The Fluid Effects That Kill Pumps 

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Three hydraulic effects that ruin a pump.
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We collectively move incredible volumes of fresh water, drainage, and wastewater into, out of, and around our cities every day. And, we mostly do it using pumps. I love pumps. But, even though they are critical for the safety, health, and well-being of huge populations of people, there are a lot of things that can go wrong if not properly designed and operated.

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1. juni. 2021





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Practical Engineering
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shivkumar gorge
shivkumar gorge 5 dager siden
@Practical Engineering please give me advice for buying water pump for borewell In my farm there is no electricity available I am using solar panel of 2000watt Flow rate is not matters for me Which pump is best for lift water up to 800 feet on 2000watt solar panal Difragm pump or gear pump or screw pump
MOCOHO -JONNY Måned siden
I’d rather watch this on rumble.
Lexon7 Måned siden
Hello @Practical Engineering I just watched a video about Ecobricks that are made from plastic waste. They say that they are cheaper but are they better than a normal bricks? (source: nosections.info/green/mWydoHOjiqaDqdg/video.html)
Practical Engineering
@John Omoraro I already did! Search for water hammer.
John Omoraro
John Omoraro Måned siden
Please do a video on hammering in pipes. I’ll like to know what exactly is going inside the pipes during hammering
Wesley Verity
Wesley Verity 4 timer siden
Every video is a 100% certified banger
Enver Tuna Genç
Enver Tuna Genç 9 timer siden
Phil Ventura
Phil Ventura Dag siden
Yeah! Pumps!
Pat Carter
Pat Carter Dag siden
Try to explain cavitation caused by vortices to a college educated numbers cruncher. (Manager)
Uncle Jace
Uncle Jace 2 dager siden
I'm a PC Nerd. This applies to the Small Scale, Water-cooling of a Computer! Don't let Air get in the LOOP, Because the Pump WILL FAIL! (The PC will just protect itself From High Thermals and refuse to Boot). But you will NEED to Re-Build the Water-loop, And That's 2-6 Weeks waiting for new Parts! NOT GOOD!
JiLoa13 2 dager siden
I doubt my puny brain could suggest something that hasn't been thought of before ,still got to ask to satisfy my curiosity. Would a grid near the water surface prevent vortices? If not what would a grid do?
Môrsíne Sabishī
Môrsíne Sabishī 2 dager siden
have a priming pump to prime a priming pump which primes a big pump
Jay Finke
Jay Finke 3 dager siden
hellofresh . I'm not happy. #1 poor boxing. list goes on.
atigerclaw 3 dager siden
I'm going to say, the background music used for these videos gives them a 'Mr. Roger's Neighborhood of Engineering' vibe to them.
Kevin Hetzler
Kevin Hetzler 4 dager siden
Love Practical engineering. Can you cover , in your way, the creation of drip irrigation using an upright bottle? See NOsections post : “How to make drip water irrigation from a bottle. Everything ingenious is simple”. The theory and hole size are not addressed. Again, love Practical Engineering on NOsections.
Jonathan D
Jonathan D 6 dager siden
well we've found oil-rich countries' means of getting their energy..
Brown_Note 8 dager siden
My Triumph sounds like a starwars ship when the fuel pump primes
Alex Sherer
Alex Sherer 8 dager siden
Man i love these videos, thanks for teaching us a little something every video!
Dezztruktor 9 dager siden
One side sucks and one side blows sounds like both sides suck to me... or blow I guess whichever is ur preference ... Must really suck for the pumps... or blow
mytralaalaa yes
mytralaalaa yes 11 dager siden
been binging these videos all week, glad i stumbled upon this channel
Boxed_In 11 dager siden
“I love pumps” -Practical Engineering, 2021
T. R.
T. R. 12 dager siden
Now I know why my grandma's garden pump needs a little water poured in from the top before it can get water out by its own. Wow!
Jay Finke
Jay Finke 12 dager siden
The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy approved ! that was good info
Grumpy Dad
Grumpy Dad 12 dager siden
The vortex problem could be solved even simpler by not dividing by zero :-) And yes, I know, I'm probably the 100th person to make that comment (I don't bother to scroll far down)
adrian ugalde
adrian ugalde 12 dager siden
Cavitation will also happen when your boat motor has the wrong prop. This will pit the hell out of the prop and damage it.
Kevy Elyod
Kevy Elyod 13 dager siden
Imagine a private company deciding what you eat for dinner every day.
donquique1 13 dager siden
The worst enermies of submersible pumps are baby wipes and engineers that never read the hydraulic institute standards.
Paul McLaughlan
Paul McLaughlan 14 dager siden
OK, I can't help it, but NPSH required is not the amount of net positive suction head required to prevent cavitation. It's when there is already a 3% pressure drop at the discharge. That is, cavitation has already started. This is why it is sometimes called NPSH3. So if you have the NPSHr for a given pump at a given speed and flow, you should ask the supplier to give a safety margin so you can ensure the NPSH available is is greater than the NPSHr + margin.
kefa naya
kefa naya 14 dager siden
One side sucks, one side blows. Got it...
Zoidberg227 14 dager siden
After watching this video, I was looking for a photo I thought I had of a pump impeller that had been absolutely _demolished_ by cavitation. It was so bad that I wondered how it even got that far before enough suction to cause any cavitation at all had been lost (maybe some other mode?). Instead of finding that, I found another impeller photo that was suggestive of the next video: "The Mechanical Effects That Kill Pumps: Part 1, Bolts."
La Tre Clays
La Tre Clays 14 dager siden
4:42 I read somewhere that ship propellers have the same issue. Cavitation basically eats the metal away.
Unbekannter Nr. 1
Unbekannter Nr. 1 15 dager siden
Pumps deserve to be loved.
Mx Krysie
Mx Krysie 15 dager siden
If a sump intake relies on the temperature of the liquid and the ambient pressure, could the complications of climate change cause disruption in pump services?
Jack Egan
Jack Egan 15 dager siden
I want to see Grady walk past a load of pumps and then say with much enthusiasm: 0:52
john smith
john smith 15 dager siden
couldn't you make a lil waze for the water to go through so it can't pull air through. like a sheet of metal underneath the waterline would mean the air tunnel would have to travel an unlikely distance.
Michael Hyland
Michael Hyland 16 dager siden
The tight barbara alarmingly boast because grandfather bilaterally spoil round a synonymous locust. wistful, noisy fact
Sam Smith
Sam Smith 16 dager siden
Nice Video thank you 🙏😇👍
cinderclawz 18 dager siden
Saw this douche on the science Channel. Nice.
joey formasano
joey formasano 18 dager siden
Thinking about it im going to have to get myself a sump pump and maybe even marriage 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🙃🙃🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
joey formasano
joey formasano 18 dager siden
🤣😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 one side sucks and one side blows im still looking for a woman who can do this 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😉😉🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫👊👊
Rainville Christian
Rainville Christian 18 dager siden
The guttural H habitual gander finally file because robin electrophoretically signal with a defiant dash. dashing, brainy stone
The Snekspert
The Snekspert 19 dager siden
i was playing subnautica and had no clue what the cyclops meant when i entered flank speed, "warning, vessel caveating, excessive noise" and i recalled "oh yea, thats what kills pumps. it's when air comes out of the fluid and gos back in, creating a shockwave damaging the prop and telling the reaper right where i am" and honestly i love watching your videos while i eat my food, its nice to learn and nourish at the same time
Luke Fabis
Luke Fabis 19 dager siden
Couldn’t some sort of baffle be used to prevent vortices? Maybe spongy, like a space frame?
James Eddleman
James Eddleman 19 dager siden
Why aren't bell siphons a thing more?
Vaping Watch
Vaping Watch 19 dager siden
Just a comment on Hello Fresh. I've been using Hello Fresh for nearly 6 months now and there have been very few meals we weren't thrilled with. I do not recommend their seafood meals unless you're planning on making them the night you receive the meals but, other than that, we've been remarkably happy with Hello Fresh. The meals are simple, well designed, well explained, and they taste great. Being an amateur home chef, I typically cook at least 2 meals 6 days of every week and I have been rather impressed with Hello Fresh. Out of nearly 6 months of 4 meals a week, we've only disliked 2 meals so much we didn't eat them. Otherwise, we're inordinately pleased with them and love the variety they've introduced into our meals. If you haven't tried them, you should.
Bobby Davis
Bobby Davis 20 dager siden
Has anyone made a pump using tesla's one way valves? I was thinking something like a rectifier.
gumelini1 20 dager siden
3:47 just like a woman
Patrick Guillen
Patrick Guillen 20 dager siden
Could design a specific shape to the bottom of the suction pipe or L extensions or just install long metal rods cemented near the suction pipe sticking out the surface to try and prevent the vortex ? I love pumps too 🙃
Matt hench
Matt hench 20 dager siden
His pumps his pumps his pumps! His lovely hydro pumps!
n5sdm 20 dager siden
Fix the crap job they did with Culebra creek at 1604. I have faith in you.
Arnold Black
Arnold Black 21 dag siden
Just a note that, no, gases are not liquids. Gases are gases.
Jake Ferno
Jake Ferno 21 dag siden
“I love pumps” and that’s why this video is brought to you by Bathmate Hydromax xtreme!
Phixiq 21 dag siden
“I love pumps!” Me too bro..🤣. Loving the vids !
The Poverty Soldier
The Poverty Soldier 21 dag siden
We finna talk about cavitation?
The Poverty Soldier
The Poverty Soldier 21 dag siden
Very cool NFAS mechanic taught me all the things regarding pumps, I am all knowing.
Kasper Abigail
Kasper Abigail 21 dag siden
longer vids please
Boris B
Boris B 21 dag siden
...and also consider that these pumps are nowadays often totally depending on computer-systems, keeping them operational and that these computer systems and their technology most of the time are developed and constructed in, and bought from, not always that friendly nations such as China.
River Parish
River Parish 22 dager siden
To many Mardi Gras beads can kill a pump also.
Berkomatik 22 dager siden
3:07 how determined you look while you torture that poor little pump. You twisted monster.
Gabsare Sarg
Gabsare Sarg 22 dager siden
I feel most people dont appreciate all the hard work is needed to keep our cities running and they just complain about prices and that they cant go to the mall everyday.
NinjaFingaz 23 dager siden
Waiting for Derek from More Plates More Dates to do a reaction video on this
Adam Forbes
Adam Forbes 24 dager siden
I remember when Katrina hit...I had bounced to AZ on a whim and was living really rough and broke...Katrina victims came to AZ with next to nothing. It was quite eye opening for me, here I was young 20's living like an idiot and here comes people that didn't really choose to be here.
Leon 25 dager siden
Does it work on lil pump?
Sean Rodgers
Sean Rodgers 26 dager siden
I have to prime a pump, and its 120 foot hose, every spring. I know exactly the sound of a pump primed and when it's spinning air. Sometimes it's hard to get primed properly.
Qilin 27 dager siden
I'm pumped
Sanles Luksetich
Sanles Luksetich 27 dager siden
Those cooking segments are so cute 😭
Antti Kalpio
Antti Kalpio 27 dager siden
I have no idea why but this is really interesting. I could be a closet nerd. Don’t tell anyone 🥸
As I Go Along
As I Go Along 28 dager siden
learning how my fish tank filter works…
Bhalchandra Ganesh Bhat Student
cavitation..... such a beautiful phenomenon
Jim Devilbiss
Jim Devilbiss 29 dager siden
I truly wish I’d had this video years ago when I was teaching a new fire truck drivers about pumps and how to prime when pumping from a river source. Especially about cavitation
Aluminium Mechanics
Aluminium Mechanics 29 dager siden
Me: "I've got my final exams on july 12th, i have to study!" Also me 2 hours later: *The Fluid Effects That Kill Pumps* "Cool !"
Mark Honea
Mark Honea Måned siden
I am fascinated by the turbo pumps that drive rocket engines. I wonder how they overcome that vortex problem? Especially when the liquid drops very low. I am certain the rocket would fail under those vortex conditions, but I haven't seen any info about that.
KesorodaBlk Måned siden
It's funny how the first mission from Final Fantasy VII Remake has led me here...
Tiger Audio Inc
Tiger Audio Inc Måned siden
We need to stop fighting nature.
[E] Måned siden
Tonight I'm gonna pump my wife dry
Edgetables Måned siden
316 people don't like pumps...
SamlyMEA Måned siden
How that system work : Please search for videos under name >> Free Energy water Pump without electricity . The channel name is >> Learn For Life Thanks
Frank Måned siden
Fire fighter driver video...a lot of this is applicable to fire truck pumps.
hatosie Måned siden
3:47 HE HE HE HE
Nicholas Littlejohn
Nicholas Littlejohn Måned siden
The Bay Model is a good example
Emiel Bart
Emiel Bart Måned siden
One of the largest? In the Netherlands almost every one we build is bigger ;)
7azim Måned siden
I sincerely thank you for the great demonstrations and explanations, as usual.
Egg Boy
Egg Boy Måned siden
I love your videos, every one of rhem. I wish you were sponsored by Hella Fresh, but the current sponsor is close enough 😅
Andrew Måned siden
There’s a reason that in large scale pumps they have baffles like in a gas tank and just like he said positive displacement with a emergency tank
Spicy Flavor Tide Pods
Call me crazy, but wouldn't it have been better, simpler, and more cost effective to not build a city below sea level?
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Måned siden
"I love pumps." I dunno, Grady--You look like more of a sneakers guy to me, but you do you.
tevvya Måned siden
One use-case of pumps is in rocketry. In that case, the pumps are moving volumes of fluids--an oxidizer and a fuel. The challenges there are interesting because "priming" is an act to prepare the pump for the temperature difference as pumping extremely cold fuel into a (relatively) warm pump would be disasterous. One issue I did not see in your video was that of baffling the liquid. Building baffles in rocket fuel tanks are used to reduce the vortices which not only are bad for pumps but also bad for maintaining a reliable center-of-gravity in a moving vehicle (they go from still to supersonic in less that 5 minutes). Concerning cavitation, there is a very interesting video out there about the Turbinia--the first steam-turbine-powered ship(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turbinia). The inventor is said to be the first to discover cavitation as his steam turbine was able to spin the propeller fast enough to trigger it. So curious was he that he built a special test rig so he could watch the screw through a small glass window to learn more about the phenomenon.
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Måned siden
I don’t know how he said that without cracking a smile
Austin Garner
Austin Garner Måned siden
That photo looks like the WURL at USU.
Milosz Ostrow
Milosz Ostrow Måned siden
(1:00) "... if not properly designed and operated." - and properly *_maintained._* The fanciest pumps in the world may not work in an emergency if ongoing maintenance isn't performed.
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas Måned siden
i love him so much🥰😂
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
Definition of pump: "ONE SIDE SUCKS AND ONE SIDE BLOWS." .... Grady 2021
Renaissance People NYC
this dude has issues...
Larry Keenan
Larry Keenan Måned siden
I have an indoor fish hatchery where I grow fathead minnows for our water testing lab. I noticed a problem with my sump pumps after adding some long air bubblers to the sumps. The air bubbles were being drawn into the sump pumps, reducing their flow rates. I solved this by moving the air bubblers to the opposite end of the sump instead of the center. This allowed the air bubbles to rise to the top of the water where they would not affect the pumps.
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
and pumps create flow not pressure. the resistance to flow creates the pressure (sealed system)
SHINOVEN Måned siden
Those handsome ads... I hate ads but i stare the whole lenght of them in this channel.
Username Account
Username Account Måned siden
I did not hear the word "volute" once in this video. I am disappoint. Also, welcome to fire engine pump operation class. Too many FF's think becoming a driver/operator is just about driving the big red truck making lots of noise. When you need to draft from a dry hydrant at 0300 on a -10 degree morning to feed a couple of cross lays, it separates out the ones who didn't pay attention real quick.
Liu Sax
Liu Sax Måned siden
Goggly Eyes
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Måned siden
"She's gone from SUCK, to BLOW!" -Spaceballs: the comment.
Sfs Aviation
Sfs Aviation Måned siden
A straw and a good pair of lungs, thats the only pump I need 😎
Carleton Harkins
Carleton Harkins Måned siden
Horrible explanation of pump priming! Most pumps can't suck!. In other words, most pumps can not create an internal vacuum (below atmospheric) pressure to allow water to be drawn up into the pump. A common method of priming is using a separate vacuum system to draw the air out from the high point in the pump casing allowing liquid to fill the pump cavity.
cgarzs Måned siden
0:51 I too love a good pump lol
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Måned siden
First time I realized you had an EIT in the house...good luck!
Cementer Måned siden
What company(companies) manufacture the size pumps that are used in the New Orleans drainage project? I am familiar with Gallagher, Blackburn, Mission, Deming and smaller capacity (@100 BPM) pumps, but would love to see the inside of one that can handle several thousand barrels per minute.
zerou24 Måned siden
I dont get the point of that pump? Wouldnt just letting the water flow down the river be more effektive?
Jake Baldwin
Jake Baldwin Måned siden
I don’t know how he said that without cracking a smile
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Måned siden
Argh! Why does engineering have to be so hard!?
Mark Beiser
Mark Beiser Måned siden
3:45 There is no suck, only blow! ;)
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