Do we Need Nuclear Energy to Stop Climate Change? 

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Do we need nuclear energy to stop climate change? More and more voices from science, environmental activists and the press have been saying so in recent years - but this comes as a shock to those who are fighting against nuclear energy and the problems that come with it. So who is right? Well - it is complicated.
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13. april. 2021





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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Andrew Tanjung
Andrew Tanjung 5 dager siden
@Thạnh Phạm Stupid Boomer doesn't know anything
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm 5 dager siden
Stupid science Science doesn't know Viruses convert sunlight into oil fields. Viruses appearing for the first time on Earth are extremely sophisticated, viruses know to absorb photons ( sunlight ) to get energy the virus to work, after millions of years the virus developin algae . Algae convert photons turned into an oil field. Sunlight - absorbing algae convert into positrons + and electrons -- Algae uses 928 positrons + that attract 917 electrons -- creating protons + Algae 918 positrons + that attract 918 electrons -- creating neutrons Algae use 6 protons + that attract 8 neutrons attracts 6 electrons -- create carbon ( c55 h72 o5 chlorophyll ) Algae use 1 proton + to attract 1 electron -- generating hidro ( c55 h72 o5 chlorophyll ) Algae reproduce fast like bacteria When dead algae are deposited into sediments, sediments decompose after millions of years in to oil fields
Andrew Tanjung
Andrew Tanjung 5 dager siden
@Thạnh Phạm Tch ,I so Lazy to Pay Attention To Boomer
Andrew Tanjung
Andrew Tanjung 5 dager siden
@Thạnh Phạm look at yourself first before insulting
Andrew Tanjung
Andrew Tanjung 5 dager siden
@Thạnh Phạm THE VIDEO IS NOT JUNK HE IS GIVE TECH TIPS ,How About You, Trash Content?
Lorenzo silversmiths
Lorenzo silversmiths 27 minutter siden
Is it worth to invest billions on nucleare when the isotopes of uranium are so rare?
Kaguyaa 2 timer siden
Incoming "Thorium reactors are the future"
Mya Ava
Mya Ava 2 timer siden
Nuclear energy is the way!
4Berries 5 timer siden
Starting to worry that we're all going to be doom before we can even reach type 1
Charlie Harman
Charlie Harman 6 timer siden
I’m curious though, would it be possible to create a nuclear reactor that would work under zero gravity, and if that is a possibility, why don’t we just move them to space and figure out a way to convey the energy they produce over massive distances (make it like a space station so that maintenance can be performed) and have some kind of storage module that could contain a large amount of nuclear waste. Then, a way to unload said nuclear waste or launch it at the sun so that it would burn up? I know this has probably been talked about somewhere but still it’s an idea haha.
LinguaeSoundscapes Official
If only we could achieve Cold Hydrogen Fusion in the next few months xP
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 8 timer siden
Micah Starner
Micah Starner 9 timer siden
It's cause wind and solar suck buttocks.
Epic Boss
Epic Boss 15 timer siden
nuclear isnt technically renewable
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 8 timer siden
You mean Nuclear ISNT a renewable source?
Alparslan Korkmaz
Alparslan Korkmaz 19 timer siden
Nice video.
t3hb0ss 19 timer siden
Epic Tunes
Epic Tunes 19 timer siden
1:45 yo he playing sekiro
Ahmed Taher
Ahmed Taher 19 timer siden
If humanity tries to use nuclear energy and renewable energy together that would be a serious life saving
Gunslung Milo
Gunslung Milo 20 timer siden
while doing a essay on this topic i thought "what if i watch the kurzgesagt video on it and i ended up realizing this is in the same format of a argumentative essay and i just redid my project and based it off of facts and evidence from this video (my teacher will never know if i change the words)
Goofball Mahn
Goofball Mahn 20 timer siden
*Lisa Simpson disliked this*
beastmanmode101 23 timer siden
these vids are the best i love them
rollingdownfalling 23 timer siden
Auf jeden Fall you do, otherwise you guys need to buy energy from France or importing natural gas from Russia via the almost finished Nord Stream 2, and also facing US sanction for dealing with the Russians or as a last resort, you guys will burn brown coal which increases carbon emission. Gruße, Ich komme aus China, jetzt lebe in Australien und Deutsch lernen :)
Justine Bermundo
Justine Bermundo 23 timer siden
im just gonna ask everyone who sees this comment please help earth
BLITZ Dag siden
Germany plans to shut down all of its remaining 6 nuclear power plants until 2022. It's a good plan.
Sam's origami world
this dudes soo cool
Cornelia Edgerton
0:19 it always is lol
Aditya Jain
Aditya Jain Dag siden
Renewable energy is very inefficient in land use while nuclear is very efficient and this will be a big factor
Myles Wolfe
Myles Wolfe Dag siden
If renewables and nuclear is the way to go, what are we supposed to do as individuals to help solve the problem?
Xerox Copy
Xerox Copy Dag siden
You mean Nuclear ISNT a renewable source?
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
nuclear isn't renewable rn
Xerox Copy
Xerox Copy Dag siden
3K+ Hippies who dislike this video would rather burn fossil fuels instead of using nuclear
Xerox Copy
Xerox Copy Dag siden
루나 Dag siden
!reggin yeH
Swiv Dag siden
iRUnique Dag siden
I am amazed you never, even once, mentioned the most obvious: if we want to save more we need to spend less. this is where your utopian ideology about capitalism comes to an end.
gvoglio Dag siden
Could you make a video about solar cycle and climate changes?
iRUnique Dag siden
You have constantiated a world in which spending finite resources is, by default, seen as acceptable. A very, very, dangerous precedence.
Emanuel Dag siden
Opinion add: How would it be to save energy to cut emissions? Sad this video ignores the nuclear dangers by far
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
they have already made a video about nuclear dangers and saving energy is not a solution
David Powell
David Powell Dag siden
I have an idea Just use Solar panels and windmills 😂🤣😅🤣
Scott Cook
Scott Cook Dag siden
They are going to take our fuel and make us all poor.
Scott Cook
Scott Cook Dag siden
Nothing is going to stop climate change because it's natural.
Scott Cook
Scott Cook 8 timer siden
@Dommy kun It will take world conquest to get every one to comply.
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 11 timer siden
@Scott Cook yeah its natural and everything that is natural is balanced out with the other systems and the life of the planet, but we broke the balance and now the damage that climate change is going to cause is ridiculously high. what we want to do is reduce the damage and bring it back to balance. it is not difficult to understand if you read a basic science book
Scott Cook
Scott Cook 11 timer siden
​@Dommy kun I did not miss any point. Nothing is going to stop climate change because it's natural.
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
I think you missed the point that we don't live in a natural world anymore climate change can be natural but we speed up the process by a lot
Ash Azhari
Ash Azhari Dag siden
i mean diamonds are carbon
Ash Azhari
Ash Azhari Dag siden
three is the best but if you used nuclear then seperate CO2 and make it diamonds from the carbon and O2 from the oxygen
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
that's not how things work
Visidron Dag siden
just gonna say this, but the united states navy has been using nuclear reactors on their carriers and subs for over 70 years and we have not had an accident once.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Dag siden
Caoimhe Dag siden
Nuclear energy is just too risky we can't afford another spill or accident it's just a matter of time
Caoimhe 19 timer siden
@random name yes? still one big spill and it's all over
random name yes?
random name yes? 19 timer siden
if theyre build good there is little chance it can go wrong
Caoimhe 20 timer siden
@Dommy kun but still there are risk of eathquakes a tsunami damage on Nuclear power plants
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
its not a matter of time and investment in technology is what we need to reduce this risk to the maximum
tran thach
tran thach Dag siden
Solar and wind have no negative effects ? Oh please, Solar farm use Solar panels which reflect sun's energy back, every flying creatures who passes by will die of burning. And wind fields do the same, too. The turbo fans kill thousands of flying creature years by years. There're pros and cons of each type of energy, but if we want to step further, we have to use Nulear Energy. My country tried to build a Nuclear power plant once, but the locals were just too afraid of the consequence of nuclear waste so our government had to stop. As a citizen, i still hope our country can build one in the near future.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Dag siden
can we get some videos on nuclear breeders and smr's
Peter-Mikhaël Richard
10:20 This wheel cannot physically go the same direction than the bird walking on it! Aren't thoses real birds and objects? I think we may have been lied to! :O
Genghis Ghost
Genghis Ghost Dag siden
people advocating for nuclear power is why gas chambers were invented
Genghis Ghost
Genghis Ghost Dag siden
people advocating for nuclear power is why gas chambers were invented
Shaurya Thammaiah
Can we make a nuclear source machine so that the solars and windturbines help to produce electricity and also charge the nuclear source machine..... So when it's not windy or sunny the nuclear source machine can produce energy???? Can't we do that????
Tomura Shigaraki
dis dude tought me more than school did
Cody Lundin
Cody Lundin 2 dager siden
this video is lame!
Tomislav Ricov
Tomislav Ricov 2 dager siden
what about solar panel waste? or wind deaths?
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 dager siden
they make me cry when I see the birds upset or dead
Seth Jordan
Seth Jordan 2 dager siden
Anyone else depressed after this?
Birby 2 dager siden
We've been polluting earth with greenhouse gases only for like a century or so and the situation already got worse so much, we really need to move on from them really fast, because it will get only worse like really really fast, not in some future like century after, but during our life time in following decade or so And about Russia.. Yea, our country definitely can technically, but it won't practically simply because of corruption For real, 90% of the budget dedicated to build some new nuclear power plant will be wasted by higher up in the government "people" and it won't be finished even in a decade
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 dager siden
I prepare for the case that C02 emissions will continue rising the next 20 years.
TheGalacticWest 2 dager siden
The funny thing is that nuclear reactors are made of concrete and making concrete is bad for the environment.
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 2 dager siden
People who support nuclear energy forgets the waste it makes.
Xeonophon 2 dager siden
Why dont you show how many birds wind turbines kill each year?
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
maybe bc they are talking about nuclear power and not the dangers of wind turbines?
lincoln siqueira
lincoln siqueira 2 dager siden
Sekiro easter egg
Tyrell 2 dager siden
can we get some videos on nuclear breeders and smr's
Mr. Ickster
Mr. Ickster 2 dager siden
I already had an immense amount of respect for this channel, but that just shot up again when I saw the Sekiro reference at 1:45
nightcrawler 2 dager siden
Wilhelm scream at 5:16
Lightning Boy
Lightning Boy 2 dager siden
Your videos are amazing and are so cool thank you
Magnus Knudsen
Magnus Knudsen 2 dager siden
What about the norwegians? with 96% of power coming from hydro ;D (2017)
stephane Magnin
stephane Magnin 2 dager siden
Very interesting comparison far away from ideology. But before all that, we need to question our use of energy and then begin by control energy demand. It's not all the solution but just a way to achieve others.
Kylie Schultz
Kylie Schultz 2 dager siden
Haziq Fuad
Haziq Fuad 2 dager siden
Nahh why used nuclear energy when adolla burst and amaterasu are clearly a better choice. A small price to pay for salvation😤🤧
GrimSyx 2 dager siden
the new-age Vsauce
Fery-Dev 2 dager siden
*Me waiting for someone here to not agree with that nuclear energy should be researched more*
cherubin7th 2 dager siden
I prepare for the case that C02 emissions will continue rising the next 20 years.
Isaac Wellborn
Isaac Wellborn 2 dager siden
What about evaporating ocean water? How do we prevent/deal with it? No one ever mentions that. It's the largest producer of greenhouse gas and makes everything you mentioned in the video very insignificant. It is responsible for 90% of the warming.
Isaac Wellborn
Isaac Wellborn 19 timer siden
@Dommy kun My bad, I gotta update that wording up top :/ We want to STOP the evaporation from occurring because the process is responsible for 90% of the earth's warming and produces huge amounts of CO2
Dommy kun
Dommy kun 21 time siden
hmmm to evaporate the ocean water you need to rise the temperature of the planet... climate changes are rising the temperature of te planet... really a hard subject
coconutcore 2 dager siden
Contrarians: “People are stupid! Why do they never try to fix it!? Why is it all getting worse? We need less emissions! We’re in a crisis! The world will never recover if we don’t find a way to slow it and stop it NOW!” Actual people who try and help: “I agree! We could slow it with nuclear energy fo-” Contrarians: “NO! Get rid of them! I want them gone! I heard somewhere on facebook that they’re bad!” Other people: “But...that’ll make it get even worse. You said we can’t afford that.” Contrarians: “People are stupid! Why do they never try to fix it!? Why am I the ONLY ONE trying to think of a solution!? I’m going to browse Tiktok whilst I’m thinking about how great I am for trying to make the world a better place. Any day now I’ll find a solution. Thank GOD I’m here.”
mngx 2 dager siden
Two words: nuclear FUSION
Hamoonist 2 dager siden
Imagine instead of decades of trying to kill nuclear, we would instead let it grow, develop, and improve.
Tomaž Klede
Tomaž Klede 2 dager siden
nuclear is even safer than renewable (hydroelectric power plant kill fishes, wind turbines kill birds and are made of glass fiber, wich in not renewable) the only nuclear problem is the radioactive waste, but we can covert it into new fuel for nuclea power plants). in conclusion: the biggest problem of the nuclear energy is the human fear and disinformation.
イレイナ 2 dager siden
The biggest problem with renewable energy is reliability
Firenzar Frenzy
Firenzar Frenzy 2 dager siden
Screw the Avengers I want renewable energy gang 6:57
Syarif Badaruđin
Syarif Badaruđin 2 dager siden
1:36 Tesla!
the animation boi
the animation boi 2 dager siden
Learn from school ❌ learn from this guy ✔️
Mcgee M
Mcgee M 2 dager siden
how about instead of nuclear power, we generate electricity using our poop.
MrKangdon 3 dager siden
Wind energy is the greatest embarrassment of our generation
unfunny ironypage
unfunny ironypage 2 dager siden
It's really not tho
Dave a Dan
Dave a Dan 2 dager siden
Why's that?
Raymund P Jabla
Raymund P Jabla 3 dager siden
Godzilla / King fight in a nutshell
Chris Sator
Chris Sator 3 dager siden
Evidence-Based Environmentalism! Not Green Fundamentalism!
Wesley de Wit
Wesley de Wit 3 dager siden
big brain moment? 🤔 lets build a huge zaplin and attach it to the ground like a giant kite. have it work like a vaccuum cleaner with some filters and whatnot. see how much shit we get can out of the air. better have CO2 emissions contained than having it float in the air uncontrolled, right? if that's even possible. i dont know. im drunk. nice video
Nickle-Pickle123 3 dager siden
I think we should go nuclear while we find better renewable energy solutions because although nuclear power plants is costlier than renewables, we can get that money back but we cant fix our atmosphere if its damaged enough.
Dr. Pepper
Dr. Pepper 3 dager siden
Fossil Fuel, Coal, and Gas : *kill millions and millions of people every year slowly but surely by Carbon emissions* Nuclear Power : *has 2-4 major incidents in history that was caused by lack of proper management and care while all of it combined doesn't have 1/2 of the kill count carbon emissions do in a year* Renewable : *fairly unreliable, takes more land, while less than fossil fuel and coal still somewhat kills environments*
sven's channel
sven's channel 3 dager siden
Batteries contaminante too. And are made of very finite materials. I would stick with nuclear.
Tom Harding
Tom Harding 3 dager siden
One word, "Thorium".
Gabriel Jordan
Gabriel Jordan 3 dager siden
As an electrician I approve of this video.
Alvar Lagerlöf
Alvar Lagerlöf 3 dager siden
I'm afraid that too many will take this as a "yes" without understanding that we STILL have no way to handle the waste.
C H 3 dager siden
The most balanced take on Nuclear energy I've seen yet. Great work Kurzgesagt.
Юлиан Кожерков.
Global warming is a myth so you can burn as much fossil as you want, dont change enything
Neirin Murphy
Neirin Murphy Dag siden
@Юлиан Кожерков. proof that it doesn't exist
unfunny ironypage
unfunny ironypage 2 dager siden
@Юлиан Кожерков. Well I mean you were the one who made a claim out of you're ass lol
Юлиан Кожерков.
@unfunny ironypage right to the insults, as all climate activist, typical
unfunny ironypage
unfunny ironypage 2 dager siden
It does tho lol and will continue to destroy things aslong as people like you are alive lol
John Wick
John Wick 3 dager siden
You want true renewable energy than nuclear energy is the way to go. Solar and Wind aren't going to cut it but the lefties won't accept it
unfunny ironypage
unfunny ironypage 2 dager siden
What, I know many leftist who support nuclear myself included
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 3 dager siden
This dude is teaching me so much science and i nearly started science class
Neo Dong
Neo Dong 3 dager siden
f*ck global warming
Neo Dong
Neo Dong 2 dager siden
@Remak S indeed
Remak S
Remak S 2 dager siden
Jay Rogue
Jay Rogue 3 dager siden
1:44 is that Sekiro reference ?
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 3 dager siden
its shame tha nuclear power got bad image from,a-bombs and incidents like Chernobyl
bkconn 3 dager siden
I'm confused whether HYDRO falls into RENEWABLES or not. In one graph @3:46, you separated HYDRO from RENEWABLES, but then a moment later, when speaking of RENEWABLES, there were solar panels, wind turbines, and what appeared to be a DAM @5:11
Patrick Brinkworth
Patrick Brinkworth 3 dager siden
It is a renewable source of energy, making it renewable. It wont go away in 100 years.
2MuchMinecraft 3 dager siden
Background of the electricity lever be like: *GOTTA CATCH EM' ALL*
Muscle E-Mac
Muscle E-Mac 3 dager siden
Energy density is the smartest energy policy we have to date. Until battery capacity greatly increases, we should invest in nuclear to help us wean off of fossil fuels. Battery energy storage will eventually come with research, but for now, we should focus on whatever energy source provides the greatest amount of energy, and that's clearly nuclear
Fat Man
Fat Man 3 dager siden
Just two words cher-nobly
unfunny ironypage
unfunny ironypage 2 dager siden
There are 440 active nuclear reactors, we've had 2-4 "meltdowns"
Patrick Brinkworth
Patrick Brinkworth 3 dager siden
cher nobly? huh? If you mean chernobyl it is still safer than coal, even with disasters like chernobyl and fukushima.
Jim Abdel
Jim Abdel 3 dager siden
US navy adds say "Were the futer now!" But there just using fossil fuels more We should all really fear the futer, Not invent it.
Torge R
Torge R 3 dager siden
Elec who? Elec-Tricity
Rayhan Dhali
Rayhan Dhali 3 dager siden
they make me cry when I see the birds upset or dead
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Ganger 1,5 mill