Best of the Worst: Wheel of the Black Spine Plinketto 

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We finally made it! We've wasted 100 episodes worth of our lives! To celebrate, we decided to do all our various movie-picking gimmicks all in one episode! Come join our misery.




22. april. 2021





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Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart 2 timer siden
44:31 That's a pretty funny joke, Rich Evans.
Alex Stewart
Alex Stewart 2 timer siden
Nevermind. Rich Evans was on fire all episode.
KingRui. 10 timer siden
"lets find out which one of these 'film' we're going to watch" i nearly missed that one mike, very sneaky
Don F
Don F 11 timer siden
Surprised there were no Harry Conick snorting coke jokes in 4 line Conics?
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley 11 timer siden
Breen and the teenager reminds me of the creepy relationship between Kai Proctor and his Amish niece in Banshee lol
Matt Scott
Matt Scott 11 timer siden
Breen 2024
snocades 13 timer siden
If the RLM crew start dropping off one by one we can rest assured that the funeral arrangement tape is somehow involved.
Chris Dooley
Chris Dooley 13 timer siden
Cyber sex and Neil Breen in one video? One of the best of all time. Love you guys
HeadCannon 14 timer siden
Nukie is the real winner! That Plinketto board is rigged! SHAME. #STOPTHESTEAL
Takotra The Rat King
Takotra The Rat King 15 timer siden
"And I smell" *Cheering* "Wonderful" AWWWWW
Dr. Certifiable
Dr. Certifiable 16 timer siden
The subversion was funny but it would have been a good time to watch Nukie. 200th maybe...?
AngryB4ker 17 timer siden
It's incredible how Rich Evans can single-handedly be a laugh track all by himself
J Po
J Po 18 timer siden
In all my years watching these guys I've never heard rich evans make this noise 1:12:50
Aaron Bryant
Aaron Bryant 23 timer siden
1:12:49 Rich Evans just breaks
Wonko Sane
Wonko Sane Dag siden
The computer literacy video has some interesting history in it, Ada the lady in it was the first programmer.
Slappap Dag siden
Im not sure why but 5 guys watching and commenting on a vhs destruction as they watch is the funniest shit.
Adrian Bozic
Adrian Bozic Dag siden
david rindfleisch. his last name is literally beef. beef as in cowmeat. david beef. just say beef
Walter Schuppan
Walter Schuppan Dag siden
I wish Neil Breen would make a guest appearance and review Space Cop.
Marmite Badger
Marmite Badger Dag siden
No more books >:(
DK devilplayground
10:46 "You have pushed the wrong button!!"
Winston Smith
Winston Smith Dag siden
Best of the worsts are almost film length and I'm ready for it!
True Shields
True Shields Dag siden
Let's find out which one of these film we're gonna watch. -Mike
Zharkos Raeynth
Zharkos Raeynth Dag siden
agelem Dag siden
David Copperfield
Camila Monteiro
Camila Monteiro Dag siden
Fateful Findings...yes!!!!
Treasure Mage
Treasure Mage Dag siden
There has to be a mathematician here that can explain conics to us.
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan 2 dager siden
13:43 I see your reference skol bro, and I’ll keep it on the dl
Marika Nygård-Öster
Marika Nygård-Öster 2 dager siden
Im so Happy right now!! :)
Marika Nygård-Öster
Marika Nygård-Öster 2 dager siden
So, the 101 black spine episode coming??? ;)
jonpaze 2 dager siden
Neil Breen? Any relation to Wallace?
Alexander Rebelle
Alexander Rebelle 2 dager siden
Has anyone else in the world actually watched Nukie? You shouldn't have. It is perhaps the most insufferably annoying film I have personally ever seen. It would probably be better suited as part of an interrogation technique wherein the suspect would be chained in a chair while forced to watch a knockoff of a knockoff of ET, with a main character who is so annoying that it could cause a person to confess to a crime they did not commit if it would make the film go away.
Peter Hoeller
Peter Hoeller 2 dager siden
Sam Du Bois
Sam Du Bois 2 dager siden
Watching this with a bottle of Maker's Mark on 00:00am of my 20th birthday. Thanks for all the memories, boys.
Flankyou AllDay
Flankyou AllDay 2 dager siden
What? Nukie, finally?! They've teased that for so long. I hope this isn't some fucking trick to get my hopes up.
Flankyou AllDay
Flankyou AllDay 2 dager siden
Aaaand it was a trick.
sooperchikken 2 dager siden
All this episode needed was for Jesse to come in at literally the last second saying "And I'm here too!"
E 2 dager siden
Rich Evans’ cackles give me strength.
Antonio Morais
Antonio Morais 2 dager siden
Can we all finally admit that Neil Breen is a troll?
P Kenna
P Kenna 2 dager siden
Please retire blackspine.
James Wallace
James Wallace 2 dager siden
Congratulations on 100 episodes, but ultimately this makes me sad, because I know that one day this will end. Someone will leave the channel or something will go wrong and this magic will no longer be a part of our lives. We’ll be in search of juicy Shaq meat on our own... 😞
Charles Burgenstein
Charles Burgenstein 3 dager siden
How many y'all groaned when you saw Jay wasn't in the discussion
Charles Burgenstein
Charles Burgenstein 2 dager siden
Ah, nevermind.
Mike Mironov
Mike Mironov 3 dager siden
Generic Synth Music - is my favorite band now
Lloyd DragonSniper
Lloyd DragonSniper 3 dager siden
Deathstalker III should have been on Plinketto you frauds!
Tester 316278
Tester 316278 3 dager siden
19:40, Wow, Jack almost had me fooled that he was Australian for a minute.
derp 3 dager siden
Maybe a better example than Ada Lovelace would be that computer programming was considered "women's work" for at least the first decade that computers existed.
Alex L
Alex L 3 dager siden
44:50 Jack: "It's the only place they could afford to shoot." Rich thinking: "Me too."
Will Wild's Outdoor Adventures
You guys say you hate this all the time but really do you? Getting paid some good cash to get drunk & watch movies with you're friends can't be that bad can it? Come on..... Suck it up you know damn well you love every second of this. Now can I come on for an outdoor episode? Happy 100th to 100 more!
You didn't bring back all the movie-picking gimmicks! Choose 'N' Loose was sorely missed. But despite that, congratulations on 100 great episodes :)
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 dager siden
That is one dedicated car guy to take a bullet for the Ferrari.
Charles Penny
Charles Penny 3 dager siden
They really took the gimmicks and misdirects up a notch for #100!
lynninpain 3 dager siden
All these years and I thought we were finally going to see what Nukie is. You hack frauds!
Herbert West
Herbert West Dag siden
Nukie is a terrible ET ripoff that makes Mac and Me look Oscar worthy. Pretty sure it's on youtube.
Rock girl
Rock girl 3 dager siden
"Coming to terms with the existence of computers.." hahahaha "Is that a tab of acid?"
Chris LeeWoo
Chris LeeWoo 3 dager siden
Was that computer literacy video based on a Harlan Ellison short story?
Josh Ralph
Josh Ralph 3 dager siden
Computer Literacy, directed by David Lynch
Chris LeeWoo
Chris LeeWoo 3 dager siden
On your marks, get set, it's cybersex on the internet!
me de
me de 3 dager siden
Should have ended with all of them confessing their crimes and committing suicide
Nickotine Enraged Gaming
I love that they sat thru a cybersex tape but said fuck it to a video on monster trucks
Raidou Kuzunoha
Raidou Kuzunoha 3 dager siden
The computer Satan saying "You have pushed the wrong button" really reminds me of a Pilotredsun video
kicsiszol 3 dager siden
Neil breen is the quint essential americam filmmaker.
Pimsleurable 3 dager siden
"We watch the tape die in front of our eyes." ~ Jay Bauman
Vehicle 3 dager siden
I love how Mike blatantly calls Rich out on being a creepy sex pervert, and then votes the creepy sex pervert video for the best of the worst.
Mr Cat
Mr Cat 3 dager siden
Neil Breen is actually Q! Lol So whose the bigger insufferable douche, Neil Breen or James Cameron?
Mark Markerson
Mark Markerson 3 dager siden
I thought they watched all the Niel Breene movies already. Fucking precious 🙉
Gábor Kiss
Gábor Kiss 3 dager siden
I'm pretty sure Neil Breen wrote the ending speech in Falcon and Winter Soldier.
NARROW 3 dager siden
Oh boy. I'm going to take a nap and then I'm going to binge watch. There will be alcohol involved
Jose Molina
Jose Molina 3 dager siden
"Coming to terms with the existence of computers.." hahahaha "Is that a tab of acid?"
Tar Heel Dweller
Tar Heel Dweller 3 dager siden
That is one dedicated car guy to take a bullet for the Ferrari.
Tar Heel Dweller
Tar Heel Dweller 3 dager siden
In that Basic Computer Literacy video, I have to wonder what kind of company that woman works for. Are they trying to develop teleportation and they accidentally open a gateway to Hell? Wait. That sounds familiar.
Gwyn Evans
Gwyn Evans 3 dager siden
The Victorian Computer ghost lesbian is based on early computer pioneer Ada Lovelace who worked on Babbage's Analytical Engine. She's called Ada Byron King here, which was her married name. Anyway, I hope this information is of some comfort the frumpy woman as she loses her job and spirals into psychosis. #EyesOnBreen
Alex 3 dager siden
Joe Beef?
Ghost 9388
Ghost 9388 3 dager siden
29:11 "Jay is here to finish us all off". Pause...
Grandpa Ironside
Grandpa Ironside 3 dager siden
I am now left to wonder the outcome of Players Choice. Would they have done a cut and all the films would've been Faithful Findings? Or just pick Faithful Findings?
Brandon Dester
Brandon Dester 3 dager siden
MCRuCr 3 dager siden
Wow not even in Germany there are people named "Rindfleisch" (Beef)
Becca Sertic
Becca Sertic 3 dager siden
MtD021 3 dager siden
I think a conic is a slice of a cone at various heights and angles, view from above... they resemble orbits in terms of similar natural phenomenon. I definitely don’t understand that video though.
Victorius Washington
Victorius Washington 4 dager siden
I really like the newly implemented tag system
Sabors 4 dager siden
I would like for them to have Neil Breen on as a guest for a BotW
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a montage of people killing themselves. 🤣🤣
MrHypnofan 4 dager siden
Is the victorian lady in the computer literacy video suppose to be an homage to Ada Lovelace?
Æis Kalt
Æis Kalt 4 dager siden
Mac needs to watch this Neil Breen shit just so we can see his classic expression have meaning.
kelownatechkid 4 dager siden
The shining but it's a shitty 'what is computer' video
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
One money no camera
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg 4 dager siden
2:14 Even the girl on the "Flirting With Magic" cover looks uncomfortable.
Daniel Grigg
Daniel Grigg 4 dager siden
0:45 in and already waiting for Mike to push it over.
Carlos Sánchez R.
Carlos Sánchez R. 4 dager siden
For some reason the subtitles were in Spanish and they translated Rich to "rico" and you know what, I think that is accurate
Noel Herron
Noel Herron 4 dager siden
I was kinda looking forward to them talking about 'Nukie'.
Herbert West
Herbert West Dag siden
That will be the last film reviewed on on this channel before they shut it down.
ShinyDivaGX 4 dager siden
Kabuki Shade
Kabuki Shade 4 dager siden
34:45 I actually like that tune... dangit, would be nice to have a link to it, but I guess it's the "generic" part that goes against that..
Roroprata 4 dager siden
1:03:20 Zoku Owarimonogatari (2018)
Aaron Brazee
Aaron Brazee 4 dager siden
Please just do Nukie, Deathstalker III and Abraxas; I need to get on with my life.
My Name
My Name 4 dager siden
43:38 to 43:50 Brilliant just brilliant lol
Peter Fissa
Peter Fissa 4 dager siden
Pure gold
ArmyOfAll 4 dager siden
Re the computer literacy tape, it was made for certain women over 50 who have a pathological fear of technology, my mother is absolutely certain if she presses the wrong button the world will end. Ive told her for 20 years she can press what she likes and it wont harm a thing I cant fix but she still wont buy a PC.
ArmyOfAll 4 dager siden
Hang on a minute, you bleeped rich evans swear word here : 2:26 But not here : 3:50 Dear god what word did he use initially? lol, C U Next Tuesday? lol. I love this show.
Chris Cooling
Chris Cooling 4 dager siden
51:48 Lane Smith???
PerplexityComplex 4 dager siden
mike shouting "tell us about the ghost cake Rich!" is the funniest shit to me. I don't know why, but it really got me.
David Lether
David Lether 4 dager siden
One money no camera
TheSpellShell 4 dager siden
If this show took a place in Russia black spine WHS would be just bootleg copies of hollywood blockbusters from 80s
Arik H
Arik H 5 dager siden
Why include Neil Breen? He creates documentaries, not fiction.
Samwyze 5 dager siden
I unironically love black spines, because I genuinely enjoy surprises.
Detective Bloor
Detective Bloor 5 dager siden
15:08 "which one of these FILM we're gonna watch" My sides....
Wolf 5 dager siden
Shoutout to Ada (the old timey lady from the computer video) that girl was a revolutionary mathematician who created some of the earliest programing algorithms for her father's analytical engine. She's essentially the mother of computer programming.
Babbage wasn't her dad, but yes it is interesting history. The Information by James Gleick covers it very well.
James Lynch
James Lynch 5 dager siden
Robert Copp
Robert Copp 5 dager siden
35:00 I'd buy that album based on the cover alone.
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