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This got emotional. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created "How to Become a NERD at SCHOOL for 24 Hours Trapped." Then Matt and Rebecca uploaded "FACE REVEAL of KINGPIN - Lie Detector Test after 24 Hours Trapped & Summer Schooled." Finally the Game Master Network made "Don't Let GMN Book Fall Into Wrong Hands - Sneaking into Bookstore Challenge." Now someone has to be the unlucky one to tell the game master that his sister passed away. While everyone is doing the $5 vs $50 boat challenge Rebecca is trying to figure out the best way to tell the GM that his sister is gone forever. Its gets emotional. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021.

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7. juni. 2021





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Game Master Network
Game Master Network Måned siden
How do you think the Game Master will react to the truth about his sister?
aldana alkuwari
aldana alkuwari 7 dager siden
Ayden Copeland
Ayden Copeland Måned siden
@Snowymecca p
葉Louis&Alyssa Måned siden
do you post the video can you tell me the name
Sophia Rodas-Gruce
Sophia Rodas-Gruce Måned siden
massiel michel
massiel michel Måned siden
Big fan
Kailyn Chriselle Espiritu
Kingpin was truly evil but shr was the game masters sister RIP king pin..
Allie&Macy Play
Allie&Macy Play Dag siden
zohaib hussain
zohaib hussain Dag siden
Rip kingpin
02destroyer 13
02destroyer 13 2 dager siden
Queen of gems is the boss
02destroyer 13
02destroyer 13 2 dager siden
02destroyer 13
02destroyer 13 2 dager siden
Queen of gems
02destroyer 13
02destroyer 13 2 dager siden
We will will help you rebecca
hayley masters
hayley masters 2 dager siden
Never give the Queen if Jess candy canes
zakiming 2 dager siden
Grace Magdalene Melo
Grace Magdalene Melo 2 dager siden
Daniela Ionescu
Daniela Ionescu 2 dager siden
The Queen of gems took the game master network books
Aileen Thornton
Aileen Thornton 2 dager siden
If u look at mr nice guy it has kingpins hair he could be queen of gems!
Justyna 3 dager siden
princess zaniyah Williams
Who else cried when Rebecca delivered the news to the game master kingpin was evil and all but she was a great part of the story I liked her actually she was cool but she's dead now rest in peace 😭😭😭😭😭😖😣😓😥💔
ALIMA AL-HASSAN 3 dager siden
When matt got to watch the queen of gems it made me lahag
street biker76
street biker76 3 dager siden
I feel so bad for the gm 🥲😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😭😭😭😭
Kendall Ford
Kendall Ford 3 dager siden
I Saw a shining
Ayah Abughazleh
Ayah Abughazleh 3 dager siden
The game master is shocked and upset
Rosie Louis
Rosie Louis 3 dager siden
NOsections Chanel love like
Ramnah Jalal
Ramnah Jalal 3 dager siden
Hai yumember me I see qeen of take all the book
Juliana Cabezas
Juliana Cabezas 4 dager siden
Jessica Wheeler
Jessica Wheeler 4 dager siden
Jessica Wheeler i can fit
Romel guinawa
Romel guinawa 4 dager siden
im very sorry that gm had already know but im sorry again
élise Thorburn
élise Thorburn 5 dager siden
Hey I have the book of summer schooled tell me the codes and clues I might help !
Peyton Bryant
Peyton Bryant 5 dager siden
Jayden Horton
Jayden Horton 5 dager siden
Max Pete inside of the tiny house
Adrian Oreilly
Adrian Oreilly 5 dager siden
SOH YUAN MAN Moe 5 dager siden
What happen RC twin I like Ozzy twin she is nice and kind and she is your twin
TxivNraugNtsuag Wang
TxivNraugNtsuag Wang 5 dager siden
I Think Kingpin may be mean but Queen of Gems is worst
Linet Castro
Linet Castro 6 dager siden
Chloe Wilks
Chloe Wilks 6 dager siden
U should've done a face reveal of the queen of gems!😐
Melanie Shannon
Melanie Shannon 6 dager siden
Hi I'm mia
Luis Mandujano
Luis Mandujano 6 dager siden
She moved to Sand Key shortly and then look and search for something and then she brought the book she went back to Wishon
Danie Wilson
Danie Wilson 6 dager siden
lanaya woodroffe
lanaya woodroffe 6 dager siden
Hi game master networks I am zhavea zamolo
Laura Hoy
Laura Hoy 7 dager siden
5 wins maddie
Laura Hoy
Laura Hoy 7 dager siden
The q-o-g escaped
Grace Mwikali
Grace Mwikali 7 dager siden
It is. a. bad idea. to. give. the. queen of gems. a. candy can. because. she. used. the. candy. can. to. escape
Rebecca Eggins
Rebecca Eggins 7 dager siden
I feel so bad for GM I know Kingpin was evli but the Queen of Gems should not have done it
Miguel's videos official
Mr. X and Mr. E bros
aldana alkuwari
aldana alkuwari 7 dager siden
5 dollar boet
aldana alkuwari
aldana alkuwari 7 dager siden
tel GM
Djamila Zawadi
Djamila Zawadi 7 dager siden
Is kingpin dead because if she was dead I will cry 😢 even wan she was evil i will still cry 😢 💔 😭
SophieUnicorn 8 dager siden
is ok Game Master
Kingjohn Cernardo
Kingjohn Cernardo 8 dager siden
How many people are you expecting a call me when you're ready for me know
Jacklyne Mwangi
Jacklyne Mwangi 8 dager siden
what the f*****
Marivic Solis
Marivic Solis 8 dager siden
Can you do a faceraviel
Tali Kimiora
Tali Kimiora 8 dager siden
sorry game master for your lost
Aphiwe Nanto
Aphiwe Nanto 8 dager siden
Oh no
Aphiwe Nanto
Aphiwe Nanto 8 dager siden
I'm sorry game master
Aphiwe Nanto
Aphiwe Nanto 8 dager siden
Tell the game master
Oreo World
Oreo World 8 dager siden
Daniel almost said wife to RZ twin💀💀
Geetha Minsala
Geetha Minsala 9 dager siden
and your dress is petty
Geetha Minsala
Geetha Minsala 9 dager siden
rebecca you are petty and beattfull
Carley hogg
Carley hogg 9 dager siden
The qog is going to ascape
Aaliyah Webster
Aaliyah Webster 9 dager siden
Tamara Marshall
Tamara Marshall 9 dager siden
*I can't believe it Mr X and GM are brothers and with kingpin and she died everyone saw that he was speechless, Heartbroken and it looked like his heart died* *†R.I.P†* *Kingpin* *YOU UPSET GM YOU ARE GOING DOWN QOG 😤😠😡🤬* / \ / \ V Like for Game master support
D world
D world 10 dager siden
Don't give queen of gems sweet in Unless it's chewy cuz she'll escape
D world
D world 10 dager siden
Queen of gems is a creep
Nigist Belay
Nigist Belay 10 dager siden
ለካ አይማ ቪው
Pat Carver
Pat Carver 10 dager siden
He will probably try to act calm but in his mind he probably be the saddest thing on the planet Earth
Kris Winrich
Kris Winrich 11 dager siden
Rabecka I saw queen of gems in one of your tictocs
Keira Henderson-bater
Keira Henderson-bater 11 dager siden
Rebecca the game master was making a grave for his sister
Micah Woodley
Micah Woodley 11 dager siden
Did you ever tell him we’re back of the Mollo what did you tell him why did you have to tell her👏🏿
Klaus 11 dager siden
.............. !m sorry game master but the evidence I have gathered through all these years led to nothing
Edits 11 dager siden
Rainbow cat lover
Rainbow cat lover 11 dager siden
Qg lide
Kalyani S
Kalyani S 12 dager siden
I feel really Bad
Kalyani S
Kalyani S 12 dager siden
For the Game master
trainscout 12 dager siden
The last words that the gm said before he left the location was “sure you were evil, but you were still my sister. RIP” Then he left.
Tim McCormack
Tim McCormack 12 dager siden
Kellie Rowe
Kellie Rowe 12 dager siden
$5 Maddie
Vivian kassandra sherelyn niko luu luu_KSNL
Can i joooiiiinnnnn
Fiora Washington
Fiora Washington 13 dager siden
Wow everyone be quiet 🤫🤫
Michael Alcantar
Michael Alcantar 13 dager siden
Beautiful. 13 dager siden
Maybe Pete he can have a scape have the key I think from
J Sajan
J Sajan 14 dager siden
One time the game master was white
Sweet Lover
Sweet Lover 14 dager siden
Dont cry
Rose ziad
Rose ziad 14 dager siden
i feel bad for the game master
Zarina Navarro
Zarina Navarro 14 dager siden
Georgina Gyimah
Georgina Gyimah 14 dager siden
Yes we are the game master network 😍
Charlotte Fuller
Charlotte Fuller 15 dager siden
maddie boat
Ndzalama Shipalana
Ndzalama Shipalana 15 dager siden
Game master network
Megan Sayer
Megan Sayer 15 dager siden
Mr nice guy is a RHS
Yoradyl Bravo
Yoradyl Bravo 15 dager siden
I feel bad for the GM. So sorry 😢
The sisters charmed
The sisters charmed 15 dager siden
Linda Barnes
Linda Barnes 16 dager siden
Yes Matt
BLACKPINK FOR LIFE 16 dager siden
😭😭😭😭😭😭poor game master
Chris Brian Ascano
Chris Brian Ascano 16 dager siden
I feel bad 😭
Zoey Mann
Zoey Mann 16 dager siden
Matt don,t give the 🍭
Brittani Medina
Brittani Medina 16 dager siden
I'm so sorry for the GM😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😩😵
Chris Brian Ascano
Chris Brian Ascano 16 dager siden
I'm sorry game master 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Edmund Francis
Edmund Francis 16 dager siden
yes I am so sorry for kingpin
unicorn girl
unicorn girl 17 dager siden
Poor gm😭
Brendon Dickens
Brendon Dickens 17 dager siden
Rip kingpin missed by GM
Radhika Amarlapudi
Radhika Amarlapudi 17 dager siden
matt is sus
germaine augborne
germaine augborne 17 dager siden
jes Giibson
jes Giibson 17 dager siden
I love you videos because the Mollo I wish I could write you a message like on a little but my family since you have a strange videos
jes Giibson
jes Giibson 17 dager siden
HiJust toLetting you know I haven’t let the comment down below because I am I’m always busy and I never you how to do it
Twwyz 18 dager siden
Da word is ' water hidden underground subskribe to rebecka zamolo channel Queen of Gems is going dovn😡
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