Kepler Telescope Found New Planets Better Than Earth 

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Kepler Telescope Found New Planets Better Than Earth
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The Kepler Telescope was built for one purpose; to look at a certain patch in the Milky Way in search of exoplanets.
The exoplanet hunter observed over hundreds of thousands of stars and discovered thousands of exoplanets during its lifetime.



21. feb.. 2021





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Destiny Måned siden
NASA's Plan To Stop An Asteroid nosections.info/green/kW5ko4WEgaFprL4/video.html
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson 2 dager siden
He was Buddhist
Mystery Saupe
Mystery Saupe 3 dager siden
@Tarj Wilkinson Why is it that Jesus gets three wise men, and I always get some wise guys?
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson 7 dager siden
@Mystery Saupe yes
Mystery Saupe
Mystery Saupe 7 dager siden
@Tarj Wilkinson As you like to say to me, no.
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson 7 dager siden
@Mystery Saupe um buddhism is more accurate
Vex on series s
Vex on series s 2 timer siden
The way he ended the video was just amazing
Zaber Ansary
Zaber Ansary 3 timer siden
How about making Earth better eh? I can guarantee that Earth can be made better (clean energy, no plastic, planting trees, stopping deforestation etc) for cheaper.
Super Cool
Super Cool 4 timer siden
Elon Musk want to know location...
Chulo Papi
Chulo Papi 13 timer siden
Maybe others out there think we're too warmongering and want nothing to do with us, but could use our resources 🤔❗❓❗ If I was from another planet visiting earth and saw how the people are and the rampant greed of so many, I wouldn't want anything to do with earth other than warn others of how destructive we are. Sorry not sorry 😞😐😞
PuertoRicanPrincess 16 timer siden
In the decades since the Viking photographs, it seems NASA has improved the quality of its images, showing a desert environment, mountains and even ice.
Tapejara 150
Tapejara 150 18 timer siden
Just because it looks good on paper doesnt mean it actually is. There are so many variables to take into account. Earth is perfect for us, those planets probably not. We only really know if we are actually there.
Valle Marling
Valle Marling 19 timer siden
Do you still think we are alone ? 🤣
Bonek Bianconeri
Ah, goroh ente
Aman Gill
Aman Gill Dag siden
Nothing is Better than Earth 🌍
Malachi Gonzalez
Imagine all the different creatures and animals on those planets
Andris Vanyolos
Andris Vanyolos Dag siden
It's good to look after a habitable planet but don't you dare destroy this one sayin that we found a better one
Cimurai Sampi
Cimurai Sampi Dag siden
We all should be thankful fo living in the era of 8K anime.
Fady 69
Fady 69 Dag siden
No matter how better they are. Humans gonna undo that 🤷🏽‍♂️
g a
g a Dag siden
I didn't see any evidence in this video showing these planets are better than earth.
dead comms
dead comms Dag siden
Eva Watson-Abbott
If they are ‘better’ it’s because there are no humans there to trash them...🤷🏻
Liberate tuteme ex inferis
The only way to reach those planets is to develop warp drive. Nothing pleasant lives in the warp.
SlyTheUberMan 2 dager siden
We should focus more on our own planet before scoping out other ones! Still spooked on what's deep down in the ocean.
John Brian South
John Brian South 2 dager siden
Yeah, they don't have any nasty Dinosaurs!... or do they?? lol. In reality it would take millions of years to reach any other planet. Any generation born in zero gravity would perish.... so get used to living on the Third Stone from the Sun.
iWunderful 2 dager siden
Literally any planet with air, water, good temp, and decent gravity, is better than earth
DC Wesly
DC Wesly 2 dager siden
Pretty soon it's going to be discovered that aliens are amongst us.. then more information is going to start coming out slowly... Then it's going to be proven that we actually have alien technology already at our disposal and have been in contact with aliens on other planets. That hasn't stopped us from sinning against God... Regardless we still need Jesus!
Hard as Steel
Hard as Steel 2 dager siden
Guuuud.... Baggs Banny uill send some guys der, tu get rid ov dem....😁😁😁😁😁
King Nunii
King Nunii 2 dager siden
Even if we did find something else. You know the governments don’t want us to have things.
Thugz Luv
Thugz Luv 3 dager siden
The question is how big is the universe ???
This is A name
This is A name 3 dager siden
How do we even know that some of the 'non-habitable' planets are actually non-habitable like,aliens could have evoved to sustain heat higher than 200 F° or -200 F° there ls a chance that the planets that we think are impossible to live in actually support intelligent life. Just think about it for a second
God Kevin
God Kevin 3 dager siden
Just imagine, an Exo Planet being discovered and a scouting team is send out to discover. Once landed, they see all animals and insects we see on planet earth today. Basically a planet earth 2.0. Or it's completely empty (in human life terms), or we find exactly the same planet and we enter some sort of weird duplicate.
Bin Domaub
Bin Domaub 3 dager siden
Not a single picture
andrew seed
andrew seed 3 dager siden
If oil was on those planets we would be there tomorrow
Roger Howard
Roger Howard 3 dager siden
The age long question: where is Heaven?
Pop Gamer
Pop Gamer 3 dager siden
I believe there will be another earth . as well as human with new languages and with great technology or without technology 💥✌️✌️
Revonah Wolfe
Revonah Wolfe 3 dager siden
I wonder if you have to wear masks there? Asking for a friend
Pax lucio
Pax lucio 3 dager siden
Don’t you think if there was any aliens out there, our planet would be so easy to find? Like what if another planet had a NASA and they know about Earth like what if they dont want humans finding out about them. Cause they are scared or something. Never know, Maybe they have the technology to move from planet to planet whenever We make a discovery bringing us closer to them.
the King
the King 3 dager siden
I don't understand what the milky way is
Paul 815
Paul 815 3 dager siden
Since NASA's publication policy is supervised by the DoD, nearly all relevant essential information about extraterrestial biological entities (EBE's) is hidden from us.
Pro Duelist
Pro Duelist 4 dager siden
Better than earth??? You better talked after you have real experience boy
iSarea 4 dager siden
I named my new puppy kepler..
Yash Patel
Yash Patel 4 dager siden
Skip to 2:18
Indo .Squad
Indo .Squad 4 dager siden
Better than earth ? Earth billion year better than any planet out there.
Half Blood
Half Blood 4 dager siden
i got tired with these super "unhabitable" earths 2.0
Doctor Rao
Doctor Rao 4 dager siden
I cant't wait to see plastic garbage artificial continent even in the second planet
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 4 dager siden
It takes 400 plus years to reach the planet 😳
Janhavi Mayekar
Janhavi Mayekar 4 dager siden
Even we don't know are we first planet where human or living things survive😬 now I m damn curious about this things and realise how much small wee Are. Compare to universe . I think universe is an one thing in which each planet n stars are atom , in atom we are electron neutron and proton ..
Preston Ak
Preston Ak 4 dager siden
If there is aliens, they’d be very intelligent, or the complete opposite
Enock Mukatasha
Enock Mukatasha 4 dager siden
Maybe our minds wouldn't manage to understand all God's creations,maybe it is a reason why we fail sometimes to understand what God has not revealed to us why he created all these planets😕..I feel we are alone in this planet according what our creater said
Yellow Cracker
Yellow Cracker 4 dager siden
Imagine finally you left this cruel earth and could be able to space travel to get into a whole another planet and the first female alien you meet saying to you "I have a boyfriend!" before even you say "Hi!" 🙁 Just think about it for a sec.
wombatt360 4 dager siden
No, we're not alone. We have a Creator.
Random Videos
Random Videos 5 dager siden
Nothing is better than our lovely Earth 🌍
Jacob Nduya
Jacob Nduya 5 dager siden
I really wonder!! This universe is endless only God knows if the universe has the end or not. But congratulations scientist for your curiosity
lydnar zenaby
lydnar zenaby 5 dager siden
Earth will become polluted and populated.. There will be a massive giant spaceship someday that its main purpose is to multiply people generation to generation until it will arrive at the newest earthlike planet to start a new beginning of life..
Progje 5 dager siden
also funny thing, almost every comment here starts with "imagine....." Yea imagine this, imagine that. Imagine if..... But no one with a bit of common sense xD
Progje 5 dager siden
It's funny to hear that Kepler is looking for dimming, wobbling and such things while every solar system is rotating on their own axis and kepler only sees 1 axis and that's the axis he is looking at. If that rotation is 90 degrees rotated, Kepler wouldn't see shit. Get where i want to go? I think that it's just a big joke and people have to think more with common sense then just believe this. He would only see the wobbling of a planet IF that planet rotates in front of it. But if that rotation is different... Then he would not see it and thus a missed opportunity for them. Of course there are planets that are in a zone and as big as earth but that doesn't mean that people can live there or that other species live there. Imagine how many factors MUST be right in order to have life on a planet. It's not a matter of 10 factors or 20 or 30, nooo, there are way more factors to be exact the same as we have. The sun, the moon, the rotations of them all, how is the magnetic field of that planet and others around that planet and so on and so on. There is no way that there is a planet that has nearly the same factors. So i would say: Dream on.
4th dimensional human
4th dimensional human 5 dager siden
imagine you land on the planet and hear: warming multiple leviathan class creatures have been detected within the region...
vinny nguyen
vinny nguyen 5 dager siden
We are not alone
alienasshunter forrealz
Suck the earth dry and move on
marvic mayoga
marvic mayoga 6 dager siden
let us know if they released the new telescope ❤️
Matt JV
Matt JV 6 dager siden
There is no other planet that'd feel like home besides our Earth. All the silly ideas on colonizing other planets just coz people found some water or deserts isn't even worth it when compared to Earth. If by some miracle people do go to other planets, they'd be depressed. They'd still want to come to earth.
Notyourmama 6 dager siden
yay lets go destroy that one too!
RA MEEKA JAMANDRON 6 dager siden
Better than earth?! Seriously, earth is the ONLY living planet
FuZz 6 dager siden
Next thing u know we gunna have a multiverse
Frakkin' Dirt Eater
Frakkin' Dirt Eater 6 dager siden
We will all enjoy the James Webb telescope! When it's ready in the year 3021....
cxcxzxxz 6 dager siden
better than earth?? LOL nothing’s better than earth. It’s the humans that are worst.
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 6 dager siden
I don't know how you are able to see these planets and stars. As you have to wait for 300 year to see light from these star. according to my knowledge this is what a 300 light year mean. ( 5:30 )
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse 7 dager siden
Listen, if you tell me "there's a planet *better than* Earth", you must've already made a death wish. You can give me any riches on any planet, I'd appreciate it but will never acknowledge it to be better than earth.
Antory 7 dager siden
To get there 2.5million years🙃 I dont wanna go there.
RAFTER RAFTER 7 dager siden
"Better than Earth"; Says the title of the video...😆
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz 8 dager siden
I am sure with technology moving so fast, we will a aircraft which flying maybe 100 times compare to last one
Luka.B 8 dager siden
Imagine those people on other planets have already found us but they refuse to contact us cuz they know how stubborn and retarded humanity is and we can't even look the past the difference we have.
Sepia child
Sepia child 8 dager siden
The universe is expanding at the speed of light not sound since the big "bang"
The cat
The cat 8 dager siden
Imagine us all ready to go and it turns out there are already aliens
rampal singh
rampal singh 8 dager siden
Earth : Water is about to end ! Earth 2.0 : wait for me boy
Styv Breton
Styv Breton 8 dager siden
Hi Earth 2.0, I know you don't know what Earth is,.. but it doesn't matter, it's an old story about a planet we have exploited until total depletion, possess like soulless beings and abandon without any regret, now its your turn.. hope you have plenty of goodies to commercialize or else we will just test our shit on you. Thank you for your comprehension.
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard 8 dager siden
I wonder if the aliens also invented a bible. Long way for them to travel to find earths jesus and get a spot in the pearly gates. Or do only earthlings get saved?
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 8 dager siden
All these people saying humans are ruining earth? How so?
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 8 dager siden
How the hell would you know if water existed on a planet so far away? 🤔
angel 8 dager siden
You know it sucks that we’ll be dead before we even see another alien or get to another planet, I hope when I die I get to be an observer of the world
Strawsberry YT
Strawsberry YT 8 dager siden
I like how coincidentally so far earth is the smallest of the exoplanets discovered
Scott Kautz
Scott Kautz 8 dager siden
By now the telescope is quite out of date. Technology advances at a multiplying speed. The time it will take us to achieve the ability of interstellar travel will be sooner than we think. The fact that aliens are highly probable ups the chance of discovering and acquiring said technology also.
Divyesh Gupta
Divyesh Gupta 8 dager siden
Now Elon Musk must have new project to move to these planets...🤣😂🤣
NeverSwordBG_YT 8 dager siden
Eyyy man it doesent matter men cus people be like IMMA POLUTE Dont do that lol and this is not a mean comment or anything
George Winters
George Winters 8 dager siden
safia r
safia r 8 dager siden
There's no earth 2.0 the only new earth is the one that God will create after he destroys this one
NYARAI sash 9 dager siden
God is great guys, his power is just something
NYARAI sash 9 dager siden
Maybe we the blacks came from another planet full of black people imagine living a racist free life 🤔.....
donalias 9 dager siden
I don't want to die until there's news of the first expedition to a new world. How shocking would that be. Whatever the outcome, that's a one lifes experience
noodles 5 dager siden
Let's hope we'll still be alive to witness that!
Doggo1890 9 dager siden
Earth 2, electric boogaloo
Lalith Gopikrishna
Lalith Gopikrishna 9 dager siden
One thing is for sure,being alone in this vast,dark and never ending emptyiness is hell of a lot scarier than not being alone for humanity.
Amir Shah
Amir Shah 9 dager siden
Fun fact: *1400 years ago* in the *Quran Allah* told us that there are 7 earths in the universe: (Surah 65, ayah 12) “It is Allah who has created seven heavens and of the earth, the like of them. [His] command descends among them so you may know that Allah is over all things competent and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge.”
Carlos Jett Romero
Carlos Jett Romero 9 dager siden
If we eventually move there, Biden would probably ban all littering and gather the best politicians to uphold that or something, I’m counting on that
I know who killed JFK
I know who killed JFK 9 dager siden
what if there is like an enormous black hole some insane number of light years away and leads to another non-dark mode but very bright universe?
TheWhaddeva 9 dager siden
Good to know there is so many planets we can go to and destroy with our garbage and megalomania
Deplorable Snowman
Deplorable Snowman 9 dager siden
Imagine being a spacefaring civilization and some pre-FTL ape keeps dumping telescopes in your space.
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh 9 dager siden
The graphics on this channel are some of the best for space videos on youtube
Kyan .C
Kyan .C 9 dager siden
Yeah better than earth... for now 100,000 years later: ...Humanity all over again
Jack Amul
Jack Amul 9 dager siden
All those planets. Galaxy is alive n has living aliens creatures animals humans. We cannot see with eyes 👀
bassbignbad 9 dager siden
Why would anyone make such a subjective statement as 'better than earth'? I am offended by that remark because it implies discreet superiority. It's like saying... 'My dad is better than your dad.' when the speaker doesn't know his dad. It's childish and arrogant to make such a statement. One could say, 'Keppler telescope has discovered planets with features that might be better than earth.' That leaves the assessment to the individual. But this poster has declared to think for all. Weak.
Juicy Penguin
Juicy Penguin 9 dager siden
We need to name these. Maybe after the Greek gods, like the planets in our solar system being named after the Roman Gods. Names like Keplar-9877C (random made-up example) won't really work.
Thotted 9 dager siden
Let white ppl leave and go take over that planet and we’ll stay to hold this one down
Richard Bowman
Richard Bowman 9 dager siden
I saw a disc shaped UFO up close floating in the clear twilight sky silently by approximately 500 feet away just after the sun had set above an adjacent field just west of my position during the mid 1950`s. I also saw a cylindrical shaped UFO in the night sky during the same time frame.
The Truth About my Son
The Truth About my Son