Logan Paul's IMMEDIATE REACTION to Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Fight | Showtime Boxing 

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In this video Logan Paul gives his thoughts on his fight with Floyd Mayweather.

Shot by Matt Tucker
@MattTuckerPhotography on Instagram

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6. juni. 2021





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bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 13 timer siden
use his body during clinches to tire Mayweather. Logan loss but I guess he lives with his own brownnosers to feel validated.
Swift Cee
Swift Cee 22 timer siden
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
"He called me to the bathroom and he said as big as this is..." 😱 This is going viral, I hope you're already prepared 😜
Vince Howard
Vince Howard Dag siden
Logan Paul and his brother some real money makin clowns wit this fake WWE boxing bullshihh
Paddyjoe Kyle
Paddyjoe Kyle 2 dager siden
You wudnt say that to Mike Tyson’s face now would you
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 13 timer siden
Never allowed such people like him to fool people. People should realise and don't give damn
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 dager siden
Imagine paying for this fight
silver carter
silver carter 2 dager siden
thanks for ruining boxing
silver carter
silver carter Dag siden
@Ailsa Ni that was hopeless..black eye for boxing
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
'' who's next '' xD try someone who'll fight you for real xD
silver carter
silver carter 2 dager siden
try punching next time
Learning with Travis
Learning with Travis 2 dager siden
I'm sorry but Floyd went easy but he could've press more and knocked him out or he could've ended it in 6 rounds. Paul Logan is not ready for a boxer like Floyd. PERIOD!!!!!!
LAST KiNG 2 dager siden
😂😅MMA.. he would lose all his teeth
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 2 dager siden
Who won?
Desiree Hogan
Desiree Hogan 2 dager siden
Second fight with the goat never KNOCKED OUT like predicted he’s a wrestler why did the goat no knock him out lmao Floyd wasn’t ready and he said it. “ I underestimated him” and you are correct. Oh you wanna give us a show but 8th round Floyd could of knocked him out lol and surviving well that’s the goal 😂
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 dager siden
"He called me to the bathroom and he said as big as this is..." 😱 This is going viral, I hope you're already prepared 😜
Table of kingz Boxing journey
Logan vs tyson 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥shots fired
Xstazz 3 dager siden
CE gars il me fait délirer avec sa carte DRACAUFEU autour du cou.
Maria Casella
Maria Casella 3 dager siden
I'm happy cause I didn't pay to see it
Maria Casella
Maria Casella 3 dager siden
Logan is scraped up!Floyd is flawless clean,Logan won?!?!Ummmm Nope
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 2 dager siden
Why don't you fight mike next?
Yson Aiken
Yson Aiken 3 dager siden
Ur a good fighter, but ur tired so early...u can't box from the outside.... that's why Floyd step in...u both 🙏🙏🙏 do good...
Kerry-Anne 3 dager siden
Logan's got substance. And all you criticizers & haters of Logan on here should get in the ring too. But all you haters have got, is hate. Logan's got heart ❤
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dager siden
dude you were a much bigger person and this little guy was all over you, you held and ran like a little bitch. so all the pre fight smack talk was bullshit. you looked like a scared
Ali Motors
Ali Motors 3 dager siden
Never allowed such people like him to fool people. People should realise and don't give damn
john zz
john zz 4 dager siden
Bro he is tweaking.
John TheSpartan
John TheSpartan 4 dager siden
'' who's next '' xD try someone who'll fight you for real xD
tushar yadav
tushar yadav 4 dager siden
That was a great hugging match
the 1 forever
the 1 forever 4 dager siden
I'll fight you for the money no fame just the bag showtime owes me money I still saw this sorry ass fight but I ain't hugging who was happy to see this shit
Freddy RP Channel
Freddy RP Channel 4 dager siden
Who won?
Jason Horn
Jason Horn 4 dager siden
Logan look shook asf😂but facts were stated, logan younger than 30 vs Floyd, a grandfather and retired and richest UFC fighter. All this money making schemes, and look now tryna attract attention and making moola now jake gettin sued😂comon boys. But great fight😂👌
FlexxTV 4 dager siden
But would he actually get in the ring with Mike Tyson tho?
Cassius Romanus
Cassius Romanus 4 dager siden
Floyd beat his a$$. Both of his eyes are bruised. Paul was hugging Floyd for 90% of the fight.
Cassius Romanus
Cassius Romanus 4 dager siden
I Saleem
I Saleem 4 dager siden
Why don't you fight mike next?
Ronald Lewis
Ronald Lewis 4 dager siden
he got knocked the F out!! he still a loser!!!
Call meh karem
Call meh karem 4 dager siden
"Did he hurt u at any point in the fight?" "Ummmmmmmmmmm noooooooo 😳" Like bruh he rocked yo ass w that uppercut
Servin Feinz
Servin Feinz 3 dager siden
@Call meh karem and yet no one cares
Call meh karem
Call meh karem 3 dager siden
@Servin Feinz I don't recall asking for ur opinion son
Servin Feinz
Servin Feinz 3 dager siden
More disorientating than painful being rocked is like being stunned doesn’t mean you was “hurt”
Charles Nagy
Charles Nagy 4 dager siden
dude you were a much bigger person and this little guy was all over you, you held and ran like a little bitch. so all the pre fight smack talk was bullshit. you looked like a scared kid. i hope Mayweather fights Conner. and he did beat your ass from what i seen, you were in defensive mode for basically the whole fight. he walked up to you covered up and just walked through you. sad sad sad. you lost the fight by a wide margin.
Cuban Pete
Cuban Pete 4 dager siden
Whats next:Floyd vs.the janitor...Floyd vs.. the bus driver..Floyd vs..a politician...Meanwhile Pacquaio vs. Spencer..salut to Pacquaio..
MrManAmong 4 dager siden
I can’t believe I just wasted my time watching this interview. It was an exhibition fight where the greatest pfp boxer of all time didn’t even try and this muppet is saying it’s the greatest moment of his life. God help us all lol
santosonly7 4 dager siden
Here is an interesting perspective: The real winner here is Manny Pacquiao. AND HE DIDNT EVEN HAVE TO THROW ONE PUNCH OR DISGRACE HIMSELF AND THE SPORT TO DO IT. While commentators talk about this clown show, they can’t help but simultaneously praise what Manny is doing. Manny is doing at 42 what Floyd refused to do when he was active much less now. Manny’s facing AND BEATING undefeated, prime, elite WW champions AT 42!!! When was the last time Floyd challenged himself like that? Floyd fans: I’m waiting!! So Manny is getting free press and the chasm between their legacies widens. “Money runs out, legacies last forever”. Floyd just said “you can’t eat legacy”, but you can’t buy greatness either. By the way, when Floyd is talking about not eating legacy, he’s got to be talking to the casual fan who doesn’t realize that Manny’s extremely wealthy as well AND has the legacy of pure greatness with it. Those without money may say Floyd has more money, but wouldn’t you agree, in this context, it is better to have BOTH wealth and legacy? And make no mistake, legacy is very important to Floyd. Why do you think he can’t keep Manny’s name out of his mouth? He sees what’s happening to their respective legacies. Meanwhile, Manny’s not even mentioned Floyd. Why? The great ones don’t waste their time ALWAYS talking about someone else. It’s the other way around.
JOEY- RABBIT U.K. 4 dager siden
How does this kid think he won. +Loganpaul did not win anything. Not even a round. Go sit down kid. Ha ha ha ha. I won. I’m crying. 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂⚰️
P H I L L Y 7 5
P H I L L Y 7 5 4 dager siden
I would be happy as hell to make it 1 round with Mayweather lol. Logan did damn well in my opinion.
Instaklic TV
Instaklic TV 4 dager siden
Making fun with Mike is like playing with electricity inside the bathtub. It'h dangerouth!
Junior ndaka
Junior ndaka 4 dager siden
Exhibition match for Floyd Mayweather it was a training session but for you it is was a big challenge.
Jimmy Rhino
Jimmy Rhino 4 dager siden
It was rigged for the money. You know the Pauls s*** when Mayweather knocked him out and Mayweather held him up. That wasn't supposed to happen. The game plan was to fake it til you make it.
Brandon Wong
Brandon Wong 4 dager siden
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Pumpin 4 dager siden
you could easily call Mike out as well, but don't hug him, because you can get destroyed from inside
RaJah that
RaJah that 4 dager siden
Dang may did em wrong
HafizŻ R
HafizŻ R 4 dager siden
This is what celebrity Boxing show looks like. The build up to these things is the entertainment and the interviews at the end of it. The actual event/show is usually a load of 💩 turd 🤡 clown circus shit!!
GodTier_Armageddon 4 dager siden
Stop the cap you was hurt buddy
Abdou B.
Abdou B. 5 dager siden
People, this was not a FIGHT, it was an EXHIBITION.
Stevie Storm Music
Stevie Storm Music 5 dager siden
I am wanting to fight logan next ill ko him out in the 4th round
gudraru faraffem
gudraru faraffem 5 dager siden
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K C 5 dager siden
Logan - who’s next?! Mike Tyson - me son Logan - next question Canelo - pay day pay day I know. Now get the fuck outa here
K C 5 dager siden
The only way to get a mega fight with no boxing history is simply NOsections now..
Jimi Hughes
Jimi Hughes 5 dager siden
U will feel some pain in the morning Logan. Congrats on your big pay day!
bears 25
bears 25 5 dager siden
The memes are coming 1:15
Andrea Paolucci
Andrea Paolucci 5 dager siden
He’d actually be decent at MMA in my opinion. I think the boxing thing was a total money grab
Uber Dashcam News
Uber Dashcam News 5 dager siden
Mayweather tko logan an held him up so show go on this fix match Mayweather uppercut logan logan tko falling to floor an Mayweather under hook him so logan didnt end event fix match If I didnt see that i would say logan paul won but there's clips that show Logan Paul Flatline in his falling to the canvas and Mayweather held him up so event didnt end lol fuck why did I have to see it I would love Logan paul to have won but after seeing videos on youtube I agree fix match for show to make money
Tennessee Tang
Tennessee Tang 5 dager siden
Lol coach Milton has a tag still on his hat
zMorphinTv 5 dager siden
he'd get ragged dolled in the cage
PokeHobby Asia
PokeHobby Asia 5 dager siden
Love that Charizard!
Josh Alers
Josh Alers 5 dager siden
Did Shazam draw a goatee on what am I looking at
John G
John G 5 dager siden
The day that boxing hit an all time low.
Tad Ficus Catus
Tad Ficus Catus 5 dager siden
He would have way more success in MMA, but then he is doing this for the money and fame.
Pete Jones
Pete Jones 5 dager siden
I have way more respect for him now
Evan Brubaker
Evan Brubaker 5 dager siden
Logan Paul: Who’s next? Mike Tyson: I am bissh!
JRock84 Gage
JRock84 Gage 5 dager siden
Hugging is not grappling..MMA fighters will break him
James Karter
James Karter 5 dager siden
Say that to Mike Tyson to his face he will TKO ur ass lol
SubvertedWorld 5 dager siden
I'm so glad I didn't pay for this joke of a fight. Ahem, "exhibition". Pfft. Why does anyone give these Paul clowns the time of day?
Vince Oleyar
Vince Oleyar 5 dager siden
Logan Paul vs Tyson....lol
Joey Jackson
Joey Jackson 5 dager siden
If Money Mayweather was fighting at 100% you would have got your ass whooped. To mayweather this was just something to do when he was just chillin. In a real fight, not only would you lose but you would also have a few of your teeth knocked out.
714xelexbe 5 dager siden
Boxing became officially a joke
marcus wooden
marcus wooden 5 dager siden
Logan vs Wax next!!!!!
Adrian T
Adrian T 5 dager siden
Not a boxer Speaking not competitive. Money,and fun
john wayne
john wayne 5 dager siden
this kid is a joks
George Poulos
George Poulos 5 dager siden
He talks like a politician
George Poulos
George Poulos 5 dager siden
**fake fight
Jamar Scott
Jamar Scott 5 dager siden
Logan Paul vs Brock Lesnar
bro baiter
bro baiter 5 dager siden
Paul I won money um yeah I think he hit me maybe did he let's see how many paul landed and then money that will determine the real winner because paul is just a nother Charlie zollof or whatever his name is tou know who I mean . In no way did paul win he just lasted for 8 and that's a win in his eyes money is not a tko boxer especially with someone who has almost 100lbs on him plus is a retired grandfather not once has Paul actually fought like a real fight with a actual legit fighter that's in his prime in his weight class and also not fng retired like this is so frustrating that I want to fight him just to let him feel someone that's in his weight class and see if he can take a shot but I know he would beat my ass but you know what I'm saying every single fight has not been a real deal fight not one. He should start from the bottom and work his way through the ropes and if he makes it big well them he gets paid big you know how many fighters have givin there whole lifes to this and never got a shot like this its bs so much bs it's not funny
cainification 5 dager siden
Wtf lol who is that clown in the purple next to Logan? His goatie looks taped on
Zack Seven
Zack Seven 5 dager siden
Very much like I predicted, a lot of talk for little to no walk, all a PR BS for $$$.
ChevyZilla V8 Monster
ChevyZilla V8 Monster 5 dager siden
Ummm you did take a beaten and lost be real
EPiiX 5 dager siden
Lol caught you in the bathroom as big as this is no need to say more🤣
cameron callaway
cameron callaway 5 dager siden
As much as I hate the Paul brothers. I tip my hat for at least respecting one of today's legends
julian gonzalez
julian gonzalez 5 dager siden
JustMeBoo Rockstar
JustMeBoo Rockstar 5 dager siden
Dude you didn't even box. You hugged on him the whole freaking time. Bruh he allowed you to survive. Floyd even said He had no intention of Knocking you out, he said he was gonna give a good exhibition fight. BOOOOOOO BOOOOOOO Floyd dictated the whole fight. You're dumb!!
Joey Flores
Joey Flores 5 dager siden
Uhhhhh...i really dont recommend you mock Tyson bro..WHOOOOLE DIFFERENT GAME my friend..way outta your league
Azonqoba Nyembe
Azonqoba Nyembe 5 dager siden
Azonqoba Nyembe
Azonqoba Nyembe 5 dager siden
Champloo 5 dager siden
"I just like making people happy." The people that paid for this fight aren't happy
Champloo 5 dager siden
As an entertainer Logan should have actually fought instead of trying so hard not lose but to rather try win.
Yoboijaimeson 5 dager siden
Can I just comment on the psa 10 first addition Charizard necklace
dan cakanic
dan cakanic 5 dager siden
Breaking News: Logan Paul joins next season of Dancing with the Stars.
KnickerBomber X
KnickerBomber X 5 dager siden
This guy is a joke.
David Eliam
David Eliam 5 dager siden
Well the stats clearly shows that Floyd wins the fight, Logan’s lucky there’s no judge to score the fight, but still the stats shows everything
Aluman Jr.
Aluman Jr. 5 dager siden
Don't dare Tyson even in old age he can still punch hard.
Thomas Billups
Thomas Billups 5 dager siden
It was $50 I smoke $50 blunts 😂😂 stop with the hatin on people that paid for it. I have a 80inch TV didn’t want to stream and deal with buffering 😂😂😂 again wtf is $50
CleverTaco 5 dager siden
You couldn't officially lose the fight cause it was literally in the fucking contract you douche
Jake 5 dager siden
Floyds game plan was exactly what I thought tire Logan out. By round 2 Logan looked absolutely exhausted that's when it turned to a hugging match.
Raymond Tom
Raymond Tom 5 dager siden
FM your joke to pro boxing!!!!
Heith Watkins
Heith Watkins 5 dager siden
Logan should be ashamed of himself. He went 8 rounds with a 155lbs fighter twice his age. If Logan was worth a damn, he would have knocked Floyd unconscious by round 3. He dwarfed Floyd. I would be ashamed to have been him.
Logan Ellis
Logan Ellis 5 dager siden
I don’t like this dude or his brother at all but I do respect that he said he just wants to entertain and make people happy
JEFF MOY 5 dager siden
This fucking dude survived 8 rounds vs a fighter who’s 30lbs lighter and 6in shorter than him and he think he is hot shit!? Come on bro!!!
Layz 5 dager siden
😂😂😂😂 this dude