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daxter hunter
daxter hunter 2 dager siden
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Chubs Mash
Chubs Mash 5 dager siden
4 years later, and I think this is the coolest engine video I've ever seen, and it didn't feel like 34 minutes 😂 Great Work!
Zack Smetters
Zack Smetters 7 dager siden
I know I'm necro posting a video from forever ago, but honestly, I'm not a car guy, never have, never will be. But seeing these things in this manner really really makes sense in a way that math and fluid motions doesn't for me. Thank you so much for taking this trip out there and doing this with these guys. It's amazing because every person you talk to on your channel is so engrossed in the project that they're working on. It just sucks when its "proprietary knowledge" and they can't share it. Great video! I'm Smarter Everyday
Bill Jarman
Bill Jarman 17 dager siden
I see the secondary spark during the exhaust stroke. Is that on purpose to burn off any of the gas that didn’t get burned during the power stroke?
dru e
dru e 17 dager siden
I’m 38 and these two guys give me hope.
R Dan Pauley
R Dan Pauley 20 dager siden
Another interesting thing is the useable range of the power stroke. About 12 deg, after TDC is when you want peak pressure, About 12Deg before BDC is when you run out of leverage to put energy to the crankshaft. So you light it before TDC in a manner to reach peak pressure about 12 deg after. Think of pedaling a bicycle. At TDC you can put all the pressure you want on the pedal and not move the wheel. Once the pedal goes past TDC your downward pressure can be applied to start turning the crankshaft.
R Dan Pauley
R Dan Pauley 20 dager siden
You never mentioned the waste spark. The spark was initiated with every revolution of the crank but only used to light the air fuel mix every other revolution. Just before TDC on the exhaust stroke, the spark happens again but not used.
Mr Chano
Mr Chano 20 dager siden
Destin. You probably don't know how cool you are. God is good.
deebadubbie 21 dag siden
Such cool guys all of you!!!
Eder Solorzano
Eder Solorzano 21 dag siden
Frackin badass!!!
licksore stockpile
licksore stockpile 25 dager siden
think this was better than the original! fascinating!
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 25 dager siden
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Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 26 dager siden
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Ben 26 dager siden
23:18 I found it so interesting how it sparks twice per cycle (cycle being four strokes). The first spark does not light anything because there is no fuel in the engine (I think). I wonder if there is a purpose for the two sparks or is it just that you can't get it to pulse that slow.
themouas 26 dager siden
I disagree with your suggestion that the misfires were from the lack of exhaust gases in the cylinder after the exhaust stroke. I believe the misfires were from the inconsistent engine rotation at idle that produced and inconsistent mixture from the carburetor because of the single cylinder operation. I bet if you install a heavy flywheel on the engine it would run better and I bet if you load the engine the misfires would go away like a lawn mower engine. Single cylinder engines are notorious at idle or low RPM because the rotation of the engine surges and causes an inconsistent fuel mixture, but as soon as the RPM is increased and load is increased and the consistency of the engine rotation is optimized and the fuel mixtures are consistent everything the engine runs great. When you increased the back pressure on the exhaust of your engine and it ran better that's because when you restricted the exhaust you were creating a load on the engine, hence it ran better.
Earthrise 28 dager siden
Though I have seen this in my minds eye for many years, it is incredibly awesome to see it happen visually. And a hand made engine? that's a mindblower!
Michael Stribling
Michael Stribling 28 dager siden
James Ivy
James Ivy 28 dager siden
I'd think the spark plug being closer to the intake would help keep it cleaner as more gasoline would have to pass over the plug
Joe Byer
Joe Byer Måned siden
So cool! Thanks for sharing.
Proud_ Leftist_
Proud_ Leftist_ Måned siden
... tattoo machine***
xiangdeng he
xiangdeng he Måned siden
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Justin Hommerding
Justin Hommerding Måned siden
Thanks main !! Love all your work and collaborations. I might be getting smarter everyday ;)
Sylar Rogue
Sylar Rogue Måned siden
I think that guy might have Asperger's but I am no expert.
FL 64
FL 64 Måned siden
All that you learn in your first year of becoming a mechanic in Germany.
Union County Railfan
James Bruzgis
James Bruzgis Måned siden
Destin the legend!
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Måned siden
They talked about timing. Next time ask them about a model t starting its a cool thing to learn
gary ba ba booey
gary ba ba booey Måned siden
❤❤❤ love the videos
redneckhippiefreak Måned siden
Back Pressure is just a Pulsing Wave front. Manipulating (Tuning) the Volumetric area and or Shape of the exhaust pipe facilitates the Evacuation of the cylinder gasses. You had it at the Scavenging comment. Imagine the RPM as a frequency and the Exhaust pipe as a wind instrument. Even though there is Negative pressure in the Atmosphere, The Exhaust Pipe is still Under pressure as the Pulses stack up and Compress inside the Exhaust pipe, (This is why exhaust leaks can happen in an open ended pipe.) So, If the RPM frequency can be matched to the Pipes length and Volume, the Pulse front can act as a vacuum on the Next Exhaust cycle thus helping "Pull" it through faster by facilitating a "Relative Negative zone" behind the Pulse front. . This can be use to pull more power for any given RPM range as all combustion engines are just air pumps.
Tai Johnsen
Tai Johnsen Måned siden
Great video, one piece of information tho, the best spark / ingition timing is measured by the torque the engine produces or the knock limit of the fuel, not the the AFR.
LOMan Måned siden
great video.
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez Måned siden
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Pete Lorenzo
Pete Lorenzo Måned siden
that quad engine thing, I've seen that before. long ago I watched the videos where you made that engine. I remember cuz that's the first time I've seen pc-7 epoxy. I got some after watching that. I still use it for projects. also got the pc-11 waterproof stuff. can mix with acetone to thin it out if needed.
Velvex Måned siden
28:04 that motor sound reminds me of Flubber
Velvex Måned siden
i dont know a hole lot about motors [i think] but i understood most of this thanks for the vid
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez Måned siden
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Bill Conners
Bill Conners Måned siden
Great video and had to be fun to make!
The O D
The O D Måned siden
oh you were like a kid in there. quick-fire questions about everything. cool.
Caleb Firebaugh
Caleb Firebaugh Måned siden
try sacrificial visor plates for welding helmets
Darklore97 Måned siden
yea those guys are really impressive...
D x H
D x H Måned siden
this may be a different part please tell me but i think that’s how a throttle body works
Steven Bradley
Steven Bradley Måned siden
This is the first of only a couple times out of hundreds of Destin's videos that I do not feel like a complete id10t
Nick L
Nick L Måned siden
Bummed I didn't get to see the Quadsimoto run, but it was still a great video and now i have more reason to go check them out.
GSXRoyce Måned siden
In wish I knew how to get a patrion page. I’ve got to learn how to do all this stuff to help my channel grow. I’m up to 70 plus video uploads and I need to figure out how to get better. I’m teaching myself. I’ve started NOsections full time tho. I actually started working from home just so i could go full time NOsections
GSXRoyce Måned siden
Love this channel I’m the biggest fan brother
GSXRoyce Måned siden
I love engines. I’ve been mesmerized by combustion engines from the time I was 7 years old. I still have a hard time understanding advancing the timing to the point of detonation. And being able to change the timing at the cam placement. Or at the distributor. It’s amazing how tbh can make all 4 pistons work together. How does 1 or more not get a little out of timing. Idk
꧁•Jurgen Boes•꧂
man I love this!!!
S0ULT241N Måned siden
Create an eyeirous and ajustable lever for it to fit ove the exzost.
Billybobble1 Måned siden
In decades to come engine makers will see this and think 'man that's archaic', but in the same breathe will also say 'it's stunningly beautiful, these guys are masterful artists of their craft'. Maybe. Either way, thank you Destin and all involved, great video and always inspirational, even though I still think the combustion engine is part based on wizardry and alchemy.
CrankingWithCG Måned siden
2:26 Anyone else hear that severe weather bleep?
Blood Sweat And Tears Forever learning
My dad just passed away and it feels like he's giving me messages through youur voices
Alan Meijer
Alan Meijer Måned siden
"Butter zone"...aka "sweet spot".
Sheila Gardner
Sheila Gardner Måned siden
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Dustin Rodriguez
Dustin Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
The only odd thing about people of different generations working together is the modern neurotic propensity and obsession with denigrating the young and keeping them out of involvement in anything.
Unknown Known
Unknown Known 2 måneder siden
My name is actually Everett.. nice to see another, keep the videos coming I love them. Wish I could be a part of one some day. I would like to know how the time of day and time of year effects the stratosphere a s troposphere, especially for Ham radio conditions
Heisenberg181 2 måneder siden
Man the butter zone is the same thing as the sweet spot
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 måneder siden
"Holy cow, you just watched..."? YES, I did! I _love_ BtS stuff, Destin, and thanks for making it! Now I just need to go back and watch the main video.
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 måneder siden
"And then rewelded back together..."? When were they welded the first time? Wouldn't it just be "welded together"?
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 måneder siden
Mike says "now... now...." Whoops!
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 måneder siden
"It rides high all the time...." Oops, nope, not when it dips!
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 2 måneder siden
OK, so it's not a glass head; it's an _acrylic_ head.
Robert Fleming
Robert Fleming 2 måneder siden
Destin. Thanks for being Destin
Zaphod Whiskers
Zaphod Whiskers 2 måneder siden
OH MY GOD could you do a WHOLE LOT LESS BLABBERING and just get to the video!!!???? You yakk more than my last 4 girlfriends combined!!!! PLEASE, LET'S SEE A LOT MORE COOL VIDEO AND A WHOLE LOT LESS OF YOUR YAK YAK YAK BLA BLA BLA YAKKEDY YAK!!!!!!
Surgy FromKurgy
Surgy FromKurgy 2 måneder siden
when 2 minds meet and share mind to science, 1 sees what the other doesn't and we all become Smarter Every Day
Ryan Hamstra
Ryan Hamstra 2 måneder siden
“Super secret parts box” you mean, the screws left over once you put the engine back together? I have one of those too!
Duke Bacher
Duke Bacher 2 måneder siden
Yes, I just watched 34 minutes of behind-the-scenes. Loved it!. Liked/Subbed. THEN realized this was 4 yrs old. I thought this was a new channel! I've got a LOT of smartening to do to catch up! Awesome video!
Freddy FirePipes
Freddy FirePipes 2 måneder siden
I’m live in Huntsville, wanna fight?
Christopher Marais
Christopher Marais 2 måneder siden
Australia Made since 1981
Australia Made since 1981 3 måneder siden
Whats the best gift you ever got buddy
canadian_gamerzs lol
canadian_gamerzs lol 3 måneder siden
he says it kinda not simple lolllllll engines are easy as heck to under stand ...and i never went to university ..wow dident u take enginering?
M Galaxy
M Galaxy 3 måneder siden
Huh, actually learned something.
Patrick McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy 3 måneder siden
With a single pistol, is it just the momentum of the crank that drives the piston up for the compression stroke? Why doesn't it just stay in the down position?
Einezweioctopi 3 måneder siden
God has made some really cool things available to us.
BIGCHEW 3 måneder siden
Always Mesmerizing To Watch Two or More Very Smart People Working in Sync & You Would be Blown Away At What They Can Come Up With..Like Orville and Wilbur Wright Did Or Sam Colt ,Oliver Winchester,Gaston Glock To Eugene Stoner ,To Eliphalet Remington To Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin,George Washington Carver And Many Manny More Great Minds That Have Came Before Us !
BIGCHEW 3 måneder siden
O I Like The Hit N Miss Engine To..lol. Balls Out.. & Like Jay Leno Said It Dont Mean What Ya Think..Prevert..lmao..!
Dave Chamberlain
Dave Chamberlain 3 måneder siden
Love your shows... but the camera work is so unstable I have to look away sometimes. Maybe time for a better setup of cameras? I will still watch anyway.
J M 3 måneder siden
What fuel are they using ?
Tim Lattin
Tim Lattin 3 måneder siden
21:50 is awesome!
Tim Lattin
Tim Lattin 3 måneder siden
So is 23:30
Sathees Kumar
Sathees Kumar 3 måneder siden
My name is Charlie I’m 15 I’m from Australia and I love this kind of stuff also the exhaust with the sticker could also be that there is more resistance in the exhaust and therefore less loss of compression with that spaced head
Travis 3 måneder siden
na man thank You for makin the video
Travis 3 måneder siden
overpriced lights are suuch a gimmick unless ur some kind of studio theyre absolutely unnecessary theres plenty of affordable options that work just fine without spending a grand on a dam light lol its one of those areas alot of ppl get taken advantage on
Travis 3 måneder siden
i wish he would have said "have u ever heard of predetonation" not pinging, it still works but i think it would have made it click for alot more ppl, predetonation is literally detonation that happens to soon, which can b from timing too advanced
John Paul Vincent
John Paul Vincent 3 måneder siden
How did I NOT know there was a second channel?
Eliseo Galliher
Eliseo Galliher 3 måneder siden
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Michael Lloyd
Michael Lloyd 3 måneder siden
When I was a kid rebuilding lawnmower engines was something I did numerous times. I always wanted to see what the combustion chamber looked like when the engine was running. Now I know. Racing engines use tuned exhaust systems. So do high performance factory cars and trucks. Butter face lol (that's old school :o) ). The governor on the red engine came from steam engines. The term balls out came from the balls on the governor on a steam engine running at maximum RPM being at maximum extension. I will never complain about my mini lathe again. They made one 4 cylinder engine out of 4 1 cylinder engines, with smaller equipment than I have. It's not the lathe, it's the operator...
DevWolf 3 måneder siden
This kid has as lot of incorrect statements about how engines work. Why we use advance timing, why "knock" happens... Hes great with the electrical side and the basic mechanical side, but theres some misconceptions here. Theres more than those two, but im not gonna sit here and write a mechanical engineering thesis in a post, so will cover those two... With advanced timing, the aim is to ignite the mix just before TDC, then the flame front will accelerate as compression continues to press the air and fuel molecules closer together, increasing efficiency. The chemical reaction then continues as the piston travels back down, generating heat, which makes for more volume (you know the drill there). When this golden point occurs depends on the engine geometry from combustion chamber to deck height, to dwell time and piston velocity, and other factors like fuel octane, etc... And because of that, it also changes with RPM, because the piston begins to move faster but the flame fronts remain relatively the same velocity regardless of RPM. This is why we use variable spark timing. Variable cam timing is done for different reasons but it ties into this spark timing system. As for knock, ping, preignition, or detonation (it goes by many names), it's not because you advanced timing too much. Or well not solely because of that. So what happens? Well he got the octane thing correct. Fuel with lower octane is more unstable but has faster flame fronts. Higher octane is more stable, but has a slower flame front. As you increase compression ratios, which are heavily influenced by the cam and it's valve events (dynamic compression vs. static compression), the air fuel mix heats up, because its compressing. In a hot engine, that heat can become so great that the mixture ignites on its own, a bit like a diesel engine. If that occurs at just the right time and place in the chamber, the spark plug fires, and its flame front meets the preignition flame front, creating a concussive shock wave, which is what you hear when you hear a ping. The energy from that occurring can crack pistons, or bend piston rods because the fuel ignited so early that the engine couldnt turn but the other cylinders tried to force it. Bent rods usually only happens in high power engines though, high torque engines. So while spark timing is a factor, thats not why knock occurs. And for those wondering, because this comes up a lot, no you should not put 93 octane in your stock 9.5:1 static compression engine, regardless of the cam being used. Doing that has no benefit in that kind of engine. You spend more money for more stability that you dont actually need, while causing a slower flame front, which can kill power and cause hesitation. We use premium or ethanol fuels in engines around or above 11:1 static because, without it, we would get knock because the compression is high enough to ignite low grade fuels. They, however, dont lose power. Because compression is so high and the molecules are so close together that the flame front meets or exceeds the velocity in a normal 9.5:1 engine with low grade fuel. So no, you dont need premium in your car unless you have a 6.4L or supercharged 6.2L Challenger, or a Corvette or something in that ballpark. Refer to your owners manual and follow that. If you live in a super hot area like a desert, or Florida, you might bump it up one fuel grade because of the extra heat, but dont use 93 if it says 89 is required. The fuel octane callout in the manual was calculated by the engineers that designed the engine, follow it.
Dougie did it
Dougie did it 3 måneder siden
I need to find these guys i live in cherry im a mechanic and am constantly messing with ...everything...i 1 town away
perfecte99 3 måneder siden
The exhaust sticker helped because it increased exhaust velocity. Your a bit smarter. Cheers.
Dylan Antonacci
Dylan Antonacci 3 måneder siden
I bet Mike is TOUGH to work with sometimes 😂
Jack Springer
Jack Springer 3 måneder siden
WTH!! Nobody mentioned floating the points or floating the valves??
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 3 måneder siden
I can't believe I haven't found this video before now! It's awesome!! As for the end, where you guys talk about the positive pressure still when the piston is still going down, does that not mean that the engine is very inefficient, in that there's too much fuel to burn in the time of the half cycle of the engine? Ie: even if it is burning with the right fuel:air mixture, there's just too much of it to burn in that time, and so you're spewing out fuel still burning, and wasting the gas expansion?
dtiydr 3 måneder siden
Why isn't, still to day, anyone doing the same but with a little thicker sheet of glas instead so will it never melt. If you see someone do it, it came from me.
Soham Dutta Roy
Soham Dutta Roy 4 måneder siden
Yankee Candle Company... of New England
Brian Kelsay
Brian Kelsay 4 måneder siden
That was neat seeing inside the engine.
Owen Hill
Owen Hill 4 måneder siden
This video has way more information than the main video. Amazing job destin!
FlyMIfYouGotM 4 måneder siden
Jet engine, recip IC engines all do the same thing: suck, squeeze, BANG, blow!!!! Rather than a piece of sacrificial acrylic plastic maybe they could use a thin piece of tempered glass similar to the somewhat flexible, tempered Gorilla Glass used for cell phones. This would be more resistant to heat damage and it would also be resistant to solvent damage like what would happen with gasoline. The thick acrylic plastic piece would still be needed to prevent over flexing and shattering the glass.
Robin Collins
Robin Collins 4 måneder siden
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daffidavit 4 måneder siden
This video finally hit home to me. I’ve heard all the terms and thought I understood the physics, but until this video it never hit home. Thank you gentlemen for making me see the light (spark).
yy jtjytj
yy jtjytj 4 måneder siden
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Brap Chapel
Brap Chapel 4 måneder siden
That dude is the Macgyver of machinist!
Matt Peacock
Matt Peacock 4 måneder siden
Why does adding back pressure make a motor run better???? Why does bread taste better if you let it sit for an hour after raising and before putting it into the oven? Too many variables in a complex system, trial and error gave us these nuggets of knowledge. Don't knock it, it gave us fermentation and distillation as well😉👍
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