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It's Alive with Brad Leone is back for episode 84 and the first entry in a special 4-part series from Brad's own backyard. This week he's firing up the grill for burger time and bubba - you better believe Brad’s got his own blend to bring to the banquet. That was a lot of B-words. Not "B-words" as in a swears or anything. “The B Word.” You know what? Let's watch the video.

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen guy, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad Makes Burgers | It's Alive | Bon Appétit



9. juni. 2021





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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 3 dager siden
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Victor Vaughn Gogh
Wow you guys have really fallen off since the whole racism thing
Yoshin van Hek
Yoshin van Hek 25 minutter siden
Pete the birds, tuppence a bag!
F4CTUAL Time siden
My ad for this video was an ad about this video and the grill, spoiler alert lol
Leslie Brown
Leslie Brown Time siden
There’s a beautiful new energy in our beloved Golden! Incredible new digs. So happy for the Leone fam!
alida flus
alida flus 2 timer siden
Just saw a Traeger grill ad with Brad in it in the same location, must’ve been on the same day because he’s wearing the same outfit and then the video came up, funny to see
Ur Stupid
Ur Stupid 2 timer siden
I was like burgers? But then how you seasoned it kept it alive, very on brand🤌🏻🤌🏻🤌🏻
alida flus
alida flus 2 timer siden
Who else got brad’s traeger burger commercial before this
demy vhs
demy vhs 3 timer siden
That is genuinely the most unique burger I've seen some one come up with. Really wanna recreate it
Eric G
Eric G 3 timer siden
"Like a teaspoon" Sure...
Realist 4 timer siden
mixing meet is weird
Robert Bess
Robert Bess 4 timer siden
Did anyone else get THE MESSAGE? ("Broken glass everywhere....")
Daniel Tiede
Daniel Tiede 4 timer siden
I caught that Grandmaster Flash reference Brad, and now I appreciate you that much more!
Aaron Begg
Aaron Begg 4 timer siden
Your apple tree needs a pretty thorough thinning out there Brad, too many buds not enough space between them
Baby Roger
Baby Roger 5 timer siden
Ngl this burger looks dry af
originalsuki 6 timer siden
Jarjar. Nice!
CantBeCensored 7 timer siden
Wild that I got a Brad Traeger ad before the video
peacerose96 7 timer siden
was it planned to get a traeger grill x brad ad inbetween the video? bc it VERY MUCH HAPPENED and i was happy to get double the brad content
acky ai
acky ai 7 timer siden
The damaged drizzle unexpectedly harm because poison intraspecifically paste aboard a purring venezuelan. flowery, overt partner
Panel SixtySix
Panel SixtySix 8 timer siden
Great to see some more Brad videos. Love your sense of humor sir. !
Big Dan
Big Dan 8 timer siden
Smokin' sum mushrooms ! NOnonono , it's all about the edibles now dude . You know , a splash of vino , some cool tunes and a cupcake shroom gummy cut out to nibble on .......
Nick Van Cleave
Nick Van Cleave 8 timer siden
Youre just funny or a stoner anyways love ya
Aidan Mckinney
Aidan Mckinney 9 timer siden
Brad you should make nattō it’s fermented soybeans. I don’t know maybe it’d be cool for the show 👍🏻🤷🏻
Garrett Steele
Garrett Steele 9 timer siden
Who else got brad’s traeger burger commercial before this
Ferrrix 9 timer siden
why does it seem like brad has a different accent since he has long hair? :d
Logan Metoyer
Logan Metoyer 9 timer siden
I got an ad of the video I'm watching
NDAC 10 timer siden
Brad really putting this channel on his back rn
Jesse McClain
Jesse McClain 10 timer siden
I was so confused when the add hit and it was Brad's commercial he did with Traeger grills lol. Greatest add placement yet but I'm still not gonna buy one...
DJbaron 10 timer siden
No mayo no sauce cmon
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird 11 timer siden
Soft buns???
crzywatch 12 timer siden
I thought lettuce was greens. Ramp leaf 🍃
Megadoomer8000 13 timer siden
Got an ad for this exact video in the middle of this video 😂😂
J Perry350
J Perry350 13 timer siden
Brad is single handedly keeping BA's channel alive. Just look at every other video that he's not in and what kinda views.....
Simon Zimmermann
Simon Zimmermann 13 timer siden
im sorry brad. youre great. but this bon appetit u used to know is no more. uve got to move on
Paul Juneau
Paul Juneau 14 timer siden
Brad: I don’t care for American cheese. Me: For each his own. Also me: **Unsubcribe!!!!!!!!!!** JK
Rick Bierbrauer
Rick Bierbrauer 15 timer siden
Look at how happy that golden retriever is on that farm. So much room to run and play.... Oh wait, that's Brad
Jay Jenkins
Jay Jenkins 15 timer siden
I love Brad. Dude you inspire me
bertamon 16 timer siden
How's that ADHD going bro?
jimbo111589 16 timer siden
"Two teaspoons of garlic powder" *adds 1/3 of the bottle*
stites outdoors
stites outdoors 16 timer siden
Did you just grind up a backstrap?
Sleepyr0 17 timer siden
if the video was actually about sausages, brad would have talked about burgers just as much 😂
supperzuppezwo 17 timer siden
did he say sausage? are we getting a crossover?`
Daniel Keegan
Daniel Keegan 18 timer siden
Next brad is farm raising his own meats and veg
Daniel Keegan
Daniel Keegan 18 timer siden
Nice property brad....where is your dog? Plenty of room now.......
turniphead 19 timer siden
Brads videos are the only thing left on this channel that pulls in views. because he's a great chef, funny, and a babe
scassidy8 20 timer siden
Had a Traeger ad featuring Brad before watching this lol
iDream 21 time siden
I just like how an add for this exact video played before the video 😂
hermanmunster2002 22 timer siden
Professor Whatsmyname
Professor Whatsmyname 22 timer siden
You are a true showman, Brad! Love it
Jonas 23 timer siden
No sauce:(
Coco Asher
Coco Asher Dag siden
Lord Brad that looks delicious 😜
Sean Miller
Sean Miller Dag siden
lol the burger show on first we feast just had Molly on and they talked about Brad's dislike of American cheese
AKSnowman 2
AKSnowman 2 Dag siden
Thanks for keeping the pig out, now I can eat it!!
asiancvtie959 Dag siden
I got add about the smoker and my favorite cheff brad 😀 the fermentation god
CHUCK Farlie
CHUCK Farlie Dag siden
Brad has a kid? Where have I been? Details pls.
Amy 81114
Amy 81114 Dag siden
anyone else realize brads shirt is inside out?
brayanb91746 Dag siden
Sound effect guy went all out fot this one huh
campsy Dag siden
Never trust a guy who doesn’t toast his burger buns.
wokeskies Dag siden
best part about these videos are the edits
John Dizon
John Dizon Dag siden
It's so nice to see you not fermenting something or showing how to make a side dish. You're finally cooking some real food!
M M Dag siden
Ah, I get it now. Brad stayed with the racists because they bribed him with a new house.
Eristotl3 Dag siden
Those look like Grillo's pickles... my favorite
A - Mad
A - Mad Dag siden
Patties without Matty?
spacebike Dag siden
Those are probably good but I believe in the Ron Swanson method of doing less just good meat. I don't like any salt mixed in the meat it browns it to much. on the outside only.
AfricanTrailm1x Dag siden
The fact that he quoted grandmaster flash lol reasons why I love brad. Also congrats on the new house!
Brenda's Pampered Kitchen
Brad, you're my favorite cookfrom Bon Appétit
Joris Van Imhoff
That was the dry est burger ive seen - wheres the sauwsses yo?!
Laurabeth777 Dag siden
Please credit the editor on these!!
Jose Perez
Jose Perez Dag siden
So I just watched a traeger ad about this episode before watching the actual episode???
lobsterboy2020 Dag siden
Has Brad lost weight? My boi lookin good!
Annabelle Gallegos
Brad finally got that sponsor him and vinny were always pining for!
Aaron Byard
Aaron Byard Dag siden
I'm not an American cheese guy either. I feel like I'm being ostracized every time I say it around friends and family. I do however respect and trust your food taste more than them. I can rest easy knowing that I and Brad agree on the topic.
Alien Lizard Queen
Brad’s hair and cap make his head look like a cephalopod. In a charming way.
bbyspectr Dag siden
so happy to see bon appetit videos where the host are with real people again
Jordan Yucannaka
0:17 i see what you did there 😏😏😏
SPVTNIK 1 Dag siden
Definitely not the first time I've heard the Kev-Bell idea.
zaubergarden Dag siden
don't smoke mushrooms kids
Cassandra Revels
Thank God he sounds better. Everything flows a little bit better or it’s just edited differently because man they depicted him as an intense airhead
TYLER Johnson
TYLER Johnson Dag siden
Tell me why I got an ad for this video, before this video
TYLER Johnson
TYLER Johnson Dag siden
And the closing ad.
TYLER Johnson
TYLER Johnson Dag siden
And the 2nd ad….
Marisol Lopez
Marisol Lopez Dag siden
Nice Kitchen, open plan.
Sean Pethybridge
not toasting your bun is an unforgivable offense
Pedro Giannini
Pedro Giannini Dag siden
smoking some mushroom trippy
Coppapown Channel
He’s the dr disrespect of cooking
bluhousworker Dag siden
technically they would be dead
The Ultimate Purple One
I call him Pete "PETE!?"
Hadley Henry
Hadley Henry Dag siden
we heard u grandmaster flash!
Jesse Travens
Jesse Travens Dag siden
Brad recreated that vodka shot meme but with garlic powder
Jesse Travens
Jesse Travens Dag siden
I know that shawty dry too, poor thing
jhathk jhathk
jhathk jhathk Dag siden
Traeger? I'm more of a rocks and grill grate kind of guy. Those Tragers are flippin expensive.
Alexa Calderon
Alexa Calderon Dag siden
I love getting an ad for brad like it was genuinely brad :) traegar
BoomChild Dag siden
As a person who was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure the quantity of salt in "good food" makes me uncomfortable.
Bradley Stuart
Bradley Stuart Dag siden
Brad is not a burger guy….
Snarky Mcsnarkles
I dont know how i feel about this burger. i cant picture the flavors working well together. id be willing to try it but im skeptical.
Chris L
Chris L Dag siden
The only thing that would have made this episode better, Matty Matheson.
John Ramos
John Ramos Dag siden
Was that broken glass everywhere line a reference to grandmaster flash’s the message or am I crazy
Knob Turner
Knob Turner Dag siden
Starhor_z Dag siden
I feel like a fresh egg Mayo would of made this my favorite burger on earth
Gage roos
Gage roos Dag siden
Brad does his own commercials. The Brad Leone Cinematic Multiverse
P. E.
P. E. Dag siden
Congratulations 👏 love you, Brad!
ohMuerte Dag siden
editing was great
Nick Liberos
Nick Liberos Dag siden
Geeky question: is that the Almazan Kitchen knife?
dave does things
It really is sausage. Should have been called making sausage without casings
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