DEBATE: Is Brendan Rodgers A Top Manager? 

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Leicester look like they could be tailing off again after such a strong start to the Premier League season. The Kick Off discusses what it is with Brendan Rodgers and his management that causes this.
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3. mars. 2021





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The Kick Off
The Kick Off Måned siden
Will Leicester be able to secure top 4?
MrGamerJeff & More
MrGamerJeff & More 22 dager siden
@Pedro Neves fycj off
sp9s 29 dager siden
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Måned siden
NdidiSZN Måned siden
We will
Callum Williams
Callum Williams Måned siden
@DOMPATTBEAST no bottle just injuries
DeadlySpecies 6 dager siden
I think Rodgers is probably one of the top coaches at developing players, but maybe lacks some ruthlessness to close out trophies
Victor Joseph
Victor Joseph 9 dager siden
Haha GTA golf minigame is better than that advertised golf game
Ryan’s Career Mode
Ryan’s Career Mode 18 dager siden
Rodgers is ridiculously underrated. Leicester are the only team to stay in the top 4 all season and we’ve had a bucket load injuries. Beaten all of the big 6 in all competitions and smashed Manchester City in their own back yard 5-2 with five at the back
HamOnRye Chinaski
HamOnRye Chinaski 22 dager siden
Good not great. Not top 4. Full of himself and tends to blow the big must win games...
Kostas Kekeris
Kostas Kekeris 25 dager siden
Really hope Leicester get to second place..
Danny Blue
Danny Blue 26 dager siden
Rodgers can only over-achieve for so long before being labelled a great manager. He is a victim of his own power.
Хорхе Гарсия
Judging Liverpool for "bottling" that title is fair, but trying to come up with a higher meaning on it and how it reflects on Rodgers is ridiculous. Yeah, they did bottle it, but they had no business being there in the first place. Before and after they weren´t even a top-3 team for almost a decade, yet the defining moment for a manager was not winning a title? Or last year with Leicester, not getting top-4 is his defining moment? In his first complete season as a manager, he took a roster that had finished 12th, 9th, and 9th and had them in 4th for the best part of a season until injuries, yeah, INJURIES, unraveled his team. I know injuries are just an excuse if you´re Liverpool, but other teams have them too. This year he is 3rd, 3 weeks after this video, he has the 3rd highest-scoring team, the 6th defense by fewest goals allowed, and has a 7 points advantage over West Ham. All of that with, again this year, a shitload of injuries. But nah, that doesn´t count. "He is gonna get caught by Chelsea". You mean 250 million euros spent on buying players Chelsea? Well, they better catch him, otherwise, it will just be embarrassing. ´m I supposed to believe that Guardiola would have done much better? Or Klopp? Or whoever you consider a "top" manager? Dude, I´m no British and I don´t know how it is there but, is this because he is Irish or something? Because I don´t see many objective evidence against him, it´s all "I think, I feel, I have never believed"
Hossein.G 27 dager siden
i think rory is argument is really debatable because the liverpool defence that season especially the 2 centre back and Mignolet as gk (sakho skirtel and toure ) if i remember correctly rubbish defenders as far as i am concern with young sterling and sturridge and flanagan and johnson at right back mate what do you expect they couldn't even defend against fu*king crystal palace and also they have young jordan henderson they were briliant when they were on the front foot i especially love when they batter totenham hotspur attacking win you games defending win you titles with them rubbish defenders at the back you cannot achieve anything
Daniel Law
Daniel Law 27 dager siden
I love lawrence and brian as admen
sp9s 29 dager siden
top class manager, no doubt for me
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali 29 dager siden
Rodgers is a top class manager imo
max genger
max genger Måned siden
Hell no
Dead Ball Situation
Dead Ball Situation Måned siden
I don't think anyone can call Rodgers a "great manager" or "top manager" until he wins something. No manager has ever had the accolade of "top" unless they win things, so he shouldn't be any different. I do think however, that Rodgers has made some very suspicious tactical decisions in his time at Leicester. Last season, when they were 1-0 up at half time vs Bournemouth, he changed the side and then lost 4-1. It was a game they needed to win to try & secure top 4 and he just threw it away. In the game vs Leeds when they lost 3-1 this season, he made substitutions that made me think he is going to lose this game with that - and they did. He also sometimes plays Amartey who I think is a liability at the back. There are definitely noticeable flaws in his game but if he gets top 4 this year and wins something, he can perhaps begin a legacy but until he wins things, he will never be anything more than, at best, a half decent manager.
james turner
james turner Måned siden
Rory is right
Cormac Donnelly
Cormac Donnelly Måned siden
Of course he is
JA Måned siden
"how'd you think he'd do a city" "i think he'd do well there" "i'd do well there" - RORYYYYYYYYYYY
DayDoDoeDontDayDoe Måned siden
Liverpool collapsed in 13/14 they won 13 of last 15
Kenneth Mortensen
Kenneth Mortensen Måned siden
Leicester is just impressive compared to the others. They have maybe a tenth of the others budget and still they compete with Them. That is really impressive.
Ali G On WA
Ali G On WA Måned siden
I can count on one hand the number of managers in this league who would be maintaining this position with Dan Amartey, Marc Albrighton, and Ayoze Perez regularly starting in their side.
Serotonez Måned siden
Sorry but this just shows Rory is clueless
KC4764 Måned siden
I like how you subtly hear Lawrence say “injuries aren’t an excuse” but that’s what him and most Liverpool fans haven’t shut up about theirs all season
Noogd K
Noogd K Måned siden
Ok Rory as a leicester fan I am offended cause look we are still up there even though we have a lot of injuries the thing is most of you underestimate us and call us overrated
Blah Blah Blah - New Music Mag & Record Label
I think to settle this debate it's time to get the stats out on Rorys predictions vs everyone else's on The Kick Off. I want to see that discussion.
milner3 Måned siden
Rory just talks utter twat... Makes zero sense...
y1521t21b5 Måned siden
Learning fast and gaining useful experience in the most competitive top-flight around, but he still has some ground to cover to reach the stratosphere currently occupied by the world-class operators. In the EPL, I would put _Rodgers_ in the second tier, alongside _Espirito Santo, Tuchel, Hodgson and Hasenhüttl._ There are currently 5 world-class managers in the division: _Bielsa, Klopp, Ancelotti, Mourinho and Guardiola._
aiden lee
aiden lee Måned siden
look what he done at celtic. even dominated with gerrard there. also won a double treble and set them up for a third. they just won their 4th treble in a row
weejoe27 Måned siden
His European record is poor
franklingoodwin Måned siden
Rory clearly doesn't know football. He has some very strange takes on it. Must be what being a Chelsea fan does to you
Incognito Måned siden
Rory: Leicester where predicted to finish top4 Also Rory his top 4 predictions at the start of the season: 1Chelsea 2Liverpool 3Mancity 4ManU
Cam Mackay
Cam Mackay Måned siden
I don't see how someone can cock up the only genuine title challenge he's been in, consistently fail miserably in Europe, oversee a couple of badly embarrassing collapses and still be considered a *GREAT* manager. He's on the better side of average but I wouldn't go any further.
Blessy Måned siden
Did they actually play that sponsored game? No.
malachy rodgers
malachy rodgers Måned siden
What a bunch of idiots
Nassta K
Nassta K Måned siden
Fergie was handed everything by referees and buying players uncontested. Pep bottles the champions league unless he has Messi. Klopp bottled the league in 2019 and only won it with VAR. Mourinho bottles it in his second/third season. Semi truths yet not actually true. Chelsea spend hundreds of millions and catch Leicester - yet Rodgers is a bottler for some reason. Hope Leicester make top 4 and are able to invest champions league money to narrow the gap, from over achievers to just achievers.
Nassta K
Nassta K Måned siden
The reason Leicester didn’t make top 4 last season is that the referees didn’t allow Man United to lose matches. Watch man united Crystal Palace and it all becomes crystal clear. Even Ferdinand in the post match analysis said he didn’t understand how those decisions went to Man U.
SennaStar Måned siden
Liverpool didn't need to beat Chelsea that day, they should have played for the draw and conceding that goal in first half injury time was suicidal football, they should have just rolled the ball around and seen the clock out, Gerard being the last man near the half way line was madness and Rodgers must take the blame for the tactics that day
Liam Carroll
Liam Carroll Måned siden
Leicester fan here. Rodgers has come in and no doubt improved us, he has really helped players like barnes really step up a notch. He definitely deserves praise and is no doubt a good manager. Here is my problem with him though. He is praised for his tactical fluidity and ability to change a game. I feel like this would not be a prevalent if he set up his teams right at kick off. Too many games now we are starting slow and just look off of it until he tweaks the formation, more often than not, its the same personnel, why cant he set up like that from kick off?
Aditya Tiwary
Aditya Tiwary Måned siden
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Måned siden
Yes, Rodgers is a top coach 👌🏽
Mut -
Mut - Måned siden
I agree with Rory but not with his reasoning, you can't be a top manager unless you win a meaningful title. Rodgers is very good with a lot of potential but he needs to win titles in the future to be considered a top manager.
Mike Cronan
Mike Cronan Måned siden
There's no debate. He is a top manager. End of.
Stuart Measom
Stuart Measom Måned siden
If you were to put Klopp, Pep or Jose in charge of Leicester at the time when Rodgers took over they'd still be mid-table and they are supposed to the best managers
lankydinosaur95 Måned siden
Maybe you would see him as a threat if he actually had money to work with like your spoilt clubs you snob! 😡
Rhys W
Rhys W Måned siden
Rodgers is a top manager, has taken every team he has been at to another level. Swansea were brilliant under him, took a dreadful Liverpool side to the brink of winning the league, brief stint at Celtic, and now really got Leicester playing great football in the top 4 despite all their injuries and now with Barnes and Maddison out. Imh Rodgers probably only behind Pep and Klopp in terms of the premier league.
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid Måned siden
Rodgers to arsenal at least his better than arteta
james barry
james barry Måned siden
He should get a big job.
Jimbo Jones
Jimbo Jones Måned siden
Who watches these useless conversations
Oliver Boisen
Oliver Boisen Måned siden
Rodgers is a perfectly capable manager to get a team into the Top 6, but he's never gonna win you a title
Andy Miles
Andy Miles Måned siden
Tom.gpx Måned siden
lads, didn’t come here for the reading disrespect
JMH Måned siden
How can Laurence say injuries aren’t an excuse when he goes on about Liverpool’s injuries. Stay consistent mate
NdidiSZN Måned siden
He is
Reece Taylor
Reece Taylor Måned siden
I have never. Never. Heard so much bullshit in my entire life.
Lehlogonolo Maanaso
Lehlogonolo Maanaso Måned siden
Lool laurence is mad Injuries aren't what?
DzNtzRonFyre Måned siden
Rodgers is class. He was young in his career at Liverpool. If he had the same experience that he does now, they would have won. He has earned a shot at a top job
DzNtzRonFyre Måned siden
Top four at Leicester is always an overachievement
David Jones
David Jones Måned siden
Rodgers never had a quarter of a billion pounds to spend.
BB Måned siden
Everyone forgets that klopp was labelled as a bottler for a long period of time
Kevin Lujan
Kevin Lujan Måned siden
First of all Leicester should’ve even been in the top 6 they done spend money as much as the top 6 the fact they are consistent is good tf
_ Booth
_ Booth Måned siden
“Rodgers is not a good manager if Leicester can’t maintain he brilliant position Rodgers has got them into” Okay Rory mate
Horus Måned siden
So it's Brendan Rodgers' fault that Gerrard slipped? Because that's what cost Liverpool the league, any further analysis is trying to protect Stevie who we obviously all love. But everyone knows why we didn't win the league in 2014.
ADF Audio
ADF Audio Måned siden
Rory this time you're wrong
mike torr
mike torr Måned siden
"He's a chump" that got me🤣🤣🤣
ttt2080 Måned siden
If memory serves, I think that Liverpool only needed five points from those last three games and they got four and lost the title by a point.
As33 Måned siden
They needed 7. By losing it meant if both City and Liverpool won their remaining games, City would win by GD.
gerard2215 Måned siden
He's better than Marco Biesla and everyone rates him as world class.
Tim Richards
Tim Richards Måned siden
If he has regularly over-achieved, can you not make the point that that’s actually just his level?
_ Booth
_ Booth Måned siden
Exactly, it’s like when people say certain strikers constantly score ‘lucky’ goals. If it keeps happening, it’s not luck
Ryan William Templeton
The tone is of an argument/debate without any real disagreement
Mark Crockwell ETA
Mark Crockwell ETA Måned siden
Rory is a knob
Chris O'Flynn
Chris O'Flynn Måned siden
If Rogers had the exact same cv but instead of failing to win the league at Liverpool he failed at Dortmund and instead of being 3rd with Leicester he was 3rd with RB Leipzig he would probably be the most trendy manager going atm and wanted by every fanbase around
Jwills40 Clips
Jwills40 Clips Måned siden
Laurence just slagged off a reading side 3 years earlier got 106 point 😭
Tom Cayzer
Tom Cayzer Måned siden
Lalit Thapa
Lalit Thapa Måned siden
The kickoff whenever its not about man united,Pep,Mourinho,Lampard FC,Liverpool- *CIVIL MODE ON* The kickoff whenever its about those clubs- *ADAM MODE ON* !!!!!!!!!!! *SHOUTTTT SCREAM LOSE IGNORE BLAHANHABSHSBAHA GABAHS SHSBAHAGS LIVERPOOL HAVE INJURIES*
Broceliande Forest
Broceliande Forest Måned siden
I believe he is a great manager, maybe he should go to Barca and prove it.
Alex Bradley
Alex Bradley Måned siden
Hands down one of the worst things that’s ever come out of Rorys mouth. Leicester have James Justin, Evans, Maddison, Barnes, forfona, Morgan out. Soyunchu, Vardy, castange and Ricardo were our most of the season. And we’re third! Insane job
Peter Mullins
Peter Mullins Måned siden
And Perez
Majeed Måned siden
Praet too
PACIFIK Måned siden
I agree with Rory
Oakabiel B
Oakabiel B Måned siden
I swear they're always slow whenever Liverpool lose. Bad champions.
This is Jon Snow He's King of the North
Sad to see that Chelsea's fickle nature towards managers has now transferred to their fans shocking take
Ian Shipman
Ian Shipman Måned siden
So would you say Klopp is a top 4 manager ?? same injury issues as Leicester, but both teams are standing in different positions. I think this debate is coming a few years too early, he is there to do a job over 5 years, not the two he has so far done. So far we have finished 5th and looking for a top 6 again ?? still has to build his own team. Judge him after his 5 years not 2 years in.
Gilsz WARRIOR Måned siden
Yes. Just yes. He's not like world-class but he'e deffo a top manager
Mike Dench
Mike Dench Måned siden
Has anyone noticed in the description true geordie has all his details, channels, social media then just sticks the others at the bottom, even Laurence, I thought this was their channel not his? Also....... STOP WEARING VESTS, NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR HAIRY SHOULDERS AND BACK!!
Mikey Henry
Mikey Henry Måned siden
There is no way these guys are only friends! 😊
Callum r09
Callum r09 Måned siden
Anyone else feel like Rory trys to be as controversial/difficult as possible in these debates
Kai Nolan
Kai Nolan Måned siden
Liverpool had sas and Gerrard smashing it
Harry McAniskey
Harry McAniskey Måned siden
Haven't watched video. Yes he is lol
Aidan W
Aidan W Måned siden
You know if the city fan agrees with you that your opinion is wrong Rory
Louis Lane
Louis Lane Måned siden
Why did True Geordie delete the video of him asking to buy Arsenals Trophy Cabinet?
Toby Collins
Toby Collins Måned siden
Rory couldn’t be any more right. He’s a good manager, but not great. What are the others not understanding?
The Apex
The Apex Måned siden
Bringing a team from middle table to be the only team that has never left top 4.
paul McAllister
paul McAllister Måned siden
Can't stand the posh man city fan! All your club's 5 titles won in last 9 years (when you win it later thus season) should all have asterisks next to your name first financial doping! It means nothing! 🧐
Rohan Raut
Rohan Raut Måned siden
Rodgers is a better man manager. Look at some of the players he has got playing so good for Leicester
Two Hat
Two Hat Måned siden
Injuries to Leicester key players certainly didn’t help such as ndidi, pereira, Justin, Vardy etc.
Foodie Travel
Foodie Travel Måned siden
You can’t compare Rogers to Klopp, Guardiola, Mourinho and other top managers, because he hasn’t achieved much or proved his ability by winning. But... If you compare him to other promising managers who have yet to prove themselves, he’s easily better than Ole, Lampard, Arteta. And he may be the first of that group to really prove himself to be a great manager. Gerrard is doing very well so far. But I’d still take Rogers over him. If you have to compare Rogers to another manager I would probably say Poch is his equal, who currently has the edge on him, but when Rogers inevitably gets a chance with another top team that could change.
HariHara Subramanian.S
Rogers is a far better manager than many top 6 managers atm. Deserves a lot of credit for whatever he does.
Finn Cranston
Finn Cranston Måned siden
I always know I will completely disagree with Rory every time he opens his mouth
Finn Cranston
Finn Cranston Måned siden
The worst was when he put Harry Kane on the same level as Tammy Abraham
Key: to start
Key: to start Måned siden
Man, Brendan Rodgers is a fucking Don. I remember that Liverpool run under Rodgers, when Liverpool beat City with 3 games to go, and Gerrard pulls the boys into the middle and fucking SCREAMS "This does not slip now!" - honestly one of the most exciting moments I've ever witnessed as a Liverpool fan, all slip jokes aside - in that moment I've never been more invested in my team, a teenage Raheem Sterling wide-eyed and gobsmacked at big stevie giving it the gas, Rodgers visible vibrating on the touchline, desperate to run on and hug the boys...goosebump stuff for me. Who cares if he didn't bring us silverware, he took us from Roy Hodgson dark days and gave us moments like that, always a legend. Plus he's Klopps landlord so we gotta all stay pals!
Calyn Geraghty
Calyn Geraghty Måned siden
Brendan rodgers is a top manager. Top 4 quality. No doubt for me. Leicester were bang average after winning the league, he single handedly pulled them into that question CONSISTENTLY. Scottish football doesnt really conclude anything but he dominated that country within a very short period of time and it cant be that easy, look at them now... The liverpool team he inherited were also absolute horseshit, suarez carried that team. But probably because Brendan built that team around him. A rotting away gerrard was not the same as he once was at that period. He was the first man to be able to do that with liverpool, i reckon liverpool could have done a newcastle hadnt they appointed rodgers. It will be set in stone when he gets his big move, with experience under his belt now - he’d do wonders for arsenal.
nathan middleton
nathan middleton Måned siden
Yes he is a top manager UNTIL MARCH
The last Cliffhanger
Rory has lost it! Rogers is an amazing manager and possibly a future Chelsea manager too given his roots. If we were to rate managers as per my choice;after Klopp, jose, ancelloti and pep, I would put Rogers at 5th!
smurfxvi Måned siden
I'd take him at United
Nicolas Klemm
Nicolas Klemm Måned siden
These same questions were asked of Klopp, seeing he lost 2 champions league finals before winning 1 and coming close to the league before winning it the next season. Basing a manager of the latter part of the season is unfair and all aspects of the squad and initial expectation should be taken into consideration before just labeling him as failing. The fact Leicester are 3rd with other teams having better overall squads and contesting the Europa league most of the season is impressive, with many other teams not being able to show the same.
11Heaven Måned siden
rory sat on his high horse spending 200mil every season