HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station 

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This explains each interior area, crew living quarters, and scientific equipment.



3. juli. 2015





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PAWEL KOLASA 5 minutter siden
3:00 No. hair doesn't "will always stand up when you are in space". Hair would be free floating, not "standing up straight". Grooming it proves it. Guys, just pay me off already. With this "hair thing" you are trying too hard. It was predictable you will produce something "convincing" like running on treadmill. Except, hair there is falling down at the bottom and standing up at the top. You have yet, to produce fake that, I could not figure out. So untill you do. I want to get paid. If you make one that I can't expose, you win. OK? But first pay me 100 K for each exposed. C'mon, you rake Billions! :)
Ahmed Hossain Anik
Ahmed Hossain Anik 33 minutter siden
Everything Flies!!
Alina Thomas
Alina Thomas 39 minutter siden
Is it real?
M. Devinder Kumar
M. Devinder Kumar 42 minutter siden
Great astronaut Sunita William explaining space station functioning.
Ē 47 minutter siden
Aadam Hussain
Aadam Hussain Time siden
Wow I wish to go in this
Игорь Перлов
bull shit.
aparna shandilya
aparna shandilya 2 timer siden
i would love to be there and do all sort of stuff but the only problem is the washroom part i just cannot poop like that
Evasf 2 timer siden
It must be so cool to be able to float XD
ak1986 2 timer siden
Notice, no stars, no Moon, no Sun visible. NASA lies. The Earth is flat.
AL UK 2 timer siden
That was brilliant. Thanks for making the video.
vedhavarshini v
vedhavarshini v 3 timer siden
she is sunitha williams
Chay Machida
Chay Machida 3 timer siden
I wanna go to space too🙂
jequo hutea
jequo hutea 3 timer siden
The silent facilities logically telephone because rifle aetiologically bake failing a unarmed rutabaga. grandiose, gamy canadian
Tamer OdaT
Tamer OdaT 5 timer siden
4:28 I’m only up here since 4 months 10:05 I haven’t sat down since 6 months🤔?! Is the time up there in 6 minutes jumps 2 months extra
AP - 05KC 803958 Homestead PS
Do you feel pain?&
sid gdansk
sid gdansk 6 timer siden
LOL I wouldn't want to take a dump in that loo!! what a fake Jesuit Theatre production; mocking the sheep BAA BAA 🐑🐑🐑
James Bishop
James Bishop 6 timer siden
"EaRtH Is FlAt!"
Todd Olson
Todd Olson 6 timer siden
What a fake bunch of crap
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 49 minutter siden
What evidence do you have that it is fake? The weirdest thing is that you guys don't realize that there is no reason to fake it. Because it is easier to do it instead of faking it.
VIRUS 404 sans
VIRUS 404 sans 6 timer siden
my god that looks so fun id love to do that!
Richard Davis
Richard Davis 7 timer siden
Man, look at the muscle atrophy in her calves at 2:40 that's kind of crazy
ASMR Baby 7 timer siden
I would loveee to go in the space
ASMR Baby 8 timer siden
If she comes in the earth her hairstyle with be like that for a long time
Julie Bergen
Julie Bergen 8 timer siden
Where does the wee and poo go after?
Icke deren
Icke deren 8 timer siden
stars. no stars.
Nilin Cartier
Nilin Cartier 8 timer siden
how does menstruation work in space?
cute cookie 🍪♡•♡
Fun fact: if you swallow a lot of toothpaste that is really bad for you
Elim 9 timer siden
I watched this in school and everyone laughed at the bathroom part and said they dint need that much info 💀
James Veach
James Veach 9 timer siden
Space station looks like a pure mess I sure would not want to live there sure doesn't look nothing like Star Trek does it goes to show we got a long ways to go
Elements Alef
Elements Alef 9 timer siden
que foda
Rider 84
Rider 84 10 timer siden
No thanks, I’d have a panic attack if I was it that seat at the end.
PAWEL KOLASA 10 timer siden
cant you tell it's 3D animation? really?
Ming Li
Ming Li 8 timer siden
how do you know it's 3D animation?
stiglit john
stiglit john 10 timer siden
wie Hollywood funktioniert
Jewel Bran
Jewel Bran 10 timer siden
What is wrong with your hair
Xero Nero
Xero Nero 10 timer siden
How would you have sex. Is it difficult ??
The B-Show
The B-Show 10 timer siden
My head my mind they are floating right now. For some reason I knew they were flying over Africa. Totally random but a day kill in space guys how tough would that be😂😂
Karen Jarvie
Karen Jarvie 10 timer siden
Why is your hair freaked out and theirs are not," fake"
bismeqo filimdo
bismeqo filimdo 10 timer siden
The three couch acly march because energy conversly cycle amid a awake shadow. wary, yummy australia
Karen Jarvie
Karen Jarvie 11 timer siden
This is so fake
Ming Li
Ming Li 8 timer siden
Mickey Wicked
Mickey Wicked 11 timer siden
0:18 The emphasis on “FLAT PLANE” is a slap in your ignorant faces. “Space” is a joke being played on you.
ஜ۩۞۩ஜ ⓛα𝐥𝓲ⓢ𝕒 ஜ۩۞۩ஜ
what if the space ship falls
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 10 timer siden
Actually it falls all the time.
Faiza Siyal
Faiza Siyal 11 timer siden
Watching her float all the time just makes me dizzy.the spacecraft is so suffocating how they breathe and especially the last part of the video was very suffocating.OMG
SMA 11 timer siden
Amazing video, she is so cool and explained well
Nancy logrippo rivera
Nancy logrippo rivera 11 timer siden
how do you take a shower
Mickey Wicked
Mickey Wicked 12 timer siden
I’m telling you, I don’t even think these are real people anymore. This might just be really good CGI. At any rate, the deception is deeper than most can imagine.
Xucrutes na estrada
Xucrutes na estrada 12 timer siden
Muito legal.
EFENOHABIB EMMO 12 timer siden
is this cold or hot cuz shes wearing shorts and a long shirt
Madusankha Disanayake
Madusankha Disanayake 12 timer siden
She cant see any birds, beach, trees or any other thing. Like a dead woman. How sad
Unending Destination
Unending Destination 12 timer siden
Imagine you miss that aim.. and you see your big 🤧💩💩💩fly by and escaped in modules
Paytak Ördek
Paytak Ördek 12 timer siden
I wonder if does it hurt when you accidentally crash somewhere inside of the ISS ???
Mariusz Wilczyński
Mariusz Wilczyński 12 timer siden
Clelia’s Life!
Clelia’s Life! 12 timer siden
Thank you for taking your time and uploading this video, I really want to experience this but I think I never will and same to some people out there.
Rob Lab
Rob Lab 13 timer siden
the camera man is acting sus. do we vote him out?
Hiro Kai
Hiro Kai 13 timer siden
hair sprayed hair always gets me.
Mickey Wicked
Mickey Wicked 11 timer siden
zero G flights always get me, but when you put the two together, you get “space”🤪
Mujtaba Murtada
Mujtaba Murtada 13 timer siden
Esmeralda 13 timer siden
The fact that people actually live in space is sooo crazy!!!
Srikanth Ganipisetty
Srikanth Ganipisetty 13 timer siden
This is so confusing, I see the two Russian astronaut and designers there with her was died in 66 and 68, and she was born in 65. Am I missing something?
Farmaland 13 timer siden
Your space suits are so out of date its laughable...
ദാവൂദ് ഇബ്രാഹിം
Where is the camera man🤭
i cant even survived in there for 1 day cuz there is no wifi 😂😂😂
Khalid Mohamed Khalid Al Musalam
wow so cool
RAHİME DEMİR 13 timer siden
Mohd 14 timer siden
Evg Ku
Evg Ku 14 timer siden
И только русские пьют кофеек с Гагариным!!)))
Seema Malik
Seema Malik 14 timer siden
U are very lucky
Marcus MA Gamper
Marcus MA Gamper 14 timer siden
Nur eine Sau schluckt ihren eigenen Dreck pfui, typisch NASA wissenschaftsverblödet.
maryeool l
maryeool l 14 timer siden
It’s like swimming in the *AIR*
vissermc 14 timer siden
woow Willie kool
西山雄介 14 timer siden
Detlxrd 14 timer siden
Какой порядок у Рашки ,в еде!
Detlxrd 14 timer siden
Станция закончит своё существование из-за её ,волос ,которые будут находить везде !!!
Main Street Bully
Main Street Bully 14 timer siden
I wonder if anyone is fucking up there in the space station. Things could get messy for real 😂
Kaiyang Wangsa
Kaiyang Wangsa 15 timer siden
Like I'm dreaming..😴😴
Tom Jacobs
Tom Jacobs 15 timer siden
My hair stands up straight anyway
DIAS VAZ USA 15 timer siden
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 14 timer siden
What should the one has to do with the other? Yes, there is no oxygen in space. But they are not in space. They are inside of the space station. When you are inside of an airplane you also don't care that there is not much oxygen outside of an airplane. And you cannot breathe underwater - but of course you can breathe inside of a submarine...
Sukiya SL
Sukiya SL 15 timer siden
සංජය සර්ව මතක් වෙනවා
DIAS VAZ USA 15 timer siden
sempre pensei que a gravidade zero nao houvesse oxigenio
NH Jaffri
NH Jaffri 15 timer siden
stay home, stay safe, stay entertained- Search "Ventilator by Asim Jaffri" on youtube a very good short story! It's awesome...
Venom 15 timer siden
Aaila Jadoo
rg INSANE 16 timer siden
Ammmmmm..... Where are the star
thalapathy prasath
thalapathy prasath 16 timer siden
Now only I came to know that they are eat
Fun with  Aahana
Fun with Aahana 17 timer siden
😌 good luck
Khrmnzm 17 timer siden
Yes, the earth isnt flat
Mickey Wicked
Mickey Wicked 11 timer siden
No, it is.
Christine Sto
Christine Sto 17 timer siden
I am claustrophobic I will never sleep in space
Liternanon 17 timer siden
Wait what happens when you are sleepwalking lmao
Christine Pia Gerzon
Christine Pia Gerzon 17 timer siden
It's amazing how she casually mentions it's Yuri Gagarin. I memorized this dude's name for school before.
Rushil 17 timer siden
After watching this I can't walk properly lol I was just like about to vomit
Hind Alrais
Hind Alrais 18 timer siden
66 66
66 66 18 timer siden
Пусть волосы от лака отмоет, а то сильно заметно, что невесомость пытается имитировать))
Doris Day
Doris Day 19 timer siden
The hairspray and teasing makes me laugh. Where do they get these people???? Smh.
Mickey Wicked
Mickey Wicked 11 timer siden
Freemasonic families. The hairspray is coupled with zero g flight. There’s no wonder the “international space station” is shaped like and as slender as the fuselage of an airplane.
Feldartillerie 20 timer siden
the water flying around is not a problem? i recognized the kitchen IMMEDIATELY ... NOT
Lebanas Sujas
Lebanas Sujas 21 time siden
The blue crack utrastructurally pedal because creek aerobically flood like a long language. wrong, successful argument
Saleel Issac Peerally
Saleel Issac Peerally 21 time siden
Wait , if everything fly than how do you go to the toilet O.0
Paddrick Star
Paddrick Star 21 time siden
Zero G Plane.
Mickey Wicked
Mickey Wicked 11 timer siden
@Sebastian Nolte There’s a Firmament. Everything you “believe” is null and void.
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 13 timer siden
@Paddrick Star Why? What is so special about it? You see that they really build these giant rockets. They work, the go up, high and fast. You can follow them from the ground let's say three minutes before they get out if sight. With a bit engineering knowledge you also know that they have enough fuel so that they can run for six minutes more and that they reach orbital speed then. Why is that impossible? What is the maximum altitude and speed that a rocket can reach according to you and why?
Paddrick Star
Paddrick Star 14 timer siden
@Sebastian Nolte Impossible to do it.
Sebastian Nolte
Sebastian Nolte 14 timer siden
@Paddrick Star oh, it must be. Why? Why should they create such a complex hoax instead of just actually doing it? Because it is easier to do it instead of faking it.
Paddrick Star
Paddrick Star 16 timer siden
@E. Rose I am not here to discuss with believers.
Manu murthy
Manu murthy 21 time siden
How do you eat food?
Beau Ianuzzi
Beau Ianuzzi 22 timer siden
I don't think there's anything in your head that tells you anything so you don't matter oh, okay I better leave because this fake stuff is just making me angry. For some reason deception angers me,its disrespect
Beau Ianuzzi
Beau Ianuzzi 21 time siden
Don't worry, they're not in zero gravity. They don't use strings in outer space
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