Saka’s Pranks, St. George’s Park Arrivals & Training Mini-Matches! 🦁 | Inside Access | England 

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Get a behind-the-scenes look inside St. George’s Park as the Three Lions arrive to prepare ahead of our first UEFA EURO 2020 match! Featuring pranks from Saka, some intense mini-matches in training, and some sublime skill from Jadon Sancho!

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10. juni. 2021





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England 2 dager siden
A special one this time: player arrivals and inside training together! 🔥
John Baptist
John Baptist 56 minutter siden
@freddie Dunworth take the knee
freddie Dunworth
freddie Dunworth 2 timer siden
@John Baptist shush
John Baptist
John Baptist 12 timer siden
Absolute disgrace taking the knee
DAILY NEWS Dag siden
I'm support England 😍😍😍😍
Delboy0 Dag siden
There is no doubt about it England has a stacked squad by global standards. Whether they have the right guy to play to their potential is the issue.
Lisango Rady
Lisango Rady 9 minutter siden
l like the England training
Shreyas Shenoy
Shreyas Shenoy 16 minutter siden
I support England at euro,😚😍😍😍 from India 🇮🇳
Mo Awil
Mo Awil 3 timer siden
With Buckayo, Odoi, Abraham, tamori Nigeria would win afcon year in and out.
Ivan Njora
Ivan Njora 6 timer siden
I have always supported France but for some reason this time I seem to be drawn to England 😎🖤
Mark Schapira
Mark Schapira 7 timer siden
Even as a United fan watching this training session proves how class Phil Foden is he ran the show in the little mini game and never seemed under pressure even with 3-4 players all around him he is a really special talent
22 Snow
22 Snow 7 timer siden
Raz all class💯
neil mac
neil mac 9 timer siden
heartening to know 'next goal wins' is said at the highest level
Rory Atkinson
Rory Atkinson 9 timer siden
As a leeds fan it makes me so happy seeing Phillips and white together again
Felix Hickman
Felix Hickman 9 timer siden
They won’t win, to much joking about not enough experience and too many rivals. Same old England.
Manda Grub
Manda Grub 10 timer siden
Wow. That sound of a hard ball making contact with fast, clean passes is gawjuss! (Thok pok).
Paul K
Paul K 12 timer siden
simply the best
Sonam Wangchuk
Sonam Wangchuk 13 timer siden
You know its Grealish when the calve shows before face
M95 13 timer siden
17:29 , pure class from Sancho
annag cocl
annag cocl 15 timer siden
2:10 Dt’s being rushed to hospital as we speak
NJ sports
NJ sports 15 timer siden
2:06 "look at this what rivalry arsenal-tottenham" harry kane is so cute
Ben Cargill
Ben Cargill 15 timer siden
Thought Bryce hall was fighting tonight 😂😂
Henry McDonald
Henry McDonald 16 timer siden
Foden looks so much like Eminem
annag cocl
annag cocl 15 timer siden
4:20 You see the calves and you instantly know it’s Grealish
Jun Skii
Jun Skii 18 timer siden
Phill Foden(slim Gaza shady)what a special player
Lynch 616
Lynch 616 18 timer siden
Grielish is such a chav 😂
Luke Brown
Luke Brown 18 timer siden
Mason mount just walking in champions league winner with through ball of the century
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 18 timer siden
State-of-the-art facilities👍👍👍
KAAIN FAIZ 19 timer siden
Luke shaw is always alone 😞
Gereth 19 timer siden
Mount and Rice lovers 😩🤣
Midnight Rambler
Midnight Rambler 20 timer siden
Great..just stop F kneeling!
Josh Rodham
Josh Rodham 20 timer siden
Foden looking sharp here
Will Becks
Will Becks 21 time siden
Henderson as the personality of a snail!
biniam mersha
biniam mersha 21 time siden
Here goes the hype 🤣
david jones
david jones 21 time siden
I hope Markus rashford plays he’s great he’s done a lot with the food banks in the U.K. giving up a few hours a week to go and help the poor people of the U.K. well done on his knighthood the multi millionaire Markus rashford great guy
Cam Alex
Cam Alex 21 time siden
17:30 With this talent its coming home
Frank 13 timer siden
Heard that for the past 50 years, shearer, Owen, Barnes, gazza, beks, lineker Rooney, Gerrard, lampard, sheringham, scholes, Robson, comments always team looks great, and win f all. There always be some lame excuse for underperoming, the team don't get on. Long British season. Manager, etc etc. Hopefully I'm proved wrong,
Luka Sucic
Luka Sucic 22 timer siden
Niharinth Selva
Niharinth Selva 22 timer siden
4:20 You see the calves and you instantly know it’s Grealish
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 22 timer siden
I know this seems simple, but I love how they all thank the drivers.
GIBBO4182 22 timer siden
Come on boys!!
bald webbzino
bald webbzino 23 timer siden
come on sakkaaaaaaaa
Jacob Buswell
Jacob Buswell 23 timer siden
Go on lads!
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo 22 timer siden
There’s so much quality in this england team wow
Bono Bo
Bono Bo Dag siden
Bro England are going nowhere
Saka slept at the camp??
TrisTV Dag siden
“Go inside bruv”😭
elyeee Dag siden
rj ynwa
rj ynwa Dag siden
Hendo missing his Liverpool mates badly yo
Owen Bryan
Owen Bryan Dag siden
Who is the girl????
Jeebz K
Jeebz K Dag siden
Who recognized Grealish from the calves?
Stu D
Stu D Dag siden
That's it lads. Overhyped and ready to get knocked out in the group stages... 😂 ENGLAND!!
cheese and ham deltoids
England get to quater finals if lucky then get smashed out !!!
Link92 Dag siden
The fact the first thing Kane thinks about is that he is spurs boy and Saka is arsenal... If he leaves i'm so sad.. he's a true yiddo
Stan Dag siden
Southgate must not make a mistake that could cost them. He must start foden in attack. Mount and Foden are the two young players for me to light up the Euros for England and of course Harry Kane.
Rio Johnson
Rio Johnson Dag siden
England face it ur never gonna win the euros or world cup
Angelo Dag siden
There’s so much quality in this england team wow
Aggelos Kokkinos
Kane and Sterling chemistry 🔥🔥🔥
Adeeb Ali Khan
Adeeb Ali Khan Dag siden
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Reapers Digest
Reapers Digest Dag siden
These lads are living the dreams of millions across the world. To have the best facilities, to be well paid, around people you get along with, representing your country and to be playing football on a daily basis is unbelievable. I can honestly say I am a bit jealous of them lol. Go on ENGLAND WIN IT LADS
Luke Dag siden
It's coming home.
VeteranOG™ Dag siden
No one: Saka : well-come
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed Dag siden
great to see 2 brumies in the team
Lethukuthula Mtolo
whats the name of the song playing at 2:09?
daadir 150
daadir 150 Dag siden
Whitout jlingz🥲 its not fun
Noah Fay
Noah Fay Dag siden
Kane’s deffo leaving
A I Dag siden
England will win the euros because of kalvin Phillips, just have a feeling
HappySlapperKid Dag siden
I have a feeling your iq is less than 80
sammm186 Dag siden
Foden baller 🙌
Eduardo Oliveira
Sam johnstone titular para euro
Mikethamanc Dag siden
One of the most promising, exciting England squads (attack size) hope Southgate doesn’t play defensive like always 😒
Arif Raquib
Arif Raquib Dag siden
Come on boys bring it home three lions
Joshua gambino
Joshua gambino Dag siden
The overrated mom conspicuously sneeze because mattock cytochemically correct pace a tasteless harmony. alive, common ferryboat
Third Kit Raphinha
Wasn't too impressed with Southgate's speech
Mark joseph, BUDGIE, Ridgard
So what do we have here then?..... A large gathering of overpaid primadonnas.... They don't give a toss about you or me do they?... Do they really care if England win? Of course they don't they just care about themselves and how much cash they can make... Absolute muppets... I lost interest in football years ago and its loutish over paid muppets like these that made me lose interest in the game... Absolute morons...
HappySlapperKid Dag siden
You sound like a moron to be fair
1k subs with no vidios
Goalden 53
Goalden 53 Dag siden
Kalvin and Ben White back together at last.
Leob Hodhew
Leob Hodhew Dag siden
Beautiful  Sounds
Dain Campbell
Dain Campbell Dag siden
Phil wavy 🌊
Samdazliam Murfitt
ITS COMING HOME *hopefully*
Brago FN
Brago FN Dag siden
Me stuffing myself with popcorn while watching players get out of transit van? Absolutely yes
Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes Dag siden
No Maguire in any of this 🥺
Sonny Wright
Sonny Wright Dag siden
Rashford is scoring first against Croatia
Gon Dag siden
can't wait to cheer for this squad
Charlie Hamerton
Southgate is a muppet
Brook Dag siden
Anyone know the song in the background when Saka and Kane meet? 2:10
JDbroker1 Dag siden
Don’t realise Pickford is pretty tall til you see him next to Stones
Theo Coupe
Theo Coupe Dag siden
Zoomed in on grealish calf’s🤣😭
ستوريات كرة القدم _Football Stories
TIARNØLA Dag siden
11:52 the two men of the team
Jennifer Kate
Jennifer Kate Dag siden
Y’all wanted to copy France so bad
Abhinav Sreekumar
It’s funny to see the MickeyMouse Champions Leagues winners Chelsea players. Hahaha clowns thing they won something m.
Nikola Sestan
Nikola Sestan Dag siden
i hope you will lose😂😂
Fawwaz Affendy
Fawwaz Affendy Dag siden
wheres trent
Dylan James
Dylan James Dag siden
If you really think I’m gonna watch a video of the England players arriving your correct
Adhiyaksa Kurnia nugraha
Foden new haricut white
Korfingshile Headphones
The main man Rice! The gel!
Korfingshile Headphones
Happy vibes! Go on England!!!
England training is one of the best
Yupp Dupp
Yupp Dupp Dag siden
Bigup Yall
Tsige Duguma
Tsige Duguma Dag siden
I love how zey put zeir country first Nd i miss lingard♥♥
Callum Harper
Callum Harper Dag siden
More concerned with their hair and their acting skills than football some of these lads...
mijobrnjic89 Dag siden
me as Croat, looking at England's team, you can win it with talent you have, unless pressure get's to ur players.
田中花子 Dag siden
10:57 lol
Ashley Mabunda
Ashley Mabunda Dag siden
17:31 Sheeeesh!!
Chelsea 4 life
Chelsea 4 life Dag siden
Come on lads🦁🦁🦁
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