Navy SEAL on Free Solo Climber Alex Honnold | Joe Rogan Experience 

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Taken from Joe Rogan Experience with Andy Stumpf: nosections.info/green/w69hhJOlqmyIqNg/video.html



18. feb.. 2019





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Mythreya J L
Mythreya J L 2 dager siden
No one talks about Jimmy, Conrad and Renan climbing Meru. If you ask me, that right up there and just slightly beneath Alex's El Cap and HD climbs.
John Liu
John Liu 4 dager siden
Alex is modern day Tarzan:)
Krushtykon 6 dager siden
What you guys really must understand is French spiderman (you may have heard of) has free solo'd 8b which is a grade that Alex Honnold struggles on with a rope
Terra Firma
Terra Firma 7 dager siden
Joe; feel my hand Me: I'm good mate, I believe ya Joe: Feel my hand Me: ....okay
Braden R
Braden R 7 dager siden
One time Alex went up realized he couldn’t make it, climbed back down half way, then back up the other side
Circular Pizzabox
Circular Pizzabox 8 dager siden
Dan Osman, way better, and his videos are still epic. Human Spider-Man!
René A.
René A. 11 dager siden
Alex, you had ONE thing to bring... hahaha...
Liam Coughlan
Liam Coughlan 15 dager siden
Yeah my hands are sweating just listening to these stories. Fuhuuuuuck that 😂😂
Molith Vongphrachanh
Molith Vongphrachanh 20 dager siden
I did a small ledge in Riverside at night it was scary cause i never done it before and i made it maybe 50ft and i couldn't find a way up i got tired but scary
Ko Walski
Ko Walski 21 dag siden
Chuck Norris calls Alex when he is in doubt!
J. M.
J. M. 23 dager siden
Basically, these guys who climb like this use the safety lines for so long and don't have an issue that they just stop using them. It's dangerous but they have done it so many times. They all climb these rocks multiple times before they free climb.
gravelman5789 24 dager siden
B D 24 dager siden
9:26 “OHHH fuck all this Jimmy!” Classic
R W Måned siden
To me Alex is the Baddest Man on 🌎 Earth💪🏾
Shaun Kahler
Shaun Kahler Måned siden
Honestly I don't think Honnold will die on a wall. He seems absolutely dead set on mastering walls before free solo climbs and he had his bad experience already going up Half Dome. He seems like the type that will master something before going out there to do it. Still, if he picks another El Capitan... well... then I don't know. I'm curious how difficult his climb was, he didn't seem that tired throughout the duration of the movie.
Wian van Zyl
Wian van Zyl Måned siden
Why am I watching this at 01:00 in night how am i gonna sleep
J. J. Thompson
J. J. Thompson Måned siden
I'm getting nervous listening to them talking about getting nervous 😂 bouldering is enough for me
jwm0z Måned siden
the guy gonna die tho
Dhammika Måned siden
everyone is a badass until they see Alex free soloing.
Hendry Daley
Hendry Daley Måned siden
War hero...by the souds of it
Hendry Daley
Hendry Daley Måned siden
Hard as fucking nails...Andy
Jim Hernandez
Jim Hernandez Måned siden
it makes my testicles ache and that is not natural. So No.
MY NINJA Måned siden
Climbing is the craziest shit ever. Joe and I are on the same fkn page.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson Måned siden
Chuck Norris climbs mountains before he has sex.
Freddoug FRED DOUG
Freddoug FRED DOUG Måned siden
Alex Honnold is literally built different. They did an mri of his brain and found that it doesn’t react to stimuli as a normal brain should. He literally has no fear response. He’s a bit of a psychopath
Krav Stema
Krav Stema Måned siden
I get anxiety when I watch that dude free climb
Michael Måned siden
Makes me feel better that even this man’s hands sweat watching Alex climb
Desk Pop Cop
Desk Pop Cop Måned siden
So wierd my hands sweat like crazy listening to this WATCHING this type of stuff.
Famous Forever
Famous Forever Måned siden
If I have to free climb a flight of stairs I'm complaining about there being no escalator the entire way
Alex Hardy
Alex Hardy Måned siden
I want to know who the smoker is??? I bet I know him.
Alex Hardy
Alex Hardy Måned siden
Dude had climbed that route so many times he had every move ingrained in his subconscious.. I've done helicopter rescues plucking victem off the face of El Cap NPS SAR .. also I flash free solo Lambert dome 10.+ . Never again.
Donald Kersey
Donald Kersey Måned siden
I'm with you there's is nothing on the side of the mountain. Yall cracked me up thanks for the smile.
Ricky Jameson
Ricky Jameson Måned siden
Andy sounds like a slightly higher pitched joe
Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord
I got emotional watching Alex top out on his el cap free solo. He’s such an anti bad ass, so unassuming, and he just went and did something that totally defys logic.
Ryan Merkel
Ryan Merkel Måned siden
I got to the top of my stairs last night, no ropes. It was epic.
CantThinkOfAName 21
CantThinkOfAName 21 Måned siden
8:46 that silence has me dead
Alex Fracyon
Alex Fracyon Måned siden
I heard it before. ....wanted to hear the Marlboro guy story again
Michael Måned siden
I've got sweaty palms right now!
D S Måned siden
Joe, i would love to hear your chat with jimmy chin and elizabeth chai vasarhelyi!
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Måned siden
Andy Stumpf is funny as hell. I was dying when he was talking about the guy ashing his cigarette, casually pointing out where the next hold is.
Joel Erulu
Joel Erulu 2 måneder siden
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HarborArea LifeStyle
HarborArea LifeStyle 2 måneder siden
‘Hey buddy how’s it hanginng’
Adriaan Visser
Adriaan Visser 2 måneder siden
“If one pops and then another one pops (…)” exactly what happened to a climbing mate of mine. He fell down to the ground from a good 10 meter (~33 feet) straight on his back. He broke his back and passed out as his mate was phoning the emergency number. They were fairly remote so it even took a while to get him out of there. This is exactly why I don’t feel comfortable trad climbing anymore, although I totally understand the beauty of it.
ozan gezer
ozan gezer 2 måneder siden
My hands are always get sweating whenever I listen these climbing stories.
Nikhil Mudaliar
Nikhil Mudaliar 2 måneder siden
2:51 the sound I make when I'm trying hard to get a fart out
BaKuDo 2 måneder siden
I sit through free solo in utter disbelief every single time. It's just simply unbelievable, he has complete control of his mind and body.
Crazy Joe Davola
Crazy Joe Davola 2 måneder siden
It was terrifying watching Alex climb El Cap....my palms were sweating watching it...
harpy eagle
harpy eagle 2 måneder siden
Bro I freaked out on a ladder when I was painting my house
severian Xi
severian Xi 2 måneder siden
I Try listening to the show and i get bored within 60 secs. i am done on clicking the JRE Clips. Boring Boring
MrMervinJMinky 2 måneder siden
I’ve never understood it lol... totally respect the dudes that do it though 😂
Creative Concepts
Creative Concepts 2 måneder siden
He doesnt only live in a van. His house is literally less than 1000ft away from mine in Tahoe.
SFa 2 måneder siden
In Italy many dickheads too bollocks to live come do that, and we pay taxes to save those fucking idiots instead of curing old people that actually payed taxes and insurance for the health system (die thieves!!!) +anyway idiots, at this point heroin makes less ecomomical damage than this shit.
John Harrington
John Harrington 2 måneder siden
This shit had me dying 😂
Abdi Farah
Abdi Farah 2 måneder siden
The able sock roughly push because washer muhly punish circa a outgoing sheet. abortive, terrible armenian
Shawn Kloter
Shawn Kloter 2 måneder siden
Just listening to this story, imagining the scenario in my head, my hands are soaking with sweat. Oh my god!!!!!!
John Williamson
John Williamson 2 måneder siden
I threw up like three times in my mouth watching that.
Becca Benton
Becca Benton 2 måneder siden
My palms were clammy and sweating too LOL!
async ify
async ify 2 måneder siden
It's funny watching these guys freaking out about Honnold right after I watched Alex freak out about what Adam Ondra does.
mrsmiley631 2 måneder siden
Is Alex as chill, as Jocko is intense?
Bruh Bro
Bruh Bro 2 måneder siden
Sweating listening to this
D Smith
D Smith 2 måneder siden
neojso 2 måneder siden
My hand is literally sweating for just listening to his story 🖐️😨
Tim Sawyer
Tim Sawyer 2 måneder siden
Those fingers are beasts because he climbs and works his hands so much..
hopNglo 2 måneder siden
I don’t think Alex is a ‘sweetheart’. I think Alex is obsessed with the one thing that calms his mind...free solo.
Jon Willard
Jon Willard 2 måneder siden
That was sorta like climbing poles with the old belt around a pole. One gaff a quarter inch in the pole ninety feet up. If it comes out if the wood, bye. Youll not only slam the ground, but get some awesome splinters buried in your chest and arms
Joe Dambrosio
Joe Dambrosio 2 måneder siden
"Everyone's built different" you said it best joe. Ro
Jim Williams
Jim Williams 2 måneder siden
My Dad told me about these two UK dudes who measured rockfaces by how many cigarettes they could chain-smoke on the way up. Exploratory cave divers and climbers are absolute units.
Carmine Downey
Carmine Downey 2 måneder siden
I'm a former Army SF Green Beret (and am good decade older then them). I was a member of a H.A.L.O. team with a high jump of 28K; I have S.C.U.B.A dove in every condition; raced MX and rode SF scout bikes and ATVs in the worst terrain, BUT he took the words out if my mouth in the comparison of my level of climbing training compared to these free climbers (and extreme Parkour runners) who scare the piss out of me. It must be age, but now I value life and really wish they would use safety gear.
じnおz 2 måneder siden
I try not to fight gravity since gravity always have tendency to win...
David Daly
David Daly 2 måneder siden
Wolfgang Guilich was not a wiry spider. He was big and muscular, he was one of climbing greatest pioneers solo and free, who's example showed how to make what previously seemed impossible, possible every consecutive day.
Zito Schouten
Zito Schouten 2 måneder siden
Apostle David E. Taylor: Full Frontal Exposure
How’s your new home in Austin joe? Got tired of paying cali taxes huh?
Shelby Jordan
Shelby Jordan 2 måneder siden
Finally I'm on the same level as Joe and Andy. Alex is a savage.
komin batorego
komin batorego 2 måneder siden
RUFU5 2 måneder siden
Is it pure coincidence that you can make the words “Hold’n On” from Alex’s surname? 🧐
This YouTubers Neighbor
This YouTubers Neighbor 2 måneder siden
at one point in free solo Alex was talking about the dark times in his life with death and his father.... seemed like that climb was his live or die because AFTER the climb he was a completely different person with a completely different attitude. with a visible change in him as a person. if he fell or succeeded he was where he needed to be.
Pirate Gunner
Pirate Gunner 2 måneder siden
Just one slip...
Mitch O'Brien
Mitch O'Brien 2 måneder siden
I’ve free solo’d 5.5 but that’s it
Ev ita
Ev ita 2 måneder siden
Since ropes and stuff are invented it's just stupid to freeclimb.
Trent Davis
Trent Davis 2 måneder siden
This guy acting like he has anything on Alex Honnold
Tejas N
Tejas N 2 måneder siden
why don't they wear bat wings, so that when they fall they can just glide down to safety
Change My Mind
Change My Mind 2 måneder siden
Elite rock climbers are a different breed.
Joey baby
Joey baby 2 måneder siden
So scared of heights I had to stop the video ...
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 3 måneder siden
Best climber in the world without a doubt!
Bryce Brotherton
Bryce Brotherton 3 måneder siden
alex’s receptors in his brain that react to fear dont work properly. this is actually true.
Michael Godin
Michael Godin 3 måneder siden
jimmy is in the movie meru hes an amazing climber, the navy seal was gonna say it but he stopped half way.
Darcy Crosbie
Darcy Crosbie 3 måneder siden
God Jamie is good at his job!
nzonic 3 måneder siden
LOL, me climbing 20 feet up a ladder at job being scared
Tee Jaye
Tee Jaye 3 måneder siden
Honnold wil eventually slip and fall..that is a given unfortunately.
walter sobchak
walter sobchak 3 måneder siden
fred dibnah bloody easy like
pKryer 3 måneder siden
Bastille crack is a 5.7, barely vertical. I know people who can probably campus the whole route, and they're not even semi-pros. GTFO here man.
A_a_ron 3 måneder siden
I want the guys who took 47 days to climb el cap to meet Alex honnold
Escalada Segura A Mi Manera
duro trabajo el grabar a un escalador como Alex...
jordo510 3 måneder siden
Elite climber? Bastille crack? 5.7?
Charlie Aligaen
Charlie Aligaen 3 måneder siden
Just hearing these two talk about Free Solo climbing is enough to freak me out
EDWARD RICHARDSON 3 måneder siden
Yeah, check out some old shots of ironworkers in NYC building skyscrapers, early 20th century. Not svelt monkeys, no lanyards, in workboots, hungover on Mondays (maybe every day for many), in overalls, some wearing bowlers (dress hats) in early days or a newsboy's hat, dynamic environment of moving girders and tools as they rivet, hammer w/ sledges, bolt, etc. Five died building Empire State Building.
kahblouie 3 måneder siden
should be titled, "Navy Seal doesn't know the difference between lead and trad climbing"
Traevin Shaw
Traevin Shaw 3 måneder siden
watch @ 2:35 at 0.5 playback speed its hilarious lol never knew youtube could be so much fun.....
Wez Dizzle
Wez Dizzle 3 måneder siden
Bruh why is my hand sweating
James Bond
James Bond 3 måneder siden
It's not just about exposure. There are people that are just different.
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Alex Honnold Climbs Angola
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