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When you spend as much time on the road as Justin Bieber does, having a place that feels like home to go to after every performance is a welcome refuge. Join us as he shows us around his tour bus that features a steam shower and infrared sauna.
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Inside Justin Bieber's Tour Bus | GQ




13. april. 2021





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GQ 22 dager siden
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siddhesh deokar
siddhesh deokar 11 timer siden
arghi zulfiansyah
arghi zulfiansyah 4 dager siden
Nala Cub
Nala Cub 4 dager siden
Yeah Nah ditch the gamblin’ ads. Poor form!
TuSHar RaWAt
TuSHar RaWAt 6 dager siden
Outro music ?
Wendy Barron
Wendy Barron 11 dager siden
Why would you sell out.?
Bhagya Jayasekera
How much?
Luke Barnett
Luke Barnett Time siden
I'll tell you what winds me up. The filming of this is so average and most people with amazing video skillsets wouldn't get a chance to do something of this caliber.
ODUARTE DUA 2 timer siden
Um bom motorista ADM BEM SEU TEMPO ore apoio® dible adoro¿ mal humor#byling nao ouvi nova ACC JB©
D J 5 timer siden
memphis is soooo good👅
D J 5 timer siden
that's bigger than nyc studio apartments
Dshew89 D
Dshew89 D 7 timer siden
hector tico
hector tico 8 timer siden
when you have the money you have the glory🍹
100% Real
100% Real 9 timer siden
How much pressure to be Justin Beiber. I’m sure he feels like the world is on his shoulders sometimes. One love
100% Real
100% Real 9 timer siden
Bieber..my apologies 🤙🏼
Olivia Adams
Olivia Adams 10 timer siden
I want a bus like that....!
Muhammad Qadir
Muhammad Qadir 12 timer siden
This bus is fancier than my whole house.
Skylar Campbell
Skylar Campbell 13 timer siden
this is extremely out of touch
Rhea Choubey
Rhea Choubey 15 timer siden
Love you sweetie
Nur Izzati Shmm
Nur Izzati Shmm 16 timer siden
other people flexing their house meanwhle bieber lets checkout my tour bus
Ranjana Mourya
Ranjana Mourya 17 timer siden
How much it cost 😀
Anjali Kamdar
Anjali Kamdar 17 timer siden
3:47 the brushing of my teeth 🦷 hahaha
Max 17 timer siden
total idiot.
WickedlNl 19 timer siden
And then you have metal bands where there are 10 people in one bus with their management included :D
Nakorn Lee
Nakorn Lee 19 timer siden
Why buy rolls when you can buy this
JANE 20 timer siden
This is not your regular tour bus... Just so some kids don't get the wrong idea about touring. In most situations, you can't even stretch your legs in the vehicle
Aida Best
Aida Best 20 timer siden
That bus is sick!
Ingrid Marie Kjelseth
Ingrid Marie Kjelseth 20 timer siden
Haha next level RV! though my van will by at least as cool B)
Sonic Wins
Sonic Wins 21 time siden
So good to see him like this. The guy is younger and healthier. May it prosper 27 with the face of 18.
Anym 21 time siden
I'm just wondering if those jutted out parts for the bed and such are even legal
Lara McKinnon
Lara McKinnon 22 timer siden
This bus is bigger than my apartment...
subro das
subro das Dag siden
really !!!! green tray lights ??? hahahaha
Chad Gossman
Chad Gossman Dag siden
Intro "have you ever driven a tour bus?" Justin Bieber " YEAH , I don't think that'd be a good idea"
Baleed Ali
Baleed Ali Dag siden
Justin the phone and you. I the have a ghost.
trouvaillx Dag siden
kinda wanna see that music video not gonna lie...
Grace Slip
Grace Slip Dag siden
Yasss. He supports Toronto maple leafs as well. I’m not Canadian. In fact I’m not I’m American. I am British but Ice hockey is my life.
Grace Slip
Grace Slip Dag siden
Ah. This must be the mini house designs *secret* episode.
LadyLakeMusic Dag siden
It’s a vibe 💟
Shalma Monib
Shalma Monib Dag siden
Justin bieber OMG 😱 tour busy
Ananya Mishra
Ananya Mishra Dag siden
Idk if it's just me.. But Marriage has changed Justin for good!! He seems very chill, humble and calm. Earlier he seemed not so well spoken. Like-- Way to go Justin and Haily!😌
Mr. O-Town
Mr. O-Town Dag siden
Should have said “watch the leafs lose in the first round”
JimmyBobJoe Dag siden
tiny tiny tiny captionsss
Braydon Green
Braydon Green Dag siden
He really compared doing a concert to playing in a sports game
Fathima Farmila
Fathima Farmila Dag siden
Find your love drake song??
Yeti_ 0
Yeti_ 0 Dag siden
Me barely having enough leg room on a road trip, this man with a whole bed and room to spare in his bus.....
Louise Ovesen
Louise Ovesen Dag siden
What in the Harry Potter quidditch world cups tents
eva Dag siden
his bus is larger than my room😭
Joana Dag siden
Where do they park that? 😂
Gorge Luthur
Gorge Luthur Dag siden
His tour bus?!!....better than my whole house☹️
starr Dag siden
bye the way i think about how i can imagine this whole bus just fell on its side lol
Ivko Vukovic 2
Ivko Vukovic 2 Dag siden
I still don't know why he hates KSI?
Haikal R. Basaib
tell you what, that man is living life tbh
Christopher Noel
better than my house tf
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse Dag siden
That's not a tour bus. That's a *Bling Bus*
YusNintendoFan Dag siden
justin bieber very humble person. thanks
papaable Dag siden
BUS?! sis that’s a whole apartment
Tio Morra
Tio Morra Dag siden
If only he wasn’t being toxic with his wife
luke van zyl
luke van zyl Dag siden
This is better than my house. Some people have to much money
hiImPotato hehe
hiImPotato hehe Dag siden
Pov: a bus looks better than your house 😀👍
I belong to India I got mad after watching it I've never got into such glamorous bus
Angelique B
Angelique B Dag siden
Lmfao I just comment about the led lights....next minute.........should of watched the whole vid first🙄😂
maxkdraw 2 dager siden
This bus is much bigger than my appartement
Danielle Rogers
Danielle Rogers 2 dager siden
About time to change the tp roll. Hehe
kamakshi mishra
kamakshi mishra 2 dager siden
He talks with such calmness.....makes me proud to be a belieber..#wejoveyoujustin
Мехроб Сохибов
good luck
sumi sv
sumi sv 2 dager siden
Hey my brother professional editor and vfx support 🌝
Arvinesh 2 dager siden
The only thing that missing is a swimming pool.lol
Boot to Bonnet
Boot to Bonnet 2 dager siden
He punches his hand a lot
William Mann-Maxwell
William Mann-Maxwell 2 dager siden
Does anyone know where you can buy the shirt he is wearing
Sabrina Lemus
Sabrina Lemus 2 dager siden
“similar to a professional athlete” sure
Diverse Visionary Group
I don't have an issue if JB rocked dreadlocks
John Simon Medenilla
John Simon Medenilla 2 dager siden
I wonder if they pull this up the drive-thru
Lucian Georges
Lucian Georges 2 dager siden
Justin: I even wrote songs here GQ: What songs? Justin: Well, you know, like... There was this one song... it was called um... yeah. But it wasn’t on this bus it was a different one lol
AMAD 2 dager siden
who is driving the bus ? it is not the easiest thing I guess
Flourishing.Sweeney 2 dager siden
This was my first time getting to see what a tour bus looks like inside and out. Thank you very much, Mr. Bieber :) p.s. Canada looks amazing!
francesco bombarolo
francesco bombarolo 2 dager siden
Bro what is the name of that chill melody at 0 :50
Cocky Like Deadpool
Cocky Like Deadpool 2 dager siden
Buddy got me looking at my room like 😑 u sad piece of 💩
Fear the Beard 2019
Fear the Beard 2019 2 dager siden
Touring is Similar to a professional athlete he says 🤡 lmao
Merry Stewart Thompson
Indonesia here 👋
UKrist Official
UKrist Official 2 dager siden
Orchata la Cucaracha
Orchata la Cucaracha 2 dager siden
It’s like I’m actually in the bus
Zachary Hazard
Zachary Hazard 2 dager siden
I wish I could meet him I’ve listened to his music sence the start and watched all the movies and tv shows his Ben in my favorite roll of his is were he gets shot like a hundred times and the person that shot him was a masked villain wearing a bike helmet and riding a bike and shoots him with a uzi with an drum mag
bella n tulips
bella n tulips 2 dager siden
bella n tulips
bella n tulips 2 dager siden
That tour buss is better than my house
Crokeyon10 beats
Crokeyon10 beats 2 dager siden
So dope that he shouts out up and coming artists. I will definitely be checking Drake out!
Danylo Solar
Danylo Solar 2 dager siden
Sorry what.? 5-4 is not destroying lmao
L H 2 dager siden
1:25 "Ask Your Mom" moment..too easy.
L H 2 dager siden
to shay
Franko Rojek
Franko Rojek 2 dager siden
this is something between a yacht and a bus
Liam Gilks
Liam Gilks 2 dager siden
The Leafs blew a 5-1 lead that game 😂😂
Avah Bueno
Avah Bueno 2 dager siden
we love how this tour bus is bigger than my house
Kao Eagle
Kao Eagle 2 dager siden
He looks so calm and comfortable
Sita Maria
Sita Maria 2 dager siden
this is more luxury than most houses! its beautiful honestly
o̴ ǫ̸̩͘
o̴ ǫ̸̩͘ 2 dager siden
If this kid talks one more time about being Christian 😔
Robin Ford
Robin Ford 2 dager siden
Robin Ford
Robin Ford 2 dager siden
I wish he would purchase my Mother's artwork, she was a National professional Artist. Btw, nice tour bus. 👍❤
macdaniel87 2 dager siden
Ain't a bus without a driver... what about the cockpit??
Tyler Love
Tyler Love 2 dager siden
i love when hes trying to talk and watrch hocky at the same time lol such a normal Canadian love it
sebaswildboy 2 dager siden
this guy still relevant?
Maria Alves
Maria Alves 2 dager siden
YEP, #1 album in the world rn
Maree Ree
Maree Ree 2 dager siden
his bus bedroom is bigger than my actual bedroom, in a real house
Steff 2 dager siden
How ugly
♣️Hope Gaming♠️
This bus is much better than my house
n0 x n4me
n0 x n4me 2 dager siden
nicer than my crib for sure
Ebenezer Jayden Mugunga
why does he talk like caleb mclaughlin ?
Ryan Warkentin
Ryan Warkentin 2 dager siden
Jets could crush the leafs anytime Justin cmon.
BiZzZy 2 dager siden
Really yuck 🤮
Yuta Noie
Yuta Noie 2 dager siden
okay this bus is much better than my apartment lol
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