How Can We Fight Against Ageism? | A Little Late with Lilly Singh 

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Lilly talks about age discrimination in Hollywood and calls out how weird it is to push out the most experienced workers in any industry.

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6. mai. 2021





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Alisa A
Alisa A 11 dager siden
I used to lie when I was younger that I was older because I thought people would take me as a manager more seriously. Now that I’m older I never tell. Just leave it up to people to guess and go with it. They always guess younger Lol
shadowofthecandle 17 dager siden
Anyone else reminded of the Amy Schumer sketch Last F-able Day?
Chandini Rao
Chandini Rao 20 dager siden
Another example for age-based discrimination is white hair..how it looks sexy on a man (according to most ppl) n not so much on women (reason why most women try to hide it while men proudly flaunt it). . Oh..I got another example. If a man marries a girl 10 yrs younger (or more) it's totally cool, but if a woman marries a man 10 yrs younger (or more) then she's ridiculed. Also in bollywood we see this stereotype a lot. Older actors romancing very young actresses (sometimes even their daughter's age!) but hardly an actress romancing an actor even 3 or 4 yrs younger! Also what surprises me is there r hardly movies made on older woman-younger man love in India
BTSBarbi 23 dager siden
As a bts fan who is 51: I get ageism all the time. From the fandom, the younger ones!
AC0077 26 dager siden
Xoxo respect ⭐️🏹💚🌱🌱〰️
Саня всё ок
You haven't new idia it no life it no o2 you need apgreat
babybree175 Måned siden
Wow..it is all true! Ageism is real people
Nickianaava Måned siden
maddonna lost such a big chunk of her fans when she turned 30...
Biteme Måned siden
lol, wonder what job you are going to suck at next, one thing is for sure it cant be as bad as this whatever the fuck it was you have been doing for the last 2 years. Might be better if you take the money and run before you end up on more meds than currently take ,and an eating disorder
yogo lasi
yogo lasi Måned siden
You're not black
Maribelle Lebre
Maribelle Lebre Måned siden
I'm 53 and I know my best days are still ahead of me! XO
Anushka Jain
Anushka Jain Måned siden
The last joke, planet earth...my god that's gold😳
Simran Singh
Simran Singh Måned siden
The fact that while this goes on, youth are told they are too young as well. One just can't win
Youshin Somemoto
Youshin Somemoto Måned siden
This is very true, there can be discrimination in all forms.
Merina Singh
Merina Singh Måned siden
I'm glad someone talked about this...As a asian and asian family ..my grandmom thinks I'm old not generally old she means I'm just too old now (26 age) ...Age is just a number ...yes slowly we get aged it's natural...it's growing up ...part of life ...🤗 Life goes on anyway
Chaimaa Lichani
Chaimaa Lichani Måned siden
Chaimaa Lichani
Chaimaa Lichani Måned siden
Chaimaa Lichani
Chaimaa Lichani Måned siden
Chaimaa Lichani
Chaimaa Lichani Måned siden
Mobshi Ali
Mobshi Ali Måned siden
MusicMan Måned siden
Age affects genders differently Sad but true
Jay Bee
Jay Bee Måned siden
This is why I fell in love with Lilly in the first place! Her promoting girl love influenced my life tremendously and I am so grateful for her 💗
yaayy Måned siden
"You are way too young to start your career. You can do that only after college" -my dad
Ananya Madhavaneni
Ananya Madhavaneni Måned siden
I used to lie about my age in elementary school because I skipped a grade and didn’t want to be bullied or treated differently
tOni sTanK
tOni sTanK Måned siden
when she said "My mom can ask me when I'm gonna have kids in just emojis" I applauded ngl
Willy o
Willy o Måned siden
Lol no wonder this show got cancelled 🤣😂 only brain dead muppets would like this
varun gurjar
varun gurjar Måned siden
If u r good enough, u will get appreciation. No matter whats ur age. Stop this nonsense.
varun gurjar
varun gurjar Måned siden
@Evoke Music and the person's video on whom u r complaining, she didnt have all that finance ,and support, she made it herself, and being out side of america, she got her own TV show, she has worked hard for it. What that tells u? Didnt she get a chance? U can get a chance if u have what it takes. Simple as that. I have given u many examoles where people got their chances was later then ur age. So if u just wanna ignore it and fight. Thats okay. Go ahead.
varun gurjar
varun gurjar Måned siden
@Evoke Music if u think at 31 you are not young, u need serious thinking. Just for a moment think, u r the owner of some company , and u have to recruit people ,u will go by your way of thinking. I m just being realistic here. If u think u will get it because u complaining here, u r living in a naive world. There is no point in living fantasy world, nothing comes easy and nothing is cheap. Yes there are example where people dont get chances, but there also examples where people kept on working instead of comolaining. There is no morality in this world ,so instead of blaming others keep on working. I cant stay more than that. Its ur life, u can complain and complain or work for it. Have a good life ahead.
Evoke Music
Evoke Music Måned siden
1) you haven't faced it, you can't erase other people's struggles. 2) there is difference between still rocking at 50 and breaking through at 50. Most of the people still rocking at 50 became popular when they were young and managed to keep their fan base. 3) you live in a naiive world if you think everyone who works hard and talented get opportunities and get their due 4) ppl think they won't get their investment back on an older artist because the general mindset of consumers is like that, they always want young people or young looking people and a big bias against older women who look their age. Hence, there is need for change of perception to be brought in the society.
varun gurjar
varun gurjar Måned siden
@Evoke Music @Evoke Music u need to see the context here. 1. U cant just say apart from industries where physical work is required, that ppl not getting job because they are getting old. I can give u lot of examples of ppl in music industry only are still rocking at the age of 50. If someone have talent they can get the job.(where again obviously physical work is not required). 2. Its a profit business where ppl invest their money, if they cant find their investment being returned they are not gonna invest in it. Its as simple as that. U cant blame that. Yes u can say that to govt. 3. There are plenty of people who started late in their age still be successful. U can urself name them lot. Working hard is the only option when obviously u dont have any support financially or u know u have not inherited riches. But u cant blame others for that. Sia got her first single at the age of 41. Till then she was singing as a back up singer for many artists. Judi dench got her first role in james bond when she was 61. Till then she was just doing theaters. Morgan Freeman was recognized at the age of 50. Christoph waltz was 51 when he got his first famous role as col. Hans lada. Till then he was working small. If u know Lucille ball,she got recognized at the age of 40. Till then she was doing stage performances and low budget movies. Samuel jackson got his first score atthe age of 43, and he was recognized by the age of 46. So If u have will to work hard, and believe in urself, u can get it. I know there are many factors, but u cant blame it on others. Thats my point. U r just 31. There is plenty of life ahead of you,if that's what u want to do in ur life, u will achieve success. My all wishes are with u.
Evoke Music
Evoke Music Måned siden
Absolutely false. Especially in the music and movies industries. When was the last time you saw a musician/actor making it big later in their lives? How many such ppl are even there? I'm facing it myself as a 31year old, you dont get to erase my problems
Nina Pavlovic
Nina Pavlovic Måned siden
Experience is hard won - respect to those who live their own life fully
Rukhsana Zaidi
Rukhsana Zaidi Måned siden
I love you sooo much Lily❤️🥰
Gaayatri Sivakumar
Gaayatri Sivakumar Måned siden
Love ur videos❤️
Susan Adeka
Susan Adeka Måned siden
Don't I wish this was a problem in Africa....
Rakesh L
Rakesh L Måned siden
its not agesim its just that average life span has now reduced to less than 50 so i think they just want to u to retire soon n spend sometime with yourself n what lilly is saying its only found in the entertainment industry so agesim word is too small to be addressed as a whole, why do they say start early in life cos this is what they end up if not n start complaining later n make rant allover, so if u are lagging behind for a reason may that reason itself is the problem not the society
Dhwani Waghela
Dhwani Waghela Måned siden
Mackenzie Mc
Mackenzie Mc Måned siden
Good thing I don’t care about makeup and not planning on going into a profession that will require my face in front of a lens
Just keep fit and accept age.
Chantel McSkimming
Chantel McSkimming Måned siden
Lilly!! I love you -- you so right about soooo many things and ageism is dreadful. Thank you for being so kind ☺️
Kanushree Jain
Kanushree Jain Måned siden
I love ❤️ you so much Lilly!! Your content is on the dot and your swag is aspirational!!!
Tisha Chetwani
Tisha Chetwani Måned siden
"My mother asking me when I'm gonna have kids just in emojis"😂🤣
Orange Shadow
Orange Shadow Måned siden
She talks about the most stewpid shit
Orange Shadow
Orange Shadow Måned siden
She’s 32 I thought she was 46
Marie E.
Marie E. Måned siden
Agree, she is so smart that I won't think she was just 32. Mind-blowing
Jackie N.
Jackie N. Måned siden
Yesssss Queen!!! Tell it
Arun Salwan
Arun Salwan Måned siden
Maybe being a director is so hard and if u have an unsuccessful directing project or two u won’t be given another chance .not arguing with the premise just that example being used as proof .correlation vs causation
MsZephyra Måned siden
David Tinx Lall
David Tinx Lall Måned siden
asmakitto Måned siden
ᕮ⚆ᗝ⚆ᕭ Lilly's parents hearing her say "my grandchildren" 3:31
Skinny Penis
Skinny Penis Måned siden
Lilly’s 32, single, no kids and is still getting zits. 😂
Nicole on EQ
Nicole on EQ Måned siden
I watch this and think of my parents. Thank you for covering this 💗
Lashell Davis
Lashell Davis Måned siden
I enjoy your video
Pushpendra Bansal
Pushpendra Bansal Måned siden
You are 33 Lilly - come on!!
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
That's why she's bitching 🤣
MnS Vlogs
MnS Vlogs Måned siden
Ageism should be talked about!
Kristin Nelson-Patel
The reason ageism is so rampant is you have to pay people more for experience.
LUSTED Måned siden
Lolly Songh we love yaaa
Amari Wryter
Amari Wryter Måned siden
This effects the young too, I'm a 20-something yr old black man who wants to be director and I've already started lying about my age.
Hanako's Kokeshi Doll
i started lying about my age at like 12 because people would pick on me for being young lmfao
Missklaudeth Måned siden
I'm sorry, did she say grandkids? As in she wants to have kids? 👀😮
Yasha Wadhawan
Yasha Wadhawan Måned siden
Your these types of videos make me wise... LOVE 💘YOU LILLY ❤
ladiorange Måned siden
we love you Lilly, always so funny
Skinny Penis
Skinny Penis Måned siden
What’s really funny is that she’s 32 and still getting zits. 😂
Rose Gladville
Rose Gladville Måned siden
Blockbuster video, social media and planet Earth. 🤣🤣
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
Racism, Age, Feminism. Sigh! Do you have anything else to talk about at all?
Kanupriya Chandel
Kanupriya Chandel Måned siden
She's talking about normalizing getting aged but she always behaves like teenagers.Hyprocrite.
Kanupriya Chandel
Kanupriya Chandel Måned siden
@Nivedita Naidu The thing is she's just insecure about herself. She's getting irrelevant day by day and aged also.In which era she's living in women are getting equal pay as much as men.I have so many relatives and cousins who are women and are at high posts and getting paid equally. Lilly is just jealous of everybody else.
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
@varun gurjar She's just putting out all the her personal frustrations because she's 33 and is insecure of the people who are more successful than her. She rants so much on how less she's being paid by NBC. Basically she wants to convert all her personal problems into social issues. And honestly I'm tired of her rants on Women being paid less than Men. What era does she live in? Women get paid as much as Men do in most countries, and some women earn allot more than Men do. But for Lily, being feminist is the only way to success. Watch all the episodes of her show, it's revolving only between her fame, how rich she is, being bisexual, talking shit about white people, her appearance, not to mention her repeated jokes on her "clevage", it makes me sick to even write what she jokes about and people praise her for it. Can you imagine a talk show host praising themselves in every episode of their show and making lame jokes which only ridicule teens who think she's funny. In reality she's not the influencer one should be looking up to. Atleast not anymore!
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
@Kanupriya Chandel She's basically doing 'NOsections' things on TV. She was talking about herself and her issues on her NOsections channel, now she talks about the same on national TV. She brags so much for this small budgeted shitty show, with paid audience and fake laughter. The amount of people who have subscribed to her Late Night channel on NOsections vs her actual subscribers in her own channel shows how many people lost interest in watching her.
varun gurjar
varun gurjar Måned siden
I dont get the point of this video as it didnt make sense all other videos also. What is this age thing? If u r good enough u get appreciation, simple. She talks about Steven , martin, they are still there because they deserve it. She is so bad. Just like her fake feminism, because u r a female u deserve everything. Its not that, u should be worthy, there are plenty of female in every area they earn more then many men.i want to write so much, but don't want to. And I just cant listen to her anymore.
Aanya Chand
Aanya Chand Måned siden
I really love how you give a comedic aspect to the news you share, I know the queen doesn’t check comments but I’m really glad for people like you who use their influence for the right things on the right platforms
The Welsh Righz Project
🔥 Respect the respectable elders and guide the wayward ones🔥
Sandra Rudey
Sandra Rudey Måned siden
And do you????
Saturn T
Saturn T Måned siden
She is an Indian Canadian and she still gives so much Fs about America. America should be thankful.
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
@Saturn T Good day!
Saturn T
Saturn T Måned siden
@Nivedita Naidu but mine is so lets not talk further.
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
@Saturn TMy comment is not based on this video alone.
Saturn T
Saturn T Måned siden
@Nivedita Naidu she did not point out the problem and then just ended the video. she did say what can be done to improve things. what do you expect? silence did not end slavery, calling people out did.
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
Thankful for what? All the shade she throws at white people?
Time Health Fit
Time Health Fit Måned siden
this is actully really good, want to be youtube friends?
Rayne Måned siden
. . .
A Sayy
A Sayy Måned siden
SANA • Music & Fun
Love this video, Lilly! Absolutely essential for today’s day and age.
richardhalo Måned siden
You must have low standards then.
CandidP Måned siden
An extremely relevant topic.
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
Weren't you taught this in school? People here act like Lily introduced someone new to the world.
Skinny Penis
Skinny Penis Måned siden
Yeah I mean who cares about India and COVID-19 right? Let’s talk about this!
Emma KH
Emma KH Måned siden
I want Paramjeet!
Teamsuper India
Teamsuper India Måned siden
sierra Måned siden
Bruh ; we seriously need to normalise " growing old " love how Lilly is addressing such important topics that most people completely overlook.. man she's such a queen
Human s
Human s Måned siden
0 v 0
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
@Skinny Penis She somehow converts all her personal problems into social issues LMAO
Skinny Penis
Skinny Penis Måned siden
Lilly’s just complaining because she’s now old enough to be creepy.
Teamsuper India
Teamsuper India Måned siden
nandini singla
nandini singla Måned siden
not to be ageist, but like, look at this in the professional way. Young people mean, less money, more hours, newer perspective, lesser out of work responsibilities, more extra time, etc etc. Experience is great and all, but these things need to be taken in consideration. Please correct me if i am wrong, but would you rather hire a 20 year old who is more knowledgeable about todays technology and ideas, and will work for the bare minimum happily for a lot of extra time, or a 40 year old who has a lot of experience but with that responsibilities and as per my experience, usually not much knowledge on todays needs?
Cat Eve
Cat Eve Måned siden
yeah but the reason we work hard for less as 20 year olds is to build a career that will last over our lives. If you told young people they are not longer useful by 30 or 40 nobody would make those kind of sacrifices during their 20s. This argument is just 'if being unethical makes me more money, then it's ok'. I don't think many gen z people would get on board with that.
Erica Gamet
Erica Gamet Måned siden
If you're just going to relate it to having kids, maybe. But even so, in their mid- to late-40s, if they've had kids, those kids are getting older and more independent. Also, older folks (like myself... I'm early 50s) tend to be way more committed to jobs that value them. They're less likely to quit on a whim because they've got those other responsibilities... like house and car payments and kids going off to college. The point isn't really an age thing, though... it goes back to employers hiring the right folks and compensating those folks fairly. So people will want to stay with your company and give their best years to it. And I work in tech have grown with tech since the late 1980s... so the whole "not being tech savvy" really doesn't apply anymore (you're thinking of my mom's generation and she's happily retired now).
Nimishaaa Måned siden
It's a two sided debate, both have pros and cons what's important is.. there should be an acceptance of the problem and normalisation of the aging.. ppl should not be pushed out of work just caz they r old though they have full potential and can touch even higher peaks..
Hayden Machonisse
Hayden Machonisse Måned siden
This is the truth especially for woman since they have to become mother's although there is the dad but they generally spend more time at work due to being father's
Michael Caywood
Michael Caywood Måned siden
To me,aged doesn’t matter.
Divine Jomomoh
Divine Jomomoh Måned siden
Great Video! :)
Khushi Måned siden
Love from India 🎈
Aryan Puri
Aryan Puri Måned siden
riya _me
riya _me Måned siden
Timing!!! I was just watching all the video you uploaded before this ✨
Reality Now!
Reality Now! Måned siden
Your videos are always amazing Lilly! Love from India🎉💯
Phoneic Ad
Phoneic Ad Måned siden
Yasha Wadhawan
Yasha Wadhawan Måned siden
Same 🇮🇳 😊
Nivedita Naidu
Nivedita Naidu Måned siden
Muhammad Abdullah
Muhammad Abdullah Måned siden
Ashlyn Gonsalves
Ashlyn Gonsalves Måned siden
Vidushi Aggrawal
Vidushi Aggrawal Måned siden
Leaving the YouTube Bubble