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4. mars. 2021





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Peter McKinnon
Peter McKinnon Måned siden
Tea......... I dont get it
PokéRyan Time siden
I noticed that pretty quick 😂 but ye I use to drink so much tea... Not so much atm. But I do here and there. You gotta try different kinds though
Muan Guite
Muan Guite 10 dager siden
Coffee is nice in the morning Tea anytime of the day.
Jaan Moshref
Jaan Moshref 19 dager siden
Hi Peter, Can you please do a comparison on best Wide Zoom for Video. Thanks 🙏🏼 -Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 -Sony FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM -Canon RF 15-35mm F2.8L IS USM Lens
Tagged OutDoorz
Tagged OutDoorz 26 dager siden
I thinks it’s a great transition to anything we’ve seen you do in a long time. Can’t wait to see the new you after the gear load out is complete. Stoked!!!!! And for sure would love to have a shot at any gear. 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼
Rajesh Malviya
Rajesh Malviya Måned siden
Apun Chailover ❤️🔥🎉😀Indian
DatAsianGuy 19 timer siden
As a Brit..tea is engrained in our Brit DNA😂😂
R20C 20 timer siden
1D Mark 2
raisinsawdust Dag siden
Good, Canon are not the best, by far!
Chris Hoesel
Chris Hoesel Dag siden
I guess when rent is due, one must relinquish a body or two. Oh, it rhymes......
88 Rams Production
88 Rams Production 2 dager siden
7:55 ... You did not shot anything on C200 Mark II, yet :)
Kloe Lind
Kloe Lind 2 dager siden
Stagg? Love it
Mrityunjoy Mukherjee
Mrityunjoy Mukherjee 3 dager siden
Can you give me one! Any one which ever you like! I am from india and over here you have too save around 40,000-1,00,000 to get a good camera! If you give me one I am sure I will pay you after 10years and I promise you that😅😅😅😎. I do like photography alot but it's to costly to handle I use my phone.
Shedy 3 dager siden
Donate some 🥰😜🤪
KITTING pozximeanm
KITTING pozximeanm 5 dager siden
Send me one bro if u love me as
River Woodruff
River Woodruff 5 dager siden
red and r5
abcd 5 dager siden
Sell all and buy an Arri Alexa!
Jacob Peroyea
Jacob Peroyea 5 dager siden
Zayn Sarcasm
Zayn Sarcasm 6 dager siden
So expensive
Zayn Sarcasm
Zayn Sarcasm 6 dager siden
Zayn Sarcasm
Zayn Sarcasm 6 dager siden
Ovio r comin
Brandon Oum
Brandon Oum 6 dager siden
Hey, why don't you just give them away to me? lol
SouthKoreaFitness 6 dager siden
Peter holding the stack of cameras gave me a level of anxiety I didn’t know i had 😂
Adam Hughes
Adam Hughes 6 dager siden
Any ones left? 👀
andrew magwira
andrew magwira 7 dager siden
1dx gone eish
emi wahengbam
emi wahengbam 7 dager siden
i wish i cud meet you in real life and learn all the stuffs you do.... but sadly v far away
StavroGavro 7 dager siden
c500 mk2 and r5
StavroGavro 7 dager siden
c500 for video and r5 for photos
Samuel James
Samuel James 8 dager siden
I hate to be that guy but couldn't you save the red accessories and switch down to a smaller body/monitor? Great video as always man. I'm rocking an A7iii and trio of lenses and that's it. Not by choice but because I find myself spending hours on amazon looking at stuff I don't need and I'm trying to break that cycle. Looking forward to that new camera bag/sling combo! See ya round
Donald Mensah
Donald Mensah 8 dager siden
r5 annd c70. Much better cameras for the run and gun shooting lifestyle. Rent the red when you need it for your cinematic projects and bill it to your clients.
Gabriel McKenna
Gabriel McKenna 10 dager siden
Initial thoughts are I'd keep the R5 and the RED Monstro 8k
Jan Büker
Jan Büker 12 dager siden
I would keep the EOS R5 and the C500 II
JBS Media
JBS Media 12 dager siden
peter mckinnon - even his bin isn't dirty
cmduncan1027 13 dager siden
Please don’t get rid of your 1D X mark II. I just got mine .. I know 2021 .. mirrorless.. mirrorless. I am still learning so much from you. What a sad day and Cañon is getting rid of lenses..I still need to figure out why I can’t get my sons action shots during a waterpolo match.
CameronPlaysTrumpet 13 dager siden
Are any of these still available? That R6...
Florian Frahm - Videoproduction
RED Monstro
Cathal's Cards
Cathal's Cards 16 dager siden
I think Peter needs to take a break he seems a bit burnt out and tired, go get some rest.
longliveclassicmusic 16 dager siden
I just ordered an R5 and find it so satisfying that everything in your studio goes except one of it it, one R6, and a cinema camera. 🤣 Yaaaaasssss!!!!! 🤣🙌🏻 I'm a hoarder. But I am a huge weakness for lighting modifiers. I need to be able to do all the things with photography lighting. I don't have nor want all modifiers, but I do have a lot! 🤣
Karl Guillen
Karl Guillen 17 dager siden
Hey Peter I am a film student at PIMA COMMUNITY COLLEGE with credentials. I would love to have one of the cameras. I am not rich, but a beginning student. I love your show. Is there one you could sell me or find for me that I could use to start my film (cinema) career?
lifestylebytwins 17 dager siden
Hi Peter! Huge fan, did you sell everthing yet or is there anything left? Looking to buy some new camera to try to upgrade my filming.
Danna Gao
Danna Gao 18 dager siden
I’m one of those struggling with does gear matter...just curious why did you get two of the same model in the first place?
Living Wild And Free
Living Wild And Free 19 dager siden
Mark 2 and Red would be my pick. Even though I've never used them due to just starting my photography. But definitely something I'd keep around.
Carlos Verette
Carlos Verette 19 dager siden
Pete how do you deal with the overheating in the R5? I've learned a lot in this video. I didn't know the C70 wasn't full frame.
Louis-Martin Boivin
Louis-Martin Boivin 19 dager siden
Simple is better...... as much as you have something to say, A story to tell ! May the force be with you
Nature& Wildlife
Nature& Wildlife 20 dager siden
Madness …
Mrs. Marf
Mrs. Marf 21 dag siden
Are you doing ok money wise? How you are ok
V.S.M.O CH 21 dag siden
True, doesn't matter! LOVE THAT!
michael espinoza
michael espinoza 21 dag siden
Looks like he losing it, love ya peter
A2i 23 dager siden
I hate thiss
Photography Media Malayalam
Love from kerala
Alife Cañizares
Alife Cañizares 24 dager siden
Gonçalo Nunes Fonseca
Gonçalo Nunes Fonseca 24 dager siden
I would keep Canon R5 (best camera ever!!!!😍) and Canon C500!
Mark Bernhardt
Mark Bernhardt 24 dager siden
Folgers sells coffee in tea bags!
Bob Klarquist
Bob Klarquist 24 dager siden
Keep the Pentax.
Jarrod Brown
Jarrod Brown 25 dager siden
Just did this. Went with Sony a7m3 and 6300. Probably going to sell the 6300 and get a 6400/6600. It’s liberating.
Bobkevz 25 dager siden
another adventure to wait and watch..wish to have one. especially now im starting my channel. thanks for inspiration man.
ralph geronilla
ralph geronilla 26 dager siden
Keep 1DXii. Just beefy and reliable
ben moumin
ben moumin 26 dager siden
this guy is just selling alot of good cameras , i can't even buy my self a canon eos R which is basically the cheapest on his list
Dynamic Declan
Dynamic Declan 26 dager siden
8 and 1
Timileyin Akinrinade
Timileyin Akinrinade 27 dager siden
I thought I heard giveaway in that.. I didn't😑
Seth Kun
Seth Kun 27 dager siden
Pretty sure you can have one camera sony A7s III but your a canon fanboy
ATI NAGA 28 dager siden
I love watching even though if I can't effort any of them 😁
Alien Encore
Alien Encore 28 dager siden
FFS coffee isn't a personality.
Remie Belmonte
Remie Belmonte 28 dager siden
R5 and Red. I still have the 5D Mark II so I probably wouldn't even know how to operate these camera's
Paul Mori
Paul Mori 28 dager siden
You used to be up there Peter. Now you're running out of content that you had to make a video about selling your gear. Then later on you'd be making content about buying gear. Used to follow you but you do not bring anything new or useful to the community. I guess the PM backpacks aren't doing well... Who knows... You want to start minimalism? Start by being less of a douchebag. Ever wonder why you don't see anybody else working with PM? You go figure
MrRayScience 29 dager siden
Send me one of your old cameras lol Have a blessed day
Al Green - Light Through Glass
Buy a teapot - use loose leaf - you'll never go back; your nerves will thank you.
Glyn Jowsey
Glyn Jowsey 29 dager siden
part 3 please 29 dager siden
The RED I couldn't let go of, if its the only one I have, the Canon C's also, nah, gotta keep'em. Then again I only own a 750D, 7D and ordering a 90D. After listening to why you're keeping the RED, yes, thats an important reason but then again, after it, if not using another project, well it could get you a new rig.
Rajesh Malviya
Rajesh Malviya Måned siden
Rajesh Malviya
Rajesh Malviya 10 dager siden
वाह भाई❤️🔥🔥
Infocus Production
Infocus Production Måned siden
i do all my job with the 80d and sigma 17-50 and the canon 24mm 2.8, and i work almost everyday and people love the quality so much, so gear really does not matter..
R24 Måned siden
red and r5
Kraťas Måned siden
R5 for photo and C500 for filming. I don't really like the RED color science.
Swede Potato Productions
Man I would take any of those cameras! And I'd horde them all, I don't even feel bad! All you photographers out there, can someone give me a good recommendation for a good camera just starting out. Something in the budget range of professional since I think that would be the only price I could get past the missus!
Voz de Angola Rádio station
Come to Angola in África
Mukisa Elijah
Mukisa Elijah Måned siden
Man this is so sick😨😰 the whole doing away with the gear.. video is still great though.. as always 😳
Peter Frykman
Peter Frykman Måned siden
Oh, that’s easy - get rid of the Canons ;)
Stephen Bauer
Stephen Bauer Måned siden
I dont stand for it either
Morgan Grisenthwaite
He pulled out the kettle and I thought "oh he's making coffee another way I've never heard of.. again" but then he pulls out a t bag so I thought ohhh he put the coffee grinds in the t bag, maybe it's a bit stronger that way... I refuse to believe that was tea. If it was I'm truly worried for you man😭
JM CASTRO Måned siden
i wish i had at least one camera that peter showed on this video, because we can't afford buying camera so im using mg phone all the time :(((
Sandra A
Sandra A Måned siden
I'm using a borrowed 60D so I'd love to own either the EOS R or the 1DX. Would be a great birthday present!
Candice Watson
Candice Watson Måned siden
This is so true! Just did a clean out my self ✌🏻
Adraps Måned siden
Why is 1 r5 + 1 r6 better than 2 r6 ? Price consideration ?
Light Craft
Light Craft Måned siden
You know what they say: the fastest way to make money in photography, is to sell your camera! 😂
P M Måned siden
What camera should I get? That isn't insanely expensive
Zion Christensen
Zion Christensen Måned siden
Selling all my pencil crayons now
Kraken Engineer
Kraken Engineer Måned siden
I was looking at starting a YT Cooking channel. Any suggestions for cameras? Thinking one overhead and one for 'action' shots
Misfit Studios International
The way you were holding those stacked cameras gave me a panic disorder I didn't previously have.
Aashish Kanji
Aashish Kanji Måned siden
Oh man Pete, cannot believe that you let the 1DX II go, that didn't just hurt you haha
All Things Film
All Things Film Måned siden
The C70 and the Canon R6. That's what I would keep. Red cameras take too long to boot up.
Cuds Måned siden
How long does a producer take to make tea?
Siddhant Pandya
Siddhant Pandya Måned siden
that hahaha think about that coffee drinker killed me bro
Kael Måned siden
R6 swap to my 80D. lmao
Jorge Abenza Font
Jorge Abenza Font Måned siden
This video called me poor in every language
PEI Real Estate - Michael Poczynek
I thought my A7siii was big bucks until I saw this. 😀
SolidBlueBlocks Måned siden
From the list of 8 cameras, I would keep a big one and a small one. Like, R5 and C500ii.
Luca Volpe
Luca Volpe Måned siden
After watching your video I sold my Red lol 😂
Phil Lindsay
Phil Lindsay Måned siden
Keep them all
creatibor Måned siden
Actitud matters!
Rakeem Davis
Rakeem Davis Måned siden
R6 and C500
MPRF12345 Måned siden
Why keep both an R5 and an R6?
Zbr TV
Zbr TV Måned siden
My dream is the 1d x
Justine Ybanez
Justine Ybanez Måned siden
can i have 1 of your camera 🥺 -philiphines
BENPX MEDIA Måned siden
No lie! i thought peter had a new way to brew his coffee haha 😂😂😂
Marcus Blair
Marcus Blair Måned siden
Hey Peter! Do you have an EOS RP for sale?
Achieved Media
Achieved Media Måned siden
what is the benefit of having 1 r5 and 1 r6? Don't see that how that would ever be a better solution?😂 Other than having a different number on the body. Some specs we´ve missed?
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