My Apology to Jake Paul... 

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W2S speaks about Jake Paul on reddit
MY TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/w2s
My Instagram: wroetoshaw
My Twitter: wroetoshaw
Toub - Cloud 9 (feat. Itro)
Kelypso - Home
80Fitz - Irrelevant
Ansia Orchestra - Alla Till Mig
Party In Backyard- BTCH LASAGNA
Clozee - Koto
Loop Genius - Do it again
PG - Im A Playa
How I record my gameplays: e.lga.to/wroe




1. mai. 2021





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Adi khan
Adi khan 49 minutter siden
Harry i am from Bangladesh 🇧🇩. Come visit me.
Pure Bants
Pure Bants Time siden
Normal that I put Mayo on my pizza misses puts ketchup
ellerity 2 timer siden
harry 🥺🥺🥺
βασω φασσα
βασω φασσα 3 timer siden
In FIFA I have TOTY Messi,Ronaldo,Ramos,Alexander-Arlond,Van Dijk,Nuer.
Haroun Yusuf
Haroun Yusuf 5 timer siden
boys and girls?
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 8 timer siden
That “Don’t be Chinese” video was jokes😭
Sam Botro
Sam Botro 9 timer siden
like if vamos a la playa should be number 1 in harry's top songs!
Sytkk 9 timer siden
BAD VIBES 9 timer siden
omg pls delete this video ,,i cant imagine w2s having a video called My apology to Jake Paul ,,,,thats a L
Dan Smith
Dan Smith 10 timer siden
levels reversed is next level
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 8 timer siden
I also put ketchup in pizza you are not alone brother❤🙏
MStarTUTORIALS 12 timer siden
This video thumb catched my attention 😄. I have been doing similar content and maybe you should visit. I'm kinda sure you'll find see a lot of cool info on this topic on my channel too.
DrGoof 6
DrGoof 6 12 timer siden
The fuck you guys mean by "Mayonnaise is gross on pizza". Mayo goes on everything!
Oske Man
Oske Man 12 timer siden
Get clickbaited
Hofe 12 timer siden
Ladys and gentleman. We got him
Craig Mcintyre
Craig Mcintyre 12 timer siden
Is it only me or w2s should play some actual game of fifa
Reshirex 12 timer siden
Football_and_ Rap_editz_
That art is called crosshatching by the way
Милош 15 timer siden
is his juve jersey inside out, or im trippin?
Wolf 15 timer siden
tbf, no one wants Chinese
Riley jay Mitchell
Riley jay Mitchell 15 timer siden
artin hasaniani
artin hasaniani 16 timer siden
Ayo my guy was playing bitch lasagna as the background
Luap Amj
Luap Amj 16 timer siden
Tbf harry would take jake pauls head off if he was vs logans little brother
Sujith 16 timer siden
Why does Harry look like Jos Buttler
Brand 17 timer siden
I also put ketchup in pizza you are not alone brother❤🙏
Korné Hellinga
Korné Hellinga 17 timer siden
Vamos a la playa should've been in the top 3 for sure
Szymon Koscielniak
Szymon Koscielniak 18 timer siden
Mayo is peng man
Naufal Fitri
Naufal Fitri 19 timer siden
12:48 sick editor
Keepthechange500 21 time siden
8:40 I legit do the same
seb tara
seb tara 23 timer siden
are we just going to ignore that his shirt is inside out
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Dag siden
I love how Harry clicked the "proof w2s is smart " with speed😂😂
Wrackzed Dag siden
InverseMist Dag siden
How was Do it again not the number one song??
Naomi snow
Naomi snow Dag siden
Bro maynoize on pizza is the bomb especially a chicken pizza with either pineapple mushroom capsicum never disappoints. I like perri perri mayo which just hits different.
Wotazz Dag siden
He’s on the coke again apologizing
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Dag siden
Props to man using Jake Paul in the title so 5 years click on, good on you
Tarasify Dag siden
Id love to change the world remix
misolou fout
misolou fout Dag siden
Harry’s mind 0:34 oh shit gotta save it 0:36 saved
Hynzz 1
Hynzz 1 Dag siden
The Runaway425
The Runaway425 Dag siden
Harry’s Reddit needs to step up their game. He’s the most entertaining part of these videos by far.
Velix Dag siden
Can you post on the main channel please
Laurynas Labanauskas
this lad is a fucking g too funny respect 👏🏻
misolou fout
misolou fout Dag siden
Why apologize to a man that needs to get knocked the fuck out lmao
BA_PLAYZ Dag siden
11:46. Clip it
Shema Rutembesa
Shema Rutembesa Dag siden
Pov:he wore his t shirt insideout
wwefan300 Dag siden
Claim your before 2 mill views ticket here👇
Chartekkers Dag siden
Alfie Hunt
Alfie Hunt Dag siden
I always have Mayo on pizza
christine robinso
Is this true Morgs dmd you
Evster Dag siden
LynixLyrical Dag siden
Props to man using Jake Paul in the title so 5 years click on, good on you
Jack Daniels
Jack Daniels Dag siden
Mayonaise with Pizza ? Are you Serious. This man here eats Pizza with Mayonaise. 😆🤣
NIKO Omilana for Mayor
Shussshhh NDL BTW heart my comment if ur voting niko
butti fdft
butti fdft Dag siden
I love how Harry clicked the "proof w2s is smart " with speed😂😂
Riley Bristow
Riley Bristow Dag siden
When are u doing a pl tots vid
Harry Vernon
Harry Vernon Dag siden
Harry will destroy him bc he’s the god
Desiraye Lawrence
Why apologize to a man that needs to get knocked the fuck out lmao
E H Dag siden
His shirt was inside out the whole vid
butti fdft
butti fdft Dag siden
3:44 How thee actual fuck did Xavier the Renegade Angel get involved with Harry's cancelation
Yeet 00
Yeet 00 Dag siden
Imagine u manage to click-bait Jake Paul on dis vid 🤣🤣
Harry S
Harry S Dag siden
Voting Brexit isn't even bad. We gained so little from being in there.
Pilcrek Dag siden
Italiani, la maionese sulla pizza...
Jochem t
Jochem t Dag siden
mayonaise on pizza?!
travissmh Dag siden
poo poo my opps are poo
FireLion Dag siden
Supafried Dag siden
Bruh JJ is beaming that hard 11:37
Νικόλας Κοσπανός
does anybody know why he stopped uploading on his main channell?
Elliott Bowring
Elliott Bowring Dag siden
anyone notice the inside out t-shirt?!?!?!? ahahaha
Edwill Sauer
Edwill Sauer Dag siden
I put mayonnaise on everything
Jabifoto Dag siden
New channel name: W2Shorts
Masty DBDM
Masty DBDM Dag siden
JJs Vocabulary : get outta here , you fucking prick , allow it fam Harrys Vocabulary : Fair Play , agressive hand movement
Krishna ramadhin
3:44 How thee actual fuck did Xavier the Renegade Angel get involved with Harry's cancelation
Luke Arnold
Luke Arnold Dag siden
cant respect jake pauls boxing until he fights AN ACTUAL BOXER.... he legit went into a fight with a bloke whos just had a hip replacement
22 _Rohan
22 _Rohan Dag siden
11:05 man forgot vikk lmao
Richie Rifle
Richie Rifle Dag siden
When he says he likes Charity, he is talking about when he receives the money...
WaffleOCE Dag siden
my apology to jake paul.. HOWS IT GOING GUYS!!!
Joxzsh Dag siden
Jamesheart 23
Jamesheart 23 Dag siden
2:00 Back in the day a charity livestream was a good way..... to gain popularity and also some money.
shani yan
shani yan 2 dager siden
respect for harry admitting that he likes charity people genuinely thought that he thought charity was bad
DzbL 2 dager siden
Papa Happy
Papa Happy 2 dager siden
BTW Tobi hit you
Gugu Dube
Gugu Dube 2 dager siden
Stop doing drugs you nomty.
FadeUG 2 dager siden
*Dead* trim!
shani yan
shani yan 2 dager siden
Mayonnaise on pizza is not normal but everyone does wierd stuff
Jack Child
Jack Child 2 dager siden
Mayo Bois where you at
Vibe 2 dager siden
I'm American but if I were English, I would have voted for Brexit
Drew Harris
Drew Harris 2 dager siden
I always put baccinaise or aloli in my pizza.
Dylan Marshall
Dylan Marshall 2 dager siden
I'd love to change the world (The real song bt Ten Years After, not the remix), is one of my favorite songs.
your local curry dealer
JJs gonna hate u ever this, watch your back
Arshad A
Arshad A 2 dager siden
vamos a la playa is my number 1
Theo Webb
Theo Webb 2 dager siden
you should've given a coin prize (or whatever its called) for the ball hitting your mums face video. moral of the story: give more awards.
Queen Melinda
Queen Melinda 2 dager siden
"sorry for cussing" *a few seconds later* "what the f***"
Addy Vohra
Addy Vohra 2 dager siden
Need Urgent Help for my University Fees PLEASE DONATE so i can complete my degree It will be really helpfull @W2SPlays www.ketto.org/fundraiser/last-year-university-fee?shby=1&
Isaiah Petty
Isaiah Petty 2 dager siden
seeing over edited videos on his reddit is what i’ve been waiting for
clix 2 dager siden
harry is so high he forgot he is wearing his wearing his t shirt inside out lmao
Joe Momma
Joe Momma 2 dager siden
Who tf eats mayonnaise on pizza
OBVEA 2 dager siden
8:44 ayyy im cartographerOdd3653
Carmello Mckeel
Carmello Mckeel 2 dager siden
Mayonnaise on pizza is not normal but everyone does wierd stuff
GEO-GRAPH O 2 dager siden
I'm cringing with him, the memes are literal shit and VERY cringey
Harisanyu 2 dager siden
Mayo on pizza is bangin. People who hate on it didn't try it.
iAscendant on the browse
Where is the clip from when harry responds to donating to charity ? 1:56
elias takouit
elias takouit 2 dager siden
Upload in your main channel .W2S
YoBoi Hidan
YoBoi Hidan 2 dager siden
I don’t
Finley Smith
Finley Smith 2 dager siden
I met KSI in real life...
Funniest Moments In Football