Måneskin - Zitti E Buoni - Italy 🇮🇹 - Grand Final - Eurovision 2021 

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Måneskin represented Italy at the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 with the song Zitti E Buoni
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22. mai. 2021





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Eurovision Song Contest
Read more about Måneskin here: eurovision.tv/participant/maneskin-2021
Lady CPH
Lady CPH 50 minutter siden
@Diane Mascena is this a question? And what is your question? You have to learn how to write English.
Andria Bosnjakovic
Andria Bosnjakovic 8 timer siden
@Pity Woman Yep, pay-to-win, smh.
Andria Bosnjakovic
Andria Bosnjakovic 8 timer siden
@nisa What? NO! Are you crazy? Italy didn't deserve 1st place in Eurovision, Switzerland did, Malta even.
Andria Bosnjakovic
Andria Bosnjakovic 8 timer siden
@CIA Central intelligence agency i agree with you
Alex Mars
Alex Mars 9 timer siden
Кисов на них нет. Инструменты на сцене не живые
xrisa20gr Minutt siden
2006:lordi -2021:Maneskin
Victor Laszlo
Victor Laszlo 4 minutter siden
Simon Krantz 12
Simon Krantz 12 17 minutter siden
1:18 😎🎙 Damiando keeps the cool
J 18 minutter siden
We want to hear JaJa Ding Dong !
EvE IQ 35 minutter siden
شهالجمال ماتوقعت فد يوم راح احب فرقة روك 😭😭😭🤡
ana alina
ana alina 41 minutt siden
Rotterdam make some noise !!!!!!! Yessssssss
Marijana Jevic
Marijana Jevic 42 minutter siden
I love you
Nazlı Harman
Nazlı Harman 47 minutter siden
here is the real rack 🎸
Ermioni 50 minutter siden
Yaroslav Dziuba
Yaroslav Dziuba 51 minutt siden
Which language does he sing?
Floating Station
Floating Station 35 minutter siden
Fandom Gioie e Disagi
Nat Bon
Nat Bon Time siden
Jacopo Time siden
вова эгри
Rock - will newer die !!!!👉☝🤘💥💥
Damli of sweet fan
Mata hari is the best song in the Eurovision.
Gunel Manafova
Gunel Manafova Time siden
esss esss
esss esss Time siden
Çok iyi lannn
Damli of sweet fan
Damli of sweet fan 2 timer siden
MATA HARİ!!!!!!!!
Els van Zomeren
Els van Zomeren 2 timer siden
Wow!!!!!!!!! 😍😍👍👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Isabelle Hall
Isabelle Hall 2 timer siden
Yes still watching it, I love everting about this performance and it never gets too old
Ara Oh
Ara Oh 2 timer siden
Congratulations to Måneskin and Italy! I come from a lovely multi-cultural town in the UK and we have a massive Italian community here (along with large Indian and East Asian communities), and we all side-cheer for each other when it comes to Euro/World competitions, so we are very happy you guys won. And what a banger to win it with! Italy and Måneskin; enjoy your time in the spotlight because you thoroughly deserve it! I hope your future shines as brightly as you do. Much love from the UK 😘
Мама Может
Мама Может 2 timer siden
Ребята спасибо за мурашки !!
Del Monto
Del Monto 3 timer siden
I watched this live And i instantly knew they were going to win eurovision They stole the show ...
Morena Rearte
Morena Rearte 3 timer siden
WTF que magestuoso
jocund girl money
jocund girl money 3 timer siden
Don't like Not like Like it even watch every time
KristijanOTB 5 timer siden
I think serbia did much better job
Fabrizio Arvat
Fabrizio Arvat 6 minutter siden
Maneskin simply didn't do a worse or better "job". They made Rock Music, baby...
fabio pellegrini
fabio pellegrini 21 minutt siden
TheApolosum41 4 timer siden
Jeni 6 timer siden
Hey people 🤩 Some wonder why some people dislike this masterpiece! Well, we are here on the Eurovision channel, it was clear that many idiots give dislikes, we mustn't forget, Eurovision is an international competition, the most watched music event in the world and of course there are many bitter, envious losers who give dislikes out of malice. Especially a lot of howling French ... 😁 Other Måneskin music videos have far fewer dislikes in comparison. I also found some of the ESC songs miserable, but didn't give them any dislikes because I find it totally disrespectful towards the artists. Anyway... Måneskin have already conquered half the world, and the trend is rising, fact! they are the best and most talented winners ever! And there's nothing the loser-haters can do about it! 🤟😜💥🇮🇹
español messy hai
español messy hai 7 timer siden
these kids stage presence is all im living for this year
CD Consulting Costa Blanca
This was not a performance, this was a concert! The more we listen, the more we do love it! Congratulations, Italy! Greetings from Spain! Neighbours and friends forever!
CD Consulting Costa Blanca
Congratulazioni, Italia! Un caro saluto dalla Spagna! Vicini e amici per sempre!
Aline Quadros
Aline Quadros 7 timer siden
Kisses from Brazil !!!! 🔥🎸🖤🇧🇷 The Rock'n roll really never dies... 🤟🇮🇹🎵
Ah ! Je dormais bien
Ah ! Je dormais bien 7 timer siden
Marciano Planque
Marciano Planque 8 timer siden
3 weeks later and, my lord, what an amazing winning act. This was the best Eurovision so far.
Ehh Itz Mehhh
Ehh Itz Mehhh 8 timer siden
Victoria Navarro
Victoria Navarro 8 timer siden
XanDeGandia 6 timer siden
Absolutely YESS! 😁
M.Aks 8 timer siden
MartyElnura 9 timer siden
It is hard find italian Who can speek english. I love italians anyway
MartyElnura 9 timer siden
The best
Isabelle Curvat
Isabelle Curvat 9 timer siden
bravo ! simplement . vous êtes les meilleurs pour moi ...........
Kristina Kirsanova
Kristina Kirsanova 9 timer siden
Dear Maneskin, Italy is proud of you!! 👏👏👏 Now the whole world wants to study Italian and to come to Italy! 🤗 Italian state should pay you for this! 😅 Well deserved victory!!! ✌️Bravissimi!!! 💪💪💪
Daverux 10 timer siden
secondi ad X-Factor, non primi. Del primo non si ricorda neanche piú il nome. Perchè ora spaccano? Perchè scrivono le loro cazzo di canzoni da soli. Industria musicale, lo volete capire o no????
complimenti ragazzi/e/..la vittoria ci avete meritato.bella voce hai Damiano.Siamo fuori di testa ma diversi da Loooro
Ogirix 10 timer siden
2:01 i think im the only one hearing ninja here.
Mr. BroM
Mr. BroM 10 timer siden
А мне кажется что Украина была лучше Италии.Это мое мнение если согласен лайк.
Людмила Новицкая
Я бы не сравнивала, каждый из них прекрасен в своем жанре. Оба выступления классные!!!
Ukrajinska je isto bila jako dobra.mix svega.
betty white
betty white 10 timer siden
Sesi acayip karakterist adam da karizma
felix 10 timer siden
My bisexual heart cant handle that
Billy Doel
Billy Doel 10 timer siden
I always thought danelectro longhorn is the ugliest bass model until i saw this
Joen Sturm
Joen Sturm 10 timer siden
Ich liebe Rock .
Nefeli Christogoula
Nefeli Christogoula 10 timer siden
This is an epic performance, great song, lyrics, music. Italian is a beautiful language. They all look good, sexy, confident, the message the song sends is strong. How could they NOT win?
Çağla Orhan
Çağla Orhan 10 timer siden
I can't stop watching this
Cavid Vahidov
Cavid Vahidov 10 timer siden
Me too
Ia L
Ia L 10 timer siden
This is a masterpiece. And they're so young even! Unbelievable... It's aggressive, sexy, energetic. I love this so much. Best thing that happened this year. No doubt. I say the same thing as you said, I play this every 5th minute. My family think I'm crazy. I tell them: Sono fuori di testa, ma diverso da loro. 🤪
Mr7nanetti Time siden
Siamo in 2...😁🤟
Kitzhun 11 timer siden
That's one sexy band for sure 😍
Josh Houghton
Josh Houghton 11 timer siden
Iceland should’ve won
Milica Stankovic
Milica Stankovic 11 timer siden
Omg thanks you
Viktor Kreupeling
Viktor Kreupeling 11 timer siden
Stom liedje 🎵
Viktor Kreupeling
Viktor Kreupeling 11 timer siden
Chernichka_love018-_- 11 timer siden
Блин, такой молодец, красавчик, но если бы не употреблял наркотики.....
Sofia Ftits
Sofia Ftits 5 timer siden
Каждый раз злюсь, когда вижу такие комментарии. Это был специальный вброс в попытке сдвинуть Италию с победного места. Это в первые же дни опровергли, Дамиано сдал тест.
Ксения Лёзина
@Giorgio scano а что за комики? На ютубе есть видео с этим выступлением комика?
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano 10 timer siden
он не употребляет наркотики, тем более что в Италии над ним смеются комики, потому что он единственный фронтмен, который в реальной жизни пьет ромашку перед сном!
Н а З а Р
Н а З а Р 10 timer siden
Их и не было
Cveta Atanasovski
Cveta Atanasovski 11 timer siden
I can't believe Italy won over loco loco hurricane I am serbian
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano 10 timer siden
It is now clear that the public is bored of listening to songs written in the laboratory, copied and soulless, many of them created specifically for Eurovision, it is normal that there is a general reaction to the flatness of ideas, styles, sounds and rhythms proposed
Апроо Ааито
Апроо Ааито 11 timer siden
henry 63
henry 63 11 timer siden
Great performance Italy 🇮🇹
Daniele Corsini
Daniele Corsini 11 timer siden
Thanks God. Now we all know that Music without ‘auto-tune’ still exists. Iconic performance
Soy la TINA
Soy la TINA 11 timer siden
Me lo voy a tatuar
fedeG 11 timer siden
Stupendo rock italiano! Go go go!🤟🤟🤟
H Berkay
H Berkay 11 timer siden
maNga için saygı duruşu
swag 11 timer siden
This Eurovision will be iconic on forever
Uki q
Uki q 11 timer siden
Sanja is tiping....
KAGEYAMA RR 11 timer siden
Doshik Art
Doshik Art 12 timer siden
Видно я одна русская
S.I 12 timer siden
Omg..i felt I was running out of breath just listening to his rap verse..he truly is such a talented singer...just phenomenal. Best song to win Eirovision in years!!
Angela Villarrubia Salinas
El mérito es del cantante. Me molesta cuando abre la botella de champán y el baterista se enfada visiblemente porque le mancha su cabellera. Eso lo ha visto todo el mundo. Damiano eres el mejor, sólo te hace falta la chica que tiene mucho feeling. Mucha suerte!!!
julien bour
julien bour 12 timer siden
Grazie per tutto l'italia
Елена Полторуха
Клёво!!! 💕🥰😘
Татьяна Я
Татьяна Я 12 timer siden
Все хотят Дамиано🤤
Albruna L
Albruna L 12 timer siden
Amazing, love ya!!
marsu 12 timer siden
Nikola Beljo
Nikola Beljo 12 timer siden
Moja baba pleše bolje nego ti
Nikola Beljo
Nikola Beljo 12 timer siden
Ovo je strašno
maria ts
maria ts 12 timer siden
Basically everyone during their performance: "I'm not going to spend more money this week." *Camera zooms on Damiano* Alright here we go
Eva Sild
Eva Sild 12 timer siden
IGojira 12 timer siden
Ну, по крайней мере не заезженная пластинка. По крайней мере в моем плейлисте.
MsKasulya 12 timer siden
0:42 He’s like devil with his two demons, domination by Damiano
Tural tagiyev
Tural tagiyev 12 timer siden
Why like gay ?
Артем Кузьменко
Ava Demon
Ava Demon 12 timer siden
Шо це за нафіг вобще? Я в шоке блін Це проста якась ізвращення педіг
Sofia Ftits
Sofia Ftits 5 timer siden
В якому місці тут збочення? Пісня з сильним посилом у виконанні співака з потужною енергетикою. Просто не у вашому смаку.
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano 10 timer siden
Мені шкода, що ви така тендітна людина, шоу підходить для дітей до 14 років
Lucky 12 timer siden
Фукашная песня -10балов
Ethan35540 Ladeg
Ethan35540 Ladeg 12 timer siden
Pue la merde...
Antonio Torsello
Antonio Torsello 12 timer siden
T'es dégueulasse
Жизнь ютуберов
Jakub Mosiejko
Jakub Mosiejko 12 timer siden
Lina Sadovska
Lina Sadovska 13 timer siden
На итальянском даже рок 🎸 красиво звучит..Хоть и непонятно, но просто amazing!!!! А солист вообще sex ходячий...
Аля Шоколад
Аля Шоколад 13 timer siden
Аля Шоколад
Аля Шоколад 13 timer siden
The Mükemmellik
The Mükemmellik 13 timer siden
İtalyan maNga ama hak ettiği değeri göreninden
Vilma Hämäläinen
Vilma Hämäläinen 13 timer siden
Italyyyyyyy 🤘💪🇮🇹
Shane Beudeker
Shane Beudeker 13 timer siden
Wasn't this the guy snifing coke on live tv? the comments on this are cute and wrong, (:
Chiara F
Chiara F 2 timer siden
@Shane Beudeker he tested, no drugs in his body. So it's time to stop saying bullshit.
Sofia Ftits
Sofia Ftits 5 timer siden
Believe less the words of those who tried to break through to the winners by spreading the rumor about drugs. It is not true. Damiano passed the test immediately, it was negative. This confirmed that the charges were false. By the way, I didn’t hear an apology from the slanderers.
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano 10 timer siden
you are poorly informed, you would probably be able to inhale cocaine from afar, without using your hands, with the table at 20 centimeters from your face and with the whole delegation sitting next to you and the cameras pointing at you for a European live, in reality it is not possible do certain stunts even at home. moreover in those minutes he had other things to think about, in the video you can see very well that he had his wide hands closed and that he bent over while he was shouting, at the same time the guitarist was also shouting, I think for a favorable vote, just look for that video, and not the only partisan frame, used purposely to discredit it
Marco Vitali
Marco Vitali 10 timer siden
Most likely it is you using drugs! Shane=shame=scema
Shane Beudeker
Shane Beudeker 11 timer siden
@Chiara F So that's a yes?
Mario Suharu
Mario Suharu 13 timer siden
voto 100000000000000000000000000000000
Nelson 13 timer siden
Is there someone who translate this masterpiece
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano 10 timer siden
search in YT ' Zitti e Buoni ' and also 'Maneskin reaction' the whole world talks about it
Diana Aubrey
Diana Aubrey 10 timer siden
Dobrowski İliciç
Dobrowski İliciç 13 timer siden
Çok iyi aw
My Piano Music
My Piano Music 13 timer siden
Honestly, I've never been a fan of rock/metal. like AT ALL. But for some weird reason I like this. and multiple other rock/metal songs from ESC like Hatrid Mun Sigra (Iceland 2019) and Lordi 2005
Giorgio scano
Giorgio scano 9 timer siden
You are not alone is the same consideration that we have made in many, including myself, but I think we all perceived the 'consistency' out of the ordinary, of this group, the charts and the reactions to their other songs confirm it, they entered in the charts three of their songs after Eurovision (I don't think it happened other times) it's like they landed on earth all of a sudden and now everyone is checking their music
Eliif 13 timer siden
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
Maneskin - Beggin'
Ganger 2 mill
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
TWICE "Alcohol-Free" M/V
People Who Got Caught In 4k