How Submarines Can 'See' Underwater - Sonar Overview 

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Le sous-marin Téméraire



14. mars. 2020





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justinl458 2 dager siden
What would happen if I yelled *COB* really loud?
Veronika Nakasima
Veronika Nakasima Måned siden
1:41 join submarine squad, gets to type in Razer keyboard.
Captain Ivo
Captain Ivo 2 måneder siden
i'd love to see how it would be if subs had that shark sense instead of sound
Roost3r OSRS
Roost3r OSRS 2 måneder siden
This was very informative. Tyvm
Dheny Novantio
Dheny Novantio 3 måneder siden
Im always skip your ads
Darth Awar
Darth Awar 4 måneder siden
Correction some Subs also have IR Sensors! (SEAWOLF!) and some upgraded Subs have LIDAR either built in or it external UMV!
dada oluwatobi
dada oluwatobi 4 måneder siden
Awesome tutorial for PC game: dangerous waters.
Cyrus Jumamoy
Cyrus Jumamoy 4 måneder siden
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 4 måneder siden
To prove how powerful sonar systems are, the US Navy and the Royal Navy were talking part in a naval exercise...... the Royal Navy Astute Class submarines were lurking off the Western coast of England and they detected the US Navy ships leaving port on the East coast of the United States and acted accordingly to neutralise the threat..... Which the US Navy weren't too happy about. 100% TRUE. 🇬🇧🇺🇸✌✌
Ab Dullah Bin Packing
Ab Dullah Bin Packing 5 måneder siden
I do think the still should have windows on subs
En el nido (Nest)
En el nido (Nest) 5 måneder siden
Does going on about the military cause you to lose your hair?
storerestore 5 måneder siden
Great overview. I've been wondering what techniques are involved in making passive sonar useful
Ceddricc 5 måneder siden
I read the thumbnail very wrong What the hell is wrong with me....
All Motor R18
All Motor R18 5 måneder siden
The knowledge its starting to sink in
zam mit
zam mit 6 måneder siden
Why not drop a mp3 player playing heavy metal on hipowered hydrospeaker on full blast to cover up their sound trail..? Its surely easy to keep it loud than trying to silence ur fart...
Dan i
Dan i 6 måneder siden
Jive Turkey puts out great content along with Covert, i watch both, keep it up, 👍
REZ 7 måneder siden
But how dose submarine avoid hit into rocks
MeOvv 8 måneder siden
Truth answer: they get out and look down
Vzeq 8 måneder siden
Gamer keyboard these sailors have
blech71 8 måneder siden
Capt Juve Turkey is amazing!
the one febo10
the one febo10 9 måneder siden
what if there was a sub a very small sub about 60 meter in length or less with a mini nuclear reactor, highly maneuverable, than can go as fast as a torpedeo because off it small size. then i would not have to worry about torpedo attack i can than use passive sonar on approach and than active sonar on attack and cause absolute havoc. and they cannot shoot back at me. is it possible i ask.
undetermined 9 måneder siden
Imagine ripping a fat fart that could be heard by the enemy.
justinl458 2 dager siden
Blame it on the Corn-On-The-COB
陳軍民 9 måneder siden
So, you need to tell Turk, he needs to be careful in his living, he can be the target like in Pelican Brief, attempt to be killed by someone.
adrian jacobs
adrian jacobs 9 måneder siden
Thank a lot I learned a lot 😀
Buck Starchaser
Buck Starchaser 9 måneder siden
My toad array keeps mosquitoes from following me.
MS-Lazuli 9 måneder siden
If you are interested in submarines, and especially SONAR detection and classification, don't hesitate to play the Dangerous Waters simulator! It's the best at the moment, and the closest to reality. Cold Waters is more of an arcade game with augmented reality. It is not worth Dangerous Waters, except for the graphics...
Reviews And To Infinity
Reviews And To Infinity 9 måneder siden
I love submarines ❤️
WrecksMo 9 måneder siden
Capt Jive Turkey is my virtual life Officer
NonsensicalDexm 10 måneder siden
imagine being a master sonar operator...
Perky Tail Toys
Perky Tail Toys 10 måneder siden
jimbo jones
jimbo jones 10 måneder siden
Great video but should also include how to do they navigate/see underwater
Wuestenkarsten 11 måneder siden
A Russian, an American and a British at an Harbour talk about which Sub will last longest:The British:Ours will doing best, only need to surface when Tea is empty!! The American: We only surface when our Whiskey is empty!! The Russian; We need to go up if the Wodka is done....suddenly you hear a Sound .....Tuck Tuck Tuck....an German WW2 Typ VII C/41 Sub enters the Harbour, Captains comes out and asks: You got some Schnaps here???
Daiku Coffee
Daiku Coffee 11 måneder siden
Fuck you for that hair loss commercial!
Ese Callum
Ese Callum 11 måneder siden
just put windows using thick glass and or cameras
Alex Alexander
Alex Alexander 11 måneder siden
Brilliant video, Thanks. My father was a sonar scientist working on anti-submarine detection in UK and USA. I think visitors to this site will enjoy 'Sound of the Waves, A WW2 Memoir, How scientists worked to defeat the U-boat threat', out now on Amazon as a paperback and eBook
Peter Parahuz
Peter Parahuz 11 måneder siden
4:13 plot should start at 0 and move past 270 to eventually settle around180, if the orientation legend at 3:30 is correct. Something moving fast past 0 should mean that it moved perpendicularly to your orientation just in front of your nose. Or that you are moving sideways past a slower or stationary object in front of your nose.
MK 11 måneder siden
do you know that the submarine can hear a shrimp will eating
A .S
A .S År siden
How to "see" in the sea when you can't see.
Caden Perry
Caden Perry År siden
But first, ur spon-skip
Killeenk År siden
im a sonar operator for submarines, im surprised on how accurate this video is, by far one of the best videos about how a submarine works i have ever found. good stuff, you earned a subscriber.
Casey Bruno
Casey Bruno 2 måneder siden
I would bet 90% of this topic is classified lol.
Syed Hussain Zaheer Naqvi
Superb video Hail!
vectorconcepts1 År siden
excellent !
Hungry Box
Hungry Box År siden
Good vid, Jive Turkey has a bunch of Whiteboard vids on subjects like this. O/T Why bother wasting a bunch of money on hair lotion, that won't work? If you actually care about hair loss, get a transplant.
Theodore Olson
Theodore Olson År siden
Two sea stories: 1) following an overhaul our submarine was being evaluated at a navy acoustic range. Basically you drive back and forth while the facility measures how quiet you are. While doing so we communicate between runs with a boat on the surface via an "underwater phone". Also in the area was a school of dolphins. At times their constant chatter, cursing us, whichever was so loud we had to pause for the dolphins to either shut up or go away. 2) Also after the overhaul we head out to sea for local operations to test things and train. There is one toilet (head) for the enlisted and one for the officers. For some random reason the enlisted head toilet faced aft (toward the back of the sub). If somebody left the seat up and if the submarine changed depth to go shallow, the boat would of course point up and the toilet seat would THUD shut...making noise. The senior enlisted Chief (called the Chief Of the Boat or COB) had the toilet seat removed for a week at sea in order to train the crew to leave the seat down.
justinl458 2 dager siden
Who the hell cares about a toilet seat thud. It doesn't drop all the time. Lmao. Bit of bitchin Betty Stigler that COB is.
Tyler James
Tyler James År siden
What a fucking weird sponsor yo
M R År siden
Jive Turkey is a war criminal and terrorist. Shame on you for promoting this pos.
vikas singh
vikas singh År siden
Amazing channel
navu thakur
navu thakur År siden
Make a video on 27th february, 2019 aerial combat between india & pakistan
Ddd Kkk
Ddd Kkk År siden
ocean is flat, they trow propaganda at you guys too.
Jun Gleno
Jun Gleno År siden
Is it really so difficult to design a plexiglass windshield for a submarine? Any Engineers out there have an answer?
Александр Non
да целая наука. До 2М войны и во время войны так ценна была исследовательская информация о гидроакустике, можно шпионские сериалы на эту тему снимать
Estebahn Goldman
Radar !
hedgehog3180 År siden
Sound traveling well underwater is also the reason why so many animals communicate with sound. The ancestors of all land vertebrates probably communicated with sound underwater and we've maintained that ability. So in a way we have the ocean to thank for our language.
DashCamDave År siden
James Dodd
James Dodd År siden
What sound does a big rock jutting out make?
Rejected Driftwood
I would have never thought😯
Flipje NL
Flipje NL År siden
Would be much easier if they had windows.
Mytrix År siden
Reminds me of all of those navy and sub simulator games from back in the day. Who’s with me here? Lots of fun.
Yanis Benchara
Yanis Benchara År siden
what is the sailor wearing in 5:15 and why ?
Scott Griggs
Scott Griggs År siden
Awesome video. One of the best I’ve seen on NOsections in a long time.
CaptainRonRico År siden
This is a brilliant video. The accuracy of all the topics you covered actually had me concerned that the average person knows this much about it. I enjoy coming across videos like this, I usually never think many people have an interest in submarine life or how they operate. Also found it comical that you were describing everything as fascinating. Haha haven't heard it put like that in awhile. I guess you get desensitized to these things after awhile.
On Purpose
On Purpose År siden
Hm, so they declassified our screws? EM1SS/DV
Victor Ruiz
Victor Ruiz År siden
Everything in lower base Groton is blurred out in Google Earth, including the props lying out, so they still make a big deal about it.
Luka Kresoja
Luka Kresoja År siden
Metric pls
Grapy's Meal time
Your content is such high quality that this time around I've thumbs up this vid in the very second it started.
Nek NEKO År siden
Covert. Do a video on ID2020. It's a very serious topic that could change the military, the society and the world after all. Peoples need to know about im
Daniel Mount
Daniel Mount År siden
That is where Blind as a bat came from because a bat uses a type of sonar because Bats see with sound.
Ted Sietsema
Ted Sietsema År siden
StormShadow_64 År siden
And I thought Cold Waters was difficult... Wow
George B
George B År siden
Everything about a submarine is about STEALTH and keeping it's location not just a secret, but it being unknown. Ask a submariner, (when he or she is ashore) were his or her boat is at the moment, and see what their answer is. 🤔
George B
George B År siden
How in the hell did they do this before computers?! And what about underwater stationery objects like mountains, (a U.S. Navy sub crashed into an underwater mountain a few years ago) or where the seafloor depth charges rapidly? You can't be going around "pinging" all the time, that just tells everyone where YOU are. How do you listen for an underwater mountain?
Deno Moto
Deno Moto År siden
Waste of money.
retep eyahaled
retep eyahaled År siden
Don't worry about your hair. It has to do with the amount of male hormones. I really love my male hormones and so does my wife.
Aeronaut År siden
I was under the impression that a submarines or ships propellor is actually called a "screw".
UFOlogist År siden
Thank-you for sharing this 4th grade science lesson with the world, I'll be sure to share it with... nobody.
anirudh batra
anirudh batra År siden
Can you do one on Radar? Thanks.
Warren Osborne
Warren Osborne År siden
During my 4 years of employment with the government, I was a SOSUS electronics tech. What you see in this vid is a very small fraction of the everyday reality of those who serve in the silent service. Due to my obligations and security clearance, I cannot describe any further details.
justinl458 2 dager siden
Please do tell more. I'm authorized with section 7 clearance.
Derek Frankovich
If I remember correctly, the captain on the red October was actually trying to be found by the Americans... great movie none the less.
LordGryllwotth År siden
This is the complex sound of sonar. It is the video where he got the sound from, but did not give us a easy link to. nosections.info/green/lXmCZKR7gqdtxdw/video.html
R.B. Seiple
R.B. Seiple År siden
That is so easy! Just look through the screen door...
Kevin Hobbi
Kevin Hobbi År siden
more video plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
JET_flights_370 År siden
how often does google map imagery update?
Orz Orzelski
Orz Orzelski År siden
Captain Jive collab? That's a thumbs up from me!
hypnotized hothead17
This deadass popped in my mind randomly while I was trynna sleep one night lol. Glad this was recommended.
Rev B Righteous
Rev B Righteous År siden
Came here to learn about submarines... left with a sense of sadness over my dwindling hair and male pattern baldness.
Bravo Sierra
Bravo Sierra År siden
hahahahah exactly the same here! I've been thinking a lot about my hair now too!
Julio De Paula
Julio De Paula År siden
this video was awesome I just want to say I really enjoy the videos on this channel I think they're amazing and well put together
Jared Young
Jared Young År siden
Do Coronavirus
Marc Atteberry
Marc Atteberry År siden
In 6th grade, my teacher got exasperated with many of my questions. One he could not answer, was: If a sub, say 20' below the surface, went in a straight line for long enough, would at some point, the nose come out of the water, as the Earth is round?
ronrush11 År siden
Hope you're not exposing any secrets!!!!
Anodyne År siden
Awesome collaboration with Jive Turkey, keep up the great work! :)
LexieAssassin År siden
*WHOOT! JIVE TURKEY! :D* Also, as I understand it, pumpjets allow subs to be quieter at low speed, but ultimately trade that off for a decreased topspeed. At least, I remember reading that about the Typ-IID I think it was in Silent Hunter III. (One of the Typ-IIs in game [A and D variants] has a shrouded propeller, which makes it quieter but slower. Shit boat though. Definitely recommend going 1st Flotilla at the start for the Typ-VIIB then transferring once rebased to France so you can get the Typ-IX ASAP. The Typ-II has 3 tubes fore with 2 reloads, and a dinky 20mm FlaK. Combine the fact that you're using G7a so everyone's going to see that bubble trail, along with malfunctions and duds, and you're lucky to kill 1 ship per patrol in one. Not to mention, the A has almost no range, and the extra fuel on the D has about enough to get to near the UK and back again if you're fuel conscious about it.)
sam moore
sam moore År siden
ASW is also called awfully slow warfare
JavierCR25 År siden
I’ve always thought sonar operators are pretty bad ass
Truth's Knight_0777
Mr. Cabal, I enjoy your analysis of military technology. However, I have to say that I'm disappointed with your decision to include a mandatory advertisement at the beginning of your video. It is my opinion that this is disrespectful to the cognitive maturity of a democratically oriented Western audience. It would have suited me better had a choice been given as to whether or not I chose to consume the material. Locking an advertisement into a video is, in my opinion, a form of marketing fascism and you're better than that. Aside from this, wonderful video sir.
ReiP95 År siden
I see someone been playng dangerus waters eh? Weeeery good game ceck it out gents... i would like to have more like it possibly with a solid multiplayer
GalaxyStormS4 År siden
Thank you for the very high effort video!
Young Stunna
Young Stunna År siden
I love the smooth intro you do with the music, feels like I'm being briefed before battle
ROB Rob År siden
That ad was incredibly shitty
S K B År siden
This video is fake. Navy hires Dolphins and give them walkie talkie. So that the can guide us underwater.
Bees After Dark
Bees After Dark År siden
Jive Turkey should totally play subnatica
Mario M
Mario M År siden
Awesome content