Elizabeth Olsen Feels Brave While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones 

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Elizabeth Olsen is an actress whose work includes everything from the theater, to acclaimed indies like Wind River and Ingrid Goes West, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the megahit show WandaVision, which is currently streaming on Disney+. But how is she with spicy food? Find out as Olsen takes on the wings of death and discusses WandaVision easter eggs, Comic-Con, the definition of “stan,” and much more!






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17. juni. 2021





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First We Feast
First We Feast Måned siden
Which actors from the MCU do you want to see on Hot Ones next?
Morpheus 20 timer siden
Sebastian Stan and Tom Hiddleston
williamDF 12 dager siden
Florence Pugh
Mary Ellen Boucher
Mary Ellen Boucher 17 dager siden
Fucking scarlet please
abby yates
abby yates 24 dager siden
Tom Hiddleston
Rachel Reed
Rachel Reed Måned siden
Dave Bautista!
natasha white
natasha white 2 timer siden
she just went in like 'oh this is fine.' after everyone loses their literal minds. SCARLET WITCH AINT PLAYIN YALL
Reece Metallica
Reece Metallica 3 timer siden
Ffs Elizabeth fair play
Daniel Kamiński
Daniel Kamiński 4 timer siden
i'd like to watch Mike Chen of Strictly Dumpling eating those, not a large celebrity but you hosted MKBHD anyway
PRAKHAR JOHRI 6 timer siden
She is so boring 😴🙄
Oakley ,
Oakley , 10 timer siden
I mean she took tiny bites apart from one chicken wing! Everyone else ate the whole wing!
Daniel Gal
Daniel Gal 11 timer siden
You need to invite Marc Gebauer into Hot Ones!!! He is really the best in eating hot sauces in Germany.
DaNickyAngel 12 timer siden
I love how all the big strong men were crying and going insane and she kept it so cool the entire time.:D
K R 13 timer siden
"Tell the people what you've got going on"... I enjoy it when it's not somebody with internet-created fame. Nothing really to plug and not caught up in "go check out my/see me at/visit me @ www/etc."
Clint Williams
Clint Williams 15 timer siden
Apparently this was uploaded on my mom's birthday and her name is also Elizabeth. Does this mean i'm a Full House fan, once removed, in an alternate reality?
shizelfizengar 18 timer siden
This is scary
MamaLovesMakeup 20 timer siden
You need a mexican so I can know for sure if those wings are spicy or not lol *coof coof Salma Hayek coof coof*
MaCBaGie ;
MaCBaGie ; 22 timer siden
4:29 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Darnese Bell
Darnese Bell Dag siden
Olson is either super cute or super hot
dC_Furious Dag siden
I strongly belive she needs to have a spoonfull of the last dab, because she destoryed that challange completley.
Carlos Barahona
Carlos Barahona Dag siden
I love her!! so much... she's just so down to earth, funny, just an amazing human being... super talented, and I mean... for us nerds... SCARLET WITCH!! (among other movies of course... don't want to encapsulate her into that role forever and ever... but I mean... she's done an amazing job for Marvel movies...)
James In Philly
James In Philly Dag siden
Ag21 Dag siden
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Squalawohedron Dag siden
Was she even putting any sauce on?
Lilly Fuller
Lilly Fuller Dag siden
he is one of the best interviewers i’ve come across, i just love his style. he’s so engaged and respectful and has original questions
sierra Dag siden
holy cow she did phenomenal
Mike M
Mike M Dag siden
The best of the Olsen sisters
Enrico Evangelish
What the heck, Elizabeth?! You took them like they were nothing! Fabulous!
Ferlan Lebrado
Ferlan Lebrado Dag siden
This video just made me smile the entire time. Lol. Subscribed!
Deji Burner
Deji Burner Dag siden
She really is an Avenger
tom holland
David Cipriano
David Cipriano 2 dager siden
i can't believe she is married :(
EY 2 dager siden
Next time, ask her who the strongest Avenger is! 💪
Kendall love Salinas
Kendall love Salinas 2 dager siden
Bye because I love I saw the light so much. It's so good.
Kevin Handal
Kevin Handal 2 dager siden
bro she ate these like a fucking champ absolute queen
sweets 2 dager siden
Super cool 😎
Patrick Wayne
Patrick Wayne 2 dager siden
Elizabeth Olsen ASMR career when???
Derik Damhoff
Derik Damhoff 2 dager siden
get spice king on
lea cali
lea cali 2 dager siden
We need G eazy on the show !!!!!
Exsidus 4469
Exsidus 4469 2 dager siden
Has any one ever asked him how does he preps for these interviews? I just feel like the host just gives him a list of questions they already have an answer for..
manuel sanchez
manuel sanchez 2 dager siden
She's so lovely..
rabooey 2 dager siden
Dislike until they stop torturing their guests that Atomic Bomb bullshit. No problem with HOT sauce, BIG problem with SHIT and that SHIT tastes like SHIT and they been using it since season fucking one.
LeAngelo Barnes
LeAngelo Barnes 2 dager siden
Almost everyone has the same response to the DABomb.
LeAngelo Barnes
LeAngelo Barnes 2 dager siden
Great fun fact about Sean revealed him auditioning for TRL
LeAngelo Barnes
LeAngelo Barnes 2 dager siden
I feel like she's a little overdressed for an interview of this manner. 🤷🏾‍♂️
Uocor 2.0
Uocor 2.0 2 dager siden
i would love to see uncle roger on hot ones
Charlynn Clark
Charlynn Clark 2 dager siden
wethehiddles 2 dager siden
Okay but when are you having Tom Hiddleston on?? Also I love Lizzie sm she is amazing
Prkwon 3 dager siden
She fits wanda so well...especially voice is so perfect
V N 3 dager siden
SB TUA 3 dager siden
WOW to the Host and Elizabeth , she is such a strong willed woman.
silverxebby 3 dager siden
I loved this episode and that guitar playing in the background, I love it!
Alexander kimbrell
Alexander kimbrell 3 dager siden
Hot sauces,hot wings and a hotter actor🔥🔥🔥
Brian Logan
Brian Logan 3 dager siden
I would crumble with Da Bomb,i thought Steve Austin & Natalie Portman were tough.WOW.All respect to Elizabeth 🔥
samuel cook
samuel cook 3 dager siden
0:34 "thanks for having me" that gave me chills she sounds like wanda!
I am Legend
I am Legend 3 dager siden
Well she is..
RoB1337 3 dager siden
ez game the best woman ever i love her
andreea 3 dager siden
Very_attractive_titan 4 dager siden
How does she just power through the spices
Dennis C
Dennis C 4 dager siden
Love these shows. He does a great job of showing these "famous" people as ordinary people.
Rootcx 4 dager siden
Please have Florence Pugh on the show. I’m begging you it would be amazing
9A Films
9A Films 4 dager siden
Chris evans
Ibnu Vierianto
Ibnu Vierianto 4 dager siden
she is a nexus being after all
Jonathan Hennessy
Jonathan Hennessy 4 dager siden
she went from my least favorite Avenger to my favorite Avenger, she's so cool on and off screen!
Joel Rogers
Joel Rogers 4 dager siden
She is so adorable I swear, everytime I see her I like her more
Styles Ennis
Styles Ennis 4 dager siden
Get snoop dogg
roon 4 dager siden
SHe's surely in top 10 of best handled spice on the show, isn't she?
lawlmatty 2 dager siden
She's officially the GOAT
Ben Rimmasch
Ben Rimmasch 5 dager siden
What a class act by both Elizabeth Olsen and the Hot Ones team. I enjoy these immensely.
Paul Aries
Paul Aries 5 dager siden
I wanna be on this show just to try those wings and sauces, I cannot tolerate any spice and m not even a celeb. Maybe One day
Tikye Stephens
Tikye Stephens 5 dager siden
This is cool celebs eating hot things
David Hoffer
David Hoffer 5 dager siden
I think that might be the single most composed that anyone has been on Hot Ones. Wow.
Sky Society
Sky Society 5 dager siden
The social engineering is really loud out here
Skynet1 5 dager siden
20:26 We just crossed the threshold.
ladychips 5 dager siden
shes so chill eating through those spicy wings and she even takes a big bite
Lauren Christians
Lauren Christians 5 dager siden
we need tom hiddleston now!!!
Jessica F
Jessica F 5 dager siden
I love the way she talks about auditions. Like not a famous actress, just someone that wants to perform. Now a really well-known actress by her work until the Marvel franchise. I like that she shows real confidence and skill. To be vulnerable but still determined, that her skill or performance in an odd spot, got her the part, but that's not comprehensive of what she can do and that it is her goal to just act, not take a job or be conforming to a Hollywood stereotype. So Kudos!!!
GrandMasterCzar 5 dager siden
She did amazing defeated those wings like they were nothing
Anonymity Ix
Anonymity Ix 5 dager siden
I really adore her personality. It's unique. Not like the typical thing you see of a lot of women in Hollywood her age.
thomas k
thomas k 6 dager siden
She went through it the most calmly and seemingly unaffected of any others I've seen do this. And she seems so down to earth, too.
Jasmine B
Jasmine B 6 dager siden
Imagine how much Tom Holland would spill while eating hot ones
tbxvividos 6 dager siden
0:23 she looks absolutely terrified
Global00Vintage 6 dager siden
She's so charming. I wish I could be as calm and collected.
Addicted 6 dager siden
Elizabeth olsen is the calmest ive ever seen anyone while going through da bomb
Paranojack 1
Paranojack 1 6 dager siden
So lovely I like her so much
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 6 dager siden
Elizabeth Olsen is better with hot food than Idris Elba, and that fact is hilarious.
Kaylah Crosby
Kaylah Crosby 6 dager siden
as an acting student watching elizabeth olson talk about fitzmaurice tremors is extremely validating
Jessica Ruth Baker
Jessica Ruth Baker 6 dager siden
Frostti cvV
Frostti cvV 6 dager siden
Da bomb should be called fuck you sauce
Samantha Carlos
Samantha Carlos 6 dager siden
Would love to see Lorde as your guest ☀️💛
Alex Emocling
Alex Emocling 6 dager siden
LORDE on hot ones please!! 🌞 🌞
Tyler Mcgill
Tyler Mcgill 6 dager siden
Probably the best part about this was she wasn't even on to promote anything she just did the interview
William Patterson
William Patterson 6 dager siden
So let me get this straight. She’s notorious for being well prepared, and then she shows up to this shin dig and doesn’t break a sweat? Coincidence? Indeed. 😉
Fruits Doesn't Know
Fruits Doesn't Know 6 dager siden
oh captain my captain
jimboa20 6 dager siden
Wow! She did great! She never once lost her composure, never once complained or broke!
Jesus Cardona
Jesus Cardona 6 dager siden
Geez! I am super impressed! She stay composed throughout!
Tony Tang
Tony Tang 6 dager siden
dam she didnt even feel it! a real trooper!
Alyssa Eckland
Alyssa Eckland 6 dager siden
“Okay, fine”. 😂🖤
Ross Kerr
Ross Kerr 7 dager siden
Now we gotta call her The Red Hot Witch!
K 7 dager siden
She’s adorable
tennisfanB 7 dager siden
You know what, though, I really wouldn’t eff with Jessica Chastain.
shifted n' rifted
shifted n' rifted 7 dager siden
wow she really held it together
AbeFroman 7 dager siden
She did great and is so talented and charismatic.
Michael Gill
Michael Gill 7 dager siden
I wanna see Florence Pugh up for the challenge
Nicholas Karalus
Nicholas Karalus 7 dager siden
..... Skip......
Bee_Softy 7 dager siden
Robert Downey Jr
Chad c
Chad c 7 dager siden
Elizabeth was all "these wings aint shit." Im super impressed. Have always liked her, even before Marvel, but this impressed me very much :)
Bart 7 dager siden
Wholesome video.
lw88 7 dager siden
That was a remarkably genuine answer at the end. I think the only other person I've seen answer that way was Steveo.
my dream came true.
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my dream came true.
Ganger 1,7 mill
"What does this say?"
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