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“I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

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Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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6. april. 2021





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Clumsy Warrior
Clumsy Warrior 6 timer siden
I'm just saying since she's stating that she is queen, I'll be her queen girlfriend in real life I'm not scared lol
Helen Geovanna
Helen Geovanna 10 timer siden
You are very strong Dami!!!
chantelle fairbanks
chantelle fairbanks 11 timer siden
Its sad how I didn't really see her fully smile like she did when she was telling everyone she was engaged! But I feel that pain.its hard losing someone you love and you have to mourn your love! I've always been a fan of her & I hope she can find happiness with herself cuz she can't love no one truly until she loves herself first
Amanda Eck
Amanda Eck 12 timer siden
I’m so glad we’ve grown as a culture to understand that a woman shaving their head is completely normal/fine!! #freebritney
Adam Devereaux
Adam Devereaux 12 timer siden
I'm EXTREMELY happy for her and I hope she continues to take care of herself for herself. I do want to say, people WERE talkin' about what was goin' on. MANY Black artists and other artists of color. So her statement on dat feels shortsighted and ignorant.
TJ Rhea
TJ Rhea 19 timer siden
I hope we get more episodes
perdantos Dag siden
Demi la mejor! un abrazo de Puerto Rico
mint suga
mint suga Dag siden
agree with all the comments about elton john. he was the realest and she needs someone like that to tell her when enough is enough.
Courtney Anderson
Listen to Elton John
Jade Marmalade
Jade Marmalade Dag siden
Personally, I think Sir Elton is the only “completely” honest person in this whole documentary.
Grazielli Melo
Grazielli Melo Dag siden
Espero que ela encontre a força que precisa, que veja o quanto sua vida é importante e que tenha sempre pessoas verdadeiras e amorosas ao seu redor
Marija B
Marija B Dag siden
🥺 “It’s not my fault, I have no control. UwU feel bad for me. I don’t want to take accountability.”
Nika R.
Nika R. 2 dager siden
Wait. A watermelon cake?!? 🤔
Brandy Boggs
Brandy Boggs 2 dager siden
why is no one talking about how absolutely amazing she looks with that hair cut
Kay War Face
Kay War Face 2 dager siden
Ummm Christina Aguilera is 40????? Where!???
Rebeca 2 dager siden
I can't with her mom 😩😑
Rebeca 2 dager siden
Elton is the only honest person. Demi listen to him please!
Laurence Missa
Laurence Missa 2 dager siden
I really do hope she gets the help she needs so she can deal with what make her feel she can't live without (weed, alcohol)
tatiana watt
tatiana watt 2 dager siden
Drinking in moderation when your already an alcholic isnt moderation. Its justifacation. I tried for a really long time to say i know when im at my limit, but its the change in my thinking when i feel warm and fuzzy. But weed can be beneficial to quitting hard drugs. 3 years this october. I love that demi is so open in her journey though
Alie Patchik
Alie Patchik 2 dager siden
I completely understand people who are concerned about her recovery and the way she is going about it. As an addict myself who was painfully enough doing the same things and painfully enough in the hospital a little after her, I have actually been doing moderation treatment for the same amount of time with zero problems. I do still drink on occasion and I smoke weed regularly. And I live a happy and balanced life. There is a lot of judgment on here from people who haven't been where she is.
mon f22
mon f22 2 dager siden
Only 4episodes?
Glynda Townsel
Glynda Townsel 2 dager siden
Demi is so beautiful 😍 im so glad she finally feels free and that she can use her voice to help not only herself but others.
Shannie 2 dager siden
Whens the next episodes coming out?????
Ben Stell
Ben Stell 2 dager siden
Proud of you, queen!
Katherine Gibson
Katherine Gibson 2 dager siden
Elton speaking the truth. Gotta love him.
Nevaeh Cannon
Nevaeh Cannon 3 dager siden
I love Demi so much but I’m kind of concerned about the moderation thing with drinking because in the last episodes she said she picked up red wine, and decided to drink then she went off the Handel. I just hope she can work through this problem.
cann. fx
cann. fx 3 dager siden
trentmcjiivers 3 dager siden
She says moderation will work but also that she’s a black and white thinker. That’s a bit of a contradiction and it’s a little concerning. I hope she proves me wrong but I don’t think “California sober” will work out in the long run.
Boom Bang
Boom Bang 3 dager siden
Something for sure she ain't queer or gay I feel like she is just confused u know. Definitely not that.
Mike Moffett
Mike Moffett 3 dager siden
The hair cut was powerful 💕
Waleska Ortiz
Waleska Ortiz 3 dager siden
I am changing my opinion about Demi Lovato. Demi: Just stop with the self-pity and"introspection" and accept your reality: you want to continue using drugs and be accepted as a non-sober person. Don't play yourself, your family, and your loyal fans!! Moderation does not work and YOU know that! Your life is full of enablers and YOU know that! This documentary is just a "public relations stunt" and YOU know that! Be real, be honest, grow up and be sober! I'm praying for you 🙏 I wish you luck!!!
Maria izadora
Maria izadora 3 dager siden
MEU DEUS, eu arrepiei do início ao fim que emocionante ela compartilhar com nós esse momento vulnerável. Sinto que isso faz ela ser mais foda do que eu já imaginava que era ela muito obrigado por passar tanta força e nos mostrar que tbem devemos amar nossas vulnerabilidades 💗
specialtramp 3 dager siden
Everyone just repeating "moderation doesn't work" - what's *your plan for keeping Demi alive without 24/7 supervision? If she can't stop drinking without literally being monitored 24/7 by staff then she's not ready and THAT'S a scenario for OD. Having others responsible for her sobriety is not a solution, as everything that's happened shows. You can't change your behavior if you're lying to everyone and yourself. Respectfully, I feel like everyone should focus on honesty not abstinence. Peace.
Indi n
Indi n 3 dager siden
i will always respect her
Lee 4 dager siden
So now she’s gay?? She’s so all over the place but hope she stays sober now that she’s denying Christ geeze!
Tink Ie
Tink Ie 4 dager siden
elton said it best
Tink Ie
Tink Ie 4 dager siden
yu need to divorce
Antonella Fellini
Antonella Fellini 4 dager siden
She has an amazing voice. I wish her the best in life. She deserves health and happiness. May she have the courage to accept the things she cannot change, the strength to change the things she can and the wisdom to know the difference🙏💕
G5. Madison
G5. Madison 4 dager siden
don't be or do i'm the new rolemodel route. that's that disney crap
Lisseth Martinez
Lisseth Martinez 4 dager siden
I’m so confused, so she was never bipolar?
Wendy Massih
Wendy Massih 4 dager siden
The devil is her addictive traits not a specific drug and it doesn't come across that they get that
Winslow Steele
Winslow Steele 4 dager siden
Shalom Wayne
Shalom Wayne 4 dager siden
TROLOGY;Don't worry DEMI...,we all go through some tough problems sometimes,but everything is gonna be alright sweetheart;)
Heaven Moore
Heaven Moore 4 dager siden
Demi got this 😁💪🏽
Carolina Lozano Coronel
And the oder chapter
Adena Faith
Adena Faith 4 dager siden
I'm proud of you 💖
Nick LeBlanc
Nick LeBlanc 4 dager siden
As a recovered addict that has stumbled over the years. I have adopted a similar moderation technique YEARS ago. And have remained 100% off ANY and ALL hard drugs. The occasional joint or drink has allowed the edge to be cut down. As a result the urge and itch to use is far pess powerful and much easier to manage. Open and vulnerability is ABSOLUTELY key to sobriety. You are a true inspiration to SO many addict Demi. Thank you for being so courageous and publicly sharing your Journey.
Jib Bondoc
Jib Bondoc 4 dager siden
The end part of her message was scary laughed..
Fighters de Xtina
Fighters de Xtina 4 dager siden
I love you
black widow
black widow 5 dager siden
i definitely understand why moderation would be appealing because i'm the same way about things i like to have options and i don't like limiting myself even if i wouldn't do those things anyways i just want the option because that's my mentality idk but i hope it turns out well for her
Stephanie SSulzman
Stephanie SSulzman 5 dager siden
She's human, fighting the flesh. She's REAL you guys! There are so many haters in the world that kick people around when they're down, but those haters haven't walked the same steps behind the ones they judge. Remember "behind every big fancy house you see, lies a story in between" Just discovered this beautiful singer through her recent song "dancing with the devil" now after seeing this doc, SPEAKS VOLUMES ON HER CHARACTER
Sonya Luv
Sonya Luv 5 dager siden
Instead of taking away what she has been thru and how she is growing people worried about who got more credit .. Bravo demi
Alex Tuqui
Alex Tuqui 5 dager siden
Es un documental triste pero hermoso de ver todo el proceso por lo que tuvo que pasar Demi, y me sorprendió ver como conto toda su historia de la manera real que no debió ser fácil hacerlo, bello documental me encanto
Danielle Farrelly
Danielle Farrelly 5 dager siden
The fact that christina opens the documentary by saying Demi has an honest soul is such bullshit. The last two episodes just stated that demi was constantly lying about her state of mind and her addiction and was able to manipulate everyone, wtf??
Dash120z 14 timer siden
Xtina means Demi is honest as an artist as for the person that's another story..
Anna G
Anna G Dag siden
When she made her second documentary, Demi started it off with "in my first one I was lying the whole time, I was not sober". She might be honest in other aspects, but when it comes to her addiction both in her public and private life she is not honest at all. And I understand why, of course spirlling will make her do that and getting deeper into the addiction. Still, addiction is a disease. She might have an honest soul, but the addiction corrupts it and makes her manipulative and a liar. I am not a fan of her, but a person isn't just their addiction in most cases. I agreed with you at first glance, but then all the instances that are public and most famous of her lying is in regards to her addiction, so I guess it is more complicated than that.
Anne Carvalho
Anne Carvalho 5 dager siden
olhando pra demi com completamente outros olhos, a mulher é foda! virando fã de novo, não tem como não admirar
ferlayjas 5 dager siden
What a car crash of a human being. Sad to say it but no way she’ll be around in 10 years time.
Caitlin Riley
Caitlin Riley 5 dager siden
As a licensed social worker who works with people with mental health and substance use disorders, I am SO proud of you, Demi! Getting the vivitrol injection is SUCH a great, important step in your progress and journey. YOU should be so proud of you! Everything that you have overcome, and continue to persevere through, it's a breath of fresh air when my caseload is struggling so much. Congratulations on all you have accomplished!! Keep going!
Nervesia 5 dager siden
so she is basically gay ? or pretty much just getting to know this part of her ? YAY ! She is one of us
Kinga K
Kinga K 5 dager siden
I just see Amy Winehouse here. Singing about rehab and then falling again to death
Dj.DEB.USA,007 JusticeAngels
Tim Richard
Tim Richard 6 dager siden
I love you Demi Lovato.... You are gonna be the best you some day... It just takes one day at a time to reach that goal in life.. So just take it day by day... I will always be your fan from the dark days to the great days of your life. And i will always love you.
Katie Rowe
Katie Rowe 6 dager siden
I am so proud of you bby know that you are so loved in this world. We always got your back angel. I love you so much. Always stay strong my love.😭😭❤️❤️
Amanda Bober
Amanda Bober 6 dager siden
"i love how gay your house is
Jacquelynne Denna
Jacquelynne Denna 6 dager siden
Please don't think moderation is going to work Please
Mary Martin
Mary Martin 6 dager siden
I loved the previous episodes but this one honestly made me so annoyed and angry. Moderation does NOT work with addiction, no matter who you are. I hope she’s doing okay.
1BabyGirl23 6 dager siden
Yes babe!! Do you boo boo 😘 you look amazing with your new hair cut btw!! Smoking this joint on yo behave 😊 💨
Cecilia Cantalejo
Cecilia Cantalejo 6 dager siden
She is such a strong persons, and she seems happier than ever. You can do this Demi! ❤️
1BabyGirl23 6 dager siden
Yes babe!! Do you boo boo 😘 you look amazing with your new hair cut btw!! Smoking this joint on yo behave 😊 💨
Lavinia Zgid
Lavinia Zgid 6 dager siden
Her laugh at the end is the best😂❤ she sounds like someone i know... a berliner original😅
Evelyn S.R
Evelyn S.R 6 dager siden
Demi if you ever choose to read this we love you and I hope you surround yourself with professionals who are experienced with recovery and addiction who are there to solely help you with your sobriety. It makes me nervous when you said that in 2018 (shown in the doc) you let substances back in to find balance like alcohol but ended up relapsing a couple years later and after almost dying from your overdose you are saying the same thing now but with a different substance. Please please please let professionals help who place you and your sobriety first! We love you, you are amazing and I hope everything works out!
Rama Muhamad Alfarizki
Semangat demi, love from indonesia :)))
Fries and Ice
Fries and Ice 6 dager siden
Wooow🤩🤩 soo beautiful human being
Tori Black
Tori Black 6 dager siden
All that and she’s still dancing with the devil
Tori Black
Tori Black 6 dager siden
Drinking in moderation... “I never had bipolar I just had to grow the f*** up” ... EXCUSE ME MS LOVATO??
Moon Child
Moon Child 7 dager siden
Sarah Paganoo
Sarah Paganoo 7 dager siden
She just released a song talking about how trying to do it in moderation is dancing with the devil and now she’s saying it’s okaayyy?! GIRL WHAT
Jannet Guevara
Jannet Guevara 7 dager siden
Wait. This is the last episode? Wasnt it suppose to be 6 episodes?
Prississippi 7 dager siden
OMG! I like Demi but I feel like she is in denial and unfortunately, surrounded by a bunch of "yes men" who are enablers. I'm so scared for her!
Joy Wilday
Joy Wilday 7 dager siden
Girl needs to realize happiness for her won't be found in hollywood. She needs to walk away from the fame crap and live a real life. Seeing her act like a mental nutcase over the frozen yogurt stuff, she is in her own mind and world and needs to live for real away from all of that.
Becky H.
Becky H. 7 dager siden
“ I wish I could get some relief from weed or something” .... if you still think of it as a cure to your problems you shouldn’t be doing it. Of course after a little relief you’ll want a big relief. She needs a therapist around a neutral person who calls her out on her addictive behavior. She was sober a year and dated and almost married a guy in 6 months saying he gives her a reason to like herself. You’re getting high off a relationship girl...
Maria Eduarda Matos
Maria Eduarda Matos 7 dager siden
Ox vei cadê o resto
Tobi Ade
Tobi Ade 7 dager siden
Beautiful piece Don’t want to say too much but I’m genuinely happy for you and I trust you too and I’ll always put you in my prayers
Montana Schulatz
Montana Schulatz 7 dager siden
She just seems so happy now that she realizes she is allowed to be whoever's and whatever she wants
Ashlee Hero
Ashlee Hero 7 dager siden
Sobriety isn’t a one size fits all thing... some opioid addicts need methadone or suboxone, some can go stone cold sober. Some coke addicts need add adhd meds to maintain. Just like every addiction isn’t based on the same reasons and every addict isn’t addicted just like the other. I just hope she finds what works for her that keeps her healthy and happy. And someday I plan to take her on a date. Lol 😂
Clare Sherman
Clare Sherman 7 dager siden
Yes, but who decides what “moderation” means?
Loveless Angel
Loveless Angel 7 dager siden
Shelby 7 dager siden
She's not "finding balance" she's found professionals she can pay off to condone her drinking and smoking weed. That's it. Money can buy anything. Just look at any trial. The prosecutor will find scientific "experts" to say one thing and the defense will find "experts" to say something completely opposite. It's a joke.
Shelby 7 dager siden
I've lost all respect for this entitled "the world revolves around me" women. She's clearly been surrounded by "yes" people for far to long.
Beatriz Cabral
Beatriz Cabral 7 dager siden
is this the last episode?
Iziq Staten
Iziq Staten 7 dager siden
hi demi
Naf Nouf
Naf Nouf 7 dager siden
Jordan saved her life, she was more reactive than the heath ledger staff
Taylor 7 dager siden
Moderation babe....:/ no. Moderation doesn’t work out for addicts.
Leelagyyfv. cvcbz Nunez
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer 8 dager siden
This is really not the point of anything but I feel like Demi could’ve donated her hair, since she had a lot cut off
Ambzer Ambzer
Ambzer Ambzer 8 dager siden
The thing I’m actually proud of the most is her calling of her engagement when she knew she didn’t want to be with him anymore. And that’s the point of an engagement, many people rush into marriage and don’t have a trial of actually being engaged and getting to know their partners. I’m just glad she figured out what she didn’t want BEFORE getting married
Myers Tyler
Myers Tyler 8 dager siden
I think most of us who had to kick hard drugs are all California Sober
yenfief slame
yenfief slame 8 dager siden
best thing ive watched, thanks for this demi, we love you
Brittany Boos
Brittany Boos 8 dager siden
Does it make you feel like a big person by trying to take down a small business?
Victoria Gomez
Victoria Gomez 8 dager siden
Y’all should watch psychology in Seattle’s reaction to this
Nohemy Mendez
Nohemy Mendez 8 dager siden
I honestly think most might be aware what's really happening here. At the end of the day, if she's not ready to fully commit to sobriety, there's no really helping her. Also, I think Demi, this time, is at least trying to he upfront with everyone around her about what she's doing it rather than giving in into what everyone else wants her to do, which is what led her to the lying and not seeking help when she needed. If she's being truly honest with herself and her family and friends, I think it may really work out for her. But in the end, its her decision and hers alone. If it doesn't work out, at least its not going to be a shock to the people around her. Nothing people tell her is going to change her mind about what she truly wants to do. I think that's also why no one is confronting her about it. She has to make the realization herself. I wish for it to workout for her though. She's so young and talented.
Sarah Rice
Sarah Rice 8 dager siden
I swear we're the same person. Different addictions/struggles but legit I feel like you are a soul sista that I truly would feel a loss if you weren't in this world. Your music, your story, and your soul is such a gift Demi. Don't let the lies of the devil tell you different.