I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan 

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20. juli. 2021





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The OG Gojira
The OG Gojira 7 minutter siden
What a great learning experience for you. Getting to know first hand what most Japanese think of foreigners but are too reserved to say it aloud. Everything he said in correcting your manners was common etiquette. You wouldn't do or say that speaking with your respected elder, why would you do that towards your guest. Also, I'm curious, what did he say/do to get you to take off those sunglasses? Tyson-san thank you for your time.
The OG Gojira
The OG Gojira 5 minutter siden
Omeko - OMG!
iden1 10 minutter siden
Densetsu San
Densetsu San 13 minutter siden
he's already retired but still terrifying
Renikade 18 minutter siden
Haha, this is great. Tyson is straight to the point and not amused by Joey's attempt at humour. It's great because it's so awkward/uncomfortable to watch and I'm just sitting here laughing. I really love your channel man, so this is nothing against you. It's just so surreal the way you both are in this interview. Like Tyson has a fair point - Yakuza language may be cool, but the language you're thinking of is from say the Yakuza games, where as Tyson probably doesn't game at all and just wants a mature and serious conversation. I'm not surprised you were nervous, but yea, not being able to answer the question straight away made it seem like you were lying even though you find it all really interesting. Tense moment!
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 23 minutter siden
Dr. Jelly could take out the entire Yakuza, or so I've heard.
Salazar 38 minutter siden
great job joey
VolkKing Time siden
tatsu :now that i have you here , you dont look that scarry our hero : dont cross your arms when talking to someone tatsu: yes sir yes lol
Isaac Granadosin
Isaac Granadosin Time siden
Joey is scared. Lol
Min Hashamayim
Min Hashamayim Time siden
Alex Rosario
Alex Rosario Time siden
Oh man that is a very mentally and physically weak person (Joey the host). I can't imagine how little that Yakuza member thought of him. No manners, no backbone, squeamish, little awkward, and a foreigner. Prime ingredients to make anyone whose lived in the underground world think little of you. 🤷🏽‍♂️
YGOrica 2 timer siden
Latly the the new mafia named Hangure are more dangerous than the Yakuze
Raven 2 timer siden
Everyone's talking about the guy calling out Joey's stuff and calling him scary but it's a universal thing?? My mom (I'm black) would do it when I was little and my Italian boss called me out for crossing my arms during a conversation, back in the days and my Korean boss told me that it's a bad habit to walk around with hands in my pockets. Nothing scary about an adult who wants you to be as presentable as you can.
Melker Botin
Melker Botin 2 timer siden
love this vid
Avatar Civciv
Avatar Civciv 2 timer siden
You should have asked if he regrets joining the yakuza
JapaN 2 timer siden
You got g checked so hard about basic cultural curtesy... lmfao
Naga Ishikawa
Naga Ishikawa 2 timer siden
Remove the part about guns, that gives to much information. You will make people more aware of them, that's not a good thing for the organization
ifté 2 timer siden
wtf tyson actually became an actor now, he plays a cameo role in the drama hakozume (end of episode 3), i wasn't ready to see him xD
csnoob02 3 timer siden
i love how joey instantly was intimitated by tyson the second he told him to hold up u introduce yourself i did it before u now it's your turn.
Xmaster masters
Xmaster masters 4 timer siden
wt...real ex-yakuza member will not just speak with you for sure. this video is the most stupid video i have ever seen
Abriel Robertsson
Abriel Robertsson 4 timer siden
Honestly, why the hell would he wear that with an ex-Yakuza dude? These guys are all about respect as he learned throughout the interview. I kinda expected a more formal interview tbh. Not that many can interview ex Yakuza members you know. This gives the idea that this is some sort of a sketch and not real.
Jennifer Chastain
Jennifer Chastain 4 timer siden
Hope you enjoyed your 30mins of being a fake yakuza and having the rest of these people in the comments fooled and so "scared" of him. lol, next time have a better paid actor.
Ernest Pierce
Ernest Pierce 4 timer siden
He's right about one thing. Business men are criminals without the resolve to go to Prison.
Medieval 4 timer siden
Damn. Matt Murdock really grew his hair out and learned japanese. What a go-getter.
Victor Mak
Victor Mak 4 timer siden
Dressed like a clown, laughs like a disrespectful teenager, gives out a dumb anime name in an interview with a man who's dressed and speaks respectfully... worst interviewer ever. Should be thankful Tyson even had the patience to sit with you.
a i
a i 5 timer siden
Boy do we need yakuza now. We should squeeze the fuck out of jeff bezos and all other corrupt billionaires and give the money to the people that actually need it.
Granit Sinani
Granit Sinani 5 timer siden
I would slap him for being ballsy in front of me.
toltecnightmare 5 timer siden
He's basically every dude I know from Detroit that isnt a crackhead
Tzu Han Chuang
Tzu Han Chuang 5 timer siden
No cap. 3 years ago, I was in a nightclub at Shinjuku. Having a great night and making some friends on the dance floor. Few drops later, a guy who appears a little bit drunk in a suit introduced himself to me as a second generation of Koreans born in Tokyo, and I introduced myself as well. After that, he invited me and my friends to his booth. Turns out he is a Yakuza... that scared the shit out of me. Also, his "Kumichou" is unhappy... which is shown on his face. Although I had confidence that if I behave politely and I would be fine. I'm pretty sure someone is in trouble the next day. Only a moment thinking about losing a finger that night when Kumichou is pissed by his underlines and yelling at us to get out. And that is a night that I and my friend will never forget in a lifetime.
Robert H
Robert H 5 timer siden
My god Joey you need some interview practice, this was poor. You can’t invite some one for a formal interview and turn up in cosplay while they are in a suit. Definitely don’t give a stupid name. I get why you folded your arms, you were intimidated and that was a unconscious submission thing. Another biggie is to not lie, they will always find out and lose respect for you. You’re questions were alright but try not to focus around one thing for the whole interview (manga, films for you this time). I’m sure next time you’ll do better just keep these in mind.
shadow u
shadow u 5 timer siden
lmao joey's soul left his body a few times during this interview
Demian Miller
Demian Miller 5 timer siden
you looked so fucking much like Heisenberg from RE8 village on the interview, lol
5 timer siden
You look like you need a shower lol
Adolfo Hernández
Adolfo Hernández 6 timer siden
this guy was so afraid, watching this is uncomfortable.
Raa1n 6 timer siden
I guess if you have to deal with something like pen pistols crossing your arms can make a man uncomfortable.
Danish Aiman
Danish Aiman 7 timer siden
this is the michael franzese of yakuza
NIELSIE 7 timer siden
dude000 7 timer siden
he literally looks like a dude I wanna toss a bicycle at, not an aniki.
Lemme Get Dat
Lemme Get Dat 8 timer siden
I thought you were gonna get killed for not properly introducing yourself
Ramna Viaz
Ramna Viaz 8 timer siden
"You're asking me questions without introducing yourself?" That was tense, but you know what, he was right.
AllGains Gaming
AllGains Gaming 8 timer siden
That was very interesting.
Nisar Mahmood
Nisar Mahmood 9 timer siden
As for a Mafia......he is very polite and respectful.
Shinkeito 9 timer siden
Japanese people act this way towards people (usually not in interviews and with strangers) they suspect are also Japanese. The man being interviewed is just very intense and is unable to turn off the intimidation switch... he is also a little rude as he is a guest.
Japonezeハポネセ 9 timer siden
If you didn't get killed by now, let me say 3:41 You've fucked up, buddy
AirstrikesRL 9 timer siden
Whenever he said something about roppongi I almost shat. I’ve been there a couple of times, I’m like an hour away from it lmao
Khel Venturi
Khel Venturi 10 timer siden
He got schooled by a Yakuza
Mustache Hunter
Mustache Hunter 10 timer siden
i was expecting him to sing dame dame
Vince Shinkevich
Vince Shinkevich 11 timer siden
short calm replies, lack of boastfullness, confident body language but serious attention to mannners. russian mobsters are pretty similar actually. armed people are polite people.
White Child
White Child 11 timer siden
This video screams that guy from smosh lmao
WalnutHead 12 timer siden
He should probably just give classes on how to properly interview people lol
#TheDouble J
#TheDouble J 12 timer siden
hey son, it seems like your getting into trouble with the yakuza
Sanfa Khalid
Sanfa Khalid 12 timer siden
Anyone else here who's a bl / yaoi fan
fucked up bisexual with a monster addiction
Joey: When I talk to you I don't feel intimidated Also Joey: 4:17
1377master 12 timer siden
would have loved to know his thoughts on the junko furuta case esp since he says yakuza is abt justice
xorion123 13 timer siden
well this guy seen shit when "fighting skill doesn't matter once guns enter the picture."
Jason Dean Silver
Jason Dean Silver 13 timer siden
Unlike half the commenters I immediately felt safe around this man. He's strict, but kind. As long as I'm respectful, mindful, and do my best, I feel like he'd consider my best worth his time, and that he would respect me in turn. And also that he would lend a hand if I got into unexpected trouble, or if he let trouble happen to me, it would be trouble that he knows I can withstand, so I'd learn a good lesson. Good vibes. That's ultimately why I, a foreigner, have thought Yakuza are cool. I always felt like they embodied Robin Hood kind of methods. Working outside the law to assure justice in a way that maybe the legal system can't. A personalized approach, understanding the entire system, that is equally dangerous to those who do wrong, and protective to those who try to do good by others. There's always outliers, but it feels like at the heart it's an organization that gives placement for people who may not have anywhere else to go, and makes their skills useful in a larger picture. And if they were seriously bad for the place they were at, they wouldn't be tolerated and no one would join. Even after this interview it's a feeling I get that respect is in kind respected. Thank you for sharing this Joey! Nice interview.
Leon 13 timer siden
I'm surprised of how calm and collected he is if I were there I would have been scared to death
Amai Ajinitenshi
Amai Ajinitenshi 14 timer siden
Shhhh..... Joey is secretly shittng his pants
Hate Vic
Hate Vic 14 timer siden
Holy fuck i love Japanese culture
Night Fang
Night Fang 14 timer siden
Chilling with that ex yakuza guy would teach you manners and respect
Alex Wray
Alex Wray 15 timer siden
I live for that soft "Nyaa"
Prince Soni
Prince Soni 15 timer siden
10:18 praise the lord 🙌🛐
WildmanPham 15 timer siden
Every time Joey would giggle or laugh at his responses I would clench my butt cheeks. Like stop disrespecting the man! lol
5318oo8 15 timer siden
f netflix. and youre cringy bro.
Shawn Darren
Shawn Darren 17 timer siden
Mag Jad
Mag Jad 17 timer siden
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 17 timer siden
No shit I thought Joey got a free gold Omega Speedmaster from the man
EAG* BLooDY617
EAG* BLooDY617 17 timer siden
it was very cool to hear a legitimate Yakuza speak, despite what they are known for he seems exceptionally honest and proper. Unashamed and truly resolute in everything he has done and said in his life. Genuinely cool interview.
紺碧 17 timer siden
ヤクザ抜けたと言いながらヤクザだった頃とメンタリティが何も変わってないというのはわかった 元ヤクザという経歴が誇らしくて仕方ないんだろう、傍から見てると愚かだけど
Tyler SIngleton
Tyler SIngleton 17 timer siden
Omeco means sexual intercourse btw
Maiko Ymoks Pg
Maiko Ymoks Pg 17 timer siden
I can't believe he had the balls to say "I'm immortal tatsu" to a Yakuza GAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA
Tyler SIngleton
Tyler SIngleton 17 timer siden
I really respect the fact the Yakuza are against drugs
Declan Able
Declan Able 18 timer siden
That brand name I think is the best brand name i have ever seen.
hiirochi 18 timer siden
It's funny how tyson-san teach joey proper manners 😂 i mean, what would happen if it's connor? TYSON-SAN RESPECT!!
SummerEyesj0j0 18 timer siden
Man, whats with all these comments defending the yakuza's rude behaviour. He calls Joey out on some proper etiquette sure. But then he just straight up vapes in front of Joey without even asking if he's alright with it??? The whole time he tries to manuever the conversation with social power plays because of the intimidation he has and the "implication" if you dare to confront him. Stop idolising him as if he's some moral superhero in Japan with perfect etiquette.
じさつじさつ 18 timer siden
Can't wait for the new vid Joey 🙂
Bobby On The Gang
Bobby On The Gang 18 timer siden
image how many fingers they have
Soham Naiknaware
Soham Naiknaware 18 timer siden
Wow.... You made it alive from there 🔥
NFS Beast
NFS Beast 19 timer siden
I’m part of the Yakuza in GTA Online
NFS Beast
NFS Beast 19 timer siden
He seems like a really cool guy!
andy fana
andy fana 19 timer siden
I could feel Tyson's Reiatsu through the computer one could only imagine what's it like in person.
Wizzy Arts
Wizzy Arts 19 timer siden
Heading off to fight a YAKUZA NOW!!! 😂
goose 19 timer siden
Not even 2 minutes in and homeboy checked him so hard
The Lonely Pigeon
The Lonely Pigeon 19 timer siden
8:20 Now from speaking from knowing that my uncle (non-blood related) who's an Ex-gangster as well. The best way to describe a Yakuza or like my uncle (not Yakuza, but gangster) does shady business practices that would be considered contrabands/illegal by law but does not kill people but "enforce" them to have his way with things. They don't kill, they don't do drugs (most of it is movies, most.) either. An easier comparison would be like comparing white hat, grey hat, black hat hackers. My uncle who's a grey hat hacker (not an actual hacker but as a comparison). By Wikipedia definition: A grey hat (greyhat or gray hat) is a computer hacker or computer security expert who may sometimes violate laws or typical ethical standards, but does not have the malicious intent typical of a black hat hacker. Meaning he does shady things that by law are a no no. But don't have the intentions of doing actual harm. Like selling fake DVDs without a license. Tapping into TV networks without paying for the license to watch it. Only bigger but just as the same level of illegalness.
Lee Tuaty
Lee Tuaty 19 timer siden
I'm Colombian, and to be honest seeing a yakuza isn't intimidating at all....I've met real druglords here, and let me tell you, those guy are really fucked up in the head, they don't care shooting you in your face if they don't like you. I've been in several car bombs and shootouts, and studied with the kids of Pablo Escobar's rivals in Cali. Today things aren't as messed up as they used to be back in the 80's and 90's in terms of druglords, but we have paramilitary and hitmen all over the place.
name 19 timer siden
im ngl i was holding in the hugest breath i've ever had to while watching this video wth
ThataWhat N.
ThataWhat N. 20 timer siden
Idk about the other weebs in the comments I just think that Joey was doing his best. Dude runs a NOsections channel his main job is to entertain his audience as well as doing what he enjoys so seeing y’all giving him shit had me confused. Dude just trying to entertain. Mr.Tyson was being uptight. I respect him for that but on the other hand in my humble opinion dude could loosen up a bit cause he seem super chill. Also his last message was so nice
Aquatwin 20 timer siden
I think it kinda makes sense that the yakuza developed as a more like, vigilante based on the seemingly lacking judicial system in place in Japan. Don't get me wrong, America has *a lot of faults* that also most definitely contribute to our own gang culture but there is definitely more reflection of what its reacting to in the different areas of the world and also how the culture still seeps into each.
White Sky
White Sky 21 time siden
his message at the end was not just "good" that was fucking cool
Alexander Webb
Alexander Webb 21 time siden
Ahh iv heard worse from my Irish family 🤣😅
Shaduzi23 21 time siden
This man is a legend... dropped out of middle school and joined the Yakuza at 16 while pulling up with a stunning AP Royal Oak Offshore :)
pixiusd1 21 time siden
he's most definitely still yakuza
Sara Tesser
Sara Tesser 22 timer siden
I am new to anime and culture in general. Joey, do you have any help to get into anime? I want to get in anime. Keep up the great videos!
Nick L
Nick L 22 timer siden
i had a dream a couple of nights ago that i was watching a documentary on a rich yakuza clan who like killed people in martial arts tournaments, and they shot a bunch of reporters while they were spying on them in a boat, also a bunch of other crazy shit happened
Daniel Butael
Daniel Butael 22 timer siden
"I seriously think yakuza lingo is cool" 10 seconds later - "I don't think that"
The Meadow
The Meadow 22 timer siden
might be the fakest shit of all time lol. Thats not calling out Tatsu, thats me just calling the guy an imposter lol. "some of the yakuza make the money" "some of them are good at organizing" wtf is the Yakuza a cleaning service? "whats your craziest experience?" "generic story that we've all heard on the internet about taking off a finger" All of these answers are generic af and hold super little detail lol
Tom PAC 23 timer siden
Joey: You don't seem that intimidating or scary Me: Bruh Joey is asking to get bitch slapped by this man
Emmanuel Alejandro
Emmanuel Alejandro 23 timer siden
16:24 we have the same taste,
my dream came true.
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