Shawn Found A Bucket List Car...Time For An Adventure To Go Pick It Up! Part 1! 

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In part 1 of this adventure series, we hop on a plane to nothotlanta to pick up one of Shawn's bucket list cars...Things Don't go quite as planned though...
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21. feb.. 2021





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Jeremy Dykes
Jeremy Dykes 2 dager siden
We all morons brother
Ray Pritchett
Ray Pritchett 7 dager siden
Why don't you guys travel with a small tool kit? You could check it on flights. Love your channel!
Mark Phillips
Mark Phillips 7 dager siden
Love watching you guys geek out over these cars. Much like us fans do when we come across you guys at events
Brian Truck
Brian Truck 9 dager siden
Where's the food review ! 😆🤣
James Chapman
James Chapman 11 dager siden
You said objects may seem closer while the hooters sign was in the picture 😂🤣😂
Jacob Hughes
Jacob Hughes 12 dager siden
Yea umm yea Dave is going hemi but it’s not a promod
sunshine stacker
sunshine stacker 13 dager siden
There are 4 green 1996 impala ss in Florida 2 in lake land fl and 2 in Lutz Florida
Brenden Belcher
Brenden Belcher 13 dager siden
Make it a Sunday family car
Brenden Belcher
Brenden Belcher 15 dager siden
Star light star bright hope I get effn home tonight haha
Brenden Belcher
Brenden Belcher 15 dager siden
I've figured out through experience a dirty shop is a busy shop a clean shop is a problem area every good shop has a dirty part and that's always
Brandon Ford
Brandon Ford 16 dager siden
Antz19Coyote 17 dager siden
Sunmit sign says please do not touch the wheels because of Covid, so Shawn touched everyone then immediately touches his face 😂😂😂
Thomas Snyder
Thomas Snyder 18 dager siden
Good taste, I got one of these and I I love it.
Faith Fitness & Fast Cars
How cool is it to see Sean looking at stuff the way most people look at his stuff lol
bigsexyTDI 21 dag siden
Man my computer screen must be messed up but that first car was NOT ghost green. Period. That was a 9C1 cop car
Andy Cory
Andy Cory 23 dager siden
Clean it up. Sell 20 dollar raffel tickets . Bag theres your spare pro line
Andy Cory
Andy Cory 23 dager siden
Perfect for the wife or a good raffel car
Ze Dee
Ze Dee 28 dager siden
You need to buy that 69 Camaro restored I have for sale!
Steve Williams
Steve Williams 29 dager siden
New headliner trash the star shit, new paint, tinted windows louder exhaust, smaller tires that don't rub roll with it , maybe a small body stripe?
JOHN BOWERY 29 dager siden
Just drive the wheels off it
MIKE STREET Måned siden
I had a burgundy 95 in Highschool in "98" it's a catch 22 it was either digital dash 95 or console 96 and the folded mirrors was different !! GOOD OLE DAYS !!
MIKE STREET Måned siden
Axel Hischer
Axel Hischer Måned siden
OOOOO MAN O MAN I LOVE YOU GUYS morons HAHAHAHA CAN I PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE A MORON TO PLEASE.. For real don’t you dare ever change. If you ever change... God Bless..
G MONEY Måned siden
Keep it and swap the engine
Robert Davis
Robert Davis Måned siden
What the hell were they doing with the steering wheel? Chewing on it at traffic lights?
Rob Rob
Rob Rob Måned siden
Rob Rob
Rob Rob Måned siden
name the car moron
Thumper Måned siden
Those federals are decent tires actually.
c c
c c Måned siden
Wait, isn't shawn a mechanic?
R.C. Shenanigans
R.C. Shenanigans Måned siden
Hey murder nova... Please do the right thing and make a video about the epa wanting to end racing!!!
Real street truck
Real street truck Måned siden
Is that a real impala or a capala caprice made in to impala
187 Customs
187 Customs Måned siden
John Rogers
John Rogers Måned siden
Make it a hot daily driver
Tom Schaffle jr
Tom Schaffle jr Måned siden
HR I can say this much of a person's going to get offended by you saying you calling people morons he must be very insecure to begin with I love the way you drive I think you're cool s*** continue doing what you doing man ignore them assholes I think that s***
Mr. Will
Mr. Will Måned siden
I would never want you hit any wall! Not even you bathroom wall😂😂😂😂
rufus johnson
rufus johnson Måned siden
Lemme get the 22s for mine 😭😭
Danny B
Danny B Måned siden
I just sold my 96 SS... Still sad.
shaq 2real
shaq 2real Måned siden
I know where one at with 461 miles on it but its 42,995
Joseph Medina
Joseph Medina Måned siden
Oye a Shawn is it hard to absolute the column shifter and make it to a FLR shifter??? Cadillac Joe 😎
Joseph Medina
Joseph Medina Måned siden
The star lights are not laid out right Shawn
Joseph Medina
Joseph Medina Måned siden
I have a 1994?cadillac Fleetwood Broughm with that damn as optispark which I spent another $2,000. This car drove like a dream. It’s shitting on spokes cragar 30’ and and another truspokerim after
1927 Scavengers
1927 Scavengers Måned siden
I used to live right there. There should be a YMCA across the street.
Dee Harris
Dee Harris Måned siden
I like the videos. Keep it up..
Doug M
Doug M Måned siden
Holy Commercials Batman...
Martin Stahle
Martin Stahle Måned siden
502 mb evo 1 502 evo 2 was made rest mb did was in dtm it's a coswort head on a mb bottom
Alan Kirk
Alan Kirk Måned siden
Shawn, thanks for the proline tour and from one moron to another thank you.....
Mk H
Mk H Måned siden
Paint it ..... pro charge it
Elvis Tina
Elvis Tina Måned siden
Can't go 200 miles an hour when all the Nova wants to do is go to the left or right
Elvis Tina
Elvis Tina Måned siden
i got a 05 Chevy Impala SS supercharged
david fuini
david fuini Måned siden
Bloody hair plugs I nearly shit myself laughing so freaking hard😂
JJ from Texas
JJ from Texas Måned siden
Wouldn't the VIN have told you if it was an Impalla SS vs. just a Caprice?
JJ from Texas
JJ from Texas Måned siden
good, you guys confirmed the VIN on the second one
Cody Sanders
Cody Sanders Måned siden
Have y’all ever heard of arrow machine? prospeed uses them for white rice, Godzilla and wasabi. I’m getting an engine built there pretty soon.
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin Måned siden
Shawn an phantom have to say really enjoying the channel nice to see both tho the og and the new one doing there thing. Keep up the content.
Thomas Baldwin
Thomas Baldwin Måned siden
Just seen this episode I know lil behind the head liner has to go thats. Ughhhhhhh.
William Stamper
William Stamper Måned siden
Dang man, i remember looking at these cars new at the dealership. Livonia Michigan, test drove a black cherry whatever color it was called... Service drive i-96 and farmington, stopped at top of ramp off service drive, off the foot brake at about 2500 the car marked the road about 6 feet pulled down the ramp and hit maybe 70...i was expecting more. I mean, it pulled nice and i knew how much junk in the trunk being hauled, but still the smiles per dollar didn't flow. Nevertheless i was there...and still like the cars. My 87 GN was much more fun.
RoosterFPV Måned siden
Cannot believe you took it to Jiffy Lube, Lol. That's the LAST place I would take a car. I worked for them for a very short time. They trained me how to rip people off. You never get what you pay for.
Chris Yarzab
Chris Yarzab Måned siden
If you are interested in 52-53 Willys sedans my brother has four of them that we need to give away. If you are interested then please let me know. Located in Los Angeles.
Eric Butler
Eric Butler Måned siden
Would make a really cool ride for Aiden...
Chris Mccroskey
Chris Mccroskey Måned siden
JW why they have nail polish on
Eddie de Vries
Eddie de Vries Måned siden
Hey guys I'm from New Zealand and i watch you guys all the time and love everything about you guys, you guys are so down to earth
Steven Neal
Steven Neal Måned siden
I'm fuckin dying at yall saying yall left the dam ball in the pro charger. 😂😂😂😂😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Osage Longbow
Osage Longbow Måned siden
That headliner was way tooo much !! Hahahaahaha
SevenT1 GTO Judge
SevenT1 GTO Judge Måned siden
Good thing is if you guys get tired I’m sure you can pull the seats and find enough crack for the rest of the trip...
Joe Leonard
Joe Leonard Måned siden
Bag it!
KelseyBoyTv Måned siden
The headliner is 🔥
Whipple charger it for a fun daily donk
Kurtis Lavigne
Kurtis Lavigne Måned siden
Only homosexuals want rims like that
Kurtis Lavigne
Kurtis Lavigne Måned siden
@187 Customs after you come up with some original content your videos have a boosted boys look to them you have been the little fallow along puppy since this street outlaws has started
187 Customs
187 Customs Måned siden
So when you coming to pick these up?
Carl Vester
Carl Vester Måned siden
Put factory rims back on, new headliner, clean up engine bay, just clean and reliable factory SS..car is clean enough, no reason to molest the vehicle. Maybe change the muffler..
Ray Parker
Ray Parker Måned siden
I love little sleepers
Ray Parker
Ray Parker Måned siden
My bucket list car include an Omni GLH, 1978 Ford Capri 3.0, and an EVO IV
promodracer Måned siden
Cool you mentioned Mike Brink. I use to work for Mike Building Chassis.
john wick3
john wick3 Måned siden
Murder nova good seeing you at the track supporting my buddy Hot rod from kut da check racing. Ur a cool down to earth dude👍
Kenneth Gibbs
Kenneth Gibbs Måned siden
I would say you guys are going to give it a new paint job change the inside yeah i can see a few things you are going to do with it already.
RTZ RTZ Måned siden
I love those ss impalas But WTF is up with that back axle being off centered on both I probably would have put new tires on the stock rims then put the rims on the car and got rid of those big ass 22s or whatever they are they’re too damn big
Mike Lichtman
Mike Lichtman Måned siden
Ok I'll bite...what's with the red toes??
Hunt Gaming/Productions
17:56 fuck a ferrari i want that cuda
Hunt Gaming/Productions
I swear shawn dont own shoes🤣
Zach Trekas
Zach Trekas Måned siden
is that mike walters blk n orange 10.5 outlaw camaro???
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis Måned siden
I say keep it don't race car it but get it where you can run it at the next daily meet. Put some bump in it and cruise it.
JesseFpv Måned siden
Lol Shawn hit me up, I'd love to help in shop. Don't care about no camera lol I just wanna see shit go fast, I'm ocd when it comes to parts and clean shops will work for sum cool shirts haha lol keep up the cool content man, TN local
Lomsome's Garage
Lomsome's Garage Måned siden
Man I wish I knew you guys were in town would have bought lunch for you guys
Bill Jordan
Bill Jordan Måned siden
Sean never wear shoes 😂
3madeamps #3 in nc
3madeamps #3 in nc Måned siden
6.2 sc
Jake Maricle
Jake Maricle Måned siden
Leave it 100% alone and raffle it lol
yup yup
yup yup Måned siden
383 ,pro charger , intro wheels
jamesthebosssmith ballin
put some bump in the trunk lol
Andrew Stroud
Andrew Stroud Måned siden
2nd car was in east cobb/roswell?
Arthur Mastrangeli
Arthur Mastrangeli Måned siden
see it and get the 96
Aj Miami
Aj Miami Måned siden
Oh yeah 1 more thing, we are not old we are vintage lol
Aj Miami
Aj Miami Måned siden
Good video thanks for sharing. I would rebuild the motor cam heads headers exhaust tune paint then leave it be
Donnie Young
Donnie Young Måned siden
Adam Mullinger
Adam Mullinger Måned siden
Boom 187 movie time
Jamie Duckworth
Jamie Duckworth Måned siden
Make it a 454 pimpala
Shawnonsens3 Måned siden
one of my bucket list cars too. great vid!!
Chris Seymour
Chris Seymour Måned siden
Great video. Very informative. And dumbed down to a level a moron like me can understand
Don Schaus
Don Schaus Måned siden
Not offended!
Milton Ferreira
Milton Ferreira Måned siden
Eita porra que esses brazuca tão representando 🇧🇷 PARABÉNS👏👏 O Cara ficou igual criança na loja de doces impressionado com o trampo dos caras. Dêem mais valor pra galera daqui.
Scott Keeton
Scott Keeton Måned siden
I would like to send shawn a 96 black impala ss where can I send it
Change out that steering column is throw in a nice lil Ls1 with a 4L80e . Just something better than that LT1. Throw a lil bit bigger than a stock cam and paint that car black you maybe be able to get that floor shifter from a 96 and just cruise it ! It’s sweet as is.
g1bb5y Måned siden
"it's an endearing term" Love it 👌 Legends! 👍
Kelvin Kitchens
Kelvin Kitchens Måned siden
96 Green Impala SS for sale on Autotrader. 1 Owner, looks stock. Its located in Hartfield, VA
Douglas Vines
Douglas Vines Måned siden
I would like to see it with some awesome paint
Nic Sanchez
Nic Sanchez Måned siden
Please put a T56 in it. LS engine would be good too. The T56 gets you better gear ratios than the 4L60.
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