What will the world look like in 250 million years? 

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Written, presented and edited by
JAY FOREMAN jayforeman
MARK COOPER-JONES markcooperjones
AD, Camera, Props and Costumes
JADE NAGI jade_nagi
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Bradley Dix
Bradley Dix 26 minutter siden
I know what it will look like.....emptyness
Niall Claxton
Niall Claxton 2 timer siden
can anyone else see Tamriel on the thumbnail?
ZugnachPankow / パンコー 行きの電車
„The Great Collision Party“ or another name for Torries!
not my real name
not my real name 2 timer siden
"Bad geologist freezes to death"
dan 3 timer siden
an egg is cold like the sun
Adil Ahmadzai
Adil Ahmadzai 5 timer siden
Looks like Tamriel.
Tech10K! 7 timer siden
How dare you suggest in your fancy graphics that Great Britain will EVARRRRRR join up with Frenchy! Never gonna happen!
Uk stagecouch buses Roblox
“ 180 million years ago I was not here”
vishwav20 9 timer siden
Crash and Eddie from Ice age evolved into human beings and they've become two nerdy, skinny and funny brits! Nice to meet you guys, Big Fan!!!
Bannicus 10 timer siden
How big will your eyebrows be in 100-200 million years?
Qayyum Azmi
Qayyum Azmi 11 timer siden
Intro: **says malaysia** Me, A malay: *so u have summoned me*
Garrett 14 timer siden
Holy s*** this looks like the map of tamriel from elder scrolls
Jemzo Maclain
Jemzo Maclain 15 timer siden
my guy went to india just to film himself saying "here in india"
Medievaluke 16 timer siden
“WHeRE BRitiSH GoeS ClosEr To AmeRicA” *sunrise once more
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 16 timer siden
4:12 - your nasty animation is dead wrong. New Zealand is made up of two plates, one of which is moving North (the top part) and one which is moving south (2/3rds of the South Island). In the future, the top half will continue north but it will NOT rejoin Australia, and in fact, when the new supercontinent comes, NZ is staying the hell away from it, and it'll be just about the ONLY part which does not join it. The bottom part of NZ continues south, to become its own independent landmass, and in 150 million years it will slide below the artic circle. Deeply unimpressed with your animations. DON'T RECOMMEND CHANNEL.
Chris Davies
Chris Davies 16 timer siden
2:32 - your nasty animation does not include an entire continent: Zealandia It was half the size of Australia, you numpties!
S0dfish 16 timer siden
Not the daddy!
Sear Piel
Sear Piel 17 timer siden
Me, looking at the thumbnail: Me: What’s a “Map Titen?” Clicks video Video: “This episode of Map Men...” Me: 😅
John Chang
John Chang 17 timer siden
Elder Scrolls' Tamriel at 6:37
Ty Hunt3r
Ty Hunt3r 18 timer siden
It'll look like a brasses fanny. Fkd.
DEVS SOL INVICTVS 19 timer siden
the map in the thumbnail looks kinda like Tamriel
chemical unit
chemical unit 19 timer siden
thisis like sheldon's fun with flags but land instead of flags
dorzsboss 19 timer siden
All of these theories neglect the strict fact that the Red Sea is spreading and probable will become to the new Thetis ocean. Sorry guys, you are wrong.
Leo Charlton
Leo Charlton 19 timer siden
tallthinkev 20 timer siden
No more day trips to the seaside then
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 20 timer siden
Africa: let's split up gang! Africa a few million years later: rejoins again
Mr. Modrobulvus
Mr. Modrobulvus 20 timer siden
3:31 uuuhhhhhh....... somethings off.?
BTS ARMY 20 timer siden
*SpAcE dUsT!*
Kai Johnson
Kai Johnson 21 time siden
When countries crash into eachother, is that how mountains are formed?
Bk O
Bk O 21 time siden
Arabia actually was connected to Africa before the Red Sea it’s why the Somali coast b Yemen coast is very similar and and people are similar genetically etc and wasn’t that long ago well couple million years but still
Bk O
Bk O 19 timer siden
@Ailsa Ni side way? What u talking about the Red Sea was created by rift similar to what is happening to east Africa from Djibouti to Mozambique n is less den25 million years ago
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 20 timer siden
1:01 what sideways pangaea?
Tony Dimaric
Tony Dimaric 22 timer siden
Ashwin S
Ashwin S 22 timer siden
3:09 i can't believe you used the Batman logo 😂😂😂
Rohan Joshua
Rohan Joshua 22 timer siden
The impolite farmer postsynaptically cross because move occasionally confess notwithstanding a deserted space. poised, nosy editorial
TheSm1thers 23 timer siden
Why does it look like Tamriel? Hmm
Chris fiftyone
Chris fiftyone 23 timer siden
Will we still be in lockdown?
Daryll Evan Mancao
Daryll Evan Mancao 23 timer siden
I like how the plate movement predictions looked like a standard weather forecast
Sleekz Dag siden
Damn 200 million years.... are there any humans there??
The King of Antarctica
If Antarctica isn't there I'm suing Pangea.
How do I download the show on stereo?
bapt1 Dag siden
Jay forman is looking pretty unwell
goblin man
goblin man Dag siden
Where can I download these maps
DJ Universal
DJ Universal Dag siden
5:07 Pangaea Ultima/Proxima Edit: 5:15 wait what?
DJ Universal
DJ Universal Dag siden
4:45 Afro-Euaustraliasia?
DJ Universal
DJ Universal Dag siden
1:01 what sideways pangaea?
Noized Dag siden
ahh yes, Tamriel.
Marc Frank
Marc Frank Dag siden
hmm very cool :) but why won't there be a new continent between africa and america? there is the mid atlantic ridge, and i'd guess as the plates move away further, the ridge grows higher, creating the new landmass
Abdo Za Deldo
Abdo Za Deldo Dag siden
4:21 Map Men: The Rise of Eyebrows
rruysch Dag siden
omg their eyebrows...
Charlie Korotana
I don’t know why but your intro makes me feel like I’m watching Bill nye
Jakob Sthillert
Jakob Sthillert Dag siden
Now THIS is what I call a long-range forecast.
Nineteen 84
Nineteen 84 Dag siden
Go to inner city Bradford west Yorkshire..........theirs your answer
catrina moy
catrina moy Dag siden
0:03 Here's..... the........ Men........ and....... heres.......... the............. map....... *struggles talking*
Eric Southard
Eric Southard Dag siden
I think Amasia is my favorite
3rLLort DIY
3rLLort DIY Dag siden
Hopefully with less influence from Marxist /socialist Hollywood and less wars for bankers...
akash singh
akash singh Dag siden
Wrong MAP of India. Correct map of India. Don't be Chinese shills
Random Commoner
Random Commoner Dag siden
I like that last paragraph at 2:42 he was a nice chap after all
Ethan Rojek
Ethan Rojek Dag siden
wait. the phone is being held by a foot
vargen1414 Dag siden
Why is Tamriel in the video’s thumbnail?
Bwizz245 Dag siden
Bruh did this dude just call Lystrosaurus a Dinosaur
No One
No One Dag siden
5:01 so eventually the world will look like Tamriel and Akavir?
Scott Wales
Scott Wales Dag siden
The term MAP men sounds hilarious
Marko Saric
Marko Saric Dag siden
Hahah funny
Conor Darcy
Conor Darcy Dag siden
"When are the dinosaurs coming back"
Schanscrosser Dag siden
0:46 good luck reading that.
Sahrāzād Dag siden
Overpopulation*. Might be a good video idea!
Bluej3d1 Dag siden
You remind me of Tim Curry
Utsuk Shah
Utsuk Shah Dag siden
those thick bushy eyebrows XDDD
colbcolb2321 Dag siden
So, Tamriel?
Serge Gordeev
Serge Gordeev Dag siden
Idea: Make an easter egg intro: "We are the map, and here is the men!"
Reversed Tech
Reversed Tech Dag siden
3:09 So the earth's land, used to be BatMan ?? COOL
Daniel Brennan
Daniel Brennan Dag siden
Hi Jay, please could you reupload your "when I'm alone" song? 😁👍🏻
Alfred Peasant
Alfred Peasant Dag siden
You suck for making social distance joke.
Thomas Gustav Franc
0:00 this episode of Map Men is brought to you by stereo
Ivet Capdevila Codina
Why does this video seem to be taken in 2015?
Ivet Capdevila Codina
Ivet Capdevila Codina 21 time siden
@Jay Foreman well i mean i havent been around youtube for a long time but the first time I saw this video I thought it was from 2015 or 2016 😂. Not because of the content, but because of the video background and the way you speak. Just my opinion tho
Ivet Capdevila Codina
Ivet Capdevila Codina 21 time siden
@sehhi vooty sorry english isnt my first language and sometimes i mess up lol
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman Dag siden
2015 was, like, 5 minutes ago! What on earth has changed since 2015 that makes it possible to spot the difference between a video from then and now? I get that comment quite a lot on my videos, and it totally baffles me.
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Dag siden
Why do you sound like a 50s news presenter? LOL
Pablo Sánchez
Pablo Sánchez Dag siden
03:09 People in Buffalomanland would be chillin' in "that corner of the Earth".
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Dag siden
Zenon 45
Zenon 45 2 dager siden
The fact that continents are moving right now is making me feel weird
DoctorSoctopus 2 dager siden
Jamiroquai is my favorite supercontinent!
Violet Stevens
Violet Stevens 2 dager siden
Ian Claudio
Ian Claudio 2 dager siden
Landlocked must be a nightmare.
loquitogusanito 2 dager siden
That jamiroquai reference tho
Darshan BK
Darshan BK 2 dager siden
So where's the video about the new attempt at making an accurate map of the world?
William Guy Thilgen Jr.
In as much as the Earth surface at one time consisted of a single piece, and becasue of techtonics became what it is today and the fact that techtonics are still going on. It's a no brainer, that it will again at some point become a single piece again. We were not here when the split came and we won't be here when it returns to it's previous state.
Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt 2 dager siden
That Wegener dude was soooo wrong! He forgot the swimming abilities of said beasty. In their time they were renowed for their intercontinental swimming competitions. The fossil record (the latter 45 rpm version, not the older 33 rpm version) bears ample proof of this. Provided you have the correct Dual turn table that can play the record backwards). 😄😜
Ronniejames 2 dager siden
I guess no need for a compass in the future lol.
Theo Bolt
Theo Bolt 2 dager siden
Hmm, this map (on the still frame at the start of this video) looks suspiciously on that of 32 London burroughs. Hmm... suspicioussss... hmm. 😜😄
Mayon Go
Mayon Go 2 dager siden
Rip Philippines
Javi Nieto
Javi Nieto 2 dager siden
lmao 3:09 london continent
V Lenssen
V Lenssen 2 dager siden
Stealth Attack
Stealth Attack 2 dager siden
Why do you sound like a 50s news presenter? LOL
Gods March
Gods March 2 dager siden
I only know how Himalayan mountains formed😂😂😂 I'm so bad at geography . , 🗻 🇮🇳
theris108 2 dager siden
nice 1987 hurricane reference
Dorian Termini
Dorian Termini 2 dager siden
Why didn't this happen in Quarantine? No one would've had to take any flights.
TryHard FinessedYou
TryHard FinessedYou 2 dager siden
0:50 If you say that in your best South Park asian voice is sounds pretty chinese.
Edzactly 2 dager siden
The new GTA 6 map looks nice.
Lindsay Donovan
Lindsay Donovan 2 dager siden
"Goobles up Pappa New Ginea" John Howard: I think you find this has allready happened.
Logical Snuffleupagus
Logical Snuffleupagus 2 dager siden
You guys make me really miss the empire....
Zoe T
Zoe T 2 dager siden
love this guys thank you
Spyros Giantsoulis
Spyros Giantsoulis 2 dager siden
Continentaleshierbung for long 🤣🤣
꧁Mohit꧂ 2 dager siden
There are four : Pangea Ultima Aurica Novopangea Amaisa
Vigilance Brandon
Vigilance Brandon 2 dager siden
It’s not a Map Men video unless you’ve paused and rewound twice in the first 50 seconds
The world's oldest border?
Who's in charge of Britain?
Why every world map is wrong