The Return of the Knuckle Busters M3. Fresh Manifold For Our V8 Swapped Drift/Grip Car 

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“Where’s the purple M3? What happened to the Knuckle Busters Car? Bring back the M3!” We hear ya. 2021 is our Carcaine retribution year, we’re gunning to have everything shreddable this year. And the ‘ol Knuckle Busters M3 ain’t too far off, so we’re handing it over to our resident BMW slideyboi Micah Diaz to get this thing shred ready once again.

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18. feb.. 2021





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cole bp
cole bp Måned siden
When she's a squirter lol 9:57
Courtz courtz
Courtz courtz Måned siden
"Lake monkey " 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
Steve McRichards
Steve McRichards Måned siden
ryan rempel
ryan rempel Måned siden
So you can go pick up the BMW from edlebrock, but can't pick up the Donk from the paint shop? ... seems SUS
Hoonigan Project Cars
Can’t pick up something that’s not finished...
k k
k k Måned siden
micah, suppy and hert all together at the same time is a whole new level of hoon baggery that i absolutely am here for
a.c. Måned siden
Heck yeah Micah is back
Sean P
Sean P Måned siden
Please explain the early 2000 Ford Focus, did edblebrock mod that mf?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Måned siden
Hmmm rec port heads on an LS1, must be using those LS1/LS3 hybrid heads from Edelbrock, so is that intake from an LS3 then?
Richie Rich
Richie Rich Måned siden
@Hoonigan Project Cars nice I betya it’ll make more power now lol
Hoonigan Project Cars
Yes. Exactly that.
Shaun Devine
Shaun Devine Måned siden
I just rewatched the build for this BMW. this thing is an awesome car all round!
Hans R
Hans R Måned siden
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
I approve Micah "sh*t's about to go down" Diaz to be working on that beast! 😁 The perfect man for taking care of DangerDan's baby! 👀
Zappy Måned siden
Suppy Suppyvisors :p
garth james
garth james 2 måneder siden
"Miata and Integra basically the same car" ...Soup holding back the dark side.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 måneder siden
Lmao when they arguing in Spanish 🤣🤣
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui Måned siden
Let’s take this beautiful car and turn it into something hoonigan would drive lol
Zach 2 måneder siden
Please, for the your viewers. NEVER EVER EVER give that person a camera again. This was just nauseating and unwatchable!
Maxime Vhw
Maxime Vhw 2 måneder siden
This filmed on a phone?
Mike Kraemer
Mike Kraemer 2 måneder siden
Yo but listen, seriously. Is Ron Jeremy...Micahs dad?
Mike Kraemer
Mike Kraemer 2 måneder siden
@asioe kiou Hes a beautiful man.
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 2 måneder siden
A warriors reference out of nowhere
dcskate1022 2 måneder siden
Those pumps have a tiny valve in them that gets janky when the fluid gets too hot.
Kevin Austin
Kevin Austin 2 måneder siden
Just curious but why are they taking all the tricks Edelbrock stuff off of the motor and putting on the junky stock stuff
Kevin Austin
Kevin Austin 2 måneder siden
#freshcomeup #freeflex
quadrapodacone 2 måneder siden
I love that color!
Jordan Berthiaume
Jordan Berthiaume 2 måneder siden
Who’s the owner of that beige 240Z????
CreepinTrex 2 måneder siden
That Warriors reference!!!!!
DYLAN 2 måneder siden
1:06 I would be happy to have that “piece of shit” lmao
William Howard
William Howard 2 måneder siden
Power steering... makes me miss the old rust bucket f150 I had. I can still hear the power steering pump whining into the night wind.
阪神ファン 2 måneder siden
marsxv 2 måneder siden
we need more micah and suppy speaking to each other in spanish
Barbarossa Creative
Barbarossa Creative 2 måneder siden
Fuckin a right!
Nick W
Nick W 2 måneder siden
Let’s take this beautiful car and turn it into something hoonigan would drive lol
ImNotMLGPro 2 måneder siden
Suppy talking about the fuel line had me dying.
kumori 2 måneder siden
"Hey puto" kkkkkk do nada kkkkk
Collin Settles
Collin Settles 2 måneder siden
A warriors reference out of nowhere
K H 2 måneder siden
Soupy gonna lose legs if he keeps doing this. 1:06
Paul Morris
Paul Morris 2 måneder siden
Thank you for bringing back knuckle buster M3 content!! 🙏🙌
ShopLifeTV 2 måneder siden
We had issues with our E46 LS3 swap power steering system. Ended up extending the AN pressure line from the pump to the rack then drove over 8000 miles cross country and even on the Hot Rod power tour with no steering issues.
Micah Diaz
Micah Diaz 2 måneder siden
yeah its most likley doing better because it has more time to cool. if you throw a cooler in there itll never act up.
Harley Reinke
Harley Reinke 2 måneder siden
Says they want a reliable car. Then takes off brand new Edelbrock intake. Ouch
Corey Stuber
Corey Stuber 2 måneder siden
legit just spent HOW long over the engine, accomplishing nothing hahaha just screwin around
Ryan LaFountain
Ryan LaFountain 2 måneder siden
Who's fairlady is that behind the m3??
Eliseo Ramirez
Eliseo Ramirez 2 måneder siden
Ramon Villa
Ramon Villa 2 måneder siden
"lake monkey 🐒" 🤣🤣
Haltech Chris
Haltech Chris 2 måneder siden
@3:19 it's the USB port cover for the Haltech ECU...
h3ll c0min9
h3ll c0min9 2 måneder siden
thats fuckin good looking bmw
Vannarsdall Scale
Vannarsdall Scale 2 måneder siden
I literally cannot believe that an editor or editors watch the cut together footage and put those hit markers in there. It's one of my favorite parts of any hoonigan video. It's just so....hoonigan.
Jasonlt1982 2 måneder siden
Dan looks like Liberty Mutual Doug! Lol
jabandz 2 måneder siden
I just want to say just how much I love Suppy, and I'm so happy he became a permanent fixture 😂😂😂 Also haven't seen labcoat Ron in a while
James Z
James Z 2 måneder siden
E36 M3 is such a great platform, the most underrated generation of M3 by far.
E36titan 2 måneder siden
Yessss 🙌👏👏👏 Now do that E36 justice and slap a turbski or two on that LS
mOnEY MaN 2 måneder siden
another car i see noice 🤟🏽
Jaydeep Mumbarkar
Jaydeep Mumbarkar 2 måneder siden
Where Donk ¿
DOFA Abraham
DOFA Abraham 2 måneder siden
Sell me one of ur junk cars
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals 2 måneder siden
E36s are getttin more rare and more exp. This nice
jeremy brown
jeremy brown 2 måneder siden
wherever the m3 is where I am
Chefcamsey 2 måneder siden
Sounds 👌
Wesley Krol
Wesley Krol 2 måneder siden
I just simply love this car so fekkin much
Bill El
Bill El 2 måneder siden
"Suppyvising" 😂😂😂
Berats Builds
Berats Builds 2 måneder siden
Micah just casually dropping mad driftcar build wisdom 🤯
Rob Player
Rob Player 2 måneder siden
Keep Micah!! He fits the vibe.
Josh Sewell
Josh Sewell 2 måneder siden
Don’t be shy! Can we talk about the Fairlady Z in the back there?
Edson M.
Edson M. 2 måneder siden
Hey hey hey.. watch that integra shade.. 😠
Joe Patenaude
Joe Patenaude 2 måneder siden
It must be getting some boost hoonigan need a small block ford with boost
calculated cruelty
calculated cruelty 2 måneder siden
All the real bois (on camera)
123kant1 2 måneder siden
What movie is the "for what!?" meme?
Dan Stewart
Dan Stewart 2 måneder siden
The Warriors....!
Thomas Mullin
Thomas Mullin 2 måneder siden
Who does that tan 240z in the background belong to?
Jack Brown-Sarre
Jack Brown-Sarre 2 måneder siden
3:20 pretty sure that plastic thing is the plug cover from a Haltech Elite ECU.
Bearrett 50 Kal
Bearrett 50 Kal 2 måneder siden
Holy Shit Micah and Suppy are a magical combo, the combination of contempt and love for each other is hilarious.
Eris Gh0sted
Eris Gh0sted 2 måneder siden
Can I get the color code for that paint?
Eliza Williams
Eliza Williams 2 måneder siden
Wow "ShitCar" got one hell of a makeover 🤣
Apathetic Jesus
Apathetic Jesus 2 måneder siden
Micah came out to play like a Warrior
Charles Akin
Charles Akin 2 måneder siden
So, going back to a stock intake, why?
Alex Cusdin
Alex Cusdin 2 måneder siden
Yeah I'm here for finding this out
Adrian F
Adrian F 2 måneder siden
i just wanna know who's fairlady is that
Paxton Sweet
Paxton Sweet 2 måneder siden
Props for leaving in the lake monkey joke
VDuro1 2 måneder siden
Yo, they fucking floored it while on the trailer WITH someone on it. SUPPY, if you want a lesson taught with a baseball bat hmu, I got your fucking back fam. EDIT: I'm white as a GD saltine and even I can tell "Lake Monkey" is RACIST AS FUUUUUUUUCK. WTF hert....
Chesten VanPelt
Chesten VanPelt 2 måneder siden
I wanna know about that datsun in the background!!!!!
Ruperto Newbill
Ruperto Newbill 2 måneder siden
Forgot to buy suspension for the rear of that truck
jonw12 2 måneder siden
Now I want an LS water fountain in my yard
hammers & wrenches
hammers & wrenches 2 måneder siden
I know oem parts are simple and reliable but its a shame to get rid of all the sick edelbrock parts! And now your hood has dicks for no reason!
The Build Room
The Build Room 2 måneder siden
This car needs more airtime....
Andres DeJesusRivera
Andres DeJesusRivera 2 måneder siden
El Puto make the video 😂
Andre Belcher
Andre Belcher 2 måneder siden
This was a cool episode but overall this channel went to shit.
lawrence t
lawrence t 2 måneder siden
I never noticed that on the other side of that 710 entrance is a park and THAT PARK is where I used to practice for soccer bruuuuhhhhh
Weld your shit Dro
Weld your shit Dro 2 måneder siden
Did Micah say south Fontana
Kyle 2698
Kyle 2698 2 måneder siden
Where’s Kyle
Bobby Martinez
Bobby Martinez 2 måneder siden
My favorite ride gettin some lovin
OneOfTheTrees 2 måneder siden
You guys should call it "The Grimace", because nothing can kill The Grimace.
I'm Casper
I'm Casper 2 måneder siden
Wait so did the previous intake manifold not work?
mgtr34 2 måneder siden
Damn, Micah rockin' that new Harbor Freight hoodie!
Beefalo Bart
Beefalo Bart 2 måneder siden
Suppi-visor approved.
MyNameMeansAlot 2 måneder siden
Could you guys normalize your audio some more? Blaring V8 is good n all, but not when it's late and I just wanna chill on the couch and not wear headphones eh?
Jamie moss
Jamie moss 2 måneder siden
Did anybody else notice when suppy and micah was arguing about the fuel system suppy call him a b*tch in Spanish 😂
Pyroblock (SPG)
Pyroblock (SPG) 2 måneder siden
that was a clean 74 camaro
Jeremiah Jacob
Jeremiah Jacob 2 måneder siden
Sad to see the cross ram intake manifold go. That's probably the reason why I loved this build but yeah I get it.
iLLaGe ViDioT
iLLaGe ViDioT 2 måneder siden
Micah and Suppy need a sitcom.
centerdave99 2 måneder siden
yo that warriors rip tho
Cliff P73
Cliff P73 2 måneder siden
Fat boi never! Shares!
Hugo van Dyk
Hugo van Dyk 2 måneder siden
Finallyyyyyyy :D
chris heredia
chris heredia 2 måneder siden
Supply were is the ls fd
Odri 2 måneder siden
i just want a petition to see how this will look with hoonigan livery by john......
Evan pelkey
Evan pelkey 2 måneder siden
Holy fuckin squat with the prerunner hauling it😂
Kieran Murthy
Kieran Murthy 2 måneder siden
1:15 I like that roof climb out tho👀
Brayden Grover
Brayden Grover 2 måneder siden
lets see a quick build break down on the Chevy tow rig. I love it!
MR RED 2 måneder siden
Hert is always eating .....