Cristiano Ronaldo 50 Legendary Goals Impossible To Forget 

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Cristiano Ronaldo: 50 best goals ever
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13. mai. 2020





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MD Najamuddin
MD Najamuddin 10 minutter siden
marlon detorres
marlon detorres 9 timer siden
The alert security outstandingly phone because noise alternately phone until a lyrical anger. giddy, cloudy accountant
Μαριος Gamer
Μαριος Gamer 11 timer siden
The best football player 😍
Brandon Dengu
Brandon Dengu 14 timer siden
baskteball 17 timer siden
Cristiano ronaldo come on he my football for JUVENTUS RONALDO
Parker James
Parker James 17 timer siden
Great player
Abhijith mrudhu
Abhijith mrudhu 20 timer siden
Goat 😍🔥
伊提 王
伊提 王 20 timer siden
錫安山!迦南地有機農場! 被提! rapture !讚! Mount Zion! Organic Farm in Canaan!  Be raptured!  Rapture ! great!
Leroy Hyde
Leroy Hyde 23 timer siden
Ronaldo season at Real Madrid was properly his best career....
Hemanth Kumar
Hemanth Kumar Dag siden
6:45 what a bicycle kick 🤩🥰 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓵𝔂 ❤❤
NAXX Dag siden
jv hard gamer
jv hard gamer Dag siden
Já era
SɑiTαи BoYZzZ Sαиᗪєєק
I like this goal
jaimeclements Dag siden
When Ferige said that lad will be the best player in the world, he wasn't joking
snipertank 9479
snipertank 9479 Dag siden
nice video more pls....
Efe Dag siden
ask adam
deepW prod.
deepW prod. Dag siden
The more people hate him the more i like him. These envious people. Best footballer in the world ..with Messi a friend. Made competitors by the world. A genius
Tyrone Bunne
Tyrone Bunne Dag siden
Doesn't blink much does he? MDMA and coke. Cheating bastard is drugged out of his eyeballs. This cheat is a disgrace - paying millions to rig random tests. Ronaldo is a drug cheat, FACT
syllaJNR Dag siden
most of his free kicks keeps the goalkeeper locked
Ruben Marçal
Ruben Marçal Dag siden
RubenGmononih CR7 😎
dav bekhhamm
dav bekhhamm Dag siden
Ruben Marçal
Ruben Marçal Dag siden
RubenGmonoih CR7
Time to Goal
Time to Goal Dag siden
Hindustani Dag siden
his stardom is only 1 light years away from michal jackson
zahra soleymani
zahra soleymani Dag siden
سلام لطفا میشود من این را در اینستا گرام کمی اش را بزارم
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Vansh Momaya
Vansh Momaya 2 dager siden
What is the bgm Please tell me❤️👍
Mary Yarbrough
Mary Yarbrough 2 dager siden
Da Si
Da Si 2 dager siden
DANNY LUNA 2 dager siden
Ronaldo ere toda una mierda en freefire 😈🖕
Benyamin 2 dager siden
His goal agains juve was somthing eles
Maik Tyson_01
Maik Tyson_01 2 dager siden
Siuuu Ronaldo!!!♥️
Audio Love
Audio Love 2 dager siden
Michael Patch
Michael Patch 2 dager siden
Confirmed goat
Shubh Barot
Shubh Barot 2 dager siden
Just press x then o
N a t a L u
N a t a L u 2 dager siden
Harisankar Mundhra
Harisankar Mundhra 3 dager siden
Ronaldo is a king of football game
one football
one football 3 dager siden
How do you avoid copyright..... I want to start my channel
Smrutiranjan Sahoo
Smrutiranjan Sahoo 3 dager siden
Ronaldo are god gift
Yashasvi 3 dager siden
Lots of practice.
Zavar 3 dager siden
weather u like em or don’t like em there’s nothing u can do about him BECAUSE HES NUMBER ONE
Aariz Zane Toys World
Aariz Zane Toys World 4 dager siden
Hi Rona Please play for felda united this 2022 season. We really need your skills. Tq
Ethereum Live
Ethereum Live 4 dager siden
There would never be a player as gifted as Messi, there would never be a player as athletic and complete as Ronaldo
Whisker Whippers ™️
I think Messi is a better all around player, but Ronaldo is a killer goal scorer.
AHNAF GAMING OP 4 dager siden
ronnie gaming
ronnie gaming 4 dager siden
the fools who unliked are deffinetly fans of messi they dont know that at a time they both were great friends and by the way who knew this then ccccccccccccccc
N1ghtmare 5 dager siden
4:49 commentator: too far for Ronaldo to think about it... Ronaldo *scores* You were saying?
Kartik Poojari
Kartik Poojari 5 dager siden
Link Davy
Link Davy 5 dager siden
Roblox kids be like “ I’m better than him”
mit _
mit _ 5 dager siden
The thing that most impresses me is the evolution in position, way of playing and the physique. He squeezed everything he could out of himself. He could have gone in a different direction. In the beginning, he was much more of a dribbler, a 10 kind of player. In England, he played on the right line and I guess he decided that goals had to be part of his game. And he gained this god like body over the years, while moving to the left and then to a second striker from the left. Looking for the positions where he always scores. And his free kicks and long shots kept improving. And his head game... please... for 10 years once you saw the cross you could star saying goal. It was amazing to watch. Portugal plays a specific way just to allow him to have room for not really working defensively and having shot opportunities. For us, there is no negotiation. For clubs, his time seems to be running out. He needs to find a team that wants to play like Portugal and pay his wages. It won't be easy. Because of his character, I don't believe he would accept being the best bench option at a top team, but if he thinks about it, he might see what I see. More goals by minute. Less minutes. Another evolution for his game. Thanks for reading this essay on Ronaldo by a guy that spotted him when he was 15.
kop kop
kop kop Dag siden
And his dives
Africano Blackaldo
Africano Blackaldo 3 dager siden
what do you think of the juve version of ronaldo
aam 5 dager siden
i will literally cry if he retired football and will never forget how he was the reason I loved football 🥺
Ana Pena
Ana Pena 5 dager siden
Yes you are Best best Ronaldo is the best soccer player he could ever be
Ava Koko
Ava Koko 5 dager siden
Zus 5 dager siden
ronaldo sucks.
Pushpendra Singh
Pushpendra Singh 5 dager siden
Ronaldo and Messi best player of all time for sure , truly magical
Md Niloy
Md Niloy 5 dager siden
XXXXxxxxxxxxxx WwwwwwXxxxxxx SANE
Peny Akter
Peny Akter 5 dager siden
I remember the match Spain vs Ronaldo
Somnath Khan
Somnath Khan 5 dager siden
My best football player. I love CR7
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson 6 dager siden
Good vid but i don’t need to see every goal 5 times
Esteban Fernández
Esteban Fernández 6 dager siden
The best player I never seen
Chinnu 6 dager siden
Cricket or football 7 is love ❤️
abir ahsan
abir ahsan 6 dager siden
I think no player in the history of football can take as much pressure as cr7. Plus the hatred. Also, look at the Ballon D'or list, there is not a single player who is hated by the media or public. There is ice in his veins. He is literally the Goliath of football who almost everyone wants to see defeated.
Colin Carson
Colin Carson 7 dager siden
Ronaldo and messi are the only two players i can call the greatest of my generation. Pointless debating or arguing about it. Had the two of them been paired up in the same team, its safe to say its game over for all.
KK6678 7 dager siden
lina fekri
lina fekri 7 dager siden
Ayush Thapliyal
Ayush Thapliyal 7 dager siden
Chrono the best
SURYA 8 dager siden
SURYA 8 dager siden
Kevin Elsner
Kevin Elsner 8 dager siden
Haha and neymar Think he Had a betther right foot haha never ever....
Kevin Elsner
Kevin Elsner 8 dager siden
No one can Play so long so good! U can like more messi's playstyle but all what know a bit about footbal Must say all 2 are great Players! Only zlatan Play so long so constant good
The Maestro
The Maestro 8 dager siden
He is a living legend. What a beast!
Khwaja Nazim
Khwaja Nazim 8 dager siden
GAMING WITH MP NAKUL 8 dager siden
He has magic on his skills lovely legend football skills lovely we love you cr7
Filled Komaz
Filled Komaz 8 dager siden
This is why Ronaldo is built different
Mahmudul Hasan
Mahmudul Hasan 8 dager siden
CR7 my favourite
Gagan Sohpal
Gagan Sohpal 8 dager siden
Legend ronaldo
Gunel Memmedli
Gunel Memmedli 9 dager siden
Ronaldo golleri
Gunel Memmedli
Gunel Memmedli 9 dager siden
Oley oley oley Juventus
Gunel Memmedli
Gunel Memmedli 9 dager siden
Oley oley oley
Mala�ka-Marseline M'Bonipa
amazing bby gourl
Pabitra Mohan Patra
Pabitra Mohan Patra 9 dager siden
Such an amazing player 🥰🥰🥰
William Briceño
William Briceño 9 dager siden
Zidane vrs Leverkusen....you forget put those magical shot
Daeshun 9 dager siden
what is music used?
Sna 9 dager siden
IK Khan
IK Khan 9 dager siden
🇵🇰☝ Ronaldo is the only one living legend of this crazy world. Nobody can be like C.R 👍. Love and a lots of respect prom Pakistan🇵🇰. God bless you ❤.
Fisnik R
Fisnik R 9 dager siden
Once upon a time, this man played for my beloved Man United, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. Too young to remember much of R9, never seen Romario play except on NOsections, but I will cherish memories of CR7 banging in goals for Man United long after he retires. Legendary
Arsalan khan
Arsalan khan 9 dager siden
KING on the Planet Earth..... CR7
Ayuub Abdirahman
Ayuub Abdirahman 10 dager siden
Greatest player in this universe absolute Goat
Sachin Chandwani
Sachin Chandwani 10 dager siden
Chava 10 dager siden
Can I use some of these clips for a video if I credit you?
Filip Bjurling
Filip Bjurling 10 dager siden
This man could have become huge in pretty much any sport. His physique is just out of this world!
Thahira Sulaiman
Thahira Sulaiman 11 dager siden
Thahira Sulaiman
Thahira Sulaiman 11 dager siden
Football Fan's
Football Fan's 11 dager siden
R10📈 11 dager siden
Messi > ronaldo
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People Who Got Caught In 4k