rebirthing : Dancing with the Devil 

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“I’ve had a lot of lives - like my cat, I’m on my ninth life.”
Demi Lovato’s explosive documentary series comes to a close with revelations about her broken engagement, her return to the studio, and exploration of moderation sobriety as she attempts to let go of her past and moves ahead living her truth.

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Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

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6. april. 2021





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Connie Murphy
Connie Murphy 3 timer siden
Andi S Jamet
Andi S Jamet 3 timer siden
I have not followed Demi's life much at all. I heard her songs here and there and thought she had a really nice voice. I thought I would sit down with an open mind to get to learn more about her and her story. It started out fine and I felt empathy for her, but as it went on I found her to be really disingenuous and narcissistic. I wish her well and hope that she finds her happiness-but I certainly wouldn't trust much of what she says.
I G 4 timer siden
i love that she's like a little frodo in the intros
Afiqah Aishah
Afiqah Aishah 5 timer siden
this is a great documentary, watching this while eating froyo on friday night ;)
Kate Melligan
Kate Melligan 7 timer siden
Everyone is hating on the moderation with drinking or smoking, but I do understand it.
Alexander Rioux
Alexander Rioux 7 timer siden
When you defame a small business to an audience of millions because they offer cookies after mainlining the fattest plunger of black tar smack. Thats Low, Vato.
GRACEedits 8 timer siden
My genuine opinion is that Demi needs, like, 5 years AT THE LEAST to be out of the media/industry. 18 months was not enough. She needs to stop with the interviews. Stop with the albums and music videos. Stop with posting. Just stop it all. Get her off the grid, tryyyy to have her live a “normal” life and heal these traumatic experiences. This doc did NOT address her trauma. Her pain. Her depression. Her mental issues. Sure they were MENTIONED. But I heard nothing about how they’re being healed. Which is probably why she’s still wanting to seek “relief”. And that honestly scares me 😭 Let’s get her OUT of the spotlight (discontinue these documentaries) and actually give her time and SPACE to heal.
Jesse Bones
Jesse Bones 10 timer siden
Bob Smith
Bob Smith 10 timer siden
This episode is... disturbing. I hope and pray that the "moderation" thing doesn't lead back to a pla e that none of us wants to see for Demi. Also, in regards to that very issue, all of those people around her... in this episode, they all talk so much, and yet say nothing at all.
Luc Guay
Luc Guay 10 timer siden
Taylor Rodriguez
Taylor Rodriguez 12 timer siden
I’ve been sober in recovery for over 3 years. This last episode is sad. One, I feel like everyone is holding back in these interviews. It doesn’t feel genuine. Demi’s been known in the past to be “it my way or the highway” so I feel like it’s that way with her “treatment team” too They’re afraid to truly say everything. There’s more to be said. Addicts are the best liars you will ever meet. We can lie straight to your face without even the slightest twitch. We can also manipulate our friends and family into believing anything we want. We can make people feel bad for us. I did it to my family for years. You can see it in the video. I would like to hope and believe this moderation thing will work out for her. But I’m not niave. Especially after her whole erratic behavior with the froyo thing. I’d like to be proven wrong on this one. We’ll just have to wait and see
Britt B
Britt B 12 timer siden
After being raped during quarantine and violated various occasions afterwards for weeks by my ex I, too, shaved my head recently. Rebirth. Take back control of your body. I get it. This documentary was very beautiful and I know it'll relate to a lot of people out there, not just recovering addicts either.
Pila Ppppa
Pila Ppppa 12 timer siden
moderation?? Girl 🤣🤣🤣
Goleh S
Goleh S 13 timer siden
*Rebirthing: Dancing with Crack cocaine
John Haley
John Haley 13 timer siden
LOVE your new hair !!! The only constant in life is change !!!!
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 14 timer siden
Bedazzle Juju
Bedazzle Juju 15 timer siden
Why is everyone in Hollywood trying to look like a kardashian? Except Demi. Oh.
fabiel castellanos
fabiel castellanos 16 timer siden
I do t agree there are two types of way to take with addiction everyone can choose their own path.
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 16 timer siden
I'm glad she's fine but I don't care. All that talent and money. If she were real she wouldn't be an alien. She doesn't need in public. All about her blah blah blah IT I S A CHOICE
xman559 16 timer siden
Elton John is the only one that makes sense. Everyone else including Demi are deluding themselves. And he said it in one sentence. Comments about the others in her life being yes men are so true.
ib 16 timer siden
This is not going to end well. Scary to see how many people around her think she's fine now.
Rosie Hernandez
Rosie Hernandez 17 timer siden
Demi, your only fooling yourself. Your so talented and beautiful but your not happy, there is more to your life story. I hope and pray you get the help you need. 🙏
Matthew Terry
Matthew Terry 17 timer siden
I prefer Immortal Technique's 'Dance With The Devil' to be honest.
Kayla Moreira
Kayla Moreira 17 timer siden
x x
x x 17 timer siden
would've been 100x better if they put this in one long(er) doc. waiting around for week/s each time for short 20-min. boo. and basically commercial for new album - which she did exactly last time used her "sobriety" / "rehab" to promote album. I see thru it / same stance as last time - I'm all better now but this time I'm even drinking & smoking too. All BS / fake / sell album
Saul Guillermo López López
no es tan fuerte si se ofende cuando le intentan vemder helado sin azucar xd
Bink Bonk
Bink Bonk 18 timer siden
I hope some of the Yes-men are replaced by people like Elton who are willing to be real with her
Ivy Gold
Ivy Gold 19 timer siden
Demi you are smart for getting out. I get it. I didn't get out like I should have and it turned domestic. I did get out eventually and going thro an ugly divorce. I only lasted 4 months. I should have never said yes to I do. It's a lesson I'll learn from now on but damn we got engaged the same time and I should have gotten out when you got out. I love you demi. Keep being you 🤍 I love you for you
Zoé Goudout
Zoé Goudout 19 timer siden
What is the music to 20:37???
Kristyana Williams
Kristyana Williams 20 timer siden
She look even better with her hair cut 🤷🏾‍♀️ my opinion
Gayathri Ekambaram
Gayathri Ekambaram 21 time siden
She is GUILTY about something. She is punishing herself for peace. She is just wants to run away from reality. She has to sort this .
V Lopez
V Lopez 22 timer siden
Mid age woman here...young ladies, one day the things that worry you today, will make you stronger tomorrow. Just learn from each moment, it will make you stronger. Promise.
Gabrielli Barreto
Gabrielli Barreto 23 timer siden
That cake scene makes me cry because she is so happy just to eat a real cake in her birthday...
Kimberly Potter
Kimberly Potter 23 timer siden
Elton had the best advice. She will relapse again you have to stay clean completely when you are a drug addict. If she drinks but in moderation who decides the moderation? Her? A drunk and drug addict that will say I can have another one, and another, and she will be smoking weed love the high and want to get real high. This never works and it won't for her either.
Débora Amanda
Débora Amanda 23 timer siden
Mimi Smithson
Mimi Smithson Dag siden
Everyone keeps saying no ones really helping her but if you’ve been paying any attention they tried for years of her life to control what she did and it didn’t work if anything it pushed her further over the edge. They are discussing how they’re still exploring and that this is an ongoing battle but they’re all on board with doing everything they can to help her get better. Working with addicts isn’t easy because ultimately it’s down to them if they truly want to be clean, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the fucker drink it.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Dag siden
relieves her guilt. She feels in control & is still able to indulge - all while feeling guilt free since they all condone her approach. I pray this works for her, and wish her only the b
ShutUpBryson Dag siden
want some heroin?
dark star
dark star 21 time siden
Shut up
SMULI bacaloni420
Ich hoffe es kommt noch der Deutsche Untertitel🙊 Es ist so unglaublich, was ihr passiert ist, ich fühl so mit ihr mit 😭
Nation歯引き Dag siden
Where do I buy Froyo?
Steven Acuna
Steven Acuna Dag siden
I have been in these same conversations with the addicts in my life. This pandemic has kept her alive this long. However, the drugs will be back. She isn't ready.
spiritual butterfly
Bylliejo Martin
Bylliejo Martin Dag siden
Unfortunately these videos just look like she’s looking for sympathy and people to enable her drug and alcohol use. Too much swapping and changing if your an addict you simply can’t do any of it.
Raphael Carvalho
she's a warrior and I'm so proud of her!
Victoria Capo
Victoria Capo Dag siden
Wait, so is this the last episode?
vanessalanessiia channel
She has to many yes men it's sad u can tell she thinks the world revolves around her .
Kimberley Sommerville
Watching this makes me think that she thinks she needs this industry and career. Like if she wasn't in the entertainment industry she'd have nothing. I mean even these interviews are too much
P W Dag siden
Judgement day.
Moni-k 1687
Moni-k 1687 Dag siden
She's lying to herself, her family and friends are nothing but enablers... She's going to OD eventually again if she keeps going down this road, next time she might not be that lucky
Agnieszka Sanigórska
Why buying a giant fancy house when you "understand" how all the struggles with addicions, ED, mental disorders work? Why not donating money to foundations which help those people who don't have money to get help? Or animal welfare institutions?
kalapos kaktusz
kalapos kaktusz Dag siden
How do you know she doesn't donate?
Ekko Hull
Ekko Hull Dag siden
Why is this video not letting me watch?? It's saying I have to pay but doesn't give me a link or any way to pay?? Can someone help please😟
Jasmine Brouwer
Jasmine Brouwer Dag siden
27:06 look how cute Batman and Ella are
Saturday Played
Saturday Played Dag siden
The best friend an sober companion shouldn’t be around her she’s not sober she’s lost this is just for show moderation is bs weed is still a drug
A Goo
A Goo 2 dager siden
I hope no one dealing with addiction sees this.
TIffanyrose Angeles
TIffanyrose Angeles 2 dager siden
Ok. So you were never bipolar?? That's odd
TIffanyrose Angeles
TIffanyrose Angeles 2 dager siden
I love the side of her that's into animals & crystals!! But,I'm secretly hoping,she doesn't become a serial dater" Which could perhaps slip her back into addiction. Demi, luv,feel free to cry. You still young! They'll be many many more loves to come. Or,maybe not. Maybe you should seek therapy not using your friends " as therapists" Though they are great ppl ( for a celebrity)
Sean h
Sean h 2 dager siden
Boy this girl is so confused,u been with guys ya whole life and at almost 30yrs ya dating girls smh 🤦
Lee Hill
Lee Hill 2 dager siden
I LOVE the hair!
Melissa Coley
Melissa Coley 2 dager siden
I am in love with her hair style..she looks amazing
Melissa Coley
Melissa Coley 2 dager siden
Who did Demi vote for? 🗳
Christy Ibsin
Christy Ibsin 2 dager siden
I am very worried for her, and it is because I see myslef in her situation almost to a T. You May have this under control for now.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 2 dager siden
would be a fun video!!
LittleLemoney 2 dager siden
I think what everyone in these comments needs to do is keep their opinions to themselves. I've got my own opinions about how Demi is choosing to live her life now but she honestly doesn't need to hear them from a woman in Scotland, you know? This is her life. What works for one person, won't always work for another and the same goes for her in this situation. It's not up to us to trust her or comment on her, we're here to listen to her music and if you don't like it, honestly, it's easy to walk away without commenting. I'm not backing her decisions up nor am I putting her down and that's honestly what we should all be doing. I wish her all the luck in the world for a happy life surrounded by those who love her.
Lindsay Anderson
Lindsay Anderson 2 dager siden
Is this the last episode orrrr?
Nik Hopson
Nik Hopson 2 dager siden
Elton John kept it real. She has waaaaaay too many enablers
Yvonne 2 dager siden
All I can say is thank you for staying
Amy Fabian
Amy Fabian 2 dager siden
Is it just me or was this just alittle bit more intense with my headphones on?
maria grijaldo
maria grijaldo 2 dager siden
is this the last episode or will there be more??
kiane starnes
kiane starnes 2 dager siden
Harmoni Gibson
Harmoni Gibson 2 dager siden
What blows my mind is her comment about still trying to convince herself that it’s ok for her to do any of these things in “moderation” when the very beginning of her song dancing with the devil starts out with her saying the same thing “it’s just a little red wine.. it won’t hurt me.. I deserve it” etc showing that obviously her fooling herself in the past about moderation didn’t work out and yet she’s still trying to justify it now.. I pray that she really does finally see through her BS enough to stop completely
Nicole A
Nicole A 20 timer siden
Girl yes why aren’t her fans saying this?!
Sarina Parrish
Sarina Parrish 2 dager siden
WOW......i watch all this just to hear her say she is using in "moderation" ? Really??? What a bad message to spread and honestly; no you are not sober .
Nailove Beauty
Nailove Beauty 2 dager siden
K no more episodes or?
RavageNightmare 2 dager siden
It’s nice to see a plus sized celebrity for once! 💯💯💯
Britnee StClair
Britnee StClair 2 dager siden
I have been pill free for almost six years now. I still smoke, in moderation, and I still have a drink maybe every two months or more... But smoking for me has also taken away so many of my other medications. It CAN work for some people, but I too think very black and white, BPD as well as bipolar disorder. Keeping hope that this too works for her! Your journey is yours alone. 💗💚
mia mia
mia mia 2 dager siden
I still feel like she is showing us a facade
Emine B
Emine B 2 dager siden
I am worried tbh
Marci Rhodes
Marci Rhodes 2 dager siden
She still looks so so so lost. My best friend passed away from a heroin addiction in 2017...so my heart goes out to her and her family and friends. But this whole moderation thing is worrisome. I hope she heals and finds happiness.
Freddie morgan
Freddie morgan 2 dager siden
Well Eltons 30 years sober and not through moderation! "You either do it or you dont" and that is the bottom line.....
Ruby Rose
Ruby Rose 2 dager siden
Girl is surrounded by too many yes people
Isa 2 dager siden
I fear we might lose Demi. As someone who has been surrounded by addicts in my family, moderation doesn’t work. It never will. :/
Mariana Rivera
Mariana Rivera 2 dager siden
I cant see the video :(
Marceline Dbrl
Marceline Dbrl 2 dager siden
The only one who has the courage to say the true is Elton John
Dranzer H
Dranzer H 2 dager siden
Why isn’t she getting help for depression
Vicki Lucia
Vicki Lucia 2 dager siden
Demi, you need more people in your life that will tell you the truth. I pray this happens before the people around you “yes” you to death...literally. I pray you find your true identity and realize there is more to life than numbing the pain. We learn things about ourselves through the pain. Without those lessons, we repeat the cycle.
hola soy Tati
hola soy Tati 2 dager siden
27:14 She looks so cute. That hair cut looks great on you 🤍
abilyn 1105
abilyn 1105 2 dager siden
everything was ok, until she injects the politics at 22:05
Michois H
Michois H 2 dager siden
The moderation thing seems like a slippery slope, but maybe being more comfortable with herself and having support around her will keep her on track. Her hair looks amazing - makes her even more cute....if that’s even possible!! Glad she dumped the actor - he seemed shady 😏
Emma von S.
Emma von S. 2 dager siden
Ich vermisse den deutschen Untertitel
Kaesthetyc 3 dager siden
Only two minutes of watching and I already want to cry, damn
Vinegar Husbands
Vinegar Husbands 3 dager siden
milking tf out of it
Thomas Harrell
Thomas Harrell 3 dager siden
oh boy cant wait to hear about a rich crack head, shes different lol
Manda 2 dager siden
BAAHAHAHA I like this.
Victoria Grande zuniga
I’m so sorry but the makes me better to say that these help me because I’m not a drug addicted I knew that I’m not the first or last one on these earth that struggles we all as human beings struggle and sometimes we need that help anyone with that problem contact someone to help you 😍
Jessica Olguin
Jessica Olguin 3 dager siden
I love you Demi, you are absolutely amazing. Famous or not your only human we all make mistakes. Your beyond amazing and I'm proud of u. I'd do anything to have my cousin here with me. He OD and died in 2017 from "h". I blame myself for him dying bc I felt like I wasn't there for him. When he needed me the most 🥺. You are beautiful and you are strong and I love u and wanna keep you in positive thoughts
Dilara Aras
Dilara Aras 3 dager siden
These people needs to stop sugarcoating the whole situation. Just be real to her. How many more documentaries are they willing to do.They are like oh it is over let's have fun.She needs professional help
Dilara Aras
Dilara Aras 3 dager siden
I dont think this is gonna be the last struggle of hers but I want to think so. I feel like she needs to get away from social media take a little break and stop making everyone believe that she is fine now bc she isn't fine. After that she could just fine a true person with a real character who will take care of her emotionally.I feel bad bc something horrible happens she makes a doc and same thing repeats.I truly wish she can get out of this horrible rabbit hole.
Sav Jordan
Sav Jordan 3 dager siden
When is the next episode?
Ang boggs
Ang boggs 3 dager siden
She really needs to open her eyes and realize there is more people in the world than herself! Looks outside of yourself Demi or you will never get better.
Soph _Vx
Soph _Vx 3 dager siden
This moderation isn’t going to work. I’m scared for her.
Alex Keaton
Alex Keaton 3 dager siden
This poor girl! Spinning out of control. If she hasn't already slipped? She will soon. There is no such thing as moderation when it comes to sobriety. Your either ALL IN or not. This girl is lying to herself and everyone else.
Mazvita Selemani
Mazvita Selemani 3 dager siden
I think y'all should give Demi a little credit for choosing to include Sir Elton John's comments on the moderation thing. But I honestly think that everyone's journey is different when it comes to addiction, like she said, the first way didn't work and that's why she's trying something else. The only certainty is uncertainty at this point.
Kaijuuu ._
Kaijuuu ._ 3 dager siden
Demi’s story is very powerful and I want her to know that she’s even more empowering now than ever before.
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