Off-Road Lamborghini Huracan Gets A Paint Job!! 

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In todays episode we're painting the frame and all the suspension components and all our custom exo-cage tubing. Were using Steel-it straight out of a can and getting amazing professional results. Check them out here, this stuff is magic!: steel-it.com/
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20. april. 2021





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B is for Build
B is for Build 15 dager siden
Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: clcr.me/Apr_BisforBuild_iOS ✅ ANDROID: clcr.me/Apr_BisforBuild_Android ✅ PC: clcr.me/Apr_BisforBuild_PC and get a special starter pack 💥 Available only for the next 30 days
Muhammad OzdoPayhmar
Muhammad OzdoPayhmar 8 dager siden
Rotimi Abimbola
Rotimi Abimbola 8 dager siden
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halopcdraco 12 dager siden
2:14 Jotun is terrible at 98% so far at level 60 6 stars ascended and new players CAN NOT play the doom tower when they start. You have to be level 40 and it took me 2 years to get there. . 1 star in Campaign, Arena offense & defense, Faction wars, Spider's den, Fire knight's castle & force keep. The only place he is remotely good is Clan boss at 4 stars. Doom tower bosses are at 0 stars. Next time you partner, ask to give away a better champion that is playable for a new player.
ASO Fabs
ASO Fabs 12 dager siden
I'll be honest I didn't watch this or any on the episodes yet because I'm waiting for you to finish the build so I can just Bench watch all of them
Stuart and Jenny
Stuart and Jenny 13 dager siden
Who plays this crap, Seriously.
Sjoerd van den Biggelaar
Batman is calling when his new car can be delivered. It is looking amazing guys!
tinatpasselepoivre 2 dager siden
Cool color but is probably gonna hot af ... oh well
oliver grandbois
oliver grandbois 4 dager siden
Il préfère s'écouter parler plutôt que nous montrer son travail. C'est dommage.
Trey Anderson
Trey Anderson 5 dager siden
This thing is absolutely inspirational watched every part of this build and I must say amazing job fellas just wish it was mine 🤤God bless everyone reading this
Dale Schmidt
Dale Schmidt 7 dager siden
Can you extend the axle straight to get out of the frame then put a joint there to allow for increased travel?
Efraim Santos
Efraim Santos 7 dager siden
Espada mais seu público, coloque legendas em Portugues
Mason Bauer
Mason Bauer 7 dager siden
We NEED merch with a drawing of a seat with CORBRAYO slapped over the logo. Need.
wah panda1
wah panda1 8 dager siden
i miss my friend with his 6 dogs who could weld.
patrick grace
patrick grace 8 dager siden
Very clever shirts! Love this build,too
Joakim Wasseng
Joakim Wasseng 8 dager siden
Chris and Oscar, you are doing great guys, this is looking awesome. You could bring that to Sweden and have fun in the snow ;)
Elliot Sasseville
Elliot Sasseville 8 dager siden
I can’t wait to see it drive !!!
Linus Roum
Linus Roum 8 dager siden
What happend to the singel seater car u built thr framr for?
Linus Roum
Linus Roum 8 dager siden
wrc addict
wrc addict 8 dager siden
👍from france
chulieho 8 dager siden
the paint is nice . have you seen the mint 400 ?
vamphunte 8 dager siden
love the vids and the build, but i HATE the word jumpacan with a passion, i cringe every time i hear it
Bondovian 8 dager siden
"B" is for Butchered.... the biggest hack on youtube!
Just Gunna Send It!
Just Gunna Send It! 8 dager siden
First time watching your videos on your channel and straight away your promoting a game, that really put me off watching your videos. Sorry bud but that's bloody annoying.
DieCast Dreams
DieCast Dreams 9 dager siden
Bat mobile
The Stig
The Stig 9 dager siden
This should be the new batmobile in the next Batman movie 🦇
Chris S
Chris S 9 dager siden
So how much do you want for that Chris shirt? 😂 I know I can just buy it and do it myself, but it would be cooler to have the official one from the episode 😎
Obadel 50
Obadel 50 9 dager siden
It started as a lambo and its become more like a Batmobile...still is bad ass car
Ivan Jasper
Ivan Jasper 9 dager siden
Looks like a batmobile
Xain YT
Xain YT 9 dager siden
Wow that looks amazing loads of work boys did good
Emilien VATZ
Emilien VATZ 9 dager siden
Corbeau means Raven (bird). That's French
Blob I Subaru
Blob I Subaru 9 dager siden
I’ve seen people saying the fake off road aventador wil be better than this smh yeah ok 😂 this is an absolutely sick real Lamborghini off-roader love it!
David Amato
David Amato 10 dager siden
Love the channel so much but, not to be mean...how inventive another flat/satin paint job.
Gabriel Gonzalez
Gabriel Gonzalez 10 dager siden
Good luck getting those heims out later down the road when you need to change them out.
Skiridr22 10 dager siden
They need to use this for the next Batman movie 😎
Skiridr22 10 dager siden
Oscar is a treasure 👍🏾👍🏾
OutOfPace Racing
OutOfPace Racing 10 dager siden
After finishing, give it to WhistlinDiesel for a weekend spin... 😏
Salim Riley
Salim Riley 10 dager siden
You should put music really low when you are talking and explaining stuff. for more continuity, awesome video!
Salim Riley
Salim Riley 10 dager siden
Rad build! Great to see this one come together 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Kerry Dorsey
Kerry Dorsey 10 dager siden
Redeemed yourself on the Corbeau pronunciation thing there at the end...if people would just watch the WHOLE video. Stunning paint job!
Garrett Wagoner
Garrett Wagoner 10 dager siden
yall gonna have to change the build name from the “jumpacon” to the “batmobile” if yall goin all black thats what its gonna look like 😂😂 badass build so far, been really enjoying watching it come together
barra 245t
barra 245t 11 dager siden
There is a guy in New Zealand that was putting a rotary in a Ferrari,Ferrari got all pissed and took the car off him
Marcos Rangel
Marcos Rangel 11 dager siden
Honestly starting to look like a batmobile
bryan currier
bryan currier 11 dager siden
The game is garbage the show is awesome
Katjuscha 4
Katjuscha 4 11 dager siden
Marcel Dewit
Marcel Dewit 11 dager siden
🎵I see a roll cage and I want to paint it black🎵
Stephen Holder
Stephen Holder 11 dager siden
Both you guys and the Ferrari build on StanceWorks are smashing it, such interesting builds. Awesome stuff guys
James Crud
James Crud 11 dager siden
It's going to be really disappointing if this thing can't survive any actual off road abuse and jumps.
Sean Griffin
Sean Griffin 11 dager siden
It is awesome to see it after paint!
Mo-hammad Abunaser
Mo-hammad Abunaser 11 dager siden
Imagine how cringe it must have been for Corbeau to tell Chris he has been saying their name wrong lol
Alan Lamb
Alan Lamb 11 dager siden
Nice paint job with a rattle can! Enjoyed the episode!
Peter Krüger
Peter Krüger 11 dager siden
Painting with this Steel-paint on your aluminium parts. I see big problems in your future. Or maby i am wrong, and you didn't sprayed the alu parts with this paint? (I Hope that I am wrong on this.) ("Galvanic Corrosion" the name og the game.)
Erik Owen
Erik Owen 11 dager siden
Is this the new Batmobile LOL
Mick Holden
Mick Holden 12 dager siden
Boat boat boat
69klr650 12 dager siden
Is this machiine going to work? 50/50¿?
BenRittenhouse 12 dager siden
Looks great... Some old VW guy made fun of me back in the 90s for saying Corbeau wrong... It's ok...
Joey Rodriguez
Joey Rodriguez 12 dager siden
The new batman tumbler 2.0
Alex Delavigne
Alex Delavigne 12 dager siden
Hey Chris, I really enjoy your videos and look for them every friday. Last year you talked about the sodium glass battery. Do you know the name of the company that will be building the battery now called the Quantum battery or the Jesus battery?
halopcdraco 12 dager siden
Reposted in the pinned comment.
Jeffrey Richter
Jeffrey Richter 12 dager siden
Wuuuuuuut! i just found this. Tuned in!
osumbuckeyenut 12 dager siden
Name this one Eleanor!!!
John Doe
John Doe 12 dager siden
Why haven't your texas Speed engines for your boat arrived yet?
mike 12 dager siden
Got no interest in this 1. Its too low for an offroad thing. Catch u on the next 1
PANOS GAMITHIS 12 dager siden
Is there anything Oscar can't do with a vehicle..???
BigDirtyFo 12 dager siden
I'm guessing the weight for the car is 4,176lbs, ik you said it was going to be around 3,500lbs but thats alotta added metal
björn larsson
björn larsson 12 dager siden
Mann ist das eine geile Karre. In schwarz sieht der gerade nochmal 3 Nummern böser aus. Cool. Like that stuff.
GearrahHereMan 12 dager siden
Mark Tse
Mark Tse 12 dager siden
"does it come in black?" - bruce wayne
luckyadam331 12 dager siden
Can't you switch sides with the rear lights. So the left on right and right on left. That way the pice near wheel is on inside away from wheel. Just a thought
John Corbin
John Corbin 12 dager siden
Can someone explain to me how this is still considered a lamborghini
Jason Sievers
Jason Sievers 13 dager siden
Got a deal with Hot Wheels for this one?
Jeremy Mcjennett
Jeremy Mcjennett 13 dager siden
Too much black
GetShifty_Vette 13 dager siden
Steel It is the shit! Raid is shit!
Stone Fields
Stone Fields 13 dager siden
i think a cloth alcantara black wrap over that dash would add an element of steeze to the inside of the interior. just my opinion, the wrap on it now is cool as well though.
aaronhardin1983 13 dager siden
The project looks great!!
Positive Vibes
Positive Vibes 13 dager siden
But what about the boat???????????
Matt R
Matt R 13 dager siden
Looks Great> Bat Mobile, Tumbler
Biff Tannen, Esq.
Biff Tannen, Esq. 13 dager siden
Choice of music keeps getting better too. Sweet works, guys
Biff Tannen, Esq.
Biff Tannen, Esq. 13 dager siden
Wow, that Steel-It finish almost looks powdercoated! Can't believe it came from a can. Will BOLO
jason norris
jason norris 13 dager siden
Looks like your making Batmans off-roading car
Dorito NACHO
Dorito NACHO 13 dager siden
Watch now Lamborghini comes for you smh
Whitto’s Rc
Whitto’s Rc 13 dager siden
Starting to look the part, great job guys 👍
Gerome Chance
Gerome Chance 13 dager siden
Can't wait to see the final reveal
wldwst22 13 dager siden
Seriously who the hell thought you would leave the dash bare aluminum in a desert racecar. Come people.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 13 dager siden
OH, the batmobile. Nice!
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 13 dager siden
He said it right lol So funny 🤣🤣🤣
Bruce Pierson
Bruce Pierson 13 dager siden
Let's built a car - success. Now let's take the car apart again - success. Let's paint everything - success. Now let's put everything back together again - success. Great. Now we can see how good it looks. Well now to finish all the mechanicals and we can go driving. Hope we don't scratch the nice new paint job......
Francisco Alava
Francisco Alava 13 dager siden
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ the shirts
Mils Garage
Mils Garage 13 dager siden
That fabrication is *amazing. O_O* 👍
Pig Penius
Pig Penius 13 dager siden
Glad you're making that sweet cheddar with that crap game ad. I pay for NOT to listen to commercials. I'm trying to see how your project is going. Not going to download any game. FO
Blinka Bot
Blinka Bot 13 dager siden
Well. At least it's not Gloss Black... - Kinda hope you'll pick a Desert colors. Actually, any color is great.. Love your work
Charlie Nienhuis
Charlie Nienhuis 13 dager siden
I wish steel it came in some bright colours because I think the jumpican would look so good in some bright funky colours like lime greens reds blues. The blackout look is still cool tho
The Silent One
The Silent One 13 dager siden
Figured the fans might want this lil bit of info Halicki married Denice Shakarian, an Armenian American, in 1989, shortly before he began filming his 1989 sequel, , in which both of them would star. After Halicki's death, Shakarian began dating her third cousin, Robert Kardashian, best known for representing O. J. Simpson. source her exhubby director of original Gone in 60 secs movie H._B._Halicki wiki page (Speaks volumes doesnt it)
Ramon B
Ramon B 13 dager siden
Thx for the tip on Steel It - Just placed an order for a few cans!
Michael L
Michael L 13 dager siden
They should hire you guys to make the new bat mobile!
Fyttikatta 13 dager siden
Hahaha 😂 that "did a job really got me"!
Falco Botha
Falco Botha 13 dager siden
Where has the boat build gone??
Gayson Jason, the God of atheism
Will it be street legal?
עילם אברמוביץ
The black looks a little gray on video. Does it look like that in person too?
Thatguywithnopancreas 13 dager siden
DIGGIN THIS BUILD!!!👊🏽👍🏽💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
Nathaniel Hart
Nathaniel Hart 13 dager siden
What happened with the single seater?
Zer0G101 13 dager siden
Raid scam Legends ....
Nate Glover
Nate Glover 13 dager siden
ok, who else is tired of see raid sponsor youtubers all over the place
Justin Walsh
Justin Walsh 13 dager siden
Chris. You need to flock the dash.
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Daniel 13 dager siden
Never seen a Chanel that fast tracks footage apart from you jibbering on!!! Slow down the camera and let’s see quality work
Todd Ashley
Todd Ashley 13 dager siden
I do appreciate the concept but there is not a chance you will finish a lap at Mint. I encourage you to do more research on single and double shear as well as fail point protection. This thing would be way cooler on the pavement plus you won't destroy it again. Good luck.
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