15 Fastest Boats In The World! 

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When we think of fast transport, we think of cars, jet planes, and even trains. Rarely we think of boats. Believe it or not, they are up there with some of the fastest ways to get around! From a boat inspired by Lamborghini to a team yacht with 1,550 HP, here are 15 of the fastest boats in the world.
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26. mai. 2020





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tony smith
tony smith Dag siden
Would of been nice to hear them as well.
Simon Yeo
Simon Yeo Dag siden
Got 30 seconds in and had to switch it off... that voice is juuuuussst waaaaaaaay paaaaaathetic
American Made
American Made 3 dager siden
Doesnt show any 2000hp drag boats that would whoop all these boats. Look up mike finnigan and check his out
Sweetz H
Sweetz H 4 dager siden
This guy is a dork ! The way he says in the world. We don’t live in the world. We live on the world.
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson 4 dager siden
Wonder how many orphans these "objects" could feed. EGO has a large price.
DAVID CHARLTON 5 dager siden
Mildly interesting - shame about the voice.
fortune favours the bold
His voice makes me sick!!
stubones 5 dager siden
2:35 even if this was real, why use ten 25hp motors when one 250hp motor would do? LOL or even two 150hp motors...
needabettername 5 dager siden
All the blurred stolen footage. so bad.
Jude Anthony
Jude Anthony 9 dager siden
This is really the same script a sv top 5s video.
Eric Hiles
Eric Hiles 12 dager siden
I think it’s real
Paul Langdon
Paul Langdon 12 dager siden
Jesus Christ that groaning voice!
Devon Etherton
Devon Etherton 13 dager siden
Absolutely the STUPIDEST click bait picture I have EVER seen!!
ad hillebrand
ad hillebrand 14 dager siden
What a Crab voice over ! sooooo not done , Puuuuuuuke aaahhrrrr
Sjur Brinck
Sjur Brinck 17 dager siden
you say it in knots
Robert Halbrooks
Robert Halbrooks 19 dager siden
TOOOO MANY ADs!!!! A quarter of your videos are ADs??? Thumb DOWN and DELETE!
Kyle Minder
Kyle Minder 22 dager siden
The bright kite medicinally desert because textbook morally correct than a courageous beach. understood, massive sock
Kobel Rudolf
Kobel Rudolf 23 dager siden
Had to switch off after a minute, just embarrassing that voice.
RushmanAndTucker 24 dager siden
The ten engines in a row on that bass boat😳
RushmanAndTucker 24 dager siden
Aaaaaand it’s 10 25s. Seems like 1 250 would scoot a lot faster.
Rick Hoyte
Rick Hoyte 29 dager siden
10 individual motors? Nope, impossible to control them all at once for throttle control.
Jayden McCrossan-Slade
joop Stevens
joop Stevens Måned siden
again a fake foto
bpetnoi Måned siden
I just had to stop watching this video. the announcer has the most annoying vocal cry voice of any man I have ever heard. It's right up there with valley girl talkers.
Botter Levi
Botter Levi Måned siden
The unusual mine briefly advise because celeste intrestingly retire notwithstanding a efficient helicopter. terrible, cruel raft
Ev1L Skidmarx
Ev1L Skidmarx Måned siden
2:12 disliked it just because of that you're welcome
Thelma Myers
Thelma Myers Måned siden
it is not real
rob verhelst
rob verhelst Måned siden
why does this narrator sounds as like he has to take a dump ?
Идиоти неопевани!
Kee Shanell
Kee Shanell Måned siden
The able sneeze additionly fold because harmonica dolly skip across a cooing notify. sticky, cute octopus
Fac Teur
Fac Teur Måned siden
4min27s: "at 100mph it uses 1.2 miles per gallon." wow that's fast!
Richard Hill
Richard Hill Måned siden
That critter of urs is really creepy. You should change it. I don't get creeped out normally and maybe it's the wrong term it should be "disgusting" maybe it's just me but that's my take. I'm not even entirely sure what's disgusting about it ,it just is. No offense intended. Rich/San Jose
Alain Zaugg
Alain Zaugg Måned siden
Gosh the v.o. is so annoying that I had to mute it and turn the subtitle on to continue watching.... Please someone tell him! This is not the reason why we are watching these video !!!! Shut the f###k up or speak normally! your voice is good enough as it is
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Måned siden
That many commercials in one video is bullshit
Apollo36 2 måneder siden
#StarTopic 2:35 it’s photoshopped
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy 2 måneder siden
it photoshop photo
CHIEFS KINGDOM 2 måneder siden
Too much weight in ten engine fishing boat!!!! FACT CHECK: FALSE!!!!
Cana and Me
Cana and Me 2 måneder siden
Wow they are amazing machines
Andy Cory
Andy Cory 2 måneder siden
The 10 engine fishing boat has to be photo shopped
Jon Dumb
Jon Dumb 2 måneder siden
Is that blue stuff pollution or am I just seeing things 9:35 bottom left corner
Lukacz Basiliko
Lukacz Basiliko 2 måneder siden
U spelled “tons” “tonnes” on the ferrry
1riverranch Måned siden
A "Ton" is 2,000 pounds. A "Tonne" is Metric and equals 1000 kilograms, or 2,204 pounds.
I’mFor America
I’mFor America 2 måneder siden
Ike what 1 MILLIONAIRE SAID. If you think your RICH. Buy a speed boat. You will see money flynoutnof your bank account. Damn near ran me dry lol
I’mFor America
I’mFor America 2 måneder siden
Spending millions. 130mph min.
tea kanyon
tea kanyon 2 måneder siden
omg hi the Finest
I am Him
I am Him 2 måneder siden
The MTI is NOT special, it is a normal and common build, as is the Outerlimits 52....which they have built it with (4) 2200 hp engines... The 10 outboard 25hp engines on the fishing boat is a photoshop, Kayot's 30ft pontoon with triple 450 hp mercs does 121 mph
Jason 2 måneder siden
Anyone with a Labmo inspired boat is a DOUCHE LOL
Pete Miller
Pete Miller 2 måneder siden
15 fake
Mark Croft
Mark Croft 2 måneder siden
you're trying way too hard with that annoying voice.
Flanegin Pedro Benito
Flanegin Pedro Benito 2 måneder siden
Great fast boats alot of speed tremendous 🤑🤑🤑
Josh Scott
Josh Scott 2 måneder siden
I like am subscribed an yall lied i finacialy plummeted
Chickencoop252Pro 3 måneder siden
Living on a prayer love that song
will thomas
will thomas 3 måneder siden
Less adds dude that’s gay
Simon Mellor
Simon Mellor 3 måneder siden
Jesus, someone likes the sound of their own voice!
Kobel Rudolf
Kobel Rudolf 23 dager siden
Had to switch off after a minute, just embarrassing.
Aye pal 313
Aye pal 313 3 måneder siden
Bro all those offshores you showed have 2 not 4 engines and drives they do not make them very rarely some triples but never 4. Edit: Did you research these you did it with number the 35 DBxs wide body lol wrong engine drives all together?
pere hortes
pere hortes 3 måneder siden
The private kitty numerically dry because pamphlet possibly embarrass towards a woozy steel. ambiguous, harmonious hacksaw
michiganhotwheel hw
michiganhotwheel hw 3 måneder siden
proxs225 ranger bassboat 70 mph
Rico784 3 måneder siden
The engines are photo shopp
wetplanet1 3 måneder siden
Sorry...the narrator is too much. 3 minutes of his voice is enough for me to scroll on.
Erin Miller
Erin Miller 3 måneder siden
that is so CRAZY.
david olson
david olson 3 måneder siden
You have no clue...waste of my time. Try speed field hockey!
Rational Logic
Rational Logic 3 måneder siden
10 engine 12 footer is fake. The transom would crack and the weight would upend the boat. Physics matters.
Rally Ranch Motorsport
Rally Ranch Motorsport 4 måneder siden
That footage of number 1 was filmed in my home town Taree here in Australia, you can see that long bridge which is namely 'The martin bridge'. my father interviewed him on the local TV /radio station. Ken Warby was his name. a really nice old man!
Seamus Reilly
Seamus Reilly 4 måneder siden
Absolute shite
bxot 4 måneder siden
The wistful milk precisely dam because hamburger phylogenetically buzz underneath a poised property. nifty, whimsical uzbekistan
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 4 måneder siden
I'm not sure this guy knows what he is commentating on. He has been wrong on so many things.
Gregory Kolanek
Gregory Kolanek 4 måneder siden
TO much weight ! ! !
David Lidskin
David Lidskin 4 måneder siden
That 10 engine boat is fake
dooiepunt1 4 måneder siden
That voice-over is terrible...
Bobby8451 4 måneder siden
The thumbnail is totally, absolutely ridiculous.
Cool Clide
Cool Clide 4 måneder siden
I wonder how fast a boat would go if you put a plain propeller on a boat
john vitali
john vitali 4 måneder siden
Love the video, But the Bugatti reference to the drag boat? You cant even compare the acceleration to anything on land except for a top fueler . Which a Bugatti would be beaten by at least half the track!!
Chefcamsey 4 måneder siden
21:31 ummm pretty sure there aren't lions in Australia. Just saying 😂😂 awesome video by the way
PAL 2 måneder siden
Good eye!! Oz is the one country they get all the stereotypical animals wrong. Looks like there's cheetahs there too now. One of those boats must have been a fast Ark :)
wetplanet1 3 måneder siden
we have zoo's :)
tom leatherwood
tom leatherwood 4 måneder siden
The multi outboard setup is a joke. To much weight. Weight like in aircraft is the enemy of a boats performance. Dont ad HP, take away weight. One 150 HP outboard would push this thing faster then all of those 25 hp oB's. I cant beleive it wouldnt capsize over back wards (pitchpole) with all of that. silly nonsense
Chris Ho
Chris Ho 4 måneder siden
The separate level currently cause because format morphometrically train over a sedate equipment. far-flung, quizzical drake
THROTTLE POWER 4 måneder siden
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 4 måneder siden
Did the Lamborghini boat have a Lamborghini engine?
Fermance TV
Fermance TV 4 måneder siden
nice review,
HighHeelsQueen 5 måneder siden
one of the worst voices - if not the worst!
Miami Aviation
Miami Aviation 5 måneder siden
#startopic the 10 engine boat is fake the amount of Weight is outrageous and I know more about boats than u can imagine plus u need to steer the boat by tiller and it’s got 10 the edit is very sloppy look at the final 2 engines
Hendrik Hansson
Hendrik Hansson 5 måneder siden
#STARTOPIC the rightest engine has a part of it missing, and these engines have throttle controls mounted on them one by one.
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons 5 måneder siden
Really wanted to watch the whole thing but I'm bailing because of his voice.
191246mann1 Måned siden
steve whitlow
steve whitlow 5 måneder siden
Spirit of australia
steve whitlow
steve whitlow 5 måneder siden
*i believe its real.
Triton Submarines
Triton Submarines 5 måneder siden
What an obnoxious voice! Can't get through the videos becasue of it...
Jonas Hansson
Jonas Hansson 5 måneder siden
Narraters voice...🤢
Ann Nonamiss
Ann Nonamiss 5 måneder siden
What the hell,
tony vorsteveld
tony vorsteveld 5 måneder siden
Too many commercials. Bye.
gxulien 5 måneder siden
Supercat will get you from Cebu City to Baybay, Leyte in 2 he's. It took 6 hours before.
Paul Arteau
Paul Arteau 5 måneder siden
#startopic. Clearly photoshop. Look at the engines on the right.... conveniently missing chunks of case. Or they are clear. Also the angle of the motors isn't square to the boat. It gets worse the longer you look. Lol
MV AGUSTA 5 måneder siden
The Spirit of Australia ♥️
john paul maru
john paul maru 5 måneder siden
FunGames 5 måneder siden
sam hamblett
sam hamblett 5 måneder siden
A very annoying accent,sorry you are deleted.
Bruce Hendricks
Bruce Hendricks 5 måneder siden
It aventtder svj
Jonathan Robinson
Jonathan Robinson 5 måneder siden
They trick u
paul macfarlane
paul macfarlane 5 måneder siden
fake no boat could hold all those engines and that boat would snap off at the back unless they reinforced it
Arewe Done
Arewe Done 5 måneder siden
The BEST DAYS IN ONES'S LIFE...the day you buy and the day you sell a boat.
Preston Eppes
Preston Eppes 6 måneder siden
John Sassano
John Sassano 6 måneder siden
Thumbnail all tiller outboards must be a pain to steer
jamel charles
jamel charles 6 måneder siden
Dick Dastardly
Dick Dastardly 6 måneder siden
This guy has NO CLUE at all one what he's talking about!!!!
900hp on a Tri-Toon!?!