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Earbuds that truly fit your ears are fairly unique. Will music sound better or make things a bit more inconvenient since it will only work well for one person?

Check out the Ultimate Ear Fits Earbuds at lmg.gg/WkSpG

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4. mai. 2021





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Kyle M Sprague
Kyle M Sprague 3 dager siden
Anyone know how sensitive the touch sensors are? I want to use them in my motorcycle helmet but even my current earbuds get bumped but luckily they have buttons and aren't touch.
Mensch 000
Mensch 000 4 dager siden
Big compressor mics? You mean large diaphragm condenser mics?
Blair Charbonneau
Blair Charbonneau 6 dager siden
Are you still regularly using these buds ? How are you liking them after a month of use ?
Chaosiferus 15 dager siden
I was just telling one of my family members they need to make earbuds that form to your ears like earplugs lol now I find these
Northwest Audio Event DJs
I find that volume and track changes on the Apple Watch are far more convenient
connorman5511 20 dager siden
You should do a review on the ThieAudio Legacy 3 custom IEMs if you don't review them, at least check em' out, cheapest true custom IEM on the market. Got my pair a month ago and I'm in love 😍
jjj333_p 23 dager siden
What song is that? I’d like to add it to my listening selection.
Snug l GdLvsU
Snug l GdLvsU 23 dager siden
I'm impressed, didn't expect the bite block. Also u can do this with any earbuds just buy some Radians earplugs.
Kasper Hill
Kasper Hill 23 dager siden
Tap command works a little better if you keep you finger in contacts a tad bit longer
gameflux 25 dager siden
No thank you !
David 26 dager siden
This is super cool
SHAWAL FIDA 27 dager siden
I'm using a 7 year old senheisser cx2.00g with my dualsense controller was planning to get a steelseries arctis 7p BUT..... steelseries just released the tusq, i wonder whether is it any good to replace the senheisser Im looking for budget in ear plug in headset that sounds as good or even better
Michele Allori
Michele Allori 29 dager siden
Deer dance is damn good song!!!
The_Cosmo Måned siden
I'm still using the J29's from the roundup of cheap earbuds like two-three years ago, 25euro. Minus no customisability on the buttons and very rare connection issues which are from like, phone in pocket, hands inside and over the phone.. the earbuds have really served me well.
PCMasterRaceTechGod Måned siden
I don't understand the whole touch command nonsense. Just use physical buttons like my $20 wireless sport earbuds have. You literally only need 3 buttons on one of the earbuds. One for power on/off (long press) and play/pause (press), and two for skipping/replaying (long press) and volume up/down (press)
Andrew Razumovsky
Andrew Razumovsky Måned siden
Is it me or James cut his nails after 1:50? 🤔
ganzonomy Måned siden
Stuff like this is nice, but the lack of consistency in the earbud Bluetooth functions is why I went to the CSX line. Proper monitors. I should have them in about a month. For now I have ue900s, and they're incredible as a universal iem.
Ryan Skelly
Ryan Skelly Måned siden
I invested in a pair of custom fit IEMs. It is definitely up there on the most satisfying purchases I've made for price vs. enjoyment. Todays climate has made it more difficult to use them (they're wired), but i still find it is worth the effort of having a wire running from my ears to my device. Amazing sound, amazing isolation, I never have to worry about connectivity issues or battery life... just have to make sure I remember where my lightning to 3.5mm adapter is.
Markus Mitchell
Markus Mitchell Måned siden
$200 for some earbuds F no that's insane
G19 Seattle
G19 Seattle Måned siden
Love the "molding tech" but not digging much else. Granted it's subjective but I thought they looked terrible in your ears (antennas? Cork screws? Dead bolt lock?). Limited functions that don't work well and connection issues? Man that's a lot of sacrifices for $250. Thanks for your candid review!
DaimyoD0 Måned siden
Tor Måned siden
Yeah, only for podcasts. Or, radio or audio books, or most NOsections videos. Also, Have you heard of something called "news"? 😉
Rafael Garcia
Rafael Garcia Måned siden
1:14 James is Da Baby
Lars Liaaen
Lars Liaaen Måned siden
3:37 norge er best!!!!
sinkiy Måned siden
The problems with these earbuds are they haven’t figured out a way to wirelessly charge these from tablets or phone as you listen. That would be amazing
Kris Morey
Kris Morey Måned siden
James has done his research
Brandon Lim
Brandon Lim Måned siden
ZERO resell value until they figure out the remoldable options.
Thy Art Gaming
Thy Art Gaming Måned siden
Love to see a review of Esion earbuds
James Rounding
James Rounding Måned siden
I’ve had the ultimate ears mini boom for years and it’s a nice little speaker
NorthernChaosGod Måned siden
>Heavy metal >Plays SoaD
Mike azul
Mike azul Måned siden
PIA sucks (1. Internet is slow compared to other VPN's; 2. Updating the software is a nightmare. It never updates) . Please find a different VPN to promote. I love you guys, but sometimes you make bad choice.
Evan Andrews
Evan Andrews Måned siden
The AKG N400have that same issue when the charge case battery is depleted. I loved how they sounded but that ergonomic quirk was a deal breaker.
abba2566 Måned siden
I always find it interesting how many types of touch control there are and how many of them seem to suck. I got some cheapish (I think they were like £80 and came with a smart watch) ones from a kickstarter and the touch controls are tap either once to play/pause, double tap left to go back, double tap right to go forward and then press and hold left for volume down and press and hold right for volume up. That just makes sense to me...
jedics Måned siden
Kind of un forgivable for a well established company that make expensive products in a market of great stuff, PASS!
Picasso Impaler
Picasso Impaler Måned siden
Just some fun facts for everyone here. A completely flat response doesn't sound good with headphones. Your body, head, and ear shape change the response to your ear in a typical environment. But with headphones, that doesn't have a chance to happen. So it's compensated for in the design of the headphone and in EQ curves like the UE curve shown. Also, the dip in the "high end" of these is somewhere near 4k hz which your ear is most sensitive to. So when listening at high volumes it can become irritating over time. So often manufacturers bring that range down a bit to be "easier listening" with less fatigue over time.
Zombified Dragon
Zombified Dragon Måned siden
DO NOT get these. The case is very much garbage, the disconnection he talked about is non stop, I've had it for 5 months now. Even after you're done using them, the case hardly charges them, basically acting as if their still being used because they still play and everything while in the charging positions, so I literally have to turn off my Bluetooth. Even then they won't charge until they turn off (by themselves as there's no power button for them) or die while in the charging port. They will turn themselves off while you are listening to in the middle of anything, no matter if it's at 100% fully powered or not. The only reason I use them is because they're the only earbuds that don't hurt my ears for extended periods of time. The limited functionality of the "taps" is a joke too. I want to be able to power them off with a button, swipe in a direction for sound or forwarding/revving songs, not stuck with unresponsive "taps" half the time. Due to the poor design overall, definitely not worth 100 bucks, let alone 250.
keokeo Ihaia
keokeo Ihaia Måned siden
Its called pterygoid muscles
101% FP
101% FP Måned siden
Can anyone tell me what smartwatch is he using?
Skooma Gnark
Skooma Gnark Måned siden
and here i am, having my old AF Earin inear headphones ("M-1" ) without any touch or sensors or anything other than music playback, and im like: "do i need this? no" * shrugs * xD and they dont fall out, because they are tiny :D but its nice to see that stuff is happening, and maybe i get a new one in the future, if its small enough ^^ i rly dont like those big bulky things everyone has to do because it has to have touch and stuff :(
Audioillity Måned siden
I got custom molded ear buds several years ago, not as expensive as you might think (still not cheap) - I would never go back to normal earbuds now.
EVOLICIOUS Måned siden
The funny part is that James is referring to audiophile-grade IEMs, most of which start in the $3000 price range (example: qdc 8SL/Gemini/Anole VX). None of which sound anything like these garbage Chinese cheapo overpriced headphones meant to look like custom-fitted IEMs.
Cynthia Dev
Cynthia Dev Måned siden
UE buds.. but then going for the cheap ones. like what?
Takedown Bard
Takedown Bard Måned siden
Figured that Id put this in here as a warning, if you live in an area with consistent weather changes, don’t buy this. I used these buds for about half a month before I started having issues, I would notice that on some days, the buds would fit perfectly but on others they just could not seem to fit in my ears at all. I tried reaching out to the wonderful support team they have and they sent me some larger buds as a replacement but I ended up having the same issues I had the first time in about the same amount of time. I believe the issue stems from the liquid inside the buds that is supposed to harden when exposed to the light simply not hardening all the way through and the liquid reacting to temperatures. If you live in a semi-steady climate though, I would advise giving these a try
Hazardz Måned siden
Does he already have the pixel watch????
Elm N
Elm N Måned siden
With that shape, they could have had an up/down sliding touch sensor that would have been great for volume control.
Firdaush Bhadha
Firdaush Bhadha Måned siden
Within the UE Sound Signature, bringing down that specific area in the high's (if its to scale) is not only interesting,, it is great! Its the area where the shrill sounds occur. And, if the headphones are that deep in your head shrillness is perceived to be amplified. So, all in all, that sound signature, for most listeners will be great! Most music mastering does account for these shrill areas. My bet is that the people that would buy these are listening to well mastered music.
Jeter1230 Måned siden
Eugene Elkin
Eugene Elkin Måned siden
NICE AWES0ME 🍨🍨🍨🍚🍔🍔🍟🏁 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨 🍦 🍰 ❗ 🐬 🌹 🌷 🍁 💐🍂 🐡🐄 🐅 🐆 🐯 🍣 🍣 🍣 🥘 🍨🍨🍨
knobmastah Måned siden
Hey James, since you're on Android, there are a couple of apps that you might find very interesting: Wavelet and Neutralizer.
Nachname Vorname
Nachname Vorname Måned siden
That’s why you buy apple. Lifes too short to adjust to bad interaction / interfaces.
pqiw jds
pqiw jds Måned siden
Should be priced at $50 not worth the hype. Awesome video
Matt Gleason
Matt Gleason Måned siden
"I'm gonna play Dear Dance" *lighthearted generic rock music plays*
xLithePanther Måned siden
I could never wear these unfortunately. They're so damn ugly Jesus
Bartosz Ton
Bartosz Ton Måned siden
do you know if samsung buds + works like that (case need power to turn on the buds?)
Nikoapp SMUGGRED Måned siden
idk i would never buy those.
Daniel Georgianni
Daniel Georgianni Måned siden
Bet hes listening to the beetles.
Freerun-Media Måned siden
Maybe, don't use wireless earbuds ;-) You have to charge them and the case. It's all wireless connection so it could disconnect and the taps is with most of the earbuds hit or miss. Just use a cable connected earbud. At this moment i am using the ZSN Pro by KZ ( Aliexpress ) and they sound very nice and loud. Yes it's a cable nut it works every time when i put in the cable.
babylon4953 Måned siden
How can you recommend these with all its flaws?!
Withington Cycles
Withington Cycles Måned siden
when you were a kid .. was like last week ;-)
ItsReallyMeSquid Måned siden
The way he said the ad read sounded like listening to someone driving by with a podcast playing
LUcky Aesthetics
LUcky Aesthetics Måned siden
These remind me of my old hearing aids i needed as a kid, lol idk why... maybe because they are also custom
Jan-David Carnin
Jan-David Carnin Måned siden
I wish, that I could also listen as loud as I want. But the EU regulates it so strong, on max volume it's barely loud enough, so I run my buds always on full blast (both phone and buds)... My Galaxy buds are reconnecting everytime, even when the case battery is fully depleted. This happens often. I charge them only, when both buds an the case died.
Ultimate Ears Pro
Ultimate Ears Pro Måned siden
Glad you guys liked them! With our fit guarantee we can send you new tips if the fit isn't quite right first time, we do also now sell spares on the site too.
Sean Vedell
Sean Vedell 4 dager siden
@Ultimate Ears Pro If only you would sell these outside the United States. If anyone not in America wants these or your custom IEM’s you need to involve a friend or relative in the States to bounce them to you. What’s the problem? You don’t like making money?
Stuff Man
Stuff Man 11 dager siden
Was actually wondering about this. Would hate to waste tips on expensive buds.
DaimyoD0 Måned siden
@Ultimate Ears Pro Neat.
Ultimate Ears Pro
Ultimate Ears Pro Måned siden
Also, with the connection issues we have just recently released a firmware update that should rectify this.
Patrick Wendt
Patrick Wendt Måned siden
Pretty neat idea, but I think I'll stick to my 15$ IEM's.
Rakesh T G
Rakesh T G Måned siden
toxicity > deer dance
MattVega Måned siden
Really 250 nap I’m good
ABC DEF Måned siden
What a weird thumbnail
sqeezy90 Måned siden
Ear worm applied. Thanks for that. System concerts is one thing to look forward to, for the time after the pandemic.
bug5654 Måned siden
7:32 Sounds like we need a live test of this claim.
HaleDynamics Måned siden
These would be cool if they were like $150 tops lol
Shane Moon
Shane Moon Måned siden
As someone who owns $1800 Roxanne’s from JH Audio, there is no comparison between the two. Interesting concept from UE really trying to get into the consumer market. Would be interesting to see the differentiation in teams from their professional and consumer product lines. I’d bet they’re completely different teams with no sharing of technology or concepts. Much like JBL.
Ash Salleh
Ash Salleh Måned siden
good dude but.. there's something about his voice that bugs me, sorry... and btw my voice bugs me too
Orson S
Orson S Måned siden
It's not a good thing.
Calas Typhus
Calas Typhus Måned siden
7:20 best part, of the whole video...
Dudge Måned siden
I'd be interested in seeing their opinion on chi-fi IEMs.
User 1
User 1 Måned siden
My wireless earbuds are $19.99 with a lifetime warranty while these earbuds are $250 with a 30 day warranty. 👌
Freefall _44_
Freefall _44_ Måned siden
Just get a Custom IEM. They probably sound better and fit perfect.
SamPhoenix Måned siden
6:40 Most earphones work like that because opening/taking them out of the case is what tells them to wake up and connect.
ItsFreakinJesus Måned siden
That case is pretty pocketable. If only Samsung thought of that.
Dikkie Baan
Dikkie Baan Måned siden
Tapping is just as useless as on their boom bluetooth speakers
Ragna B
Ragna B Måned siden
Connection issues, interaction issues, $250.. Yeah.. no…
Beau Coburn
Beau Coburn Måned siden
Sorry, hate to be this guy but the term is condenser mic, not compression mic.
Skulltoast Studios [NanoElite666]
It's kind of funny how not even close to being similar to Deer Dance that simulated music is.
Shani Ace
Shani Ace Måned siden
Oh nice! I had looked at those a while ago, but unfortunately they only ship to the US right now. :/
Matt Weiner
Matt Weiner Måned siden
These are very ugly. These are ugly enough that I don't think I'd care how they sound.
E3.14C Måned siden
I'm convinced any price over 15usd for a single driver is a scam. Been using these ( penonaudio.com/earphones/xiaomi-piston-colorful-edition.html?sort=p.price&order=ASC ), and they are better sound quality than anything I've ever heard audio from before (which isn't a large sample, including speakers, and turtle beach + lenovo over ear headphones @50usd+). I am using a pair of eartips that came from someone's samsung phone package with the Xiaomis, so those do help incredibly with the quality of the sound compared to the stock ear tips the things came with. Looking into getting IEMs with a replaceable cord like the KZ ZST X which is only 16usd on Linsoul right now. If anyone can direct me to where I can learn more about audio, that would be highly appreciated, because I've not been able to find any sources that genuinely compare and inform about the specifications, or touch on how to understand (if it does). I have a B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC mobo supporting roughly 500 impedance iirc, so I don't need a dac, only an amplifier for my phone if I really need to down the road. TLDR: Sinking money into a new piece of audio equipment is a large committment personally, and I have yet to find enough information to confidently go forward with doing so. Any reccomendations on where to educate myself about the topics required to fully understand a purchase so that it is not ignorant?
Mr_G gg
Mr_G gg Måned siden
these men make Windows Task Manager don't believe me see : Dave's Garage 01.Secret History of Windows Task Manager - Part 1 - Origins nosections.info/green/x22GeYGbg41kw7I/video.html
Robert Lawrence Bany
James should have used Infant Annihilator for the head banging test 😂
TornadoBarrage Måned siden
My ears get itchy from using earbuds
Senzelian Måned siden
Pushing little children with their fully automatics, they like to push the weak around!
noyeahno Måned siden
Joel Amstutz
Joel Amstutz Måned siden
I got these returned them after a couple days. They had connection issues when my phone was in my pocket. When walking, the sound isolation was too good so I heard the thud of my steps. When sitting I could just hear my breathing. They sounded so so good and were very comfortable, but just not fun to live with.
Well Flux Me
Well Flux Me Måned siden
Hmmmm seems like my AirPods Pro with foam tips works just as well
kaustubh kp
kaustubh kp Måned siden
Someone unban James from twitter!
V.Petya Måned siden
It would be cool if you could just buy 3rd party molding tips for your existing earphones (AirPods, Sony, JBL, etc)
Jonas Meyer
Jonas Meyer Måned siden
3:43 Einmusik and Saalbach
Blaž Bohinc
Blaž Bohinc Måned siden
This thing where they put fake music on top of his listening section is just.. Terrible. It's not representative of what he hears.
Stone Berglund
Stone Berglund Måned siden
AirPod Pros have the same issue with the charging case being dead, as soon as that happens they completely bork out and stop functioning properly altogether until the case is charged again. The things we deal with for ANC
The Editor
The Editor Måned siden
Earmuffs case is now a biohazard
Balazs Egedi
Balazs Egedi Måned siden
If u just messed up u can throw them away?
Math Has a Fatal Flaw