Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Third Flight Video - Flying Faster & Farther Horizontally 

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Here is the full video of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter flying faster and farther than in previous flights.

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter set a new record by flying 50 meters (164 feet) horizontally at a speed of 2 meters per second (about 4.5 mph) on Sunday, April 25, 2021. This time it went faster and farther than in its previous flights. It climbed 16 feet (5 meters) high - the same altitude as its second flight. It then headed 50 meters (164 feet) north and returned to land at Wright Brothers Field. The total flight time was about 80 seconds and it covered a total distance of 100 meters (330 feet).

The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter team is looking ahead to planning its fourth flight in a few days’ time.

This video also includes 3 aerial images of Mars that were taken by the helicopter during its second flight

Credit: NASA/JPL
Source: mars.nasa.gov/technology/heli...



25. april. 2021





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tom reid
tom reid 12 dager siden
Where is the dust kick up from the rotor wash on takeoff? Funny how we get perfect images from Mars, but grainy images of so called ufo's from the navy with the most high tech imagery on the most advanced military ships the world has ever seen here on earth. Sorry nerds, calling bs
General Voronin
General Voronin Måned siden
Похоже на пиздеш
Salamat Taktamussov
Salamat Taktamussov Måned siden
Salam aleikum
Denis Bloemer
Denis Bloemer Måned siden
Really a very cool time to be alive! And also to see what you can achieve when you let go of old blocking man-made views, beliefs, problems and boundaries and pull together across different nationalities.
Burnt Måned siden
0:06 What does seccussful mean?
MJ M Måned siden
We are the UFO and aliens there..
Rapmagic Deleon
Rapmagic Deleon Måned siden
Well that looks the Arizona 🏜. Hmmm. Wonder if this RC 🚁 can survive the heat.
Ken Jelinek
Ken Jelinek Måned siden
Anyone know why we aren't being shown the rover from the helicopter?
Freddy Krueger I can see you
Questions where is the car because I see the tires and why Mars have a cloud
Craig PhD
Craig PhD Måned siden
the 'car tracks' you see are from the wheels of the Perseverance rover. Mars has an atmosphere, so there are coulds (just not the same composition as that of Earth)
J P Måned siden
So, now we are flying UFO to Martians.
John Eynon
John Eynon Måned siden
Wake me up when you have something of real interest.
Michael Cooke
Michael Cooke Måned siden
Its a drone, not a helicopter and eggheads drooling over rocks and dust.
John C
John C Måned siden
i've drooled over rocks. I'm not proud.
Darren Malin
Darren Malin Måned siden
I am 52 , the fact that we have seen an aircraft flying on another planet in my life time has me in awe !
Alvaro lemos de sousa
Só dinheiro jogado fora e muito dinheiro; pois os marcianos estão do outro lado do planeta.
Daniel 972
Daniel 972 Måned siden
Well- that's NO word in world could justify. we hope this wee Helicopter is back to mother ship after use just in case someone would nick it.
John C
John C Måned siden
That's wight Danny, They're a bunch of wobbers, wapists and a wabble of wowdy webels up there.
Philip Pastore
Philip Pastore Måned siden
This may be nothing but CGI springing into being as another ET sequel Spielberg story, bored with life, cast off and away from the outer limits of the sunnyside down Corona shadows of the Twilight Zone; albeit, really stircrazy MadMax thundering Home; Allone.
Zahed Hossain
Zahed Hossain Måned siden
Really lucky to see this in my life.
Giuseppe Mocerino
Giuseppe Mocerino Måned siden
How long Ingenuity can stay in the Air without movies?
Bruno Fernandez
Bruno Fernandez Måned siden
Titan is the only place humans can live feasibly.
Alok Bhattacharya
Alok Bhattacharya Måned siden
Ingenuity did great stroll but seems getting crashed while descending.
John C
John C Måned siden
it's being controlled by one of them new "woman" engineers.
Ben Howard
Ben Howard Måned siden
This is the totally incredible feat. Vertical flight is sooooo much easier than any horizontal flying with these types of craft. Let alone the 1% atmosphere, the extreme temperatures and the physical distance away from its masters. NASA you have smashed it!
анатолий новиков
Земной разум в напряженном ожидании открытий Удачи тебе, искусственный!
Christophe Schwartz
Christophe Schwartz Måned siden
Désormais les hélicoptères peuvent voler sans problème sur la surface de Mars! Mais gare aux tempêtes martienne car l' hélico n' a pas de protection contre ce genre de phénomène!?.
Niknoks Måned siden
The 1st human to set foot on Mars .....do you think that person is alive already or still waiting to be born? 🤔
whatever Måned siden
Nothing special on mars. It is just dried surface and full of harmful radiation.
Bono cat
Bono cat Måned siden
Wow NASA! How do you get shadows pointing each other from opposite directions?
Gordon Tyree
Gordon Tyree Måned siden
VISRE Music Måned siden
Glad it's been SECUSSFUL
Dan Mobbs
Dan Mobbs Måned siden
Is it broken
Dan Mobbs
Dan Mobbs Måned siden
Wby so long scince a flight
Louie Louie
Louie Louie Måned siden
I wonder how old Willard White feels about this ? ? ?
Alan Lowe
Alan Lowe Måned siden
What is a "seccussful" flight?
fahar02 Måned siden
feel sorry for the ppl who not been in deserts,, this our normal dessert
fahar02 Måned siden
@John C you are weird bro,, why you smell the camels or any animals,, if you did that with all animals,, you need visit psychological clinics
John C
John C Måned siden
Camels smell bloody awful. You can keep your desert fahar.
Tig Dogsbody
Tig Dogsbody Måned siden
The first 5 seconds were fake, this attack helicopter never flu on the moon and Buzz Aldrin punches like a pussy.
Ray Whitehead
Ray Whitehead Måned siden
Hey it just spotted life on Mars!
GraveX Måned siden
Mars is like a dead desert ~ 😵😵😵
Pino Haxk
Pino Haxk Måned siden
manny anthony
manny anthony Måned siden
why isn't picture of the moons of Mars and Jupiter etc.... taking? Years pass by and the same kind of pictures . Only computerized graphics animation and pictures of the soil. Never a night with two real big moons and the gas planets. because there are so big and close to Mars it should be able to get some close up. No blurry dots on the night skies like most of the time are shown. all the advances in technology and there aren't a decent real pictures of the nights sky.
meredhy mxc
meredhy mxc Måned siden
Me pongo a pensar la tierra sin agua como se miraría comparen Marte sin agua completamente redonda en cambio la tierra quite le el agua como se miraría cren que aún estamos en edad temprana de la tierra imajinensen cuando la tierra se llene completamente de lava tapando aceanos moriremos pasando actualmente con los volcanes activos como los de pacaya
meredhy mxc
meredhy mxc Måned siden
I start to think about the earth without water, how it would look like Mars without water, completely round, instead, the earth takes away the water as it would look, since we are still at an early age
Joao Luis
Joao Luis Måned siden
looks like some kids are piloting a small drone in the Sahara desert. But maybe it's a multi-mullion dollar high-tec NASA helicopter on Mars. Human ingenuity in either case.
TheAdaptableAnkle Måned siden
Fake CG or film on Earth in a desert somewhere
Anthony The Master
Anthony The Master Måned siden
Personally I think the homage should be to Jan Bahyl a slovakian inventor not the Wright brothers field since Mr Bahyl is the first inventor of a helicopter flying machine in 1901 and the first man made flying machine flown from mars is a drone helicopter and not an airplane. Igor Sikorsky made a first helicopter to made its full production in 1942 but Mr Bayhl invented the first helicopter that hover 0.5 meters in the air in 1901 and second time in 1908 for 4 meters in altitude and flew in a distance of 1,500 meters
hir zsu
hir zsu Måned siden
วัน ศรีสุวรรณ
If there are aliens to observe their presence in the sky Would think like a human being Thinking that power Watch an old movie about the success of the Right brothers.
prentiss mcaster
prentiss mcaster Måned siden
It's cute n all but show us some fuckin structures n ufo footage already
Reid Whatley
Reid Whatley Måned siden
"Seccussful" flight? Glad you're not writing code for Ingenuity! LOL!
Steve S.
Steve S. Måned siden
Unbelievable what these people are doing. Just think about how far we have come since Dec.17, 1903 when the Wright brothers first flew their airplane.
Ron Cole
Ron Cole Måned siden
It's in the hands of the Jawas now.
José Senna
José Senna Måned siden
How long b4 the first crash ?💥 😂
Value Måned siden
AJ SMALLS Måned siden
wolfgang weber
wolfgang weber Måned siden
Great success for this project flying on another planet in our solar system..really amazing!!!
curly hum
curly hum Måned siden
so if the top land upside down, NASA can use the microwave over to right it?
Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson Måned siden
Please find some more A$$ rocks, that's what I like !Go A$$ rock Rover !Them Martians got some fine A$$es
Zero Zero The Masked Master 00
Ignorance is the only true evil left I can’t see any dust/dirt being kicked up by the propellers. Why is that? The ground doesn’t look compact enough for us Not to see a ring of dust being kicked out when the propellers spin up & take off or when it lands.
lukas williams
lukas williams Måned siden
You would think with the lack of gravity it would be a complete mess going on with any activity.
Ringowasthewalrus Måned siden
Didn’t show us squat
Ringowasthewalrus Måned siden
People are so stupid... this footage is so CGI
Ringowasthewalrus Måned siden
@paulo AVG lol 😂 I wish they could
paulo AVG
paulo AVG Måned siden
Prove it.
Dheraj Kanchan
Dheraj Kanchan Måned siden
Can’t believe that it is happening. We are literally on Mars capturing photos & gaining core informations. This is truly amazing. Kuddos to all engineers who worked together to achieve this milestone. You guys are awesome. Lots of love from India.
J.Emmanuel Tessier
J.Emmanuel Tessier Måned siden
Seposed Martian atmosphere is less than one percent of sea level pressure of Earth's, and the gravity, we are told, is 38% of the Earth's. So the 1.2 meter sized blades of the Ingenuity Helicopter propellers have to spin five times faster than terrestrial propellers YET IT DOESN'T KICK UP ANY DUST...AT ALL! OMG people, DON'T BE-LIE-EVE the HYPE! Even my children said Mars looks like a California desert. I teach my children to think critically and to use their common sense though.
John Hazenhousen
John Hazenhousen Måned siden
darius mbithi
darius mbithi Måned siden
Amazing.Just asking did the copter capture any possibility of traces of GOLD and PETROLEUM!!
ArnoldVeeman Måned siden
How far can this thing fly eventually?
D C Måned siden
One day we will have live telecasting .
Chavez Gonsalez
Chavez Gonsalez Måned siden
26 dislike hahahaha how boring your life has to be! Hahahahah
Doc Lex
Doc Lex Måned siden
my 100 dollars drone can do waay better than that
Matthew Stull
Matthew Stull Måned siden
I wish I could fire a SAM at Ingenuity and send it to Hades forthwith. It's too long intact for my liking.
hughmorris2008 Måned siden
why no sound? Perseverance has a microphone doesn't it?
Manny K
Manny K Måned siden
Have they found Matt Damon yet ?
Roberto Pinna
Roberto Pinna Måned siden
Wow. It's gonna discover lots of new rocks, sand, rocks, sand, rocks.....
Pedro Alegre
Pedro Alegre Måned siden
más asombroso que el que ese pequeño helicoptero esté volando sobre Marte es que lo estemos viendo desde la Tierra
Space Now
Space Now Måned siden
The current perseverance rover travels at a speed of .1 mph. That's 4.2 centimeters a second or 152 meters a hour. The speeds at which this helicopter can survey the area is just absolutely astonishing. The amount of land we are going to be able to explore and survey in a days time just increased like 100x
Wouter d.B.
Wouter d.B. Måned siden
Tech isn't the issue, battery life and weight is. A future helicopter would need some nuclear powered powerplant like the rovers have and thus be much larger.
Faux Real
Faux Real Måned siden
Lol $uckahs
Гришаева Людмила
Почему при взлёте вертолёта на Марсе нет пыли?
Space 1
Space 1 Måned siden
Già con il Corona ci stanno sfottendo preghiamo rispetto of the uman intelligence ...please....thsnk.s...very grazie...
Space 1
Space 1 Måned siden
Altra buffonata....un piccolo elicottero sebbene lo sia dovrebbe alzare grandi quantità di polveri ...ma qui nn si muove una particella ...🙄🙄
tony sharp
tony sharp Måned siden
How come we are seeing the same old stuff 😴 boring 😴 boring, and not teal untill if flies and shows proper mars
Prathibha YR
Prathibha YR Måned siden
Nice video.
William Morris
William Morris Måned siden
Maybe they will find one of Hank aaron home run balls.
IO Odyssey
IO Odyssey Måned siden
Pointless crap. Billions wasted.
Craig PhD
Craig PhD Måned siden
From space exploration so far.... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NASA_spinoff_technologies
John C
John C Måned siden
Use it or lose it...
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
Don't be afraid. I paid for this. Your trillion, annually war machine is intact.
Sports Dogs
Sports Dogs Måned siden
Cooooool! Obviously NASA will be able to explore a whole lot more of the planet than would ever have been possible with the land rovers. I look forward to seeing video, wide angle, taken by Ingenuity as it flies towards the distant horizon. This is amazing.
1:13 No one: The people in 2100: Nasa knew aliens were exist in 2021
Alexandr Shkolnik
Alexandr Shkolnik Måned siden
Why there's no dust cloud during take off and landing? Didn't we see tones of dust devils from earlier videos?
John C
John C Måned siden
Dust, as everyone knows, is dead human skin cells. What the f#ck would dead human skin cells be doing on mars?
Martin Gradwell
Martin Gradwell Måned siden
Before it flew there was a low-speed spin test, then a high-speed spin test, taking the rotors up to almost the speed required for take off. Those earlier tests will have done a good job of blowing away dust from the take-off area. And I think it landed as close as possible to where it took off because that location had been carefully chosen for its flatness.
Alexandr Shkolnik
Alexandr Shkolnik Måned siden
And please don't bother with bs about the low weight and low thrust. 2400 RPM 10" from the ground - that's more then enough to produce a visible cloud :)
Gary Gines
Gary Gines Måned siden
Tottally Awesome, amazing!!!
Americanknow Måned siden
NASA's BS continues.
Americanknow Måned siden
@Daniel Paulson Nasa has only cheap CGI, nothing else. Disgusting.
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
You sully the name of this country. To all the people of the world reading this comment, we aren't all with mr stupid.
Máximo Xavier
Máximo Xavier Måned siden
The images of the perseverance's parachutes are much more stunning, but this flight is great too. Not so great as Apollo 17 leaving the moon behind, but great too. I give Ingenuity 3rd position.
GOLVELLIUS Måned siden
Millions and millions of years... and here we are, to witness a new beginning.
Fábio Hawthorne Amaral
Cameras in the space can't record 20fps only 1fps... I love learning optics
Fábio Hawthorne Amaral
Not looking for accuracy, just looking for something that look real...
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
@Fábio Hawthorne Amaral Ya. And you aren't limited to 1fps in space. If you're looking for accuracy in comments, start at home.
Fábio Hawthorne Amaral
@Daniel Paulson Slow internet make severeal hours download, not file framerate change...
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
Slow internet.
Teodor Galit
Teodor Galit Måned siden
I think the drone and the oxygen tests totally validate this whole mission and the next one should be the 3D printing drone ... congrats people
Abir Hannan
Abir Hannan Måned siden
PPL nowadays don't blive such thing
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh Måned siden
This soooo cool ! Thanks for the video ! First one on the complete flight and well done at that ! Now here's hoping that Ingenuity does a flyover of Perseverance at least once before the mission is over. at least for posterity if for nothing else. A non-selfie Perseverance shot/video.
iLuv4Play Måned siden
Gimmie a flying replica for Xmas present.
alaosy Techno
alaosy Techno Måned siden
The helicopter was replayed, on the contrary, to make the viewer believe that it had landed in the same place, watched the fabricated video
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Måned siden
@lukas williams I'm not sure how you can claim conspiracy is a derogatory term. And in my line of work I have to ask myself and others questions every day. Does that make me a conspiracy theorist ?
lukas williams
lukas williams Måned siden
@Jack Meoff interesting how conspiracy is a demonizing term, basically derogatory. For anyone who questions anything.
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
@Jack Meoff Well, you go right ahead and think the thoughts that suit you. We all have that right.
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Måned siden
@Daniel Paulson Sarcasm is being replaced with conspiracy theory obsession. I believe you belong to the latter but are somewhat embarrassed to be outed.
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
@Jack Meoff This IS the real one. Didn't realize you were with goofy here. Or is sarcasm becoming a lost art?
Bartleby Måned siden
Why the wind generated by the helicopter does not rise any dust?
John C
John C Måned siden
...because, as we all know, dust is dead human skin cells. WTF would dead human skin cells be doing on mars?
PuterToonz Måned siden
@Jack Meoff And the martian atmosphere is much less dense and thinner than earths, So less air gets pushed around.
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Måned siden
Because it's a lightweight drone with a small wingspan. It doesn't have the weight of a helicopter so doesn't need the wingspan or power that a helicopter does. So there's very little downdraft.
Wildman2012 Måned siden
Monday morning at NASA: "OK, let's get to the choppa!"
Jose Bro
Jose Bro Måned siden
Why is everyone in awe and saying things like we're making history? Do people not remember correctly? This isn't the first time humans have placed technology on Mars. It was explored in 1976 by Viking 1 and then again in 1997 by Pathfinder. Elon Musk was probably learning his fractions and multiplication table when Viking 1 went there.
Daniel Paulson
Daniel Paulson Måned siden
We just don't want to stare at the wall with you.
grobenn25 Måned siden
This rover is so incredibly far beyond what viking was... Something like neanderthal compared to a a guy wearing a smoking at an opera concert.
Bougriou Cherif
Bougriou Cherif Måned siden
تهانينا! من أراد الدنيا فعليه بالعلم ومن ارد الآخرة فعليه بالعلم.
Anton van Doornum
Anton van Doornum Måned siden
Can someone explain how the film of the drone coming to the rover in the first 5 seconds was taken? How did that camera get there? also the blades of the helicopter do not appear to be turning.
Kris Lighthawk
Kris Lighthawk Måned siden
The first 5 seconds are an animation, the rest are actual photos. Perseverance don't have actual video cameras. The "videos" are not true videos, but just single photos taken as fast after each other as the camera can and then put together as a video afterwards. Because of that, really fast movement like spinning rotor blades, don't look right.
Easy Doesit
Easy Doesit Måned siden
Why can't the Rovers Camara's follow the helicopters flight path ? Your telling me that you've managed to land on Mars but you can't show such a basic manuver ?? Why not fly towards the rover and then back to its original location ?? How did the helicopter get to its point of lift off away from the rover?? Why not show that flight ?? Were the Camara's not working that day ?? Can someone please give an explanation to my very simple questions ? Thank you
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Måned siden
@Easy Doesit I couldn't give a toss ! But you avoided my question, like so many conspiracy nut jobs do. So I'll try again - what would NASA have to gain from faking it ?
Easy Doesit
Easy Doesit Måned siden
@Jack Meoff well obviously you care because if you wouldn't care then you wouldn't share and, if you don't care well then don't share. Have a nice day living in your tunnel.
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Måned siden
@Easy Doesit You're still not sold ? Who cares ? Not all people are conspiracy theorists. And if you're thinking it's faked, ask yourself one question - what can they possibly have to gain out of faking it ?
Easy Doesit
Easy Doesit Måned siden
@Jack Meoff That was the CGI version of the actual earth TIME of the landing, it takes 11 minutes for the signal to transmit back to Earth so, the actual realistic version of the landing was posted after. This I saw in the CNN coverage. The vid is still available, check it out. I'm still not sold.
Jack Meoff
Jack Meoff Måned siden
@Anton van Doornum First 5 seconds starts with an advertising splash then a CGI of the rover and the drone. So what's wrong with that ?
Sam Denham
Sam Denham Måned siden
Its absolutely astonishing how stable this is. What an amazing piece of engineering!
Viera Cukanova
Viera Cukanova Måned siden
Užasná, perfektná práca perfektných ľudí, lietajúci vrtulník na Marse.
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