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26. mars. 2021





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Aditya A
Aditya A 2 dager siden
I feel sad seein ben. 🤷‍♂️
liam2780 liam2780
liam2780 liam2780 3 dager siden
2:04:03 is funny lol
Alex Wall-e
Alex Wall-e 3 dager siden
PeachzSunflower 5 dager siden
You know wants funny y’all making fun of jake now but when you meet him in irl you will cry JAKE WON THE FIGHT get it in your head
PeachzSunflower 3 dager siden
@Mikkiiiboy yeah fr tho
Frosty 2.0
Frosty 2.0 3 dager siden
@Mikkiiiboy IKR. PPl acting tough online, but we all know Jake would beat tf outta your average joe.
Mikkiiiboy 4 dager siden
@Kech he would stretch you out
Kech 4 dager siden
A Boxing match ain't a real fight
Son of Jesus
Son of Jesus 5 dager siden
Christine The Spartan
Christine The Spartan 5 dager siden
Congratulations Jake Paul 🏆🥊🥊🥊
Ray Most
Ray Most 5 dager siden
NOsections this is as a bad video it’s bad for your age (Sign to confirm your age please)
isaiah coppin
isaiah coppin 6 dager siden
It was so cringe watching Jake
Tahlike E
Tahlike E 6 dager siden
Elvis came down to ask a few questions for jake before he goes to heaven
SergeantEnderboy 6 dager siden
I bet Jake would only survive in a zombie apocalypse because he doesn't have a brain.
Marcus Herbold
Marcus Herbold 6 dager siden
Did a Muzzleloader come with Jake’s powder horn looking purse?
Shelly parkin
Shelly parkin 6 dager siden
Jake is going to loose the fight tomorrow
No 4 dager siden
He didn't
Shelly parkin
Shelly parkin 6 dager siden
Jake is going to loose the fight
Lovejoy 7 dager siden
PROKID YT 7 dager siden
I hope Ben knocke out Jake
oxihs 7 dager siden
Come on jake
Nate Johnson
Nate Johnson 7 dager siden
Ben gunna get knocked the fuck out lol
Pleanut Playz
Pleanut Playz 4 dager siden
@No he said something about Ben winning except for jake
No 4 dager siden
@Pleanut Playz what did he say?
Shining Darkness
Shining Darkness 5 dager siden
@Ruhi Kad cry
Pleanut Playz
Pleanut Playz 5 dager siden
@Ruhi Kad sadly he actually did tho☹️ Hopefully there can be a rematch.
Rayan Irani
Rayan Irani 7 dager siden
Nicole 7 dager siden
Wow dude this was embarrassing to watch im genuinely cringing ...the studders and laugh amongst everything else is awkward to watch😐
Emely Nicole
Emely Nicole 7 dager siden
ben is such a chill dude lol
Shining Darkness
Shining Darkness 5 dager siden
So chill that he loses within a minute everytime
Jenny Beck
Jenny Beck 8 dager siden
What a clown Jake Paul looked like in his outfit. It looked like he couldn't decide what jewlrey to wear....what shirt to wear... He overdoes everything from his clothes.......to his hair: overfried. Its like he puts on everything he owns...he couldnt wear several pairs of pants...so he picks the ones with frills on the side.lmfao!!!
Geoff Kirk
Geoff Kirk 8 dager siden
First rule of fight club keep the plastic dcreen clean... lol
Sali Salihu
Sali Salihu 8 dager siden
ben who
Chieftain snaku
Chieftain snaku 8 dager siden
He actually thought anything he said was smart😂😂
Chieftain snaku
Chieftain snaku 8 dager siden
I could hear the cogs in his brain struggle to turn, just trying to scramble words to get back at ben, this hurt to watch😂😂
Gzon Pzor
Gzon Pzor 8 dager siden
Less losses than McGregor. LMFAO Fuck me that was a good one Jake.
tark atawa
tark atawa 8 dager siden
Ben is the only guy who can beat 2014-16 Conor McGregor in a trashtalk.
KUTER_CZ 8 dager siden
I like how jake said that boxing will conquer. Maybye it will... Coz it's a boxing match! :D
TriHard 8 dager siden
Matthew Leavens
Matthew Leavens 8 dager siden
"The fighter that I am now would knock out the fighter in the nate Robinson fight, that is Jake Paul.... so I'm completely different" 🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Leavens
Matthew Leavens 8 dager siden
Bisping, mcgregor, diaz....idk man...this guy is a good troll 🤣
Matthew Leavens
Matthew Leavens 8 dager siden
1:53.06 Jake tries so hard to be mitch hedberg
Jayden Bv
Jayden Bv 8 dager siden
im a big fan but u might loose
jie hogg
jie hogg 8 dager siden
No lie jake that lighting was fkkkd right up . Silhouettes out here 🤣
Mohammed Merdil
Mohammed Merdil 8 dager siden
I want to see mcgregor vs jake and I want to see Floyd vs jake and see Floyd and Conner to be knocked down
FiinixD 8 dager siden
Jake " Baby Punch" Paul
Ethan Taylor
Ethan Taylor 8 dager siden
I like this guy
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh 8 dager siden
Jake would be better off fighting Diaz in the octagon than the boxing ring. Because after Jake's gas tank runs out, Diaz would have the option to choke him out instead of giving him CTE. Nate mostly boxes anyway with minimal kicks.
Ana_ Jyzelle
Ana_ Jyzelle 8 dager siden
This guys makes me crack up lots love for u jale
Ana_ Jyzelle
Ana_ Jyzelle 8 dager siden
Jackson Gray
Jackson Gray 8 dager siden
Jake literally just performed a circus act in front of millions of people 🤡🤡
Ana_ Jyzelle
Ana_ Jyzelle 8 dager siden
Ugh I’m feeling sick and the first thing I thought was let watch some jake Paul video to make me smile ❤️ and he did
Jackson Gray
Jackson Gray 8 dager siden
Bruh these little kids saying Jake is gonna win
Kech 4 dager siden
He did, somehow
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 9 dager siden
"a LARGE MAJORITY think ben will win but the other HALF think Im gnna win' - The Brilliant Mind of Jake Paul
KHALEL LAWRENCE 9 dager siden
Ben will knockout Jake Paul
Kech 4 dager siden
He didn't
Joeshmoe 92
Joeshmoe 92 9 dager siden
Bro Jake sleepy Nate sleepy Degi and sleepy Ben 😂
Jordan Howell
Jordan Howell 9 dager siden
Little brothers are better than you
Jordan Howell
Jordan Howell 9 dager siden
Your videos need to load up like you're fighting videos dude
andrew davies
andrew davies 9 dager siden
andrew davies
andrew davies 9 dager siden
Jake Paul gonna win
HHtrapz 9 dager siden
Fight fanny g you pussy
Lakhyee 9 dager siden
He will be jake but "o" instead of "a" this 17th
Lakhyee 9 dager siden
MMA( Mixed Martial Art) stands for all the styles of fighting mixed into one that is superior to every fighting style. Invented by Bruce lee. Good aspect of every fight style basically. So when jake said boxing vs mma 🤣🤣🤣 yoo i cant even type properly 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is saying 1 is bigger than 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8🤣🤣🤣 Damn jakes gonna fall so hard he really out here riding the high horse. Can't w8 april 17th.
Spinnzy 9 dager siden
I heard about this interview...looked it up...i lasted 90 seconds before I couldn't watch anymore
super8 9 dager siden
Hi, what are your thoughts on your sexual assault allegations?
Nasty Queen
Nasty Queen 9 dager siden
if you are so strong so fight with the legend khabib 28 win 0 loss
WILLIAM BAKER 9 dager siden
I’m rooting for jake but jeez he can’t argue he literally is running out of things to say
sww xyy
sww xyy 9 dager siden
I see so much in jake I feel like he can do this and prove everyone wrong
Chrome2YerDome 9 dager siden
Damn Jake Paul is delusional as hell.
Ugly Orange5
Ugly Orange5 9 dager siden
Ben with the BEST insult calling jake a dum dum you heard it here folks
Ben_Wrld_ 9 dager siden
This dumbass really said diaz. This wanna be connor mcgreggor would get dropped first round. Lol
Clayton Douglas
Clayton Douglas 9 dager siden
KillShot Kev
KillShot Kev 9 dager siden
Jake Paul wouldn’t last 1 round in the UFC
KillShot Kev
KillShot Kev 9 dager siden
No this is boxing vs wrestling in a boxing match
Mijn naam12345678910
Mijn naam12345678910 9 dager siden
1:55:55 lmao dumdum
Lily C
Lily C 9 dager siden
This is hilarious
Preston Dolman
Preston Dolman 9 dager siden
Frank Mir trying so hard to get stupid.
Divide Strange
Divide Strange 9 dager siden
in his channel banner he looks like a crack head
FMC 9 dager siden
Breaking: "TikTok star Justine Paradise has accused NOsectionsr Jake Paul of sexually assaulting her at his home in Los Angeles in 2019."
CrankzStrickz 9 dager siden
Dude Jake wins 1 fight ok 1 dang fight and acts like he he’s the best in the world
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 9 dager siden
narcissistic freak
Yogle Berry
Yogle Berry 9 dager siden
Omg this is so fucking scuff everything about this video was terrible
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 9 dager siden
This made me yawn 🥱 but the dum dum part was funny ...what did i just watch .. jake said STFU ... Waaaa ?? And what's in that contract that's what really interest me !
Jonas Sweden
Jonas Sweden 9 dager siden
Could b one of the most embarrassing things I ever witnessed😅😅😅
Ragadyman ___
Ragadyman ___ 10 dager siden
I think in order to make it in the fight game jake shouldn't act like a child
ibananin 10 dager siden
Ben won that conference 🙌🏻
Clay Cheese
Clay Cheese 10 dager siden
Askren for the win👊
remfry666 10 dager siden
TRIGGER WARNING: Jake Paul Sexually Assaulted Me - NOsections
Grant H
Grant H 10 dager siden
jake just made a fool of himself
Audrey Laroux
Audrey Laroux 10 dager siden
‘Someone’s gonna let your have kids?’ HAAHAHAHHA 3 laughs now 🖕
Kane Hickey
Kane Hickey 10 dager siden
Ur gonna lose
Kech 4 dager siden
He didn't
Vamba and sasa S
Vamba and sasa S 10 dager siden
Jake is going to win bro it is just fact
Matin Khatibi
Matin Khatibi 10 dager siden
Ben askren is better
Anita G
Anita G 10 dager siden
Jake is petty Betty 😂😂😂😂😂
Anita G
Anita G 10 dager siden
This made me yawn 🥱 but the dum dum part was funny ...what did i just watch .. jake said STFU ... Waaaa ?? And what's in that contract that's what really interest me !
BTB 10 dager siden
narcissistic freak
Dawialam Phawa
Dawialam Phawa 10 dager siden
Jake keep it up bro
Srt m14
Srt m14 10 dager siden
No fucking lie i almost died like i was coughing about how cringe this is
James Mullan
James Mullan 10 dager siden
Jake Paul believes Islands out there be simply floating on water.....
William Janssen
William Janssen 10 dager siden
does jake paul base his personality off derek zoolander?
SkyRotionDan 10 dager siden
jakey boyy please win
fear 10 dager siden
If Jake is serious about proving himself he wouldn't be taking on an old man non boxer with a hip replacement. What a phony.
Mark Granger
Mark Granger 10 dager siden
Brycen Perea
Brycen Perea 10 dager siden
Jake is just showing his scared ness
ASM 10 dager siden
Ben is gonna knock you out
Michael Hopkins
Michael Hopkins 10 dager siden
jake has a deathwish
Walmart Man
Walmart Man 10 dager siden
I'm still waiting for a boxer to get in an mma ring
unicorn squad
unicorn squad 10 dager siden
Jake paul can do it
Cav9 10 dager siden
Diaz would kill him... what is he thinking
YOUTUBE, Youtube
YOUTUBE, Youtube 10 dager siden
NPA 10 dager siden
Jake Paul will never be a elite boxer. You have to be born with abilities he doesn't have but he can fight a little bit. Askren has no hands and can't move or box. Minus 125 is a steal on the money line. Dana White DKSAB! You better get your bets in before that line moves to minus 200 for Paul.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 10 dager siden
He’s really funny.
Tracy Mersfelder
Tracy Mersfelder 10 dager siden
Confidence 😉💥
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 10 dager siden
Ha ha, remember that time you falsely accused a guy of assult. You prick
Stefan Gilton
Stefan Gilton 10 dager siden
Beating askren still wudnt prove anything to me 😂