New Skid Steer Tires Again & Odd Jobs 

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21. april. 2021





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bobo44 donemilking
bobo44 donemilking 8 dager siden
That old tire is like a new one on my skid steer lol
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 8 dager siden
Always good content
Charles Lynch
Charles Lynch 11 dager siden
Always enjoy seeing what ur up to never a dull moment
Phyllis Halley
Phyllis Halley 11 dager siden
How do u keep track of every thing? Wow.u guys are amazing!
wakereu 11 dager siden
How much do those cows go for? Great content 👌
10th Generation Dairyman
Got about $2100 for the two combined. Thanks
Troy Remmers
Troy Remmers 11 dager siden
How do you like the skidloader
46Rambo 11 dager siden
finally a good use for a cell phone! gettin the right parts from town, we live outside of cell phone reception even with a repeater.
Rideau Lakes Farm
Rideau Lakes Farm 11 dager siden
If you fill your bunkers, like go out the front some and above the walls you won't need an ag bag
Jehu 12 dager siden
On bobcats we usually change back tires. Because it adds more traction and go worn faster.
Mike L60
Mike L60 12 dager siden
Awesome tires
DAVID LOURENCO 12 dager siden
What brand of tire are they ?
discoveryman59 12 dager siden
We can always learn, you never know everything.
Gobucky63 12 dager siden
I can’t believe the tires have worn out, I feel like you just got the tractor, time flies!
Gavin Nagel
Gavin Nagel 12 dager siden
Heartshot Master
Heartshot Master 12 dager siden
0:56 pit stop!!
Country Living Homestead
This is so cool to be able to see how a large farm works
Farming Fixing & Fabricating
The tire experts were all wrong... The back tires actually would have worn faster because the front ones would have been dragging the rear. Good choice on tires we have had good luck with those and the Galaxy hulks. Another one to try is Michelin bib steel
Wavier Hickory25
Wavier Hickory25 13 dager siden
The ole Kubota needs a bath
AJ McIntire
AJ McIntire 13 dager siden
Another trick is if you put cribbing in a box configuration high enough under the back of the skidsteer and tilt the bucket down you can lift the front and rear tires off the ground without a jack
nela ruha paradis
nela ruha paradis 13 dager siden
Indonesia hadir
hari 13 dager siden
What happened to the grease gun
Tom Preiss
Tom Preiss 13 dager siden
Tell the truth you didn't wont every one to tell you how to billed fence.😝😝😝😝😝
Chris Crosby
Chris Crosby 13 dager siden
Thanks Eric very nice video!!
Tom Bergman
Tom Bergman 13 dager siden
Got those same tires you should really like them they wear real good 👍
mmp3pets 13 dager siden
if he was single i would so move to Pennsylvania !!!!
Ray Mitch
Ray Mitch 13 dager siden
We always have one front tire on our skid steer that wears out faster than the others, tire pressures are all the same.
Justin Hankin
Justin Hankin 13 dager siden
Depending on one stream of income had never made any millionaire and earning check don't put you on forbes
Veronica Marry
Veronica Marry 13 dager siden
Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.
Rita Queen
Rita Queen 13 dager siden
I'm from the UK, I and my colleagues gave him a try and it has been good returns of our investment, Thanks Michael Williams .
Scott's Madison
Scott's Madison 13 dager siden
I've worked with 4 traders in the past but of them is as efficient as he is , his trading strategies are awesome !
Martyn Goulding
Martyn Goulding 13 dager siden
Thanks for his contact, I will get to him now
Natalia Fricker
Natalia Fricker 13 dager siden
Massage him on what app
kar lyn
kar lyn 13 dager siden
An easier way to jack up the back end of a skid steer is to just block up the back end and tip the bucket forward. Might help👍
Laura Sliesoraityte
Laura Sliesoraityte 13 dager siden
how many cows you have now in your farm
Sara Pearse
Sara Pearse 13 dager siden
did you buy the kubota skid steer
Credit Boss
Credit Boss 13 dager siden
To make it easier next time. Just stack those blocks under the back of the machine then lower and roll the bucket down and it will lift the back tires up off the ground. You don’t need to Jack it up
Mateusz Kuliś
Mateusz Kuliś 13 dager siden
I watched every episode from the beginning of the channel, as soon as I see something new, I want to pack, fly to you and help you with everything😂😂 greetings from Poland🇵🇱🇵🇱
Sonny Hood
Sonny Hood 13 dager siden
looking forward to the new barn being done!
Moose's Models
Moose's Models 13 dager siden
The otehr day when you did the front two I was asking myself why not do the back tires too, didn't even think about the fact that they'd be linked mechanically but just the size difference creating odd ride. Glad to see you listen to people of knowledge and did the right thing to save yourself grief down the road, one thing gotta appreciate about NOsections honestly.
Sash Neda
Sash Neda 13 dager siden
You can also lift the skid loader rear by chocking up the where you had the blocks and using the bucket by pointing it down and lowering until you lift the rear.
Caden Moyer
Caden Moyer 13 dager siden
Put the ag bag where you put the corn silage one at because if you put in at the new spot you will destroy your grass and ground because when you’re getting it out of the bag it gets really muddy when on topsoil
Nagi Hanok
Nagi Hanok 13 dager siden
Make a video on total diary and machinery tour
j mills
j mills 14 dager siden
What kind of tires are those?
Rick Beshore
Rick Beshore 14 dager siden
Your contractor needs a big roller,84” sheep’s foot , he is screwing around with that trench roller, not getting compaction
Chap C
Chap C 14 dager siden
Why did you use a jack this time? Just stick a couple blocks of wood under the back end, point the bucket straight down and use the bucket to lift you up off the ground like you did with the fronts. All four tires off the ground, still nice and stable. I used to do it every time.
Jackie Dannenberg
Jackie Dannenberg 14 dager siden
There’s that Mars Rover again !
rick dees
rick dees 14 dager siden
That tire shop which should have said something when you only bought two but it benefits when you mismatch tires like that with selling tires sooner.
W L 14 dager siden
Heifers don’t have udders until they have a calf I guess?
Boating Matthews
Boating Matthews 14 dager siden
a easier way to put a tire on is to put it on your toes of the boot sit down and just pick up in your toes and push with your hand then to pick it up if you know what i mean by it
David Turpin
David Turpin 14 dager siden
Yap that’s a great decision and you’ll get much better wear from the tires And I’m 68 and still learn new things and all you have to do is have a open mind and the ability to lessen to what people are talking about or even watching other people do things And who knows you might see someone doing something and give it a little thought to come up with a better way to do it Well I just go on and on But great job and I like watching your videos
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 14 dager siden
Once again you have made this old man happy with a very interesting video. Thank you. I enjoy watching you and your Dad working together, a pleasure I never had, cherish it Eric,
Rhett Acosta
Rhett Acosta 14 dager siden
I like seeing your dad in the videos more. Reminds me of working with my dad :)
Steve's Work & Family VLOG
There are an incredible amount of chores to be on top of on a dairy farm. Hats off to you for staying on top of it all.
Grant Galloway
Grant Galloway 14 dager siden
Unless my eyes are desiving me or your camera was wrong but don't think so because Kubota was spelt correctly . Those are weird tire treads. One side of the loader spilling dirt towards the loader and the other side spilling dirt away from the loader. I just might be over confused.
Zack Sutton
Zack Sutton 14 dager siden
Find out if kabota will let ya demo a tracked skid loader same track life as tires and way more smooth riding
Eddy Johnson
Eddy Johnson 14 dager siden
I hope he realizes how lucky he is. He's been blessed beyond words.
Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 14 dager siden
Your feet look small on the video.
joseph mcneer
joseph mcneer 14 dager siden
You know.I always, like this point of view!! I,like you consider all points of view... I farm in Saskatchewan, and ,farm 4700 acres.
JoeCubicle 14 dager siden
Put some paint on your office exterior. Cover up that OSB exterior. You worked hard to build it, make it look nice. Good thing about being a guy is that you can use any old left-over paint and later say you went and got a custom color that you wanted and stick to your story! Works every time.
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh 14 dager siden
hope they found a good home, hobby farmer could have them for the milk. great vid always something to do doesn't matter how little we will watch it. plus better watching someone do it much better than myself doing it lol
Shaughn Carda
Shaughn Carda 14 dager siden
That skiddy don't care what tires are on it irs chain driven smaller tire will spin faster and just wear out faster
Will Curtin
Will Curtin 14 dager siden
Our farm personally we have used ag bags and they work great for us
Redneck in town
Redneck in town 14 dager siden
I dont think nasscar would hire you lol
country life
country life 14 dager siden
So if the dirt is spongy putting rock on it will still let it settle and cause issues with the barn. 🤷‍♂️ should let it dry out.
joe your uncle
joe your uncle 14 dager siden
Dang 9 mins past already?? Love the videos!
Tracy Shewell
Tracy Shewell 14 dager siden
Never a boring day on the farm
Gregory Squires
Gregory Squires 14 dager siden
Not to get into y’all’s private business, but it would be interesting to hear about the business side/ financial side of the dairy business. Love your content!!
Neal Equipment
Neal Equipment 14 dager siden
Nice sweatshirt...I worked for Beams for 10 years. Was over at your place a few times but I didn’t drive the 50 yarder much.
Mama C
Mama C 14 dager siden
The nice thing about NOsections is you learn some new things ... we learn some new things ... and we get to watch your new barn being built and other exciting stuff that’s happening on your farm - it’s a WIN - WIN - WIN for everyone!!
Risto Laiõun
Risto Laiõun 14 dager siden
Next time you can try to chuch a block or some wood under the back end and lower the bucket, should be able to raise the whole lot
Travis Rossman
Travis Rossman 14 dager siden
Watching the girls on the pastor is something I'd like to see more of!! Might see a happy kick or two from the girls 😊
Logan Even
Logan Even 14 dager siden
What gun did you have in the shop window ?
R.m. knudson
R.m. knudson 14 dager siden
My grandpa used to do what you do. He’s been gone a while now, he'd get such a kick, knowing that the phone could do so much. He wasn’t much of a talker!
Kc Bennett
Kc Bennett 14 dager siden
Always a great video
avatar410662 14 dager siden
STEAK,its what's for dinner 😉
drake Brodbeck
drake Brodbeck 14 dager siden
why do u not have any black angus for heifers?
Matthew Tagliarino
Matthew Tagliarino 14 dager siden
Crazy to see how old school there farm is.
Nick Gibb
Nick Gibb 14 dager siden
yea bud always do things in sets. tires brakes and joints
Alfonso Moncada
Alfonso Moncada 14 dager siden
Petition to have every video start with “What’s good in the hood?”
Thomas Blaikner
Thomas Blaikner 14 dager siden
Is there that much money in milking 200 cows? Are you serious?
Steve Neal
Steve Neal 14 dager siden
great video. Good to see your dad again, Love the new tires. Thank you guys for the videos and all you do for us.
Rick Hammer
Rick Hammer 14 dager siden
Good updates.
BUC_ 34
BUC_ 34 14 dager siden
Bring back what’s good in the hood intro please...
Jehova Serrato
Jehova Serrato 14 dager siden
If you just put the wood blocks on the rear. And then tilt the bucket down. All four wheels come off the ground. No need to use a bottle jack.
It's Me
It's Me 14 dager siden
Seeing you bring in rock brings back memories. I built a 65,000 sq ft building 15 years ago on a 3 acre site. We had to haul out 1,500 trucks of unsuitable soil and then bring in 2,500 trucks of rock. one corner of our building sits on top of almost 15' of rock. Our busiest day we had 268 trucks come and go on the 3 acre site. Would love to be there to watch. Take good care. God Bless.
10th Generation Dairyman
That is a big building
Coach Vlogs
Coach Vlogs 14 dager siden
Seems like y’all just got that Kubota recently?! I mean I know you probably put 1000 hours a week on it but seems like those tires wore out way too fast. Rotating them every couple months is a good idea. That’s why they pay you the big bucks
NS1804Railfan lehigh valley RR
I love your truck nice gmc sierra 2500 crew cab i want one like yours someday
Jean Hawken
Jean Hawken 14 dager siden
Really good viewing.
It's Me
It's Me 14 dager siden
I see you are using your manual grease gun. Did you find that the electric gun did not last?
It's Me
It's Me 14 dager siden
When you sell milk cows that either have low quality milk or will not get pregnant, who buys them? Other farmers or are they sold for beef? Thanks Eric. God Bless.
TonyJoe 14 dager siden
Joe Erickson
Joe Erickson 14 dager siden
You need a electric grease gun they are awesome
CADEN MORTON 14 dager siden
trump 2024
D in Choctaw
D in Choctaw 14 dager siden
Yessir you can learn all kinds of stuff on NOsections. I learn stuff about stuff I can't imagine I'll ever do but I find it interesting. Thanks Bud for sharing.
Ty Anger
Ty Anger 14 dager siden
We have a kubota 75-2 on tracks kubota last are built really well
tom cox
tom cox 14 dager siden
jeremy bernier
jeremy bernier 14 dager siden
You should swap the rear and front tire half way through the used of the tires they will use more evenly and it don't take long to make the switch 😉
Rich T.
Rich T. 14 dager siden
NICE Job. Keep it up and take care of mama.
harleyforever2000 14 dager siden
Hey man, what happened to the bible scriptures you used to put at the end of some of your videos. It's one of the many reasons I subscribed
10th Generation Dairyman
I should do that again thanks
Matt Pierce
Matt Pierce 14 dager siden
It’s good to see good people get this many subscribers. I watch the ads to help out. I don’t watch them on any other channel
10th Generation Dairyman
Appreciate it!
ubatracker1976 14 dager siden
Get them to walk that trackhoe on those rocks , that will drive them down
Mister Hipster
Mister Hipster 14 dager siden
Get busy Bossy or be burger.
Connor Brennan
Connor Brennan 14 dager siden
Never done this before but it’s an idea to help out with rotating your tires. Cut or find some blocks that barely fit under the back of the skid loader and use the bucket to get all four tires off the ground. Should work just make sure it’s safe of course
RMD Dairy
RMD Dairy 14 dager siden
We had the same problem when we built our last barn. We had to layer the dirt then used a disk to air it out. It took awhile to get the site built. Your tritical looks awesome!!
10th Generation Dairyman
Yeah we have been running the disc a good bit too. Hopefully we get some good weather next week so we can get it harvested.
Ayoub Ouladbrahim
Ayoub Ouladbrahim 14 dager siden
🔝 as always 🙏
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