The Legendary Commando Raid At St. Nazaire | The Greatest Raid Of All Time | Timeline 

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Jeremy Clarkson tells the story of one of the most daring operations of World War II - the Commando raid on the German occupied dry dock at St. Nazaire in France on 28th March 1942. It was an operation so heroic that it resulted in the award of five Victoria Crosses and 80 other decorations for gallantry.

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22. april. 2021





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Berndt Johansson
Berndt Johansson 3 dager siden
@Akko Twierdza ä
michael adams
michael adams 21 dag siden
@XB W cos it isnt american
Jacques Karaha
Jacques Karaha 22 dager siden
@Manuel Corbacho .;6
casablanka 25 dager siden
google ------------- faithfreedom ali sina challenge google ---------- faithfreedom ali sina articles google --------- internet archive ali sina debates
Akko Twierdza
Akko Twierdza 26 dager siden
Please read the article ,, Honouring 'silent and unseen' fighters who led Polish resistance "
Mike Churchill
Mike Churchill 9 timer siden
I could watch anything narrated by Jeremy Clarkson
Roderick Sumaway
Roderick Sumaway 19 timer siden
WARNING-base on d bibLe-all Government in the world will be destroyed N killed very neAr in ARMAGEDON, JehOvAh GOd Said that in DANIEL 2:44-45,sO, WOrship JehOvAh GOd fAther Of Jesus b4 it's too late because d end is very neAr, Jeremiah 25:33, mAthew 4:10! reAd
Captain Jack
Captain Jack 20 timer siden
If there are words to describe my sincerest gratitude and awesome respect to these Brits that knowingly and unselfishly risked and or gave life and limb to secure freedoms for their country and all others I find there are not.
avarmauk Dag siden
My god that was so interesting. Such bravery and self sacrifice. Some will do whatever it takes.
avarmauk Dag siden
Incredible stories of bravery and witty Clarkson showing his appreciation. What more can we ask for?
TheOse Dag siden
the embodiment of "who dares, wins!"
Marven Likness
Marven Likness Dag siden
One of the best ones I have watched on Timeline.
Lawrence Dag siden
It's amazing how Jeremy can give this story and these men the reverence it deserves. Their ability to go on a suicide mission with cheer and pluck, and then for some to come out the other side
Manthikor 2 dager siden
And never forget, the winner writes the story!
David Skeet
David Skeet 2 dager siden
Old 'Top Gears' look very dated. But I tell you what, this won't. An incredible mission, brilliantly told. Wish Jeremy would make a few more.
Luís Filipe de Souza Gomes
Why would you dislike such a magnificent video?
John Buck
John Buck 3 dager siden
Thumbs down just because i1 don't lile Jeremy Clarkson and NOsections recommended it.
Benjay1975 3 dager siden
cannot stand clarkson
Champloker52 3 dager siden
I went to St Nazaire last year after reading a book about this operation, I wanted to see the place. I was astonished because I could not find any memorial stone or plaque. Sorry for mistakes, I self-taugh english anddo not practise enough.
christian janssen
christian janssen 3 dager siden
Isn't this the raid the "KaLeun" captain lieutenant ( Juergen Prochnow) was talking about with great admiration in the movie "das Boot"?? Anyone?
clifford jackson
clifford jackson 3 dager siden
never forget
roh dugan
roh dugan 4 dager siden
Wayne Steakley
Wayne Steakley 4 dager siden
Damn the torpedoes: mates ( known to be ballsy ) I salute you
hsbrasil 4 dager siden
Fred Torres
Fred Torres 4 dager siden
I cringe when someone's prospects get spoiled...
John Conlon
John Conlon 5 dager siden
Clarkson spoils this story with his presentation. Nauseating man.
purerare18 5 dager siden
It had to be Jeremy Clarkson....why!
Peter Butler
Peter Butler 5 dager siden
Never a huge fan of clarkson but have to say he is brilliant at this kind of program
SANJEEV YADAV 5 dager siden
The westers have the utmost zeal for their country, but sadly same Britons treated us Indians like insects. Respect from India.
Jeff Bourke
Jeff Bourke 5 dager siden
Filter>DeInterlace>YADIF Only if you want to be professional.
David Roberts
David Roberts 5 dager siden
When I was a kid in the 1970s my next door neighbour, who seemed as old as the hills to me, was a very quiet and gentle man, years after his death we found out he was part of this raid and many others, he's eternally etched in my mind tending to his runner beans.
Ukrit Danaivan
Ukrit Danaivan 6 dager siden
Are there movie ever made by this story?
D Ashcroft
D Ashcroft 6 dager siden
2:15 North Atlantic convoys to the UK in 1941 were by and large from Halifax, NS or Sidney, NS … Murica was not yet in the war … RN, RCN and merchant marine.
Sean Fyffe
Sean Fyffe 6 dager siden
32:46 When they raised the naval jack, chills
playasurf1000 6 dager siden
woulda been nice for the brits to have told the germans to get their souvenir off the ship. After all thee germans did seem to treat the prisoners quite well
dick johnson
dick johnson 6 dager siden
The dusty reduction inevitably fax because request obviously tow forenenst a envious death. cooing, discreet bookcase
Tino Ramos
Tino Ramos 7 dager siden
How was this never made into a big budget movie. That's just absolutely insane.
MICHAEL FREEMAN 7 dager siden
I was in St Nazaire when HMS Campbeltown the ship that inherited the originals name was there on a visit just before being decommissioned to commemorate the raid. the public were allowed on board and I remember the very friendly crew who took us for a tour and I even have a photo sitting in the captains chair on the bridge
Vincent Gordon
Vincent Gordon 7 dager siden
The German Major in charge of the bunker told his side of the story. The commandos got in but they went down into the basement and hid. Later they came out and to their surprise, the commandos had left an explosive charge next to their 3 day supply of ammo. But it did not go off. If that would have gone off, no more bunker.
Michael Alexander
Michael Alexander 7 dager siden
It has just been announced that one of the Royal Navy's new Type 31 Frigates will be named HMS Campbeltown.
Jacky Mai
Jacky Mai 7 dager siden
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Voor Naam
Voor Naam 7 dager siden
Rusevelt? Huh? Roosevelt is named after a field of roses, somewhere. Not ruses. Roses! Why don't you pronounce it like the Dutch and the Germans do?! It is roses, after all. English is sue weird...
Steven C
Steven C 8 dager siden
Your last two videos. This one and the other about Major Cain. Bring tears to my heart that there are MEN who recognize a dire situation but take no regard to their own personal safety because they know without this characteristic. Nothing is won or secure! Thank you for your research in battles I knew nothing about! But will always remember now!!!
Victor de Paula
Victor de Paula 8 dager siden
All I can say to these brave man: thank you!
Jeromie Mendoza
Jeromie Mendoza 8 dager siden
The curvy archaeology dentsply imagine because snowboarding thessaly approve toward a elated option. hurt, abundant calculus
Itschad1954 9 dager siden
England expects, England (Great Britain) & Great Britain gets. There are brave men then there are British, we gave hope to all those Europeans. Where would Europe be without the Brits and our American cousins, despite their calendar being so wrong. UK and US means freedom, freedom for all.
HPL* Arkham
HPL* Arkham 10 dager siden
Is that the soundtrack from "The Professional" I hear?
Siddharth C.
Siddharth C. 10 dager siden
Unbelievably Exciting and Thrilling operation!
david martlew
david martlew 10 dager siden
"This week on Top Gear we see what a Destroyer can REALLY do."
Brydon Walker
Brydon Walker 10 dager siden
This smooth talking narrator should review cars.
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 10 dager siden
Very very brave men a rare breed indeed,RESPECT
Craig W
Craig W 10 dager siden
How could anyone give this a thumbs down. Soy boy, beta males.
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri 10 dager siden
And your ruin 2021! Like wtf?
joaquin valeri
joaquin valeri 10 dager siden
I hate top Gear becasue he hate Argentina and i'm an Argentina you f%$#!
Jabber 1974
Jabber 1974 10 dager siden
The Campbeltown name is back in The RN.👍👍
Alexander Blitz456
Alexander Blitz456 11 dager siden
Clarkson: "they would've gotten there quicker if they were in a jaaaaag"
Rejuvinatez 11 dager siden
Hope they make a movie about this.
Seutoon NaChiangkhong
Seutoon NaChiangkhong 11 dager siden
I live far far away and have no any connection whatsoever to you but my respect goes to all of you. You're real heroes.
Sally Dorsey
Sally Dorsey 11 dager siden
This man voice is WONDERFULL
Harry Probert
Harry Probert 11 dager siden
Absolutely amazing Great Britain was truly a great nation of people long live there memory ♥️
HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
Going through that crazy sail to calmly turn around "there we are .... 4 minutes late" Guy had balls.
Tushar Pathania_2002
Tushar Pathania_2002 11 dager siden
>Netflix of History >Doesn't cover Indian contribution to the War effort
Harry Probert
Harry Probert 11 dager siden
Just what the doctor orderd
LadikThrawn 11 dager siden
3:59 "and that would be a death sentence." *laughs in operation Cerberus*
philippe chevereau
philippe chevereau 11 dager siden
What a glorious heroic endeavor, what a ridiculous inadequate embarrassing speaker.
Sir Mounted
Sir Mounted 11 dager siden
Clarkson teaching me history? I don't know if I can take him seriously, whenever I think of him I see his saggy face flapping in the wind while screaming ''POOOWEEEEER''
Adrian Dunn
Adrian Dunn 12 dager siden
Absolutely amazing well done to the brave men who managed to achieve that incredible attack 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧⭐️👏👏👏👏
Xavier Blackler
Xavier Blackler 12 dager siden
Absolutely love jezza Clarkson doing history programs he should definitely do more
Henry VIII King of England
Clarkson is damn brilliant. perfect narrator. he cares you can tell. thank you Jeremy. My Grandfather escorted the fleet to St Nazaire as Capt of Submarines. He was the bravest Man I ever knew. Dunkirk veteran too. But my Grandfather said those Commandos were all heroes. Good enough for me.
Rush Em
Rush Em 12 dager siden
Incredible heroism
don rosas
don rosas 12 dager siden
I thought im watching TOP GEAR 🤣😂😅🤣😂😅🤣😂😅
Andrew Turek
Andrew Turek 12 dager siden
If only Clarkson were always this good . . .
Moe Yagzz
Moe Yagzz 12 dager siden
I feel like the Germans on the western front were a lot kinder.
Bruce Sims
Bruce Sims 12 dager siden
Its Memorial Day, 2021 and I have had all the very best of Martial values and valor validated to me. For those who have not served I'm sure these views and attitudes must seem like a kind of insanity and yet I feel much humbled by the story of so many who gave so much so selflessly. Eternal Rest grant unto them all, Oh Lord.
NOLA Railfan
NOLA Railfan 13 dager siden
This feels like Top Gear lol
Tintin Singsit
Tintin Singsit 13 dager siden
Juan Willis
Juan Willis 13 dager siden
Newsflash..there’s nothing great about any raid...stupidity stupidity and more stupidity
And nowadays being a brave man is “politically incorrect”, what a joke
mrgreengenes04 13 dager siden
I wondered if Jeremy would incorporate destroying a car somehow. I wasn't disappointed.
hamrite 13 dager siden
Why a Peugeot ?
Constant Sorrow
Constant Sorrow 13 dager siden
Heros, one and all.
Jordan Motz
Jordan Motz 13 dager siden
I was waiting for Clarkson to hear a Maserati Quatroporte and compliment it on its engine noise
John Maselli
John Maselli 13 dager siden
Hey buddy, shouldn't you be driving my dream car like I've had to see on your other show and literally made me nauseous for about 3 days? The 1998 Red Toyota Supra with the stock twin turbos replaced with a pretty large single Garrett turbo..She put down about 900 (conservative) Horse power, but simply open up the center console, turn the dial on the boost by gear, and she'll easily be making well over 1000 HP. And I'm talking about full traction control hooked up, VSC in order, and if you try to pull out onto the road in any other gear than 3rd, it'll be the equivalent of driving on ice. But nothing that a good pair of Mickey Thompson's couldn't handle. Detune her back down to about 600 HP, and you should be faster than everything, and yes....even the new ugly Corvette....yuk...Sorry about going off on that little tandem, But just to see you drive my dream car was really heartbreaking
Androo O'Brien
Androo O'Brien 13 dager siden
Admittedly I haven't procured a degree in logistics. But; I really cannot fathom just how 600+ men managed to squeeze their immensely sized testicles into that estuary. Let alone manage to run or fight with them, after the initial raid. Amazing people.
Kerrod Uebel
Kerrod Uebel 14 dager siden
Living legends
Jemimah snowdon
Jemimah snowdon 14 dager siden
jezza at his best!
steven horg
steven horg 14 dager siden
Train people to die for Churchill stupidity and his hunger for the power no bloody way.
Lezah 14 dager siden
56:34 Commando: "I'm sure the youth of today would do the same as we did. Youth of Today: "Please use the preferred pronoun-orientation that's trigger-warned in my Tik Tok bio"
Luma 14 dager siden
I live there omg
Phil Smith
Phil Smith 14 dager siden
Knock him out and spoil his prospects 😂 a kick in the love spuds 👍👍 or the german helmet aptly 🤣
Dutch HOLLANDS 14 dager siden
not a snowflake in sight. how would todays generation react to something like this?.
trelard 15 dager siden
These are the men who MUST be remembered, lest we fall into deaths via tyranny.
Matthew Arian
Matthew Arian 15 dager siden
Absolutely AMAZING! The definitions of honor, bravery and sacrifice. Thank you for posting this documentary.
STOP THE NEW NORMAL 15 dager siden
#leaked wuhan human rights lawyer tells his story nosections.info/green/u6epcGaCa3uQvrY/video.html
Internet Stranger, Stranger of the internet
On this episode of Top Gear: Hammond Joins the SAS and participates in a raid against St. Nazaire.
IV Tones
IV Tones 15 dager siden
Jesus Loves You
Felipe Flores
Felipe Flores 16 dager siden
The panoramic fairies luckily appear because indonesia successfully poke unlike a unbiased basketball. foolish, best duckling
Gordon Dean
Gordon Dean 16 dager siden
15:02 Lord Melchett's philosophy, the Germans would never think we would do something so suicidal as this, so it has to work. The bravery of the men involved is beyond comprehension.
David Taylor
David Taylor 16 dager siden
I read the book some years ago. The ingenuity of the concept and the bravery of all the service personnel was astounding. Bravo !! It was an important part of the Battle of the Atlantic, which lasted for the entirety of the 2nd. German World War.
The History Fella
The History Fella 16 dager siden
Excellent video and I even subscribed. @thehistoryfella
Ryan blackhurst
Ryan blackhurst 16 dager siden
Bill you’re correct you’re actions did make an impact thank you
Kered Nilon
Kered Nilon 16 dager siden
Sometimes you have to sack up, rack up and do something completely insane. Good work boys.
Ron2615 16 dager siden
i wished i was alive in them days pure passion love it, shame how society is now full of melts and drips 😂
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