Brutally Rating Celebrities I've Met 

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This episode is in partnership with Stereo! Please follow myself & Fiona on Stereo using the links below: stereo.com/jaackmaate
In today's episode I brutally rate 20+ celebrities that I've had the pleasure / misfortune of having met! No prizes for guessing who's right at the bottom.
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Thanks for watching, you bunch of wet yoghurts.




29. mars. 2021





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JaackMaate Måned siden
I am so sorry for my break, to make it up to you, I'll give out 10 x Amazon Vouchers to 10 x random people that LIKE and COMMENT before 10:30pm TONIGHT!
Lewis Gray
Lewis Gray 9 dager siden
Dalton Duce
Dalton Duce 23 dager siden
Hey JaackMaate big fan! I actually worked for Ed Last year before covid in his restaurant in poetebello Market, nice bloke all round
Rosa Wendell
Rosa Wendell 29 dager siden
Agitated Zombie
Agitated Zombie Måned siden
Seaman covered the box like no other
Hash Sa fifa
Hash Sa fifa Måned siden
Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson 4 dager siden
Adam Pearson
Adam Pearson 4 dager siden
Cumquats you say? Interesting!
Mad Crazybot
Mad Crazybot 5 dager siden
George Lee
George Lee 6 dager siden
Jack ishagcumkwauts matte
Jack Watkinson
Jack Watkinson 6 dager siden
Mike Langdon
Mike Langdon 7 dager siden
Yea I’ve served Arron Ramsey in my restaurant and gave him free drinks and he turned to me and said is that all I get, total prick
Green Man
Green Man 9 dager siden
Do you live your life with this level of nervous energy?
UndeadNuclearGamer 12 dager siden
I'll be honest, had never heard of stereo outside of today.
tilda 16 dager siden
okay so I feel like Jaack could get the band back together 😏
Gaming Demon
Gaming Demon 17 dager siden
How’s the cumquats Jack?
Clyde Frog
Clyde Frog 18 dager siden
Feel sorry for the meerkats 🥺
MoDz X MonKeyz
MoDz X MonKeyz 18 dager siden
ik he has the happy hour podcast but i would love to see him in waflin podcast with joe weller and theo baker
OKARCHIE 19 dager siden
One of the sad ones 😭😭😭
Vicky Durose
Vicky Durose 19 dager siden
hey loved the exposing mediums vid u did, how about exposing ghost hunters, there all over the tv and getting sick of hearing about them could you maybe expose some of these mofos? love the vids :)
Belkar 2020
Belkar 2020 20 dager siden
WallyWaffle 20 dager siden
I don’t think I should watch so long in the videos anymore I’m fucking scared
Maddy B
Maddy B 21 dag siden
Liam Payne was brilliant on the podcast
Toby Lyons
Toby Lyons 21 dag siden
You should make a video on ‘the magic show’ on Snapchat. It’s an account which makes the most fake, shitty content you will ever see, it’ll infuriate you mate😂😂
FettyVG 22 dager siden
"celebrities" aka a bunch of footballers and a couple of celebrities anyones actually heard of.
Z2X -_-
Z2X -_- 22 dager siden
“I shag kumquats” ju-just why
Andy 22 dager siden
Willne intro i see
Harvey Crewe
Harvey Crewe 22 dager siden
Good lad Jack, make a fun video right after the bong rips. Eyes redder than the devil's cock and loving reciting his memories. Respect dude, you seem pretty damn good. 👌👌
honeybee holmes
honeybee holmes 23 dager siden
I also drink meerkat milk fresh from the source
CtotheRtotheL 23 dager siden
Enjoy those kumquats;)
Alfie Byrne
Alfie Byrne 23 dager siden
Why does he drink milk from a meercats teet
dsmonks18 24 dager siden
That meerkat must be questioning your life's decisions ;)
James Connelly
James Connelly 24 dager siden
Man jack so naturally funny or weird depending on your view some the things him and stevie say in happy hour right after they say it there both that's pritty weird to say love how he speaks his mind
moraa. 24 dager siden
9:21 get louis on the podcast i beg you
Patrick Delany
Patrick Delany 24 dager siden
Mark Wahlberg has a long history of racially motivated assaults Not a great guy
SkengMen 25 dager siden
Why cumquats
J LD 25 dager siden
Please get Micah Richards on the podcast
Romi PurpleYou
Romi PurpleYou 25 dager siden
poor mycat´s tit
ツラフール 25 dager siden
JaackMate : "I Shag kumquats"
Rian O'Kane
Rian O'Kane 25 dager siden
I was still watching
lifeintaiwan 25 dager siden
oikl90 26 dager siden
"Ed, you're indecent" Cmon Jack that was uncalled for
Atomic _Vex
Atomic _Vex 26 dager siden
Yep definitely knew all of these celebrities (totally)
Tim Allenby
Tim Allenby 26 dager siden
What does Meerkat milk taste like? Big questions for your next Q and A.
linuxel33t 27 dager siden
You're sooo cute!
irnbrubhoy 27 dager siden
Hey WankMatee- how do you think you’d be rated? How about... 5 years later, same shit, cheaper camera.
Emily Foster
Emily Foster 27 dager siden
get louis tomlinson on ur podcast
Dean Heathfield
Dean Heathfield 27 dager siden
i watched til the end ya pervert lol
Summer Ellis
Summer Ellis 27 dager siden
Can I see your minge, oh fuck hahahahaha
Gary P
Gary P 27 dager siden
Were you pissed when you recorded this?
Alec Bellucci
Alec Bellucci 28 dager siden
i am one of the sad ones
Transform With Sophie
Transform With Sophie 28 dager siden
Lol even just by seeing the title I thought of MGK and what do you know, he's in here and right where we all know he would be XD
Harry Eyre
Harry Eyre 28 dager siden
I’m so glad Freddie flintoff is top class, he’s such a legend
Andrew Char
Andrew Char 28 dager siden
I love how honest you are
Freya Ashcroft x
Freya Ashcroft x 28 dager siden
You shag what?
Sammi ss
Sammi ss 28 dager siden
Why is the thumbnail rating completely different to video? x
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 28 dager siden
No, I’m honestly frozen with embarrassment watching you say that to Amanda 😭😭😭 THE CRINGE
Chantelle Stevenson
Chantelle Stevenson 28 dager siden
Im so glad im not the only one who drinks milk directly from a meerkat's teet
•Abstractiox• 28 dager siden
“ I shag kumquats.” -JaackMaate
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss 28 dager siden
No, I’m honestly frozen with embarrassment watching you say that to Amanda 😭😭😭 THE CRINGE
John Evans
John Evans 29 dager siden
this man really said "can I see your minge?" ahahahahahahah
Almxnds Peep
Almxnds Peep 29 dager siden
you know that you're lonely when you're a 28 year old that is having a one person party with a kazoo player as the entertainment this was just a joke, for the record! some people get offended very easily
Shannen McDaid
Shannen McDaid 29 dager siden
“Ed, your indecent”
Ross Birnie
Ross Birnie 29 dager siden
React to TheNeilHenry
brad j
brad j 29 dager siden
Teir list...Jack rates Ricky Gervais in all his forms
Emily An
Emily An 29 dager siden
I'm almost positive that every single person I've ever met deserves to be in either the "meh" or "piss off mate" categories. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Set Sail Studios
Set Sail Studios 29 dager siden
The kazoo bit had me in tears of laughter and I'm still not sure why!
Anthony Bjo
Anthony Bjo 29 dager siden
2:03 "Ed, you’re indecent"
Emily An
Emily An 29 dager siden
Do another rank bank!
JIMMYINIT 29 dager siden
Shag kumquats do ya maate
totally not a communist lobster
Idea: You said in the love is blind video that you'll do the wedding if it gets 55,000 likes, I believe it's on 90,000 ish Just an idea and yeah, enjoy your day
Miks Magome
Miks Magome 29 dager siden
Amir Reyani
Amir Reyani 29 dager siden
You shag what?
Silver Spectre
Silver Spectre 29 dager siden
I really hope that meerkat tastes nice for you Jack
Catie Kersley
Catie Kersley Måned siden
No, I’m honestly frozen with embarrassment watching you say that to Amanda 😭😭😭 THE CRINGE
QORN Måned siden
Coulda easily put KSI in the video and not many people would disagree with the word celebrity.
Cold Numbs The Pain
Cold Numbs The Pain Måned siden
Jack* has one a 👍
Holden Tudix
Holden Tudix Måned siden
Love the video but Stevie g in meh earns this dislike sorry boss
Daud 247
Daud 247 Måned siden
Greg paul
Emily Rogers
Emily Rogers Måned siden
please do a behind the scenes of happy hour
millieart18 Måned siden
I just love how you said the cumquats thing then advert 😂
Jesus Sawyer
Jesus Sawyer Måned siden
You shag what ?? Love ya ! You're a legend !!
Lorna Bradshaw
Lorna Bradshaw Måned siden
Not going to lie, I cringe for you watching ‘minge-gate’ 😂 Glad you’re back!!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Måned siden
I drink milk from a meerkat's teat 😭
Ellie Rose
Ellie Rose Måned siden
Do another rank bank!
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Måned siden
Big up Alfie at the end!
Kimberley Gray
Kimberley Gray Måned siden
Elite Alex
Elite Alex Måned siden
13:02 wait what?
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Måned siden
mad respect, only youtuber that is actually aware that not everyone is like how they are on camera.
BrooHaHA Måned siden
I also drink the milk of the the meerkat
Raul Puri
Raul Puri Måned siden
Raul Puri
Raul Puri Måned siden
@niduoe stre I mean TGF bro the yt channel. Get them on the podcast.
niduoe stre
niduoe stre Måned siden
Love happy hour and Jack is a great host/interviewer on it but these heavily edited videos make Jack seem really annoying
Fd eez Fd eez
Fd eez Fd eez Måned siden
I watched till end “I squeal something “
Shaun Måned siden
This is my list of the celebs I've drank with: Hero: Ric Flair, Jon Richardson, Sheamus (WWE) Top Class: Mean Gene Oakerland, Samuel Herring Decent: Jason Sudeikis, Rusev (WWE), Eric Bischoff Meh: Adam Richman, Richard Dryfuss Oh Piss Off Mate: Christian (WWE)
James Head
James Head Måned siden
I drink milk straight from a meerkats while shagging kumquats. Same thing like your style
Lee Stoichkova
Lee Stoichkova Måned siden
Apology Video Tier list? I know Pewds did it a LONG time ago, but idk if you have anything better
KoRnQuornQuEeN Måned siden
Okay, I'm new here. What happened with MGK? I NEED to know 🧐🤔
Mia Matthews
Mia Matthews Måned siden
Drinking milk from a meerkats teet Jack COME ONNNN, share fs 😂😂
Chloe Måned siden
Big up Alfie at the end!
Kira Måned siden
I drink milk from a meerkat's teat 😭
Patrick Morgan
Patrick Morgan Måned siden
Yo Jack please please pleaseeee try to get a podcast with ‘Ali Tabrizi’ who’s just recently filmed, edited, and released a documentary called the ‘Sea spiracy’ on Netflix about what really goes on with the Fishing industry and how we could essentially go extinct in 25ish years if something doesn’t change soon. Thanks!
Josh Pink
Josh Pink Måned siden
Nice video maate
blakejames18 Måned siden
You shag what ?
Ashtronaut96 Måned siden
Meerkat teets are freeing
B Rabbit
B Rabbit Måned siden
Love happy hour and Jack is a great host/interviewer on it but these heavily edited videos make Jack seem really annoying
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Måned siden
See tbh Steven Gerrards just a wank.
Abraham Ajiboye
Abraham Ajiboye Måned siden
who you
Your Mother
Your Mother Måned siden
Abraham Ajiboye
Abraham Ajiboye Måned siden
Sam Wallwork
Sam Wallwork Måned siden
What the f*** is a cumquat😂😂😂😂
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