Taking my GIANT Hovercraft on a RIVER ADVENTURE!!! Tore the Skirt, Ran Out of Gas, & More! 

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We finally got a chance to take the Hover 24 out for its first adventure, and boy did it turn into an epic 8 our rip!
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Cleetus McFarland
Cleetus McFarland 8 måneder siden
I might sell this thing for a Jet Boat. What y’all think?
Jerry Ashton
Jerry Ashton 26 dager siden
plz do it
Derek g
Derek g 2 måneder siden
Should of kept it same as the c8 corvette why even buy all this stuff. Shit shoild of atleaat kept the small one u had to drive around the yard and the pond just for fun
Lee M
Lee M 8 måneder siden
Buy a airboat... you live in Florida.
Duncan Bates
Duncan Bates 8 måneder siden
Imo I wouldn't. You get plenty of speed thrills on land. I would use the water time to relax and or have fun in a more safe way. ✌❤👊
Baylan Maverick Legacy
Baylan Maverick Legacy 8 måneder siden
you should get a racing skiff, or a racing garvey if you want flat bottom shaft drive. NOsections those names lol
saxby chaplin 111
saxby chaplin 111 2 dager siden
cleetus, what river is that?? thanks anyone!! its beautiful!!
ATRides 7 dager siden
your gf is so beutiful
STEPHAN BIANCHI 13 dager siden
immrnoidall 20 dager siden
It seems like that cushion should be much thicker.
Elinore Burchett
Elinore Burchett 20 dager siden
The bouncy wire clasically agree because kale bailly peel inside a adaptable berry. crooked, impartial rain
Bill Deacon
Bill Deacon 24 dager siden
She boogies
Chris Graffam
Chris Graffam 25 dager siden
make the exhaust underwater it will kill the sound lol
Krishna Lastiri
Krishna Lastiri 26 dager siden
The zonked booklet biomechanically interfere because mosquito geometrically skip during a private year. cute, embarrassed unit
THE NICE ONES 28 dager siden
Man you guys are living the dream
Johann Mansfield
Johann Mansfield 28 dager siden
Ok that was EPIC
regigigas Måned siden
i like the little Tasmanian devil on the back of it
Jason Måned siden
My dad built 80 mph hovercraft when I was a kid 40 years ago. Picture an airboat with the skirt!! That's pretty much what it was. Big block power!!! You would love it.
jeffrey morris
jeffrey morris Måned siden
Injection is nice but I'd rather be blown 🚬💣👽💩🚲🎣🇺🇸
Jay Dee
Jay Dee Måned siden
I think it would be easier to load if it had some bars up the sides with rollers to guide it on. How wide is it? the trailer and the hovercraft?
Kylie Speer
Kylie Speer Måned siden
Cool man
Jadog 1
Jadog 1 Måned siden
No gators or snapping turtles in the river Cleet? Jesus brother 😂😂😂
Blake Wathen
Blake Wathen 2 måneder siden
Love how somone was trying to fish and he has the most Obnoxious thing possible
BRS RC 2 måneder siden
Damn she's pretty fast! Straight driftin them curves. Would be sick with an LS.
Raymond Coggins
Raymond Coggins 2 måneder siden
Another awesome video love it
Arnold Hughes
Arnold Hughes 2 måneder siden
black power
black power 5 måneder siden
Wawa ftw
Heather Jackson
Heather Jackson 5 måneder siden
Love ur videos keep it up
Isaiah Wheeler
Isaiah Wheeler 5 måneder siden
Some of theCircle K/Shell locations have 90 non-ethanol
stinkinlincoln90 5 måneder siden
Good ole Peace River
BUILT FOR RACING 5 måneder siden
were is your girlfrend
Craig Perry
Craig Perry 6 måneder siden
Yeah nah.... the H craft looks like fun. Certainly need some skills so up the practice
snoogans 1984
snoogans 1984 7 måneder siden
Dude that thing is sweet.
Johnny Goins
Johnny Goins 7 måneder siden
That's awesome.ive always wanted a hovercraft
Anton Lapine
Anton Lapine 7 måneder siden
lmao poor guy fishing with the orange rod
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 7 måneder siden
Itz Caleb
Itz Caleb 7 måneder siden
Wait Cleetus Got a C8
cobrasvt347 7 måneder siden
Can't believe you sold the most badass toy around. Your gonna probably regret that one. I know I've sold some things I wish I still had.
OBX Life
OBX Life 7 måneder siden
Damn thing will get when WOP on the water, 😂
OBX Life
OBX Life 7 måneder siden
Really should stop turning the air down on the lift fan, keep that bottom off the payment, js.
Russell Notestine
Russell Notestine 7 måneder siden
Bet you wish you had that jey engine back.. :)
Russell Notestine
Russell Notestine 7 måneder siden
A hover rescue vehicle is only good for rescuing people from ice flows or thin ice.. Other than those two situations... bat shit useless
David Weeks
David Weeks 7 måneder siden
Tokyo Drift? Pssshhhh. Tampa Drift, Florida Man style.
Magnus Dominus
Magnus Dominus 7 måneder siden
Is this the manatee river?
Rocky Jeeper
Rocky Jeeper 7 måneder siden
That thing is …AWESOME!!!!
Michael Nero
Michael Nero 7 måneder siden
Damn. I just saw a hovercraft getting trailered.
Eternal Thread
Eternal Thread 7 måneder siden
Idk how that evinrude is still running after what they did
Kyle Marsh
Kyle Marsh 7 måneder siden
how does driving on pavement with the hovercraft not fuck up the skirt?
Jon C
Jon C 7 måneder siden
Cleetus get in the race against Casey and Rabbit!
yxhankun 7 måneder siden
Explain the design of the control panel , please!
S Bains
S Bains 7 måneder siden
Sal Rodriguez
Sal Rodriguez 7 måneder siden
1:00 -"Last thing we wanna do is misrepresent ourselves as fire and rescue... OR we might catch on fire idk"
steve-o painter
steve-o painter 7 måneder siden
make sure you get the nifty parachute body bobber if you get the jet boat
Big Wink
Big Wink 7 måneder siden
You should name that thing “Chihuahua”. All bark and no bite.
Big Paco
Big Paco 7 måneder siden
It RIP’S...I was hella surprised at how fast it was moving on water. And on top of that it can go everywhere a boat can’t. Also a canopy to stay out the rain like what more can you want!.
2JDM 7 måneder siden
Aleck got jokes at 9:26 lol. Looks like he's getting along well.
Damion Withers
Damion Withers 7 måneder siden
I got three games of bowling last night guy couldn’t touch me!! Priceless JH. 🤣🤣🤣 A 🦒 🎳!!
mark im
mark im 7 måneder siden
The guy in the jet sky is like running for his life
Todd R
Todd R 7 måneder siden
“Well try to put out a fire if we see one, or we might catch on fire” lmaooo
Wy-FyD0wN #14
Wy-FyD0wN #14 7 måneder siden
I missed a lot since when did cleetus get a gf
SIMMY TM 8 måneder siden
21:55 cringe😬 left hanging
Random Nobody
Random Nobody 8 måneder siden
FIRE RESCUE is actually a signal to other boaters "We're on FIRE, please RESCUE!"
Adam drummond
Adam drummond 8 måneder siden
J H looks like bret hitman hart with them glasses on lol
Robert G
Robert G 8 måneder siden
That's pretty cool, but I think I'd rather have the airboat!
Chas D
Chas D 8 måneder siden
The day you buy a boat, and the day you sell the boat, are the two happiest days of a boat owner.
Ron Jones
Ron Jones 8 måneder siden
Last time I saw this many crocs I was in Florida.
Brewster Harrington
Brewster Harrington 8 måneder siden
That spence guy. What a creepy dude
slickgamer12 8 måneder siden
I’m just ready to see James back in the videos.. girlfriend was cool and all at first.
John Lundgren
John Lundgren 8 måneder siden
How much would you sell that hovercraft for???.
MsDemob 8 måneder siden
Man that water looks disgusting lol
CaneAtvse 8 måneder siden
His ol ladies commentary lol she sounds just like he does only female
Steve Schick
Steve Schick 8 måneder siden
I bought my Raycons based on your recommendation. I love them. Thanks Cleetus and Raycon!
Seedless Grapes
Seedless Grapes 8 måneder siden
Dogs over People Like if you agree
Alan Brattland
Alan Brattland 8 måneder siden
Hey Cleetus!! I saw something couple days ago you got to check out brother!!! I think your gonna dig this. nosections.info/green/zHdgqKaWaYCNs8g/video.html
Frenchie French
Frenchie French 8 måneder siden
Cleetus get a real boat, get his: nosections.info/green/zHdgqKaWaYCNs8g/video.html
colin ashby
colin ashby 8 måneder siden
Enjoyed that.
Bart Hutchison
Bart Hutchison 8 måneder siden
Peace River Nocatee boat ramp?
Jason Haley
Jason Haley 8 måneder siden
Gotta unzip your bag drains then hammer the throttle a'la when...AHEMM...someone... taking his family out in their boat forgets to put the drain plug in!! Doesn't get it all but a little bit to get rid of is better than alot.
MrJcoupe96 8 måneder siden
Some say, Spicy Spence is still to this day, walking around with his hand up in the air..=( Hypothetical high five for you my friend.
Trever vargas
Trever vargas 8 måneder siden
Just found out that in South flordia is a huge hover craft. Massive
sean meaney
sean meaney 8 måneder siden
did anyone else watch this and start trying to figure out if they can afford a hovercraft?
Nick Hendo
Nick Hendo 8 måneder siden
Cooper has met his maker
Bob McGarry
Bob McGarry 8 måneder siden
Should have been wearing Raycons!
jmt8706 8 måneder siden
All I heard during this video was bald eagles screeching. Rock on Brother!
WoodyBoy 8 måneder siden
To much work
ironman2208 8 måneder siden
Anyone wonder why the water looks like coffee?? Lol
tobo26 8 måneder siden
All hover crafts are females because they wear skirts. So what her name then?
Democracy_is_truth 8 måneder siden
21:55 brother got left hangin...
george klavins
george klavins 8 måneder siden
21:50 - that's sketchy - not a good safety practice, good way to get injured
tom hurley
tom hurley 8 måneder siden
sjw on a cayak is the only thing as irritating as a slow noisy air boat sell that junk you are pissing off every one on the water
hank h
hank h 8 måneder siden
When those storms start rolling through, this thing will be perfect to have.
Terry Rutherford
Terry Rutherford 8 måneder siden
Can't wait until you purchase one of these...nosections.info/green/1KyVbqNlgZalt6o/video.html
Terry Rutherford
Terry Rutherford 8 måneder siden
I love your Vlogs. I would get rid of the emergency words on your craft, just in case somebody really needs help and sees you. Not likely to happen, probably no liability, but that's how I think. Girlfriend is so cute. Thanks for the Vlog!
Trueman rep
Trueman rep 8 måneder siden
get your asses some life vests
Obsidian 8 måneder siden
Hate mid roll adverts but the way you did it was 1000% better. 👍👍👍
Rumbling Garcia
Rumbling Garcia 8 måneder siden
Sponsord video
ainsley henderson
ainsley henderson 8 måneder siden
What a blast.lol
Alligator Monday
Alligator Monday 8 måneder siden
Full Nascar livery on the Hovercraft!
Rhage73 8 måneder siden
You should add your drag week headsets to the hovercraft be awesome for you guys
Chris Coley
Chris Coley 8 måneder siden
Hopefully Finnegan talked you into a jet boat!!
tyler beaumont
tyler beaumont 8 måneder siden
hell yeah looks funn
Brian Ruff
Brian Ruff 8 måneder siden
Ok I'll be the one to ask since I can't seem to find a comment....but who's the girl on the boat with JH? Looks like it could be Maddie's sister orrrr?
Matt hunter
Matt hunter 8 måneder siden
mobides 8 måneder siden
That thing is legit!
J Hammastyxx
J Hammastyxx 8 måneder siden
Poor Man's Speed Boat
Ganger 2,9 mill