Claudia Conway Sings Adele Song And Shocks The World To Earn A Golden Ticket - American Idol 2021 

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It’s Claudia Conway’s time to shine! Claudia performs Rihanna’s “Love On the Brain” and Adele’s “When We Were Young” for Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan during her American Idol audition, while an emotional George Conway listens from outside the audition doors. Lionel believes that this is Claudia stepping forward and announcing who she is. Will Claudia take Katy’s advice going into Hollywood Week and block out the noise that surrounds her?
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, returns on ABC.
American Idol 2021
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation are music industry forces and superstar judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest continues as host of the beloved series, while multimedia personality Bobby Bones serves as the in-house mentor.




14. feb.. 2021





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Q Venn
Q Venn 7 minutter siden
This is not better than Ace's audition at all
Vitaluv 9 minutter siden
I am so confused...
Carolyn Brown
Carolyn Brown 11 minutter siden
The judges need to decide what they are, psychologists or talent scouts...the show has crossed the line into ridiculous...
James Mascola
James Mascola 39 minutter siden
You suck so take off your shoes to make you sound slightly better
Madison Dengler
Madison Dengler 55 minutter siden
She’s good but she doesn’t really stand out
Secilia Mannag
Secilia Mannag 55 minutter siden
She can sing
Jerry Lloyd
Jerry Lloyd Time siden
Did you disagree with Obama? If not shut the hell up
Karen Collins
Karen Collins Time siden
I love you claudia. I want you to be safe and happy. Sing your heart out.💖💐
Temujin Khan
Temujin Khan 2 timer siden
Another spoiled brat...and asking if her mother still hug? If she asked Obamas daughters that she would have been canceled... anyhow she isnt good enough enough send her back to the farm
Medha Suwanawongse
Medha Suwanawongse 2 timer siden
mostly drama, little substance, nothing has changed, Kathy does not like the way she has gained.
Cheyenne Life
Cheyenne Life 2 timer siden
Nope, this girl is being used as political points and exposure on the show. I am a Trump supporter and there are a lot of us out there, we do not like feeling that we're attacked, suppressed, and have our beliefs ridiculed on something as mundane as a show. As for her voice, she's good, but she's not American Idol quality. She needs more training. For her opening of her story, she seems like the typical rebellious teen acting like a grown up, but still isn't there.
A M 2 timer siden
She'll be good for a girl band.
Eleazar mejia
Eleazar mejia 2 timer siden
what the hell? what is special about it? hahaha the drama?
samnicole1993 3 timer siden
She sounds like Shailene Woodley.
Greg David
Greg David 3 timer siden
Her dad should be embarrassed to show his face after everything going on at The Lincoln Project right now..
Kerri Cooper
Kerri Cooper 3 timer siden
In the words is Randy “it’s gonna be a no for me dawg”
Life n Love n things Forever
She’s a gal trying to find her way ...I’m glad they supported her, the rest of the journey will be up to her
Amie Eyre
Amie Eyre 4 timer siden
This was so staged cuz of who her parents were asp her voice isn’t strong enough for the songs she needs a softer song
Law Rence
Law Rence 5 timer siden
It was fine, but this was not a yes-worthy performance compared to... literally any other contestant. For anyone else it would be a no, it's funny that they would say shes doing something side from her parents... it's who her parents are that got her through.
MeMe WoRLD 5 timer siden
Her attitude and her choice matches a lot.
Missile Anus
Missile Anus 5 timer siden
So scripted it’s disturbing 😂😂😂😂😂
Rose Desarno
Rose Desarno 6 timer siden
I think she's fine but what she needs to learn is she needs coaching and how to keep her facial expressions out of the voice because her Expressions on her face or not correlating with song she is singing sometimes we can give Expressions on her face that give out the inner part of us about some know she's got to have some coaching on that and she might work out for the future
Cristas Foster
Cristas Foster 6 timer siden
Katy Perry should be ashamed with that nasty "does she still hug you" comment. What a low life blow, and directed at a child...This is why noone loves and respects the new idol. Horrible judges and its overall fake scripted BS.
Cristas Foster
Cristas Foster 6 timer siden
Let's be honest here she does not possess the talent needed for the Idol stage. She shouldn't have made it to the judges around (there is a long process before contestants make it to the celeb judges) it is clear her "fame" got her this far and that is not the right reason. She has alot of growing up to do. But even then she just doesn't possess the talent, singing isn't for her.
Peace and Love
Peace and Love 7 timer siden
I must admit, I liked her!
Tn Fishing HD
Tn Fishing HD 8 timer siden
Hmm.. My daughter is 17, doesn't dress like a prostitute and I have ran over a ran and it sounded better than this.
Ranga Tv
Ranga Tv 8 timer siden
Cringe tv
_maj3stic 9 timer siden
even though i m a terrible singer... i do know whats common between all good singers & that is singing from your heart. sometimes she does sometimes she tries too hard at certain spots.... minus all the political bullshit & everything shes been going through i do believe she could AT MOST reach top 24 however she doesnt know how to utilize her voice just yet....
Larysa Yevdokymova-Rizk
Shining brightly 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Ryan Oriondo
Ryan Oriondo 9 timer siden
It’s a no for me...
C-Chizzle 9 timer siden
She was good... But We know They didn’t send her through because of her voice
Patricia Phillips
Patricia Phillips 9 timer siden
shame on yall!!! Its not right to give her false hope, just because of her name. That child acted so PHONEY, and she couldnt carry a tune if it had a handle on it. Why did she EVEN bring up WHO she was, had nothing to do with her performing ability, which she doesnt have. Shame on you!!!
Mama Cakes
Mama Cakes 10 timer siden
Katy’s face when she heard Donald trump 😂😂😂
C j
C j 10 timer siden
Donald Trump is the scape goat for all the problems of loosers all over America
Guliza Covalinski
Guliza Covalinski 10 timer siden
From abusive Dad to supportive Dad you better support your beautiful smart daughter kindnessly all the way to reach her dream !
Video Troll
Video Troll 11 timer siden
It's a nope for me WTF!!
Lorraine Hernandez
Lorraine Hernandez 11 timer siden
I don’t like this girl . Her audition wasn’t good at all.
Pete K
Pete K 11 timer siden
This wasn't good. Oooof.
LNG - 12 timer siden
Oh wow. They found a way to make Idol political. Shocker.
vucich34 12 timer siden
Lillyanna Anne Rose
Lillyanna Anne Rose 13 timer siden
her voice is so pretty tho
Southern Patriot
Southern Patriot 13 timer siden
Its a little nauseating to hear kids opine on matters they know nothing about!
Mohammad Al-Drees
Mohammad Al-Drees 14 timer siden
She sounds like Cher Lloyd!
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 14 timer siden
@5:42 close yer eyes 'n listen: IT'S SO WRONG
Corren love
Corren love 14 timer siden
Dude Claudia Conway needs help. I am so happy to see her shine and I truly hope this helps because she has been SCREAMING for help for a long time now.
Amy Huffines
Amy Huffines 14 timer siden
She has the prettiest eyes!!
Oracle 14 timer siden
She's a spoiled brat! She was put through only because of her parents because A.I. knows once the audience starts voting she is out!
Nataley 14 timer siden
Is it just me but does the entire family feel like a bunch of psychopaths 💀💀💀
Irena Michelle
Irena Michelle 14 timer siden
she was meh...its clearly all just for the views, she won't make it very far
Rebecca Lee
Rebecca Lee 15 timer siden
I feel so bad for all of these comments. My heart hurts for this girl. Why are her parents allowing this?
M. Linder
M. Linder 15 timer siden
It's just the beginning: she needs to rise from the noise in her life; she has a good soft angelic voice. She sings with passion and with an emotional voice, which is very important. When we were young by Adele was the perfect song choice. 🥰
Toujour L'amour
Toujour L'amour 15 timer siden
Seeing her father makes me wonder if he's also not abused by Kellyanne. The woman is wicked. No two ways about it.
Jeffrey Hayden
Jeffrey Hayden 15 timer siden
Completely scripted favoritism....not surprised from idol.
Brenda Bodwin
Brenda Bodwin 15 timer siden
Nothing great in the singing. Pretty basic, & common sound. Needs vocal coaching badly. Couldn't win where she is vocally. Can't win anyway.. she threw the right vote out the window when she walked in the door and ran her mouth. We all know she is just a spot filler. They know she cant win.
Andrew Brase
Andrew Brase 15 timer siden
Ngl, I actually hated everything about this clip
J. Ray Redden
J. Ray Redden 15 timer siden
She resembles Kate Hudson.
J. Ray Redden
J. Ray Redden 15 timer siden
Perhaps some hidden talent there, but ain't there yet. Trying too hard.
Deco 15 timer siden
Why did she need to tell everybody who she was ?..say your name and than sing....
AlbaDoggy 15 timer siden
I feel like her voice is damaged :(
Dajana Lulaj
Dajana Lulaj 16 timer siden
The tik TOK political bs was staged for her to be a singer? And she’s not even that good?
Space Channel G
Space Channel G 16 timer siden
lets be kind. if you don't like the performance thats chill but you dont have to say rude things about her and her family. she's still a person you know.
nona poppy
nona poppy 16 timer siden
Sorry she sucked
Julia Diaby
Julia Diaby 16 timer siden
I’ve seen a lot of negative comments, but I actually really like her voice, I really like how it’s a little raspy but also really sweet
terri bishop
terri bishop 16 timer siden
Horrible voice!
Izzy Conlon
Izzy Conlon 17 timer siden
idk maybe the songs she chooses don't suit her voice or something but their is really nothing special or unique about her voice
Shasha8674 17 timer siden
Judges were kind/awesome! God bless Claudia!
Aaron Pederson
Aaron Pederson 17 timer siden
Bruh, too many breaths. I as a former international winner with a choir I could sing a lot better than that
Jessie Le
Jessie Le 18 timer siden
This is so embarrassing
David Sweeney
David Sweeney 19 timer siden
She'll be cut by the group performances
J P 19 timer siden
George Conway looks like the guy that would play the Pillsbury Doughboy in a live action movie about the Pillsbury Doughboy.
Dandelion S
Dandelion S 19 timer siden
Honestly I felt katy put way too much embarrassingly attention on her private home life making things worse. Her voice was not great and I feel was only put through for other reasons other than her singing capability.
hen ko
hen ko 20 timer siden
My heart hurts for this girl. This whole thing feels so exploitative. I hope she gets the help that she needs ASAP.
Ayanna Watts
Ayanna Watts 20 timer siden
Yeah she's just ok
Christopher Clark
Christopher Clark 20 timer siden
Giving folks a chance is awesome. Luke have mercy
Skyler Johnson
Skyler Johnson 20 timer siden
Reason #52978 why I do not watch American Idol anymore.
hen ko
hen ko 20 timer siden
politics should NEVER come between family.....
2Swift4u 20 timer siden
somehow she's annoying and she's not a great singer either
Traci Sanders
Traci Sanders 20 timer siden
Seriously, she received a ticket to Hollywood for singing? Here’s a case in point that your name means more than your skills.
Tatianna Mendoza
Tatianna Mendoza 21 time siden
Do you think she would get an chairs turned for her on the voice?
liya zulu
liya zulu 21 time siden
Forget the shenanigans I’m just touched by her dad’s emotions towards his daughter that gets a golden ticket for me .. I think she needs a lot of work she does have a nice tone and voice but it’s abit all over the place for me
Kantb Tamed
Kantb Tamed 21 time siden
She looks both 30 and 16.
Aaron Lott
Aaron Lott 22 timer siden
I agree with Katy I don’t see it , she just wants more spot light and she’s already a spoiled little rich girl lol but I’m just a nobody so it don’t matter lol
Mempho Drumhead
Mempho Drumhead 22 timer siden
She will do good if she stays away from the politics!
William Wood
William Wood 23 timer siden
so she was oppressed by republicans? lol
GM T 23 timer siden
Both her parents are deservedly successful and fameous successful in their careers. So, she is courageous to come out and show her choice.
Melvin Lang
Melvin Lang 23 timer siden
Uhmmm nothing special tho
Diana Lastovska
Diana Lastovska 23 timer siden
She is so annoying
JiTengful Dag siden
Trump getting screen time 😁
throngcleaver Dag siden
She got through, not for her singing abilities, but because of her political leanings, and those of the judges.
Adrian San Juan
Adrian San Juan Dag siden
This girl will not go places
tyrone loki
tyrone loki Dag siden
politics should NEVER come between family.....
Penny Alvarez-Keller
She is an embarrassment to herself ..... weird!!!!! She has a good supportive dad :) Love the wisdom of Katie! But I agree with Luke Bryan!
Paul Legge
Paul Legge Dag siden
Pushing political agendas and positions through American idol is as tasteless as it gets.
Its Fern
Its Fern Dag siden
First of all!!! I love Kellyanne and Trump. I wouldn't let it affect my relationship though.
Simon Richardson
She looks constipated when singing...was like watching really really bad drunk ksraoke 👎
Danelia SC
Danelia SC Dag siden
She doesn't deserve a golden ticket.American Idol, I stop believing you!
Diane Dag siden
haha winners are people who are willing to lose her mom says... me.. tell that to trump lol
Diane Dag siden
sorry had to say it
Diane Dag siden
did i see luke kinda roll his eyes a bit in the beginning when she was talking about who her parents were lol
dawnm61767 Dag siden
Some of the other contestants sing better than she does. I hate to say it. I don’t think she’s going to make top 10.
mike W
mike W Dag siden
She wasn't good
Lisa Shimon
Lisa Shimon Dag siden
More like her mom than she knows.
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