Why The MacBook's Glowing Apple Logo Was Removed 

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Back in 2015, Apple introduced the 12-inch MacBook. The first model ever to feature an Apple logo that didn’t light up. And since then, the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air have also received the same treatment. This caused some controversy, since the glowing Apple logo has been around for over two decades and has become an iconic design element of Apple’s notebooks. So why was the illuminated Apple logo removed? Well, that’s exactly what I’ll explain in this video.

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9. mai. 2021





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Apple Explained
Apple Explained Måned siden
I apologize for my voice, I'm currently sick but still wanted to upload for you guys 🤧 - Greg
Râptør Dag siden
@MacOS Monterey nice🔥👌🏻
MacOS Monterey
MacOS Monterey Dag siden
3,000th like
Katven 10 dager siden
No way :) I was just thinking about how comforting your voice sounded
Râptør 10 dager siden
Your voice is still as amazing as it always is! :)
Nathan Matthews
Nathan Matthews 11 dager siden
You sand the same!!
simran panda
simran panda Time siden
*laughs in MacBook air 2017*
Nicholas Juntilla
Nicholas Juntilla 4 timer siden
"So why was the glowing Apple logo removed? Well that is what I will explain right now." Gotta double space that essay.
Theodore Frazier
Theodore Frazier 6 timer siden
Seems like I’m one of the few that didn’t like the glowing logo.
Daniel maid
Daniel maid 7 timer siden
Thanks z5cracks you're such a talented person, and just thank you for this if I had my ways I would give you a hug thanks,
Daniel maid
Daniel maid 7 timer siden
Thanks z5cracks you're such a talented person, and just thank you for this if I had my ways I would give you a hug thanks,
Alexander Weidner
Alexander Weidner 9 timer siden
The new era i simply that apple isn't glowing anymore and is focusing on money making.
cereal killer
cereal killer 10 timer siden
I gotta admit it, the apple logo glowing was pretty nice, but if people are actually complaining about a minor detail changing that you cant even look at when your using the laptop, i dont know what to say
Arnold Sarmiento
Arnold Sarmiento 19 timer siden
An apologetic point of view lol. Being a fanboi sucks..
Scoober Steve
Scoober Steve 21 time siden
Sick of everything being so thin. It doesn't feel comfortable, feels sharp in your hands especially phones. Stop this nonsense 😤
Arka Mandal
Arka Mandal 23 timer siden
Removing the logo from the iMac chin is a BAD idea
khylla. Dag siden
me who owns an older macbook wishing i had a windows laptop ;-;
Rahul vinal Narayan
If I buy a product I like, I would want their logo on my product. Come on Apple! Get with with it
Remove it while selling it at the same price. It means a promotion.
xSoporific Dag siden
I honestly don’t mind
MegaSkiboy Dag siden
Steve jonbs would not be happy with this choice.
D Dag siden
Steve Jobs would have never have let his happen - RIP. Apple's quality and innovation have disappeared since the Jobs era. There was a time Apple was the best, I still use my 2013 era MBP, with the battery indicator on the side, for creative work. The 2015's and up are total junk hardware, I have a 2015, 2016, and 2019 as well, with the 2019 being the best of the bunch, not just because it's new, either. The butterfly keyboard is something Jobs would have never settled for, and the 2015's have a unacknowledged bluetooth problem at the hardware level. My 2006 MBP still runs fine! Also with a push button battery indicator, this one on the battery itself. I'll get an M processor MBP when they start making 16" screens. We'll see them lose marketshare again, to Linux and other Open Source projects. Apple has become just another soul less, style less, corporation now. I use Macs for work, but Linux personally, for almost everything except proprietary software, like Final Cut, or Photoshop.
EIA Mod Dag siden
the light goes though my logo now even though i'm on a mac book air 2013
kslavvko 2 dager siden
In my country apple products are very expensive comparing to the income of regular people... Putting these stickers on display is a welcome message for robbers...
PERRIE MYLOVE 2 dager siden
Theybcoukd have put atleast a glowing light apple logo 😩 i just gave away my macbook air to my cousin .. and got a new macbook pro.but doesnt matter lol
DULA PEEP 2 dager siden
to save money...a trillion dollar company wants to save money? lol
Mr. Random Guy
Mr. Random Guy 2 dager siden
why not just put a thin metal plate behind the screen and make a really thin led panel
PHXNTXM 2 dager siden
The glowing Apple logo was the Iron Man Arc Reactor of Apple products.
MauveMimi 2 dager siden
I only wanted a MacBook for the glowing Apple because I liked it so much years back but now I’ve accepted I probably wouldn’t get it anymore and due to the MacBooks being outdated now, it wouldn’t be good to handle my games.
Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison 3 dager siden
apple's true motto: "drink the kool-aid"
Jacob B
Jacob B 3 dager siden
So they removed the glowing apple logo from the MacBooks to make them fit in? Who says it wasn’t all the other products that didn’t fit in? I wanna see a glowing iPhone!!!
TheRealLoganYT 3 dager siden
Lachlan McNeill
Lachlan McNeill 3 dager siden
I couldn’t care less tbh. You look at the screen of your laptop 99 percent of the time anyways
mochaxtea 3 dager siden
*5 year old me putting my fingers on the glowing apple logo to make it orange:* 😧😧😧😯😯😯😯
doubtfuldreamer 3 dager siden
Why did this show up in my recommended after speaking to a friend that I miss this glowing logo? WTF
MeanMuggin03 3 dager siden
VERY sad they removed it was the most exciting part of the laptop, oh well :/
Shaun Diz
Shaun Diz 4 dager siden
i dont care about the glowing apple logo, although it was cool, but it would be nice to have magsafe back
Amin Ghadyani
Amin Ghadyani 4 dager siden
Do 2010 MacBooks have a glowing logo?
Tanmay Sankolli
Tanmay Sankolli 4 dager siden
To trigger people who only care about the logo
Once Upon A Time
Once Upon A Time 4 dager siden
I mean removing the logo have to lower the price 🤔
erik FENOMEN 19 timer siden
its literally just a hole in the backlight
Dave Davidson
Dave Davidson 4 dager siden
Worrying about this when people should be concerned with Authorized Apple repair leaking customer information and videos even Genius staff doing so, Whilst Apple and others Rally against the people they rip off and refuse to repair items ontop of their wonderful recycling scheme which sees devices that could be reused destroyed and other devices sold with a premium tag to customers who get screwed out of a warranty because Apple are greedy.
GhostMas7er 5 dager siden
No, they removed It so that Louis Rossmann can't identify a dead backlight by shining a flashlight at the logo! :D
Michelle Mendez
Michelle Mendez 5 dager siden
I still have and use my 2012 Mac book pro I kinda don’t want to upgrade it now that I know the Apple doesn’t glow in newer Mac book
Lori Marie
Lori Marie 5 dager siden
i just got a 2020 macbook air when i had a 2015 macbook air. i haven’t even noticed until now lol!
Ok Ok
Ok Ok 5 dager siden
apple: We need to make it look like we did some insane stuff to the new mac, what can we do? apple employe: remove apple logo light? apple: Cool now we have a new product we can sell
zandaz3 5 dager siden
You’re like some North Korean propagandist.
23- Adithya Sunesh
23- Adithya Sunesh 5 dager siden
I think they just wanted to make it thinner.
Paul Zhang
Paul Zhang 5 dager siden
I still think Macbook 12 is the best designed laptop.
Nearn 5 dager siden
John Chancellor
John Chancellor 5 dager siden
I own an older macbook and looking at some of these comments, Im still learning new things about it
Calum Kavanagh
Calum Kavanagh 6 dager siden
me still here with a glowing keyboard and apple
Joshua Adkins
Joshua Adkins 6 dager siden
The explanation made sense for the 12 inch MacBook but not the other ones. I agree it’s subtle but if the apple logo is still there they should bring back the glowing logo. Apple has made too many mistakes after jobs and they keep having to revisit these issues
Alex 6 dager siden
its because apple lost it's tatse.
StarSaphire9981 6 dager siden
I have the MacBook Air 2015 model. Guess it is the last of its kind 🥲
Record.Retake .Repeat
Record.Retake .Repeat 6 dager siden
I always thought that macbooks would last longer than the common laptop but lo and behold, it didn’t even last two years. It’s motherboard suddenly burned out. I was so dissapointed considering it’s way expensive than a windows laptop. From then on, I’d rather stick to the common ones.
Automaton 42
Automaton 42 7 dager siden
They need to bring it back and put it in the iPhone. RGB Logo.
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl 7 dager siden
A glowing logo looks outdated now
Ростислав Салабай
What stopped them from adding another LED strip just for the glowness of the logo?
Ray H
Ray H 6 dager siden
Angela Whiteside
Angela Whiteside 7 dager siden
The MacBook Air.
Angela Whiteside
Angela Whiteside 7 dager siden
Ha mine still lights up.
Gardenia w
Gardenia w 7 dager siden
I love videos like this, instead of feeding the audience with a whole bunch of crap totally unrelated to the main point of the video, this video gets straight to the point.
gacha person
gacha person 7 dager siden
This is why I'm never getting rid of my mid 2009 MacBook pro. Edit: okay, never mind I'm getting rid of it (kinda) I'm upgrading to a 2014 MacBook pro which will still have a glowing Apple logo.
Anastasios Manios
Anastasios Manios 7 dager siden
removing the glowing apple logo makes the macbook cheaper to build when the customer pays the same amount of money to buy it, more profit for the company. the removed the chargers from new iphones for the same reason. money is sweet.
Katharine dianahp
Katharine dianahp 7 dager siden
The daily nancy inevitably label because swamp positionally wash over a enchanted cabbage. spooky, alleged friend
Sky 8 dager siden
apple simps
Grigory 8 dager siden
Imagine your only computer having the illuminated logo...
YEEHEErblx 8 dager siden
they make it complicated just upgrade a lil bit and my dad own macbook air it's sooo light and its a glowing apple logo generation
Suryaraj Vimal
Suryaraj Vimal 8 dager siden
Having a glowing macbook logo makes u seem rich 😂
Mjg94 8 dager siden
i liked the illuminated logo much more!
Finlay's fire systems
Finlay's fire systems 9 dager siden
I've have been putting of getting a new laptop just because of this.
degree 8 dager siden
because of a glowing apple? bro u wildin at least say you don't have enough money or something
IceWing10 9 dager siden
I have the PowerBook 3G (first model to feature the glowing logo) and the final MacBook to have it ;-;
Rajat Porwal
Rajat Porwal 9 dager siden
I dont have any apple products but i still love watching it.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez 9 dager siden
I had a glowing Apple mod on jailbroken 5s, good times 👍🏼
Yurii92 9 dager siden
Now i feel dumb for thinking it had a special LED just for that, and that it wasted battery 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 on my defense, i don’t think my broke ass ever saw one in person, let alone used it.
Roody Tooty
Roody Tooty 9 dager siden
This entire video sounds like an ad
Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh 9 dager siden
The glowing logo could also crack easily and leave the screen open to water damage. Only way apple would fix it was to replace the whole screen.
Alex McIntosh
Alex McIntosh 9 dager siden
The glowing logo could also crack easily and leave the screen open to water damage. Only way apple would fix it was to replace the whole screen.
S B 9 dager siden
same reason apple does literally anything, money, consumer doesnt matter, as long as they will hand over the money apple will do whatever it pleases. and apples customers have shown they are more then willing to be cucked out of features time and time again
Tabitha Stanton
Tabitha Stanton 9 dager siden
I didn’t even know they removed it
Sudip chand
Sudip chand 9 dager siden
Is MacBook air M1 color accurate ? Can we color grade in this machine ?
Tomasz Gront
Tomasz Gront 10 dager siden
btw i am watching this video on a macbook pro with scissor mechanism and a glowing apple logo
Emma Connolly
Emma Connolly 10 dager siden
There was a glowing Apple logo on my 2017 MacBook Air...
x.adam1 . . .
x.adam1 . . . 10 dager siden
I'm still using my MacBook Pro 13" early 2015 model with the glowing Apple logo. I bought this model over the new at the time MacBook because of the C connections. Mine has USB, Lightning, HDMI, SD card, and even a headphone jack. I'm not a fan of the direction Apple is going. All of their products are getting so boring.
Matt Adams
Matt Adams 10 dager siden
I still miss the glow
I A 10 dager siden
Uniform Apple logo across devices but not uniform ports 😭
Yose Rianugraha
Yose Rianugraha 10 dager siden
Thinness is more significant than glowing logo? Sorry, I don't think I go with that idea. I still use MBP 2013 with the glowing logo as well as the MAGSAFE. So far I feel comfortable with that. It looks elegant, and SAFE...
Robert Heller
Robert Heller 10 dager siden
*Laughs in Dell rugged laptops*
Giuseppe Basile
Giuseppe Basile 10 dager siden
1.8 million views congrats Greg.
keii3n 10 dager siden
10$ says they will make a ad campaign that says “Brilliant, but logo-less”
Rob Whitmore
Rob Whitmore 11 dager siden
Not sure id say almost every other manufacturer puts their brand on their headphones. The only company I can think of who does that is Beats, now owned by Apple.
Zalorian Styles
Zalorian Styles 11 dager siden
i dont get the fcking obsession with how thin things need to be..... like just stop.
milk 11 dager siden
now explain why my dad left
Abufit Club
Abufit Club 11 dager siden
I bought a macbook a week ago, it is from 2017 and it has the shiny apple.
hi ok
hi ok 11 dager siden
uhm your wrong my MacBook Pro has the lighting apple logo
Essay Shark
Essay Shark 11 dager siden
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Johnathan Smith
Johnathan Smith 11 dager siden
Apple is great if you want an iPad or apple watch. Trash other than that. Although the galaxy tab beats the iPad pro in many ways as well.
Nicolo Danar
Nicolo Danar 11 dager siden
Mine still has it cuz my dad bought it in 2015 and gave it to me after he replaced his
Noah Perez
Noah Perez 11 dager siden
Why didn’t apple use a separate light for the glowing apple logo
Ayush Vyas
Ayush Vyas 11 dager siden
If Steve was too concerned about design while making the decision. Why didn't he figure it out earlier and approved it?
Sophie M
Sophie M 11 dager siden
gameinattic 11 dager siden
next is apple glass lol
M e i n a a
M e i n a a 11 dager siden
That’s why I’ll never change my macbook air because I love the glowing logo so much
jhon rad
jhon rad 12 dager siden
Only 1reson Cost Cost Cost
Martin Gray
Martin Gray 12 dager siden
Mi iPhone 11 pro Max tiene estos problemas de iCloud Y el bloqueo de verdad en Instagram desbloquea mi iPhone en menos de 35 minutos Wow, estoy tan impresionado con su trabajo..
Martin Gray
Martin Gray 12 dager siden
Mi iPhone 11 pro Max tiene estos problemas de iCloud Y el bloqueo de verdad en Instagram desbloquea mi iPhone en menos de 35 minutos Wow, estoy tan impresionado con su trabajo..
The Death of Apple's 'i'