ELDEN RING - Official Gameplay Reveal 

Ganger 5 mill
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Rise, Tarnished.
comes to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC Digital January 21, 2022.

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10. juni. 2021





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Gromek999 Måned siden
it looks just as beautiful as I imagined
pajmic 7 timer siden
@Satish Gupta Enjoy your SaM simulator.
Satish Gupta
Satish Gupta 8 timer siden
@pajmic i dont care if graphics are bad i just care about the gameplay
Guts 3 dager siden
@Oxycontin. terrible bait
Mike Grayrat
Mike Grayrat 4 dager siden
@Juan Campos wait your telling me they can make a game that dose not get delayed 2 more years
Mike Grayrat
Mike Grayrat 4 dager siden
@Juan Campos dout
Lorin Kap
Lorin Kap Time siden
Did anyone else see the burger king mascot in there? Just me?
dkhosa 4 timer siden
Demons souls remake looks better
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 2 timer siden
Yeah it does. So? Are you the kind of person that still picks games JUST by graphical fidelity? It has been 30 years since the "bit wars". You'd think people would know better by know. YOU know better... Right?
Vankip 5 timer siden
Come on guys, make it 6 millions!!!
John Carl De los Santos
I really hope that Elden Ring will still play great in base PS4 with all this stock problem with PS5 still can't buy it. Don't wanna spend double from scalpers. :l
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 2 timer siden
Look at the trailer. The graphical fidelity is roughly at the same level of Sekiro, that runs at stable 30 fps on base PS4. You can expect Elden Ring to perform around the same level.
AOUGE 5 timer siden
Are you worried that the ps4 can't run elden ring
QueenP5 89
QueenP5 89 5 timer siden
5 million views boys LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
Tiber Septim
Tiber Septim 6 timer siden
Congrats with 5 mil! LETS GO
The Mojo
The Mojo 7 timer siden
Satish Gupta
Satish Gupta 8 timer siden
i dont care if graphics are bad i just care about the gameplay
Elisa Gibertini
Elisa Gibertini 8 timer siden
I wish time travel existed so that I could teleport to the release date
BagusBayu TV
BagusBayu TV 8 timer siden
He looks like the Nameless King from DS3
Ryan H
Ryan H 8 timer siden
Daddy likey
Enlil 9 timer siden
I hope it's as good as Sekiro.
VaporLotus 9 timer siden
do NOT! add a fucking easy mode. Make people fucking work for it.
Vegetto19 10 timer siden
When is the Collector's Edition coming? I'm so ready to buying it.
jere järvelä
jere järvelä 12 timer siden
Same dark souls shit all over
Luka Tosic
Luka Tosic 9 timer siden
Fabrício Barcelos
Fabrício Barcelos 11 timer siden
git gud kid
China Life
China Life 13 timer siden
Wow, looks good. I hope it will be on PS4.
Ryan Surgison
Ryan Surgison 11 timer siden
It is on ps4 I preordered it for my pro a few weeks ago.
Sergio 15 timer siden
Kranker Spast
Kranker Spast 19 timer siden
I hope this will be as amazing as it looks. I'm scared because every time I get into a new franchise the next thing that comes out is always crap. I think I'm cursed
lusspanik 19 timer siden
please take my money
Niek Lodewijkx
Niek Lodewijkx 21 time siden
on the ps4 hoh
Matheus Vieira
Matheus Vieira 23 timer siden
All I see is Dark Souls 4. I don't care about the game title, Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Demons Souls, Bloodborne, whatever. Just give us more of this amazing and rerwarding mechanics, beautiful immersive worlds and fantastic stories. I'm just in love with this game after years and years of boredom with stupid games. I'm almost regretful of the money and time I spent in other games until I finally played Dark Souls and Bloodborne fro 2019 on.
GameDev DemonPawi
GameDev DemonPawi 23 timer siden
I really hope that this game's difficulty is hard as dark souls or harder but please do not make it easy cause I don't want to get bored playing this amazing game 😍.
Leeoon Time siden
it will be "easier" because there is a lot of freedom and you really need to kill half of the bosses to finish the game. but if you're playing everything, it will have roundabout the same difficulty as DS3, miyazaki said
AOUGE 5 timer siden
Miyazaki said elden ring will be easier
OnyxFlare 23 timer siden
I have a feeling this is going to be one of my favorite games of all time.
JDXSY Dag siden
BIG FAIL 1:40 the hand is in the air not on the floor BIG LOL
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Dag siden
Shows it's not pre-rendered though. I'd much rather have that, than trailers that don't actually represent how it will really look.
Astrobones Dag siden
Please don’t let this be a cyberpunk 2077 situation all over again. I beg you
Untended Rafter
Untended Rafter 23 timer siden
It won’t
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa Dag siden
ToAst Ws
ToAst Ws Dag siden
Looks much more open world
crash bandicoot
crash bandicoot Dag siden
Soo basically just more darksouls.
Tek Funk
Tek Funk Dag siden
the elder souls
Donald Dag siden
Looks like dark souls 4 with a different title
Leeoon Time siden
it may look like a DS4 but there are a lot of new and interesting mechanics like the open world, mounting and day/night cycle that will make a very different experience than Dark Souls the set is also way more colorful and less dark
Gravel 7 timer siden
And an open world
ippan pedrozo
ippan pedrozo Dag siden
alright, so its just the same exact themes as the rest of the fromsoftware games except open world. might as well just be called dark souls 4. i honestly thought they were going to do something different.
Matt Avello
Matt Avello Dag siden
Please be amazing. Please be amazing.
Marco Filho
Marco Filho Dag siden
this game has just taken the best out of this decade best gameplay(bloodbourne and zelda botw in my opinion) how can this not be goty?
Free living
Free living Dag siden
Noice. Got into dark souls at a good time! I wanna add, I hope the open world goes well with dark souls
Isoviruss Dag siden
2:52 Is that a reference of Gwyn's theme from Dark Souls?
_Decency_ Dag siden
Me: recently getting into souls game trying to complete bloodborne. From software droppin demon souls and releasing elden ring trailer: *hello*
DontTrustMe Dag siden
why does demon souls remake look better
Gravel 7 timer siden
Different company and one that specialises in remakes for new game consoles and this game is developed for last gen
Don Lobo
Don Lobo Dag siden
Because 1) DeS Remake has almost as much time, money and human talent behind it as an entire new game, put into nothing but improving an otherwise finished product, and 2) it's designed to draw out every bit of power from a single specific current gen console, instead of being a cross gen, cross platform title.
Ayo Sammy
Ayo Sammy Dag siden
Did I just see smough
Zak Thomas
Zak Thomas Dag siden
Boss: “I command thee, kneel!” Tarnished: *”Or, perhaps NOT!”* **PULLS OUT TOMMY GUN**
Yago Albert
Yago Albert Dag siden
For a moment i thought it would be Dark Souls + Lord of the Rings
Pecosbill 333
Pecosbill 333 Dag siden
1:05 Pot boy
Michael Dag siden
So it's darksouls but with a goat horse. Kay.
SouravskpXD Dag siden
This is a must buy game..
Dafulegend Dag siden
2:51 that dood has a dragon head hand. And 3 Earthshaker Greataxes
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 2 dager siden
greed sniveling at the confessional
Bro the music gave me chills 😩 especially at the beginning end that piano.
Mariano Liva
Mariano Liva 2 dager siden
A la pipaaa
vipul subash
vipul subash 2 dager siden
i see soul stream 2:27
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 2 dager siden
Augusto Maracaja
Augusto Maracaja 2 dager siden
mano depois dessa gameplay eu fico com uma vontade imensa de ver o taticads jogar
Your Friendly neighborhood Heavy
I cant wait for this game dude
Moved by Truth
Moved by Truth 2 dager siden
Cross platform/Cross generation/Collab title 👎 Get ready for From Software's weakest effort.
Luka Tosic
Luka Tosic 9 timer siden
Bruh, I didn't think wrong opinions existed until now
Bill Overbeck
Bill Overbeck 2 dager siden
Are you mad because isn't another puny exclusive like des or bb? Do you enjoy something which others can't?
Endless Noodle
Endless Noodle 2 dager siden
1:17 hotter waifus than you tried to snuff out that flame
TheSkyblack 2 dager siden
in the end of trailer have PLIN PLIN but not PLON ....
Infern Dark
Infern Dark 2 dager siden
this dream will be one of the greatest game ever
PatrickSilent 2 dager siden
You know what guys, I think this game might be not all bad. Actually, it may be quite decent. I will probably pour about 8-10 hours into it.
Rohaan Nair
Rohaan Nair 2 dager siden
“Humanity Restored”
i succ dick
i succ dick 2 dager siden
im sure old pc can run this cuz texture quality still low
i succ dick
i succ dick 2 dager siden
@Don Lobo actually ps4 is weak it can run good lokin games cuz they optimaze for it thats why cyberpunk on ps4 is bad they didint optimase
i succ dick
i succ dick 2 dager siden
@Don Lobo ye maybe not old computers but new but mediocore pcs
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 2 dager siden
Define old PC. Real talk, if you want to give yourself a somewhat accurate idea of the requirements for PC, just look at Sekiro's and increase them just a tiny bit. RAM requiements are likely the same, and minimal requirements in general wouldn't have changed all that much considering this is meant to run on standard PS4 and Xbox One S as well.
DragonHalo3D 2 dager siden
hoping with all my heart that this doesnt end up like cyberpunk 2077
DragonHalo3D Dag siden
@Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης wait ur original comment was sarcastic right? I thought it was but then I read this one
Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
@Zigeuninja last time I checked they made like 2-3 good games And they overpromised alot MASSIVE WORLD EVERYTHING MATTERS NOTHING IS FORGOTTEN OWN MASSIVE MANSIONS And all that crap
Zigeuninja Dag siden
@Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης well I mean people said the same about cdpr
Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
Why would it end up like cyberpunk It's pretty big company with a very good track record and they haven't promised something that we know they can't do
Illustrious Foxx
Illustrious Foxx 2 dager siden
I just hope this game has good Co op.
Urdnot Wrex
Urdnot Wrex 2 dager siden
narrator sounds like that one guy in ´´North Bleeds´´ Witcher 3 trailer.
Weirdo Kitty
Weirdo Kitty 2 dager siden
It's just another Dark souls. Dislike
Zigeuninja Dag siden
@Weirdo Kitty So you completed 3 games you thought were all mediocre? Great because this is nothing like Dark Souls which youd know if you read a single article about Elden Ring
Weirdo Kitty
Weirdo Kitty Dag siden
@Zigeuninja , lmao. I've completed all 3 DS games. Git gud for what?
Zigeuninja Dag siden
@Weirdo Kitty git gud
COH09 766O4F Soham Sengupta
@Weirdo Kitty Ok Lets see Dynamic open world consisting of 6 geographically distinct regions, vast landmarks to explore with intricate level design instead of just one of each type Day night cycle with various weather conditions effecting the gameplay Horseback combat alongside stealth Far more emphasis on character development of side characters, world building Sure buddy Dark souls
Weirdo Kitty
Weirdo Kitty 2 dager siden
@Bill Overbeck bacic mediocre game
Reyhan Keyza
Reyhan Keyza 2 dager siden
Amazing Amazing
keith maliwanag
keith maliwanag 2 dager siden
ahhh f*ck another game to rage about ahahahah
Omkar Singh Thakuri
Omkar Singh Thakuri 2 dager siden
Hope they probably made a tribute to Miura
Zigeuninja Dag siden
1:39 is already one Berserk reference
haidan mcculloch
haidan mcculloch 2 dager siden
can't honestly wait for this been wanting a new souls like game for a few years now
Stefan Eduard
Stefan Eduard 3 dager siden
This gives me a breath of the wild with dark souls mix vibe and I love it. Seeing the horse as well I really hope they are making this an open world game and let us explore.
Tiber Septim
Tiber Septim 3 dager siden
5 million SOON™️
Cup Soup
Cup Soup 3 dager siden
I’ve seen comments saying the graphics look bad literally been called ps2 era graphics literally go back and play idk like the og dark souls or something this game is actually beautiful
El Duderino
El Duderino Dag siden
People have been throwing around "it looks like ps2" since the PS3/360 era and even back then they were way out of touch what PS2 actually looked like.
Oliver H.
Oliver H. 3 dager siden
I really hope this game will run well on my PS4 pro (at least). I preordered the game today after falling in love with DS3 again and am really looking forward to it!
SS HolloW
SS HolloW 3 dager siden
If you would ve told me this is Dark Souls 4 i would ve belived it!
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 3 dager siden
Day 41 adding an O until the game is launched (Ok its the second time this happens, the first was 20 days ago, my comment just disappear. I'm commenting this in 4 different trailers, and the 40º is just in one of them. Don't know if NOsections deletes it or something) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 3 dager siden
I have a fucking alarm clock to do it now (today I'm going out so did it earlier)
Darkswords14 3 dager siden
I'm glad they're still making new Gen games on old Gen cause no one has new Gen which reinforces the fact that almost all ps5 games can but won't be ported to ps4.
Gravel 3 dager siden
No this game was developed for the ps4 then they ported it to ps5
Darkswords14 3 dager siden
I wonder what old man we're gonna fight at the end of the game.
Martin Dotzov
Martin Dotzov 5 timer siden
One thing is for certain that old man will have a gun( No seriously why is it always an old man with a gun, Gherman, Geal, Isshin)
Ιωακείμ Σαρατσιωτης
Nope not at the end Must be like 3-30 bosses in depending on what area you choose to go According to what they said
Tiago Gonçalves
Tiago Gonçalves 3 dager siden
maurice da
maurice da 3 dager siden
I'm not really happy with the voice acting and the general look of the spells (too demon souls remstar'esque/diablo'esque) but I very much like that Elden ring gives off a dark souls 2 spin-off vibe
Jaylen Adam's
Jaylen Adam's 3 dager siden
Lemme buy this rq
Kelson 3 dager siden
Kaliss 3 dager siden
Louis Slavic
Louis Slavic 3 dager siden
This game looks really cool. Can't wait to play it when it comes out in stores.
epicsauce354 3 dager siden
I’m so ready to git gud
Muhammedlee 4 dager siden
Looks amazing
Shark_ White
Shark_ White 4 dager siden
Eu preciso de um Kilt nesse jogo :((
nickelpickel1997 4 dager siden
This looks amazing!
Natardrack 4 dager siden
Marcus S.
Marcus S. 4 dager siden
Hopefully it will be a Metroidvania :)
Christopher O Donoghue
@david reljac oh I know what a metroidvania is but I don't understand why he hopes it will be one. It's a souls like of course it will be but I was also wondering did they mean full on metroidvania as in 2d
david reljac
david reljac 3 dager siden
@Christopher O Donoghue Metroidvania is a genre of games. A genre that FromSoft games are not. The closest you'll be getting is King's Field.
Christopher O Donoghue
What do you mean?
V-Rex 4 dager siden
Can't wait to re-watch this in 5 or 6 years having beaten the game, visited all the areas and slain all the enemies shown in this video and being overflown with nostalgia...
Flirex Gaming
Flirex Gaming 4 dager siden
dark souls+sekiro+shadow of the colossus put into the mixer =Elden Ring
Matthew Roth
Matthew Roth 4 dager siden
As of July 24, 2020, you simply need to watch this video 87856 times (181 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes x 60 seconds / 178 seconds) in order for Elden Ring to release.
SAMR 3 dager siden
Watch the video in 0.25 and the times u need to watch the video is reduced
Rizwan 4 dager siden
ASM 4 dager siden
Disappointing recycle of Dark Souls yet they renamed it to "Elden Ring". I was actually excited about the game until I saw this trailer...
david reljac
david reljac 11 timer siden
@Vikram Reddy Now, that's just rude.
Vikram Reddy
Vikram Reddy 11 timer siden
Fromsoftware fans are blind scums
david reljac
david reljac 3 dager siden
Looks nothing like Dark Souls, but sure.
Gamertames 4 dager siden
0:48 Can we just appreciate how amazing this music is?
Srihari Krishna
Srihari Krishna 4 dager siden
I have always wanted to play the soulsborne games, especially dark souls 1, but never could cos of their very high prices. I want to play em, mainly dark souls remastered the most cos of how much i have seen ppl praise it. Maybe someday, once i save up enough money i guess
Enny 4 dager siden
Elden ring is the best game ever made there I said it don't sue me
david reljac
david reljac 3 dager siden
Didn't even come out yet.
銀Silver 4 dager siden
Almost forgot to rewatch this today
Jordan Franco
Jordan Franco 4 dager siden
I hope the old dude with the ludwig arms is the first boss of the entire game
constant-in-pain 26
constant-in-pain 26 4 dager siden
I think itll be the last one
Vattss 5 dager siden
It's even more gorgeous than I could have hoped for...
MetaShadow 5 dager siden
Is there already some info on a possible Switch release?
sebastian.rodriguez89 3 dager siden
I wouldn’t expect a Switch release
Don Lobo
Don Lobo 5 dager siden
Nope. Look at the trailer mate. No Switch logo anywhere in there. Also, this would at best run on Switch through cloud gaming and I wouldn't bother with it for a game where latency can get you super killed.
Wesley Costa
Wesley Costa 5 dager siden
Day 39 adding an O until the game is launched (I'm back :D) OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH