that was on a British sub, looked like a Catholic idol painting to me.
3X3 HOOPER'S 2 måneder siden
If The Filipino Navy's Have Submarine Id Like To Suggest That Plssss Give Them Special Navy's From US To Learn More & More On How To Operate This Living Metal In Sea Anybody Need A Veteran Submariner ♥️🇵🇭
Salti Dawg
Salti Dawg 26 dager siden
神推しあしゅりん 2 måneder siden
so the closest thing to a space mission you can get on Earth, is working on a nuclear submarine. You are alone at sea (or space) for months, living in tight space, not knowing day from night, and with limited opportunity to contact your loved ones.
Navy Chop
Navy Chop 22 dager siden
Even on surface ships you could go days without seeing daylight.
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods 2 måneder siden
And the last thing we needed is chicks on board.
Bobby Woods
Bobby Woods 4 dager siden
@Steve S Ouch...
Steve S
Steve S 4 dager siden
Get over it.
Krissy Kinsey
Krissy Kinsey 2 måneder siden
No way...you would develop claustrophobia pretty quickly!
wd 40
wd 40 Måned siden
@twain307 I served on Patrol class boats in the mid 70s running from Faslain Scotland and Portsmouth England, only did 3 years but loved every minute. Great lads. I'd take issue with her pronunciation of Submariners though 🤷‍♂️
twain307 2 måneder siden
you get screened out for that pretty quickly. If you think what you were shown was claustrophobic, you should have seen the boat I served on 50 years ago. This, by comparison, is a floating palace.
Robert Manly
Robert Manly 2 måneder siden
I hope they would test people for that before they let them join. I wonder how they do that. Maybe they stick you inside a barrel for a few hours and see how you go. Does anyone know how they do it?
bob80q 3 måneder siden
as if there haven't been enough other documentaries about this. Your channel is a fucking waste of time.
Gerry Lipata
Gerry Lipata 3 måneder siden
Love from philipines
Usuario de Google
Usuario de Google 3 måneder siden
Love from north sentinel island
Alfi Ansori
Alfi Ansori 2 måneder siden
A Timeline of Aviation
A Timeline of Aviation 2 måneder siden
lol 🤣
Duryadhan Nayak
Duryadhan Nayak 4 måneder siden
Love From india Odisha
Alok Upadhyay
Alok Upadhyay 4 måneder siden
Love from India🇮🇳
saleh uddin Tushar
saleh uddin Tushar 4 måneder siden
love from Bangladesh..
vnnavyseal 75
vnnavyseal 75 25 dager siden
i'm a former vn navy seal was training in cam ranh bay at market times 1970 ..! I inpress to watch this video.! Those men and woman 👩 served on us navy submarine is it a real HERO for America 🇺🇸....!
Vishesh Singh
Vishesh Singh 4 måneder siden
Love from india❤️
MAHAPUROSH 4 måneder siden
Who you loving?
Monarch Sciences
Monarch Sciences 4 måneder siden
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Deadpool and Korg React
Ganger 1,4 mill
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