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I always wondered what it would be like to go super fast on a tiny itty bitty little motorcycles, so small that a small dog could ride it. so We found one and bought it and trust me this experience was amazing and you got to see this.

if you want to see more pocket rocket videos nosections.info/green/o3icroV0dIunqtQ/video.html
we took Pocket rockets to rented track nosections.info/green/pq2CgXl4jWmty9g/video.html




16. april. 2021





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Allan Barrientos
Allan Barrientos 4 timer siden
Where do I get one plzzz
Jenny Cunningham
Jenny Cunningham 7 timer siden
You should buy a x18 super pocket bike
Jaee Bustoz
Jaee Bustoz 13 timer siden
How much did you pay for it if you don’t mind me asking? Thinking of buying one for my daughter (that I can use too) 😂
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott Dag siden
A real man rides a womens bike
Pauthawn Kuntong
happy happy sabbath to you happy happy birthday to
kelvinr1 3 dager siden
Matthew Sieibenberg
Matthew Sieibenberg 3 dager siden
😂😂😂😂 yep im doing the same thing in bath room hidding watch this .....nailed it...👏👏👏
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 3 dager siden
We all are
Heffe Recinos
Heffe Recinos 4 dager siden
Banshee motor swap next
Candyman 4 dager siden
I owned a Polini 911 Dreambike. It was a 50cc water cooled monster. I weigh 250lbs and with stock gearing was clocked at 62mph.
Quinn Jones
Quinn Jones 4 dager siden
DUDE!!!! FREAKING FANTASTIC....thanks for taking all of these ripoff "HITS" for the rest of us so we can find the real deals on Ebay. Much appreciated Bro!!!
Bash Em!
Bash Em! 5 dager siden
Kay now ill give ya 12hundred. :>
juliet gonzaga plural
juliet gonzaga plural 5 dager siden
Is it durable Sir? How long it will last? Thanks
Ninja Hatodi
Ninja Hatodi 6 dager siden
Import a Hero Splendor from India! And review it! It's a 100 cc full bike and does some 80km/liter Top speed at 90km/hr And sell like hot cakes in India about 1bike per 5 seconds!!!!
Übermensch Stream
Übermensch Stream 6 dager siden
Imagine your kids Riding it to school.
Übermensch Stream
Übermensch Stream 6 dager siden
Paint it with srk cycles logo
Toyko savage
Toyko savage 6 dager siden
What did u pay for the mini bike
John 6 dager siden
How did your stones fit on that seat, they must be huge to ride that death trap at 60 mph! Great video!
William GordonV
William GordonV 6 dager siden
That bike is sick!!!
KC Schafer
KC Schafer 6 dager siden
He got that from Venom Motorsports in Canada I have the same bike
David Morton
David Morton 6 dager siden
3 is the new 6/9/12.
Lilyana Perez-Mendes
Lilyana Perez-Mendes 7 dager siden
I love bikes so these videos are very entertaining for me I actually have a go Bowen or GB motors 40cc pocket rocket it is amazing
Pete's Turbo Garage
Pete's Turbo Garage 7 dager siden
You got to take into account for the beard drag coefficient. So that will put you right around 70mph 😆
Moto Junkie
Moto Junkie 7 dager siden
I'm in the process of installing a 6.5hp Honda engine in my pocket bike. I can't wait to get it finished so I can strap my 4 year old on it and have him send it. I've had to cut the frame, ditch the side fairings and a bunch of other b.s in order to get it to fit. I'm just waiting for my rear sprocket and.carb rebuild kit and she should be good to go.
Jeffrey H
Jeffrey H 7 dager siden
Think with the swap, it could play against the other bikes in miniGP? Did you build with the swap cost less than an ohvale?
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 7 dager siden
The ohvale is a much much larger bike. And yeah it was way cheap than one
Jordan 7 dager siden
Setthhhh rogan
esmokebaby 8 dager siden
What no link
It’s_rocksmad 07
It’s_rocksmad 07 8 dager siden
Where do I buy that bro
Dede Xyz
Dede Xyz 9 dager siden
Having owned a 80cc Honda scooter, there's no way a 90cc can do 75. MAYBE.....50. But on a pit bike or scooter, even that feels like 75. My Honda topped out at 35.
EpicGamer2056 9 dager siden
Video has more ads than content
Chuck DiGregorio
Chuck DiGregorio 9 dager siden
Polini or GRC if you want a real pocket bike
The Goat
The Goat 9 dager siden
I really was doing that right now 😭
apostlemilton roman
apostlemilton roman 9 dager siden
Great, great video.
татьяна дудченко
I want one like this motorcycle 🥺
Bradley Birdsell
Bradley Birdsell 10 dager siden
Love the vids. But eBay is the bomb, just gotta know how to shop on it and not just hit the buy it now first one ya see
Mikes RC Garage
Mikes RC Garage 10 dager siden
Quit playing around and stick a 190cc Daytona Anima engine in it! Lol! 👊😎👍
Mikes RC Garage
Mikes RC Garage 7 dager siden
@Bikes and Beards Lol, well I guess all you can do is make it fit! 👊😎👍
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 7 dager siden
It wouldn’t fit! We have one waiting
Carmine Salvatore
Carmine Salvatore 10 dager siden
It’s “Pocket Bike”. You wouldn’t believe what i saw when i searched “Pocket Rocket” on Amazon
Young_explorer 21
Young_explorer 21 10 dager siden
Sen me one of those bikes please
Rc/Lego HD
Rc/Lego HD 10 dager siden
Do you have an amazon link?
Spinge Bill
Spinge Bill 10 dager siden
I miss the buyang X bikes
SoulSnatcher 10 dager siden
Actually I'm hiding in the garage
Robert Keeton
Robert Keeton 10 dager siden
Dude, this thing NEEDS a turbo and fuel injection (if it doesn't already have it). I bet a Tillotson 212 could've fit in there with some minor cutting and relocating...
Luke F
Luke F 10 dager siden
Me in the wood shop being called out.
ACoustaDC 10 dager siden
Why don't you get one of those Kikker bikes.?
smokey joe
smokey joe 11 dager siden
I had one of these with nos on so much fun 😛
8 Lives
8 Lives 11 dager siden
Things faster than a grom☠️
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw 11 dager siden
Matt Jordan
Matt Jordan 11 dager siden
Have you tried running these pocket rockets on e85??
Calum Watts
Calum Watts 11 dager siden
i wan- no, i need this can someone show me where i can find it
R/C Daily
R/C Daily 11 dager siden
My kids would love to have it! They would find out exactly how fast it would go!
Scott Babcock
Scott Babcock 11 dager siden
funniest idle noise ever
Alex Powers
Alex Powers 11 dager siden
How can I get a hold of you to buy that for my son
HomeGrownPyro 11 dager siden
That is a bad ass looking little bike! Where were bikes like this when we were kids!? We did have those old school mini bikes through with the lawn mower motors good times
Rubber Boots
Rubber Boots 11 dager siden
Can you put a link for this bike?
Ronald Robbins
Ronald Robbins 11 dager siden
I have the same thing just pure black mine goes up to 35
CUT THROAT 559 11 dager siden
Tries to blur out the speed but can see it clearly lol
snorman1911 11 dager siden
"High quality stuff from China" LOL.
SUMGUY 11 dager siden
Just go man .... just go
M Tay
M Tay 11 dager siden
am i the only one who got pissed off when the sticker didn't come off clean? 😆
Travis Searles
Travis Searles 11 dager siden
Those are fun for about 30 mins! Then its a dust collector!
Otto Dron
Otto Dron 11 dager siden
can it wheelie?
Taylor101 Alexander
Taylor101 Alexander 11 dager siden
First thing you have to do with those cheap Chinese bikes is change the oil before you even start it
Armin Osmanbegovic
Armin Osmanbegovic 11 dager siden
59 is pretty sweet for that dinky thing man nice job yall
Gianni Puface
Gianni Puface 11 dager siden
As a Canadian, thank you for doing to the conversion because I have no idea how fast things are in mph
Baring Bonez
Baring Bonez 12 dager siden
Did you have to fill it up for every test run
Baring Bonez
Baring Bonez 12 dager siden
What you guys did to Make it faster?
Wolfgang Hogsett
Wolfgang Hogsett 12 dager siden
12:45 best adult being a kid feeling
Googl Reviews
Googl Reviews 12 dager siden
Chinese sure know how to wrap shit in nice wrapper.
Tech Dad
Tech Dad 12 dager siden
Pennsylvania International Amish Association 🤣
Derick Weller
Derick Weller 12 dager siden
God made teens for things too small for adults and too dangerous for children.
Alejandro Tobienne
Alejandro Tobienne 12 dager siden
You want a fast pocket bike buy a Polini
Cailyn Leake
Cailyn Leake 12 dager siden
Brian Lopez
Brian Lopez 12 dager siden
That’s crazy fast for that Lil thing
MEAST70 12 dager siden
I would love to have a bike like that but reality is u will never give me and my parents don't have money either so thats reality
Dean Beach
Dean Beach 12 dager siden
The sound @ idle at the end...did anyone else have a flashback to the original Willy Wonka movie? No? Just me? Okay.
JustHelix Grether
JustHelix Grether 12 dager siden
How much is it and where do I buy it
Lee 12 dager siden
"Why is it so important to protect this little heat shield"? 😫 No dude it's just a sticker...🤣🤣
Jacob Blackford
Jacob Blackford 12 dager siden
You should buy a venom x22. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it
I did it
I did it 12 dager siden
awesome LOL
Florida Finest 561
Florida Finest 561 12 dager siden
Tuck your head down probly would of given u couple more mph lol
neva4self 12 dager siden
Nice bike. Amazon link?
Roger Gillette
Roger Gillette 12 dager siden
Ok, so is it going up for sale? :-p
Comrade Bear
Comrade Bear 12 dager siden
my 50cc 2 stroke scooter can hit 80 kmh, which coincidentally is 49.7 mph. So that first run, you speed matched a proper roadgoing small displacement bike that is meant for the road and big and comfy, Impressive. Allthough, if I had a 140cc 2 stroke, I would 140cc smoke you.
Adrenaline Northwest
Adrenaline Northwest 12 dager siden
Is there a link so I can buy that bike? How much was it?
SML 12 dager siden
I keep a rocket in my pocket socket called a pocket rocket
Jamesthebond 007
Jamesthebond 007 12 dager siden
Put a daytona 190cc in it 😂😂😂😂😂
Avary the American Viking
no one can dislike ever again lol its at 420 right now
mad knifes
mad knifes 12 dager siden
Wrong I'm at work in the bathroom dodging my responsibility
oh 12 dager siden
So the video is sponsored by doorway, which is "something you walk through". Sean then proceeds to ride through one, and gets punished accordingly. It's something you WALK THROUGH, Sean.
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 12 dager siden
Hahaha or ride through lol
DailyToker 12 dager siden
Who buys something like this and leaves it somewhere for 5 months or so. You are one weird guy.
DailyToker 12 dager siden
@Bikes and BeardsI only know of one guy that is worse. He ordered a bike, waited half a year for it to arrive, and now he's been looking at it through a hole in the box for another year LOL. To me that is plain stupid.
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 12 dager siden
Just waiting for the right weather
Justin Hudson
Justin Hudson 12 dager siden
I totally was!
Dan Swer
Dan Swer 13 dager siden
i kno i can do 70 mph on that thing i weigh130lbs and am 5'2" i also kno i don't want to do more than 50 mph on my '09 cbr rr600 ... shit randomly wobbles to death....i do not want to meet Murphy.
Dan Swer
Dan Swer 12 dager siden
@Bikes and Beards it's the fork. bad design i'm thinking. wobbles at 60mph and wobbles at 5mph. it's a death trap. LOL only safe bikes to ride are pocket rockets and DIRT bikes.
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 12 dager siden
Dang get those tires fixed
Brandon Burker
Brandon Burker 13 dager siden
Is it gas powered or battery cause gas would go way faster
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 12 dager siden
donni jacob
donni jacob 13 dager siden
Shin Go
Shin Go 13 dager siden
Where can I buy this
snapascrew 13 dager siden
“I don’t know why they don’t make these things street legal.” Uhhh..... what?
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 12 dager siden
C mon it’s a good point
Nick Moseley
Nick Moseley 13 dager siden
What about the fastest mini chopper you could find?
wantapgt 13 dager siden
Waste of money
NY_ TuRrET 13 dager siden
What is the link to this bike
killersushi99 13 dager siden
Is there a governor in the throttle? A plastic piece to stop the handle from being turned all the way?
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