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Are you lost little girl?
Where’s your mama? (Good Grief!!)
Skin thick as bricks
Was it karma? How old are ya?
Watch your back, watch your step, watch your weight, watch your words too
They’ll come at you with their teeth
and their rhinestone-covered sheaths
Word of warning:
Straighten up.
Tie your shoelaces up
There’s never time to warm up when the jungle cools down
It’s a god damn cornucopia
of your serpents and your scorpions
When you fall asleep baby, keep an eye wide open, hmm
Keep an eye wide open, hmm
All the wolves lick your cuts clad in Prada
with white grins, and tight grips,
blood oaths and loose lips,
smokin stardust
Act like some pilgrims,
sing like some psalmists,
Kiss like its harmless,
I hope you listen,
there’re too many demons
So girl don’t you give in
to all of the voices around you saying you can spread your wings only if you spread those legs first, huh
That’s the bread and butter of this place.
Bitches with butterknives at the ready to spread the word to save their pretty face
So let these words be your saving grace
There’s a much longer trail to blaze
And it’s ours.
(so straighten up!)
don’t get sloppy,
don’t get sloppy, mm
(so straighten up!)
and keep an eye wide open, mm
keep an eye wide open, mm




11. sep.. 2020





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Mika Estrella
Mika Estrella 20 dager siden
jana miller
jana miller 3 måneder siden
I need her and Jessie Reyez on a track ASAP!
ricci 3 måneder siden
Jan Oliver Peralta
Jan Oliver Peralta 4 måneder siden
2021 y'all💖
Sarah Qanitah Salsabila
Sarah Qanitah Salsabila 4 måneder siden
Ar yu los bebi gerl
Mariah Gunn
Mariah Gunn 4 måneder siden
Haughtily beautiful song
Rico syahrial
Rico syahrial 4 måneder siden
Aku fans sama kk niki
TxExMxiii 5 måneder siden
Rekta BasketTM
Rekta BasketTM 5 måneder siden
chocolate cookie
chocolate cookie 5 måneder siden
popular opinion: this song deserves more attention!
Bima Aditya
Bima Aditya 5 måneder siden
My favorite song
Bima Aditya
Bima Aditya 5 måneder siden
hope diann
hope diann 5 måneder siden
Te amo mucho Niki
sky flowers
sky flowers 6 måneder siden
Mizpah Yael
Mizpah Yael 6 måneder siden
Siska Yuliawati
Siska Yuliawati 6 måneder siden
Can we see you on Genius again ?. 🙏
sinyui 7 måneder siden
one of my favourites from niki
Ahmad Rifaldi
Ahmad Rifaldi 7 måneder siden
Omg WHYYYY? this song is underrated? It's very amazing song BTW love u NIKI
Dea Novianty
Dea Novianty 7 måneder siden
NIKI directing her flashlight to the woods reminds me so much of the Drive On visualizer. Are these two connected to each other?
myuuruma 7 måneder siden
are you lost little girl >>>>> are you lost babygirl
Jose blogs tv
Jose blogs tv 7 måneder siden
Instagram brought me here 😅
ayu nuri
ayu nuri 7 måneder siden
The soundtrack of my wattpad story
Indah Cahayani
Indah Cahayani 7 måneder siden
The witcher series should use this song as the soundtrack
cecioloh 7 måneder siden
Girl, those harmonies... They gave me chills!!
Katie Joy Allen
Katie Joy Allen 7 måneder siden
Niki is a freaking musical genius. The song is amazing all by itself, and then you read the lyrics... oh my gosh
wiinthedream 7 måneder siden
my favorite song in the album!
Koko Wendi
Koko Wendi 7 måneder siden
i feel a little bit Galimatias here
starcrunches 7 måneder siden
this is amazing it's not just a song but a story, a fairly tale, a message, a fascinating writing ❤️
it is v
it is v 7 måneder siden
Dang those lyrics are not joking
svgaraddict 7 måneder siden
This is creepyly beautyfull.
Freya 7 måneder siden
this whole album is immaculate
Tony Tony Cho
Tony Tony Cho 7 måneder siden
My favorite song of The album
Iftitah Fatihatussoliha
Iftitah Fatihatussoliha 7 måneder siden
M S 7 måneder siden
cocok nih kalo jadi ost fifthy shades
Ellen the Sbeef
Ellen the Sbeef 7 måneder siden
Brianna Ramirez
Brianna Ramirez 7 måneder siden
I can see this as the theme for an action movie, especially with the orchestra in the background
Darwin Prado
Darwin Prado 7 måneder siden
This song would be a great fit in the "Dark" series.
Darwin Prado
Darwin Prado 7 måneder siden
I'm waiting for that day to happen❤️
rumaisha muthia
rumaisha muthia 7 måneder siden
please make it happens!
Bertha Murwindhasari
Bertha Murwindhasari 7 måneder siden
I couldn't agree more!! Haha
KOMANG PUTRA 7 måneder siden
Damn !! You're right
key arca
key arca 7 måneder siden
Damn this reminds me a lot of Billie Eilish's No Time to Die from the James Bond movie. Definitely a lot of cinema influence. And I would love to hear a Niki song in a movie.
deny_boyoh@yahoo.com Deny
deny_boyoh@yahoo.com Deny 7 måneder siden
Her voice cross between Camilla, Ariana and Billie Eilish
myuuruma 7 måneder siden
no her voice is like niki
Ana Nicole Quezada
Ana Nicole Quezada 7 måneder siden
You are really the voice of unheard! You were getting bolder everyday
Samsul RMSP
Samsul RMSP 7 måneder siden
MV nya aku suka tapi, kenapa konsepnya selalu gelap, gelap dan gelap..?
M hom
M hom 7 måneder siden
Albumnya ada 3 bagian. Bulan sabit, bulan setengah, sama bulan purnama. Nih lagu nomor 1, masi ga ada bulan.. jadi ceritanya ya gelap.
Samsul RMSP
Samsul RMSP 7 måneder siden
Oh gitu..!
Aisyah Ramadhan
Aisyah Ramadhan 7 måneder siden
Nama albumnya aja moonchild
Cho lid
Cho lid 7 måneder siden
Kan disesuaikan title albumnya
Andina Rizkia
Andina Rizkia 7 måneder siden
This song sounds dangerous lmao Edit: bond vibes anyone
Siska Yuliawati
Siska Yuliawati 7 måneder siden
I ❤️ the violin sound !. It's so Bekon-ish, huh ?. 😏
마리아마라아 7 måneder siden
nova irmana
nova irmana 7 måneder siden
jinyoung 7 måneder siden
Amier Arief
Amier Arief 7 måneder siden
Underrated 🔥🔥🔥
Angelita Cindi
Angelita Cindi 7 måneder siden
Claim ur “here before 50k” tickets here
ian 7 måneder siden
this is fucking awesome
Aiko Hirano
Aiko Hirano 7 måneder siden
This has K-12 vibes
Forrest T
Forrest T 7 måneder siden
Thought I was listening to Billie Eilish for a sec
Key Xu
Key Xu 7 måneder siden
Hey guys check out my piano cover of this song!
DERIO MDL 7 måneder siden
Wow i like it a song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Johan Wijaya Kusuma
Johan Wijaya Kusuma 7 måneder siden
Automor Channel
Automor Channel 7 måneder siden
Next sondtrack for movie James Bond 007, how is agree...? 😁 first singer indonesian female rising start 2020
dila kim
dila kim 7 måneder siden
it's creepy tho
WiDis 7 måneder siden
niki should’ve been on top of billboard chart!!
hyunjin's americano
hyunjin's americano 7 måneder siden
if people sleep on this album, i'm gonna fight them
Warlock 7 måneder siden
She's an alien I guess...
Putra Rote
Putra Rote 7 måneder siden
♡ 007 ♡
Suherwin Irsan
Suherwin Irsan 7 måneder siden
Oke.. Cukup baring sambil mendengarkan
Tamtamtada Lagu Anak Indonesia
my favorite!
mers mers
mers mers 7 måneder siden
niki for grammy
Sandy Smith
Sandy Smith 7 måneder siden
Next Indonesian star? Proud
Nicolai Lucido
Nicolai Lucido 7 måneder siden
LoeyBerry11 7 måneder siden
NIKI love you more..really love this song!
Ex Wan25
Ex Wan25 7 måneder siden
Indo ngumpul woii
Fire BallKid
Fire BallKid 7 måneder siden
I like to call this one Buss It Wide Open
Annissha Rhisky A.
Annissha Rhisky A. 7 måneder siden
Well i'll leave this coment
Tetris 天使たち
Tetris 天使たち 7 måneder siden
ethereal ☁️☁️✨✨🪐🪐🪐
random phile
random phile 7 måneder siden
Wide open menggantikan sugarplum
YeEet me to space
YeEet me to space 7 måneder siden
The first line "Are you lost little girl" My brain "Are you lost baby girl"
Apriliani Lya
Apriliani Lya 2 måneder siden
Same here 🤣
waka waka
waka waka 7 måneder siden
No, this is going to ruin the song for me Ó╭╮Ò
Vito Boni A.
Vito Boni A. 7 måneder siden
s02 Pzychotik
s02 Pzychotik 7 måneder siden
Titaniaayuda Ilham
Titaniaayuda Ilham 7 måneder siden
Tom 5ki
Tom 5ki 7 måneder siden
Am I the only one who feels the darkness? What's called hunger buddy
Simon code
Simon code 7 måneder siden
Visualizer indeed
Jed Jomento
Jed Jomento 7 måneder siden
James bond vibes
Vialet World
Vialet World 7 måneder siden
God I am in loveeee♡.♡
taufik cosim cosim
taufik cosim cosim 7 måneder siden
Apik kabeh lagune jyannn mba niki
Natasha Bue Laguna
Natasha Bue Laguna 7 måneder siden
Niki : Are you lost little girl? Me : died
Goosenote Band
Goosenote Band 7 måneder siden
So we need to use some lightstick to watch this video. Lavvv you Niki 🥰
Fais Ashar
Fais Ashar 7 måneder siden
Merinding banget 😳
Lely k
Lely k 7 måneder siden
Ahmad Dimyati
Ahmad Dimyati 7 måneder siden
T D 7 måneder siden
Her voice is so versatile. Sometimes I hear a bit Billie, sometimes Birdy, sometimes Ariana, but the lyrics, melodies, vibes are so different, which gives her that overall unique style. Such a creative and talented singer
Luffytaro 7 måneder siden
The lyrics
Julia Mahmud
Julia Mahmud 7 måneder siden
Anukriti Upadhyaya
Anukriti Upadhyaya 7 måneder siden
Hmmmmm scary!!!! 😯😯😈
Lisa H
Lisa H 7 måneder siden
I adore the whole album, and this is such a stunning way to start it off 🥰
alvina resha
alvina resha 7 måneder siden
every lyrics from moonchild so meaningful, is like care for evryone out there, be aware and think twice, dont forget your manners and your standards, keep your eyes wide open and be brave. thanks niki 🌻
Mia Thermometer
Mia Thermometer 7 måneder siden
28 Raisa Sabrina Maulana
28 Raisa Sabrina Maulana 7 måneder siden
Videonya tentang buaya darat fix
Fatmawati channel
Fatmawati channel 7 måneder siden
Yang dislike gada akhlak
Jureenz Matin-ao
Jureenz Matin-ao 7 måneder siden
maman mam
maman mam 7 måneder siden
D d d damn niki
fashion in love
fashion in love 7 måneder siden
Where is Stephanie poetri?
Sososo 7 måneder siden
Automatically increase the volume and screen light and woahhh that's crazy
albonius sitanggang
albonius sitanggang 7 måneder siden
3 songwriters & genius singers : SIA 🇦🇺 Billie Eilish 🇺🇲 Niki 🇮🇩
Naifah M P
Naifah M P 7 måneder siden
Tolong kenapa ini indah sekaliiiiii.
JolliBaeGang 7 måneder siden
Joji - Nectar (Full Album)